VixSkin Outlaw

Fresh off the heels of my Johnny review I thought I’d tackle the fourth and final dual-density Vixen dildo in my collection, the mammoth that is the Outlaw.
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When it came to buying another VixSkin dildo back in 2013 there was really only one direction for me to head in, and The Outlaw may well be the biggest dildo in Vixen’s repertoire. To put it frankly, it’s a beast, and how else would you describe something that’s as long as your forearm and thicker than your wrist?
The Outlaw is what I like to think of the ultimate fantasy dildo. If you’ve ever dreamed of sex with an abnormally large penis, the type that’s rare even within the world of porn, then the Outlaw is the big squishy colossus that’s going to make it happen.
It’s quite uncommon amongst sex toys to find a dildo that’s both massive, realistic, and made from a high-quality material, so the Outlaw is a truly unique catch. To give you an idea of the sheer size, it measures 9 1/2″ from base to tip, with 9″ insertable, and a circumference of 6 1/4″ which remains consistent down its length. Not something you could exactly hide in a pair of skinny jeans.
The design is much more muted than with the Johnny, with a completely straight shaft and a head that barely flares out, but it maintains the same high level of detailing. You can see the grain of the skin all across the shaft, along with plenty of shallow surface veins, and near the head there’s a wrinkle of foreskin that wraps around and forms a frenulum on the underside. On the whole it’s still pretty realistic, as much as it can be for something of its size, but slightly less so than the Johnny. 
The Outlaw is made from Vixen’s dual-density “VixSkin” silicone, which employs the same principle as the Tantus O2 toys to create a realistic feel. At the core there’s a medium-firm silicone which gives the toy its structure, and this in turn is coated in a layer of plush squishy soft silicone, which mimics the spongy nature of the glans. I absolutely adore the feeling of these toys, and it’s hard not to sit there just squeezing them every time you take them out.
When it comes to using the Outlaw you’re really going to want a warm up toy, because there’s not a whole lot of taper on that head. I used it right on the back of finishing up with the Johnny, and I found that that was sufficient. As long as you’ve done a little bit of the work first, then inserting the Outlaw is actually pretty easy and comfortable, and the soft material helps to gently stretch you to accommodate it. Once you’ve got past that you can begin to experience just how filling the Outlaw is, especially as you take it deeper. The initial fullness is very pleasant and enjoyable, but depth can be a challenge as it begins to stretch you in places that aren’t used to that girth. If you’ve mostly been using conical butt plugs to become accustomed to taking larger toys, then the deeper areas will only have experienced the narrow end of the taper, so something long and thick will comes as a shock. This does actually make the Outlaw a good training tool for taking bigger things deeper, because the softness of the material ensures minimal discomfort as you steadily attempt to work it deeper inside.
In terms of performance the Outlaw is a blunt instrument, and everything it does comes down to its size. The whole dildo fills you up so well that it can’t avoid hitting your prostate every time, and so there’s no nuance to the design, or need for any little trick. It really doesn’t even matter which way around you insert it, because that bulbous tip is going to do its job regardless of where the ridge on the head is facing. One thing I really like about the Outlaw is the extra height it gives you whilst riding it. Unless you’re planning on taking it to the base every time, it enables you to thrust without having to squat all the way down to whatever surface you’re resting it on. Most of the time shallow thrusts are all you need for good prostate stimulation, and it can feel quite intense. The wonderful fullness combined with the repeated firm contact with the gland creates a wonderful and highly-satisfying sensation. You really do get that fantasy scenario of this big schlong stretching you out and bludgeoning all your erogenous zones, as it drives you towards ecstasy. It’s a totally different experience to with the Johnny, and allows you to blissfully indulge in a true size-queen moment.
Much like with the Johnny the balls do let the Outlaw down a little. The dildo won’t even stand upright by itself once they’ve begun to curl up, so you will need to hold it and guide it into your body, rather than just lowering yourself down onto it. It’s not a huge deal, but sometimes you do want to set a dildo aside while in the middle of using it, without lying the lube-covered sections against a surface.
So let’s cut to the verdict on this one. If you want a huge, realistic, body-safe donkey dick to fulfil all your fantasies, then this is the one I’m going to recommend. Vixen make some incredible products, and I definitely love the Outlaw. I’m not quite the size queen I used to be, but for special occasions it’s great to bring out the big gun
The Outlaw is available from SheVibe, Lovehoney U.S, and Lovehoney UK

