Tantus Tsunami

As you may have gathered from reading my blog so far, I’m a huge fan of Tantus toys, so when I saw the new Tsunami I fell in love with the shape and knew that I had to have one.

The Tsunami truly is a magnificent dildo to behold, and I’d be lying if I said that the appearance didn’t play a significant part in why I chose to buy it. I’m a big fan of textured dildos like the Echo, and the Tsunami seems to follow in these footsteps. The dildo starts with quite an angled tip, which is curved at about 45 degrees away from the main axis of the shaft, but which quickly straightens out. The shaft has three main points of texture on the top side: there’s a subtle ridge just below the hooked tip, followed by two more prominent ridges on the bottom half of the shaft. The underside of the shaft is mostly smooth, with the exception of three very minor bumps just above the base. If you look at the dildo from the side then it does almost bear some resemblance to a tidal wave, thus explaining the name. 

The dildo is 7 1/2″ long with 6 3/4″ insertable. Around the tip it has only a 4 1/8″ circumference, which is quite a modest size for wherever you may be planning on using it. The average circumference is 4 1/2″, and rising to 5 1/8″ around the most prominent ridge. The base of the dildo is 3/4″ thick, by 2 3/4″ wide, which makes it extremely sturdy and good for use in a harness, as well as just for standing the dildo up on. 
The Tsunami is made from Tantus’s own 100% platinum silicone, which is one of my favourite materials. It’s odourless, tasteless, non-porous, and completely body-safe. You honestly can’t buy a better sex toy material. The finish of the silicone is completely smooth and shiny on the Tsunami, which helps to reduce drag. The dildo has a nice amount of flex in it so you can bend it around with relative ease, but it’s firm enough to hold its shape. The surface of the material can be compressed without too much force, so it has enough give in it to ensure comfort during use. 

Like all Tantus dildos the Tsunami is constructed entirely in one piece, so there are no mould lines to be found along the surface. Construction is done to a very high quality and the product is free from any defects or anomalies. 

When it comes to using the Tsunami it’s very easy to insert due to its narrow tip, especially if you’re using it anally. The smooth silicone body glides seamlessly into the body without any drag, and it feels very comfortable there as the material acts as a cushion against the muscle. Despite the shape of the dildo it’s really not a very filling size to use, and if you’ve had bigger then you’re likely to be left wanting more. As the dildo slides in you aren’t really aware of the first ridge as it just isn’t pronounced enough, which is a bit of a shame. You can unwittingly pass over it and then have to look down to double check that you haven’t missed it. Continuing to insert the dildo I got up to the second ridge and it just seemed to stop. The hooked tip of the Tsunami made it difficult to insert much deeper after this point, it just didn’t seem to want to follow the natural course of my insides, and while I was able to get over the ridge eventually it took a bit of wiggling and perseverance, and required being totally relaxed. Thrusting with the Tsunami just didn’t prove to be enjoyable for me; a lot of the time when something says it’s designed for the G-spot you can reliably assume that’ll be good for prostate use too, but the angled tip just didn’t feel at all stimulating there for me. The fact that the top half has virtually no texture that can be felt also made it a very boring experience as rapid thrusting could only be achieved here, and passing over the bottom two ridges had to be done so slowly that it defeated the purpose of them. Trying to pass over those ridges with any speed merely caused internal discomfort as the tip seemed to aggressively butt up against my insides. Whether I tried lying on my back, my side, squatting over the dildo, or rotating the angle of entry, I just couldn’t find a single position where it felt enjoyable to use, and I kept trying until I had exhausted every option. 

The Tsunami comes packaged with a vibrating bullet which can be inserted into a specially made bullet hole in the base. The bullet hole has some internal ribbing so as to aid with removal, and this seems to work quite well in preventing the formation of a vacuum. The bullet itself has about the same intensity as the RO-80mm from Rocks Off. The problem with toys with bullet holes is that the hole is in the base, and you want the vibrations down at the tip, but they simply don’t travel that well through inches of thick silicone. The inclusion of the bullet is nice, but I find that it’s mostly gimmicky and doesn’t add much to the experience of using the toy. Personally I prefer to use the dildos like this without the bullet, but there’s always the option of using the bullet separately, so it’s like getting two toys in one. 

To take care of the dildo all you need to do is wash it with anti-bacterial soap and water after every use, or use a toy wipe / toy cleaner, though you may wish to rinse it before use as well as the material does tend to attract dust. As the Tsunami is made of silicone it can also be sterilised if desired, this can be done by boiling the dildo for a couple of minutes in water, wiping it over with a 10% bleach solution or popping it into the dishwasher on an appropriate cycle. Remember also to only use water-based lubes with a silicone dildo.
Overall I have to say that I’m really disappointed with the Tsunami. It’s a great looking toy, that’s well made and that has a texture that you’d imagine would feel amazing, but for me unfortunately it just has to be one of the most boring and least enjoyable toys I have in my collection. I’m sure it has a lot of great applications, but I’d have to advise anyone considering it for anal use to look elsewhere, as sadly it just doesn’t cut it.
The Tsunami is available directly from Tantus, or alternatively you can get it from SexToys.co.uk, ThatPositionLovehoney UK, and Lovehoney USA.

Tantus Severin medium

Despite my ever growing collection of Tantus dildos, the Severin is surprisingly only my second of their butt plugs, but it’s one I’ve had my eyes on for quite a while. There’s something I’ve just found incredibly alluring about the stepped shape, that’s made me want to put it inside myself, and now that I have here’s the review!

The Severin is a good sized plug, at 4 3/4″ long with 4 3/8″ insertable. At the widest point it has a circumference of 6 1/4″, meaning it’s not a plug for a beginner. The shape of the Severin is quite unusual, and seems to me to have something of an Oriental flare about it, being rather reminiscent of a Chinese pagoda – especially in the striking scarlet colour I opted for. Because of the shape I wouldn’t be inclined to recommend it as a plug for anal training, as there just isn’t enough taper to comfortably get you over the prominence of that last bulge unless you’ve had previous experience using a toy of this width.

The plug is constructed in a single piece from the same high-quality premium platinum silicone that Tantus use in all of their toys. There are absolutely no mould-lines to be found along the smooth shiny surface, and the plug is completely without odour. Tantus silicone is without a doubt one of my favourite materials; it has a nice degree of flexibility in it, as well is some give in the surface, allowing you to bend it about and squeeze it with relative ease.

The tip of the Severin features a small rounded protrusion, like a nipple, which is less than an inch wide. From there it broadens onto the first bulge which has a moderate 4 7/8″ circumference, before briefly narrowing again into a shallow groove, and finally finishing with the second and largest bulge. The underside of the final bulge is completely rounded, just like you would expect to find on the bulb of any typical plug, and it gently joins onto the neck. The neck of the plug has a nice 1 1/4″ width, which is small enough to allow the muscles to relax after passing over the widest point, but which is also wide enough to provide pleasant degree of stretch while wearing the plug for extended periods. The neck is around 1 1/4″ long, providing a good amount of space between the bulb and the base for the sphincter to rest along, meaning that the bulb will be held securely in the body, and not left half hanging out. The base of the Severin is similar to the Tulip in its hourglass-shape, but it’s slightly more comfortable to wear as the corners are rounded, thus avoiding any pointy bits which might dig into the skin. It’s nice and wide at 2 3/4″, giving the reassurance that its perfectly safe for anal use. The only flaw I can find in the whole toy is that the base is a little thin and on the floppy side. It’s not a huge issue, but when I’m tugging on a plug during use I like to grasp something a little more substantial and less liable to bend. It would probably only take an extra 1/8″ of material there to strengthen it sufficiently.