VixSkin Johnny

It’s time for a review of one of my favourite dildos, and I can’t believe it’s taken me all this time to get around to it, the Vixen Creations VixSkin Johnny.

I first bought this dildo back in 2013, making it the third dual-density Vixen toy in my collection, and it’s by far the most realistic one I own. Head below for the review!

I have to admit, I can’t get enough of VixSkin dildos. Since the moment I first laid eyes on one many moons ago it began something of a love affair, so it was only a matter of time before one became two, and now two became three… Somehow there always seems to be a perfectly good reason to get another. With the Randy I had to have it because of its sheer girth, with the Maverick it was all about that stunning colour, and now with the Johnny it was that beautiful realistic look that attracted me to it more than anything. As much as I love an abstract dildo, packed with exciting shapes and colours, sometimes you really just crave the beauty of an actual penis, and the Johnny fulfils that brief excellently.

Of all the toys I own the Johnny probably most reminds me of the Tantus Adam, and that’s purely down to its shape. That lazy backwards curve makes it look as though it’s just drunk a rum cocktail out of a coconut, and is about to end its vacation by dancing under a limbo pole. It is a real thing of beauty, more detailed and realistic than any toy I own, bar the Fleshjack dildos that were cast directly from real men. You can see the subtle creases in the balls, the protruding veins meandering up the shaft, and a little ruffle of skin below the head, like an Elizabethan collar of retracted foreskin. No attention has been spared in its crafting, and as a connoisseur of fine phalluses I very much appreciate it.

In terms of size it maintains its sense of realism, avoiding any truly outlandish proportions. In total it’s 7 1/2″ long, with 6 3/4″ insertable, while the girth measures in at 5 3/8″ in circumference around the middle of the shaft, increasing slightly to 5 3/4″ around the widest part of the head. It’s slightly above average, but it’s a good believable size for anyone looking to keep things in proportion.

My favourite feature of the dildo by far has to be how squishy it is, and that’s down to the VixSkin construction. Vixen Creations are the original manufacturers of the dual-density dildos – the pioneers – and as much as I adore my O2 Tantus toys, Vixen admittedly do it a little better. Well, “better” is subjective, so instead let’s simply say that they do it differently. Unlike Tantus dildos which tend to have a large inner core, and only a thin layer of soft silicone, Vixen are extra generous with the softer material. The result is that most of the shaft is just as soft and squeezable as the head, which does compromise the realism effect somewhat, but it’s just so damn nice to grab in your fist that you find yourself not caring about the accuracy. It’s like having a squishy dick-shaped play thing to throw around to your heart’s content, and that pretty entertaining in and of itself.

In terms of actually using the dildo it’s an absolute treat, and it starts off with a very comfortable insertion. Naturally you’re going to expect a bit of a stretch given the size of the Johnny, but the squishiness of the material completely cushions the impact, and it actually feels quite gentle against the muscles as they slowly dilate. In my experience there’s no need for a warm-up toy prior, and if you take your time you won’t risk straining anything. With it inside the body it does actually feel quite real, and you get a pleasant sense of fullness from it, with no unwanted jabbing or poking. It even begs you to squeeze it as hard as you can with your muscles, just to test how soft it really feels. One of my favourite features is that if you give it a little time to absorb some of your body heat, then it warms up to a natural temperature to further that sense of realism.

The curve on the Johnny gives you a couple of options on how to use it, either with the curve pointing forwards towards the prostate, or backwards in the direction of the spine. With many dildos you find that they only really function well in one orientation, but what’s especially nice about the Johnny is that it performs equally well both ways, though slightly differently.