The narrow tip of the Severin makes the first step of insertion seamless, and it slips readily inside helped along by its smooth surface and a little lube. Almost immediately you encounter resistance as you hit up against the bluntness of the first bulge, but provided you’re sufficiently relaxed it should be quite easy to insert that as well, and you feel a bump and a “pop” sensation as the muscle slides over it and comes to rest in the groove below. The next bulge mirrors this experience, only now due to its size you’ll begin to feel a pleasant stretch in the muscle as it expands over the widest point, followed a larger “pop” as the plug gets sucked inside. For some people the second bulge may present a challenge, so it can be handy to have a regular tapered plug with you as a warm-up toy, just in case. The bumpy texture of the Severin is what sets it apart and makes it that bit different and more interesting to insert than your typical conical plug. Feeling the muscle  noticeably bumping over each ridge is quite pleasurable, and it can be fun to slip the plug in and out, as though you were thrusting with it. Once the plug is inside it’s very comfortable to wear; the ergonomic shape of the base nestles between the cheeks of the buttocks, and the soft silicone of the neck acts like a cushion if you squeeze against it with your muscles. Because of the size of the plug it feels pleasantly filling while you’re wearing it, but not overly so. It’s a nice plug to wear for extended periods, and after a while you might even begin to forget that it’s there as it starts to warm up to your body temperature. The ridges of the Severin nestle up against the prostate, but while you can feel it there I didn’t find it to be especially stimulating in this regard. Once you’re ready to remove the plug it’s a nice simple affair; the rounded underside of the bulb allows the sphincter to slowly dilate without discomfort as you pull on the base, and once you’re past the largest bulge it’ll slip right out and you’ll feel the bump of the next bulge on the way.

The plug is very easy to clean after use. Like any toy it can simply be washed with anti-bacterial soap and hot water, but as it’s silicone and non-porous it’s also able to be sterilised. This can be done by popping it into the dishwasher, wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution, or by boiling it in a pan of water for a couple of minutes. When caring for your silicone plug it’s also important to only use water-based lubricants.

The Severin comes in Tantus’s standard tasteful packaging: a clear plastic box with some useful information printed on the side, and a clear view of the toy within. You could use it to store the toy in, but as it’s a little bulky a nice pouch would be better suited.

I’m a big fan of the Tantus Severin and can happily recommend it to anyone who can take the size. It’s well built from a lovely material, and has a fun shape which both looks and feels good.

You can buy the Tantus Severin medium directly from Tantus, as well as SexToys.co.uk, ThatPositionLovehoney UK, and Lovehoney USA.
The Tantus Severin is also available in large from TantusLovehoney UK, Lovehoney USA, and SexShop365

Tantus Hank

Thanks to the efforts of the wonderful Em over at SexToys.co.uk, I managed to snag myself a lovely new Tantus toy to play with this weekend, none other than the Hank dildo. If you’re not already a member of the Vibe forum then it’s definitely worth going and signing up, as they’re currently giving away some great toys to lucky members, but you need to be quick as the demand is high. Anyway, I couldn’t let a free toy go by without writing a review, so check it out after the jump!

The Hank is a rather modestly sized dildo; next to some of my other Tantus toys such as the Goliath and the Max O2 it looks positively tiny, but the old adage about good things coming in small packages is certainly applicable in this case. Outside of the world of pornography and oversized sex toys it would be wrong to really label the Hank as “small”, as statistically it does come in at the size of an average penis, so as such it’s  well suited to someone seeking realism in a toy.

The Hank measures in at 6 1/2″ in length, with 5 1/2″ of that being insertable. In terms of girth it has a circumference of 4 1/2″ around the shaft, which increases slightly to 4 7/8″ at the head, giving an average diameter of 1 1/2″ throughout. It’s definitely not the sort of toy you need to worry about being intimidated by, especially if you’re considering it as a beginner, as it’s a pretty comfortable size.
The dildo is made from the same high-quality premium platinum silicone that Tantus use in all of their toys, which is completely odourless. It’s without a doubt one of my favourite materials, and it has a nice degree of flexibility in it, as well is some give in the surface, allowing you to bend it about and squeeze it with relative ease. The finish on the Hank is very similar to that of the O2 range, with a smooth shiny surface for the head of the dildo, while the remainder is matte and velvety-soft to the touch.
The Hank is a realistic dildo – in shape at least, if not in colour tone. Like other realistic Tantus dildos it comes in a pale “cream” hue, which really is cream and not just another way for saying flesh-tone, but I rather like it. The head of the dildo isn’t too large, and aside from the coronal ridge on the front it’s quite streamlined with the shaft. The head is probably the least detailed area of the dildo; aside from a groove to mark the meatus it’s kept fairly simple, and on the underside the head blends seamlessly into the shaft without any sign of a frenulum. The shaft of the dildo features a lot of veining running vertically along the surface, and while the veins are reasonably pronounced they’re also quite rounded and feel very soft to the touch, unlike in the Goliath. The whole shaft feels quite uniform in shape, with a circular cross-section as opposed to an ovoid one, which is a little more regular than you would except in an actual penis, where typically it’s thicker along one axis than the other. The shaft has an upward curve, though not an extreme one. It looks slightly more curved than it is, as the bottom of the shaft isn’t completely perpendicular with the base, but in reality it’s quite subtle. The base of the Hank is comprised of a pair of testicles at the front, as well as a wedge-shaped lip to the rear which helps to give the dildo its stability, and balances the unusual centre of gravity produced by the curve. The base enables the dildo to be stood up either during or in between use, it’s also wide enough to make the dildo safe for anal play, and finally there’s just the right amount of material to make a comfortable handle to grip onto during thrusting. Unlike in the Max the balls are tucked up quite close to the base of the shaft, which is a design element that I prefer over the more droopy appearance. If you look closely at the balls they are a little odd in a couple of regards. Firstly they’re disproportionately small compared to the size of the rest of the dildo, and they also have a rather knobbly and angular shape. The other thing to note is that the surface of the balls is quite pitted and textured, presumably to give the realistic appearance of a wrinkled scrotum, but it looks more like cottage cheese than anything. While it is something to comment on, really unless you’re planning on entering your dildo in a beauty contest then it’s not an issue, and they perform their function perfectly adequately. I’m not going to hold a pair of ugly balls against the Hank, when admittedly testicles aren’t perhaps the most attractive thing at the best of times.

When it comes to using the Hank the dildo is nice and easy to insert, and the shiny head helps it to glide inside the body with very little resistance. As the head isn’t too bulbous and has a slight taper to it it’s great for anal use, especially for beginners who would want to avoid anything larger than this. The streamlined head does mean that you don’t get that “pop” that’s often associated with using a toy anally, but slight flare of the corona is enough that you can feel a little bump as the muscle passes over it. Once inside the toy does feel incredibly comfortable, and you can squeeze against it as hard as you like with your muscles, and the soft material will cushion and absorb the pressure. You also get the sense that the material is flexible enough to conform to the shape of your body, and not the other way around. As you go deeper with the toy you’ll encounter the matte surface of the shaft, which has a little more drag to it than with the shiny head, but which holds lube very well. This difference is noticeable when thrusting with the toy, especially if you typically only use shiny-surfaced dildos, but personally I didn’t find it that significant; the Hank still glided smoothly and felt pleasant. The veins running along the shaft aren’t something that you can really feel during use, at least they’re not something that you can feel specifically. It’s possible that the texture of them, along with the matte finish, combines to produce that slight feeling of drag, but I think they’re mostly aesthetic. As you play with the dildo for longer you’ll notice how pleasantly warm it begins to feel as it absorbs your body heat, which helps it to feel more realistic. One thing I was sceptical about was whether or not the slight curve in the shaft would be enough to stimulate the prostate at all, and I’m pleased to say that it does. It’s not the most intense stimulation, but provided you angle the curve the right way when inserting the dildo, you can feel the head of it glancing against the prostate with every thrust, which actually feels quite nice. This feature helps to compensate for the fact that the dildo isn’t that thick. Typically I prefer something that feels a little more filling inside and stretches the muscles a bit on the outside, but the light teasing of the prostate with every thrust definitely made it enjoyable enough to keep playing with. One of my favourite things about the Hank is actually its short length, which means it’s very easy to insert it all the way down to the base. If you’ve be using it by squatting over it and riding it, then it’s possible to take a pause and just sit on it, without having to remove it. Another pleasant discovery I made in this process is that it’s also possible to wear the Hank like a butt plug. The base of the shaft narrows quite a bit as it reaches the balls, and when you have the dildo fully inserted you’re able to grab this notch and squeeze it with your muscles in order to hold the dildo inside. It’s even possible to walk around like this, just as long as you don’t use too much lube, which can be quite amusing.

The dildo is very easy to clean after use. Like any toy it can simply be washed with anti-bacterial soap and hot water, but as it’s silicone and non-porous it’s also able to be sterilised. This can be done by popping it into the dishwasher, wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution, or by boiling it in a pan of water for a couple of minutes. When caring for your silicone dildo it’s also important to only use water-based lubricants.