My instinct is typically to start with a curved dildo in the backwards position, and here I found that the Johnny slipped fully into my body with no trouble at all. As it gets deeper you can feel that pressure as it hits the top of the rectum, but instead of stopping it just keeps going further. At first that surprised me, and pleasantly so, as normally depth can be something I struggle with, but that combination of the curved shape, the flexible shaft, and the squishy tip, all seemed to help it slink seamlessly around inside me. You get a unique sense of fullness when something goes that far, but the whole thing felt perfectly comfortable. In this position the dildo seems to benefit from long hard thrusts, and one of the pleasurable sensations it produces each time is actually when it goes the full depth. Initially I was worried that there would be discomfort if I was too rough with deep thrusting, but none ever materialised. In terms of prostate stimulation, at first I didn’t experience much in this position, and thought that I may have to write it off, but it actually all depends on technique. If you’re riding the dildo and you simply go up and down, then it doesn’t do a lot for the prostate, but if you come at it from an angle and thrust up and back, and down and forward, then it really pulls the shaft into the prostate and drags it firmly across the surface. Like this it produces some great sensations that could easily rival any other good dildo, and so you get a broad combination of different stimulation. In this configuration I felt as though I could have quite happily sat there riding the Johnny for hours.

Once you flip the Johnny around it becomes a different animal altogether. This time it’s far less willing to go deep with ease, and while it is possible with a little coaxing, you’re really going to want to focus on rapid shallow thrusts instead. The reason for this is that now the Johnny becomes an absolute firecracker for the prostate. Whilst inside you the shaft of the dildo is flexible enough that it can easily bend against the direction of its natural curve, but in the process the elasticity of the material pulls it firmly back into the prostate for maximum effect. As you start thrusting you can feel that pressure strongly against the prostate, and even pick out the coronal ridge of the head as it passes over. You barely need any depth from the dildo at all to achieve this, and thus the more vigorous you are the greater the stimulation. It truly feels exquisite like this, and I almost didn’t want to stop. Whereas I was perfectly satisfied with the prostate pleasure from the other orientation, this took it to weak-at-the-knees level.

The one downside to the design of the Johnny is the balls, and this is for a couple of reasons. Firstly time is not kind to them. While they start off as a nice flat base, after a few months they’ll start to curl up significantly, and from my understanding this is due to the softer silicone contracting as it ages. While this doesn’t really affect the performance of the dildo, it doesn’t look especially attractive and can be disappointing to discover. The other reason is that the balls aren’t exactly compact, measuring 4 1/2″ x 2 3/4″. For a feature that serves absolutely no practical purpose, the balls take up a lot of room. They mean that the Johnny doesn’t even fit into one of Vixen’s signature storage tubes, and instead require a larger plastic box. If you already have a jam-packed toy drawer like me then this can make storage an issue, so I do kinda wish they offered a ball-less version.

So what really is there left to say about the Johnny? I love this toy in everything from the way that it looks to the way that it performs, and boy does it perform. There’s not often you can find a dildo that seemingly does everything, but the Jonny will fill you up, go deep, and give your prostate the workout of a lifetime. It’s a great all rounder of a toy, and I won’t even hold the balls against it. It’s one that comes highly recommended from me. 

The VixSkin Johnny is available from SheVibe, Lovehoney U.S, and Lovehoney UK.

Vixen Creations Leoweenie

Trick or Treat! It’s my special Halloween review, featuring the limited edition Leoweenie from Vixen Creations. It’s so limited edition in fact that you can’t buy it any longer as it was released for Halloween 2012, but I rather missed the boat on that one. I picked it up a couple of months late because I simply couldn’t resist something that looked so amazing, and believe it or not it’s been sat in its packaging completely unused until now as I was just waiting for the right opportunity, and here it is! Better late than never I say.

The Leoweenie is actually my first Vixen toy which isn’t made from their dual-density VixSkin material, so for me it’s pretty interesting to get my hands on their standard silicone formulation and see what it’s like. The Leoweenie is also my smallest Vixen toy to date, so there’s a lot of firsts going on today, but what can you really expect when my Vixen collection started with the drink-can-thick Randy?
The design of the Leoweenie is in fact just the standard Vixen Leo dildo shape, which should suddenly explain the reason for the name to everyone out there who was wondering where it came from. It’s a 7 1/2″ long dildo, with approximately 6 3/4″ insertable, though it’s hard to be accurate on this point due to the curvature of the shaft. The widest point of the dildo has a circumference of 5 1/8″ and the narrowest is only 4 5/8″, so its not made with girth lovers in mind. The Leoweenie does have a phallic shape about it, though with one of the most unusually designed heads that I’ve ever seen for a penis. The glans is quite short, squashed, and narrow across two axes, but then along the third it’s suddenly extremely elongated with the corona protruding a good 1/4″ out from the shaft. Often I pick phallic dildos based on how aesthetically pleasing I find their shape, and in my books the Leo is not winning any beauty contests, but luckily the Leoweenie has other things going for it. Below the oddly-shapen glans there is some visible detailing which simulates the presence of a retracted foreskin quite accurately, and there ends the detail for the most part. The shaft has a gentle upwards curve to it, featuring one subtle vein running the entire length, and it joins onto a sturdy 3″ wide base which houses a hidden suction cup underneath. What makes the Leoweenie really special, and why I love it, is not the shape of it, but rather what they did with the material. The dildo is this fantastic pumpkin-orange colour which just sings out Halloween to you, and then on top of that there are black bats everywhere. The bats are a really interesting feature because at first you assume they’re just painted on, but then you look closer and realise that they’re actually embedded into the centre of the material, and they’re all different shapes and sizes. What’s really impressive though is what happens when you bend the dildo, because the bats stretch and compress along with the surrounding material, as though they were all one. I wish that I knew precisely how it was that they achieved this, but I can only assume that the bats are made from the same material as the rest of the dildo, and that they were inserted in a semi-cured state, allowing everything to bond and fuse into one solid piece. Regardless of how it was done you can’t argue that the Leoweenie isn’t simply fantastic to look at, and a worthy trophy piece in any dildo collection.
The Leoweenie is made from 100% platinum silicone, which is another reason to love it as silicone is one of my favourite materials. It’s odourless, non-porous, and completely body-safe; what more could you want in a dildo? The particular silicone formula that then use is really interesting though because it feels rather unlike any that I’ve felt before, and I’m wondering if it’s because the orange is slightly translucent, or if all Vixen silicone is like this. It feels to me a bit like gummy sweets / candy, as strange as that might sound. It’s not as firm as standard Tantus dildo, and not quite as soft as a Pack ‘n’ Play, but it occupies this middling ground that I’ve never seen elsewhere, and which I really like as I find myself sitting here bending and squeezing it in between paragraphs. It’s pretty easy to flex about in your hands which bodes well for insertion, and it also has a good amount of give in the surface when you grasp it tightly in your fist, so I’m predicting a high comfort-factor.
The build quality of the Leoweenie is also impeccable, just like my other dildos from Vixen Creations, and I can’t fault it in any way. There isn’t a single mould line to be found on the toy, and the surface is completely smooth and shiny, free from any holes, defects, or other visible imperfections. Truly a high standard of manufacturing.