Overall I’m really pleased with the Hank, and I’d definitely be inclined to recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality realistic dildo in a realistic size, and especially as someone’s first dildo. It’s another great product from Tantus that’s really worth the price. The only thing I would say, however, is that if you’re someone who values size above all else, then the Hank may be too small for your needs.

You can buy the Hank from SexToys.co.uk

It’s also available directly from Tantus.

Tantus Goddess Handle

Recently Tantus have gone and given their popular dildo the Goddess a bit of a revamp, and added a brand new handle to the base. EdenFantasys were kind enough to send it to me to review this month, and you can see what I thought about it after the jump!

The Goddess Handle is a one of a pair of new products from Tantus this year, including the Echo Handle, which follows the success of the Anaconda – Tantus’s first handled dildo – by adding a handle to the base of one of their most popular designs. 
The dildo has a total length of 10 3/4″, with 6 1/2″ of this designed to be insertable, and the remainder taken up by the 4 1/4″ handle. The handle itself has a matte finish to add grip, while the insertable portion is similar to the original Goddess in design, and features a smooth shiny surface.
The Goddess Handle has an interesting shape, featuring a lot of texture, but in contrast to the original Goddess this texture is significantly less pronounced. At the top of the dildo is a nice bulbous head which flares out at the sides like a bell, forming the widest point of the toy at 4 3/4″ around. Beneath this the circumference narrows slightly to an average of 4 3/8″ going into the shaft. On the reverse of the dildo the shaft is almost completely smooth, with only some shallow vertical grooves wrapping around from the sides, but on the front it’s a different matter. The front of the dildo features three raised areas each of which takes the form of an almost triangular shape, with its peak pointed towards the head. This texture is really quite subtle, and is nowhere near as pronounced as in the Echo. The texture stops short of the handle, leaving a 1 1/4″ section that is completely smooth, and that has the narrowest circumference of the shaft at only 4 1/4″
The Goddess Handle is made from 100% platinum silicone, like all Tantus products, but what’s unusual for Tantus is that the silicone is very firm. Most Tantus toys have a nice degree squishability and flex in them, and you can squeeze them and bend them about with relative ease. The Goddess Handle is very different though; there’s little give in the material at all when you try to squeeze it, and it’s quite inflexible. The need for this rigidity is understandable when considering the addition of the handle, as due to the extra length and weight of material it needs to hold its shape and not bend about too much during use. The construction of the Goddess Handle is impeccable, as I’ve come to expect from Tantus. The dildo is made entirely in one piece, and the surface is free from any mould lines or imperfections. The “strawberry” colour of the material is a bright fluorescent-neon pink, which is a much bolder shade than the “pearl pink” used in other Tantus toys.
The slender design of the Goddess Handle makes it nice and easy to insert, especially if you’re using it anally, but you still get a little “pop” from the flare of the head as it goes in. The end is somewhat blunt, so for a complete novice it might not be the best toy for first anal use. The subtle texture of the Goddess is really nice for thrusting, and the whole dildo slides in and out of the body seamlessly, with very little friction. If you’re completely relaxed when thrusting then the texture isn’t that obvious, but if you squeeze down tightly against the dildo with your muscles then you can really feel it. I find that this is the most pleasurable way to enjoy the Goddess; if you attempt it with the Echo it can feel too intense, but the amount of texture on the Goddess is just right to provide pleasurable stimulation as the bumps slide in and out, but without it being too much.   The slim girth of the dildo means that it doesn’t feel that filling when it’s inside, but the texture compensates for this perfectly, so it balances out. Another nice feature of the dildo is how the material reacts to the body. The longer you’re using it the more of your body heat the silicone will soak up, until the temperature reaches equilibrium and a wonderfully natural feeling results.