Using the Leoweenie is a very simple affair, though I have to admit that after all this time I was tempted to keep it in its packaging like a collectible, but I knew you guys would expect more. Because of its size I’d say that it’s very suited to a beginner, and the vast majority of people should have no problem inserting the modest head without the need for a warm up toy. The tip of the Leoweenie slips into the body very comfortably, and the orientation of its ovoid cross section is particularly complementary to anal use as it corresponds to the natural shape of the expanding muscle. Despite the prominent ridge on one side of the head you don’t really get a sense of a “pop” as it goes inside, but there is an awareness of there being a textured feature there in contrast to the smoothness of the rest of the shaft. As it is a rather slim dildo it’s not especially filling, so if you’re used to bigger then you’re likely to be left wanting, but its overall presence can be pleasantly felt within the body and should satisfy many. In terms of thrusting the dildo functions well and the silicone has enough flex in it for the shaft to bend and snake around inside the body to maximise comfort, so you needn’t worry about uncomfortably prodding yourself inside. The modest girth also has the advantage of allowing you to get a little deeper than with thicker dildos, and the smooth surface glides very freely with little noticeable drag. Where it is let down though is in terms of prostate use as the size and shape really didn’t deliver anything for me in that regard. I had been hoping despite its lack of girth that either the curve in the shaft or the ridge on the head would have been enough to deliver some prostate sensations, but unfortunately nothing really materialised. One of the more welcome observations during use is how the silicone gradually warms to body temperature and delivers a more natural feeling, thus enhancing the experience the longer you play with it.
Depending on how you’re using it the base of the toy is very practical in a number of ways: it’s broad enough to give the toy a good amount of stability if you’re planning on standing it upright and riding it, it fits comfortably into the hand if you want to grip onto it and thrust manually, it’s compatible with a standard O-ring harness and study enough not to fall out, and of course it has a suction cup to hold it onto walls and floors. The suction cup is of a most basic design, but it actually works extremely well and securely holds the dildo firmly in place onto whichever shiny surface you’d like to stick it. I actually find it easier to use the suction cup with the silicone Vixen toys than with the VixSkin ones, because it’s far easier to apply more pressure to the dildo, without that outer layer of pliable material stretching around.
The Leoweenie comes packaged in the standard Vixen clear cylindrical tube, and fits quite snugly within it. Getting inside the tube and removing the dildo can seem tricky at first, but is actually quite simple if you know the trick. Before you remove the cap you want to squeeze the tube slightly just below it to allow some air under it, then it will pop off with ease. Doing this also helps when replacing the cap after you’re done. The tube doubles as a handy storage container in the long term, so it’s worth hanging onto.
Overall I have to say that I have a big soft spot for the Leoweenie, and this is down entirely to its fantastic appearance. There’s no denying how amazing it looks, and I’m so pleased to have it sitting proudly in my collection. If I were putting that aside though and reviewing the regular Leo model then I’d say that the pros for the toy are its high quality materials and standard of manufacturing, as well as the convenient inclusion of a suction cup in the base. The downside was that I didn’t find it great for prostate stimulation. Size wise it’s definitely more of a beginner toy, and not suited to those who like to feel a bit of a stretch or a full sensation, so that limits its appeal. If you want a more modest sized anal dildo, and prostate stimulation isn’t a primary concern, then I’d happily recommend the Leo as great quality product.
The Leoweenie is no longer available, but you can get an original Leo from SheVibe, and find a great selection of other Vixen toys over at Lovehoney UK and Lovehoney U.S!

Dual-Density Dildos

One of my favourite types of sex toy on the market today is the dual-density dildo, and the simple reason for this is that they offer an unparalleled sense of realism, something which you’ll almost struggle to believe until the first time you try one for yourself. 
What makes dual-density dildos so special is that they’re designed in such a way that they have a firm-yet-flexible inner core, surrounded by a layer of soft squishy material on the outside. It works in much the same way as a real penis, where the shaft is solid during an erection, while the head remains spongy. It’s not something which many of us ever give much thought to, but this particular feature of the penis exists so as to facilitate comfortable intercourse for the receptive partner; the spongy head acts like a shock absorber, cushioning any accidental impact caused by over-vigorous thrusting, and the dual-density dildos mimic this perfectly.
The combination of material densities in these dildos gives a wonderfully natural feeling, even if you’re just using them by yourself, and that can be reason enough to buy one; there’s nothing at all alien about the way in which it feels, so you can really lose yourself in the moment, rather than being conscious that you’re using an inanimate object. They’re especially good for anal use, and even more so for beginners, because they’re so gentle; the squishy head doesn’t apply too much force to the sphincter as you’re trying to insert it, allowing it to enter smoothly without coming as a shock, and once is it inserted that soft layer around the shaft absorbs the force of any clenching of the tight muscle against it. Where the dual-density dildos really shine though has to be in use with a partner for strap-on play. When you’re using any dildo by yourself you’re always conscious of your own limits, and are able to control the depth of insertion, but when a partner is in control this isn’t so easy. Here is a prime example again of when the squishy head really works to your advantage, because when an over-excited partner goes a little too deep it’s not going to feel like a battering ram to the guts like it may with something more solid, instead that soft tip is going to take that force and you’ll just feel a little pressure inside instead.
At present there are two manufacturers of dual-density dildos, Tantus and Vixen Creations, and they each make them slightly differently, but one thing they have in common is what they make them from – silicone. Silicone is a wonderful material, not only because of its versatility which allows it to be made in different levels of firmness, but also because of its reputation as a safe material. With a high quality silicone product you can guarantee a number of important things: that it’s odourless, and by extension tasteless, that it’s non-porous, allowing it to be sterilised and shared between partners, and that it won’t leach out any toxic chemicals into the body. Another great fact about silicone is how it reacts to heat. I’ve been talking a lot about how natural and realistic these dildos feel, and this is just another example of that; when you’re using a silicone product you’ll find that the material will steadily suck up heat from the body until it reaches equilibrium, and the result is that you’ll be using a nice warm dildo which feels exactly the same temperature as your body – or indeed the same temperature as though it were someone else’s body.
The first dual-density dildo I tried was from Tantus, and you can easily identify the products in their dual-density range by looking for the characters “O2” after the names. I currently have two, the Max O2 and the Adam O2. The core of the Tantus O2 dildos is made from the same type of silicone as the majority of their other products, so it has a nice amount of rigidity to it and holds its shape well, but you can still flex it about without too much effort. The shaft is covered with a fairly thin layer of the “SuperSoft” silicone, but it’s distributed so that it’s slightly thicker along the underside of the dildo, which is the area of a real penis through which the urethra would run, making this attention to detail especially realistic. The core extends only around 1/3 of the way into the head, leaving the rest of it made entirely from the softer silicone. The SuperSoft material really is lovely and squishy, not as much as the soft tissue would be on a real penis, but enough to give the right effect. In terms of visual appearance the Tantus O2 dildos do have one nice quirk, which is that they’re dual finish as well as dual-density; the head has a completely smooth and shiny surface, while the shaft is slightly matte, again aimed at making it appear more natural. Aside from that the dildos aren’t terribly detailed, and at most you’ll spot a subtle vein along the shaft, or a wrinkle of skin below the head marking the location of the frenulum. The dildos come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs, including some with balls and some without. The Max O2 is long, thick, and straight as an arrow, while the Adam O2 is thinner, shorter, and curved especially for prostate stimulation, and amongst the rest of the range you’re sure to find something perfect.
Vixen Creations take a slightly different approach to designing their dual-density dildos to Tantus, and I currently have four of them: the Randy, the Maverick, the Johnny, and the Outlaw. Vixen make their dildos from a type of silicone which they call “VixSkin”, and this is all round softer than that used by Tantus. The inner core of the dildos has a much greater degree of flex to it; it’s enough for the dildos to comfortably hold their shape, but place them in a harness and you’re much more likely to notice a droop in shaft. The outer layer of soft silicone is also much thicker around the shaft than on a Tantus dildo, which takes away a little of the realism, but does make it slightly more comfortable during use. Again the softer silicone has more squish to it, and almost the entire tip of dildo is made from it, so if you were to take the head between your thumb and forefinger and squeeze, then it would compress far more than on the Tantus. This extra softness does have its pros and cons: it definitely adds additional cushioning inside the body during use, but in terms of insertion, sometimes the material just moves and stretches around when pressed against a tight orifice, rather than going inside, which can be a slight hindrance if you weren’t planning on using a warm-up toy. In terms of appearance the Vixen dildos are markedly more detailed than the Tantus ones; there are plenty of veins along the shaft, folds of a retracted foreskin, and wrinkles along the balls (on those dildos which have them). This does give them a slight edge as they are very impressive to look at. Some of the dildos even include a suction cup built into the base which is a wonderful idea and very useful to have. There’s really good variety of different shapes, sizes, and colours to pick from, so again you’ll find one to suit your individual needs, or even several if you’re like me.
I have to say that I really do love both the Tantus and Vixen dual-density dildos, and I wouldn’t like to pick a favourite between them, if anything I like that they’re different, because each will suit divergent tastes. I hope now it’s clearer why I’m so convinced that dual-density dildos are amongst some of the best sex toys available today, and I also hope that it’ll make picking the one that’s right for you a little easier.

Vixen Creations Maverick

I’ve had my eye on the VixSkin Maverick for a while, it’s girthy, shapely, dual density – basically everything I look for in a dildo, but when I saw that it was available in neon green suddenly I had to have it.

The Maverick is one of the larger dildos that Vixen make, both in terms of length and thickness. It measures in at 7 3/4″ with 6 3/4″ insertable, so while it may not be especially alarming in this regard, it’s a little bigger than the statistical average penis size. The widest part of the dildo is at the head which measures an impressive 6 1/2″ in circumference, and from there it narrows a little to 6″ around the middle, maintaining that thickness uniformly down to the base. At the very least the girth makes it a toy that’s best suited to someone who enjoys, and has experience with, larger toys.

The dildo is of a realistic/phallic design, and is especially beautiful to my eyes. If someone were to attempt to design the perfect penis then aesthetically the Maverick would come very close. It features a nice plump glans with a flared coronal ridge, and there’s even a small groove to mark the meatus. Directly below the glans, and connected to it by a subtle frenulum, is a raised area intended to represent a retracted foreskin. It is one of the more unusual foreskin details that I’ve seen on a dildo, lacking the characteristic wrinkling that is typical, and instead taking on the form of a ridged band which looks almost as though someone wrapped a scarf around the shaft. The shaft itself features a prominent column running vertically along the underside, from the base up to the foreskin, and with the exception of the head the whole surface is slightly textured to give a skin-like appearance. The shape of the shaft includes a slight upward curve which starts around the midpoint, and makes the dildo look as though it’s leaning backwards when stood up. The Maverick comes in a wide selection of colours, both realistic skin tones and more fanciful options. I went for the bright neon “Fluor-a-Green” option because I’m a big fan of more interesting-looking toys. My initial reaction when I took it out of the packaging was to think that if the Incredible Hulk had a penis, then this is probably what it would look like, or at least so I imagine.

The dildo is made of Vixen’s VixSkin material, which is a dual-density silicone much like the Tantus O2. The Maverick has a firm silicone core coated with an outer layer of soft silicone. Unlike the Tantus O2 line the VixSkin dildos have a much thicker layer of soft silicone which covers the whole dildo equally, rather than just having a predominately soft head. The core runs through the length of the dildo, but stops just under halfway through the head, leaving the tip completely soft. The soft outer material is incredibly squishy and can easily be manipulated and stretched about to a significant degree. The surface of the material is smooth and shiny, but it does feel slightly tacky to the touch which is normal. The VixSkin silicone is a really lovely material and is completely odourless and body-safe. The quality of construction is truly impeccable on the Maverick; the entire toy is made without the presence of mould lines or defects in the surface of the soft material.

The base of the dildo incorporates an incredibly simple suction cup embedded into it rather than just being flat, which is a really great idea in my opinion, and I don’t know why more manufacturers haven’t followed suit. Despite being of such a simple design the suction cup works pretty well and I’d had it stuck quite firmly to bathroom tiles and wardrobe doors without it falling off. It can be a little tricky to operate at first though, as it has to be pushed down very firmly in order to establish strong suction, and this isn’t always easy due to the soft outer layer of material stretching around when you apply force. The base also allows the dildo to be used with an O-ring harness if desired. It’s a good 3 1/4″ wide and thick enough not to be floppy, so you can feel confident that it will be held securely.

When it comes to using the dildo initial insertion can be sightly tricky if you haven’t warmed up first with another toy, not only because of the thickness of the bulbous head, but because of the squishy material. If you’re starting with a very tight sphincter, then the more pressure you put onto the dildo tends to just stretch the soft material around, instead of driving the dildo into the body. It’s possible to accomplish insertion this way, but it requires a little patience. If you’ve warmed up before you start then insertion really is a breeze, and it feels incredibly comfortable due to the thick layer of soft silicone which acts as a cushion all around. Because the material is so soft there’s not quite so much a sense of a “pop” as the sphincter passes over the coronal ridge of the glans, but you’re still aware of it happening and it feels enjoyable. The length of the dildo may be slightly too much if you’re intending to insert it all anally, but thanks to the wonderfully squishy tip you can avoid any discomfort in trying to do so. There’s no unpleasant poking sensation when the head buts up against the top of rectum, as the material cushions it all, so you just feel slight pressure. Once the dildo is all the way inside the body it feels pleasantly filling, especially if you’ve gone as deep as possible. Thrusting with the Maverick is a truly delightful affair, and also incredibly pleasurable. Thankfully it manages to lack that eerie frictionless experience that came with the Randy, and there’s just the right level of awareness of something sliding in and out of the body. The size of the head and the ridges do a great job at stimulating you inside, and whether you decide to enjoy it slow and gently, or hard and fast, you can feel it rubbing up against the prostate and delivering some intense sensations. If you’re inclined to clench against the dildo while using it then you’ll find that it’s very comfortable to do so as the thick layer of soft material just absorbs the pressure, but the inner core provides enough firmness to give the reassurance that something substantive is  being held there.

You have a wide variety of positions in which you can comfortably use the Maverick. The weight and shape of it make it great for just lying back and thrusting by hand. Squatting over the dildo and riding it is also a great option, and thanks to the sturdy base it stays upright really well. The slight curve in the shaft means that  you may have to direct it inside first with your hands, but after that it’s smooth sailing. One of my favourite positions is actually to take advantage of the suction cup and use it stood up. Just thrusting your hips back and forth and feeling the head popping in and out of you can be a nice sensation, and if you position the dildo at just the right height then the curve of the shaft will have the bulbous head pressing up against the prostate with each in stroke. The Maverick feels incredibly robust when it’s being used, even when it’s getting bent around a lot as you’re thrusting against it on a wall. Despite the soft outer material the firm core allows it to really take whatever you throw at it and still bounce back, and I have no doubt that it’s durable enough to last for a long time.

The Maverick comes packaged in a clear cylindrical tube and fits quite snugly within it. Getting inside the tube and removing the dildo is actually quite simple if you know the trick. Before you remove the cap you want to squeeze the tube slightly just below it to allow some air under it, then it will pop off with ease. Doing this also helps when replacing the cap after you’re done. The tube doubles as a handy storage container in the long term, so it’s worth hanging onto.

Cleaning the Maverick is like cleaning any other silicone product, and helpfully it includes some instructions for this on the tube in case you need extra guidance. You can wash it with anti-bacterial soap and hot water, use a toy wipe or toy cleaner, or you can sterilise it by boiling it in hot water for 3 minutes or wiping it over with a 10% bleach solution. The VixSkin material really is a dust magnet, so you’ll probably want to rinse it before each use, even if you do store it in the tube. Remember that because VixSkin is silicone never to use a silicone lube with it.

Overall I think that the Maverick is a fantastic toy and it gets my full recommendation. It looks great, it feels amazing, and basically it’s everything you could ever want in a dildo.

The Maverick is available from SheVibe and UberKinky in a selection of flesh tones.