One of the main features of the Goddess Handle is in fact the handle itself, and this is useful in more than one way; if you like to squat over your dildos and ride them, as opposed to manually thrusting, then you can still do that, the handle just provides a little extra height so you don’t need to squat so low, which can be quite useful. The handle can also be used in the manner that it’s intended – to aid thrusting – whether by yourself or with a partner. The handle is very solid, providing a firm grip, and allowing you to direct your thrusts where you want them to go, especially if you’re trying to angle the tip into the prostate for example. I wouldn’t say that it’s the best dildo for stimulating the prostate, just in terms of its shape, but with careful manipulation via the handle you can quickly have it hitting your sweet spots.

One thing I don’t like about the Goddess Handle is the firmness of the material; if you’re thrusting quite vigorously with the dildo, or have a partner that’s using it on you, and you accidentally go too deep then it can be quite painful, especially anally. The rectum is notably quite shallow, so if you happen to hit the top of it when you’re thrusting then it can feel like a battering ram, as there’s not enough give in the material to cushion the impact, nor enough flex for the dildo to bend around and go deeper into the colon. Personally I find that this lets the product down, as it’s really designed to be used on you by another person, but you have to make sure that they’re going to be extra careful with it, or else you’re going to be too worried about them potentially injuring you to enjoy the experience. I think it would have been better if Tantus had designed it with the firmer silicone only in the bottom half of the dildo, to allow for some flexibility near the tip where it’s needed.

When it comes for caring for the dildo it’s a very simple affair. Silicone is a naturally odourless and non-porous material, which lends itself to a variety of cleaning methods, including sterilisation. You can wash it with antibacterial soap and hot water, use a toy wipe, pop it in the dishwasher, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, and even leave it submerged in boiling water for a couple of minutes – provided you can find a pan large enough to put it in. The only downside is that you’ll probably want to wash the dildo before use as well as after, as the material does attract a lot of dust. As always with silicone, remember to only use water-based lubes.
Overall I’m pretty pleased with the Goddess Handle. It’s another quality product from Tantus that certainly has its own variety of uses. The only let down for me is just how firm the material is, and for that reason I’d probably be more inclined to go for the regular Goddess instead.
You can buy the Goddess Handle directly from Tantus, as well as EdenFantasys.

Dual-Density Dilemma

My two favourite dildos at present are probably my Pierre Fitch dildo by Fleshjack, and my Max O2 from Tantus. The thing is I like them for quite different reasons, and I’m starting to wish that someone would think to combine the aspects.
My love of the Fleshjack dildos stems largely from a mental place, and also a visual one. Many dildos are penis-shaped, but to me there’s a difference between being penis-shaped and being an actual penis. When I look at a Fleshjack dildo I know that it’s not merely a generic phallus carved by an artist, but it’s the replica of a real penis, the penis of a porn star, a penis that has had vast quantities of hot steamy sex. Every inch, every beautiful detail belongs to living breathing man, and for me this is an incredible turn-on. It’s the closest I’m likely to ever get to handling this impressive organ that I’ve seen in films, and it’s that unique selling point that draws me to the product, and indeed to others in the Fleshjack range.
My love for the Max O2, on the other hand, is purely physical. This is a dildo which delivers realism from a completely different angle; it feels real to the touch. Most of the time when you buy a dildo, whether an expensive one or a cheap one, whatever it’s made of it just feels nothing like a penis. In hardness or in softness, a dildo typically is uniform throughout, and comparatively a real penis has variety. Whilst erect  the shaft of the penis becomes firm and rigid, to hold its shape, while the engorged head remains soft and spongy, acting like a cushion in its ability to be gently compressed. Somehow Tantus have managed to capture this in their O2 range; by combining soft material on the outside with firm material on the inside, they’ve created a dildo that feels real, and just begs to be squeezed and manipulated. That in itself makes it a turn-on and a joy to use.
Shall we just imagine how things would be if these two products could be merged into one. A dildo which not only looks like one of the finest penises in porn, identical down to the slightest detail, but which also feels exactly how that penis should feel, being soft and hard in all the right places. It would absolutely tick every one of my boxes, and I dare say that from my perspective it would be the perfect dildo. All that remains is to hope that someone makes one, but I wonder if it would ever happen. The two products seem to target different markets, while Fleshjack are good enough to make their dildos from silicone, most porn-actor-replica products are made from materials of a lower grade. They sell largely on the novelty of who they’re modelled on, with less focus on quality. The dual-density O2 dildos on the other hand sell exclusively on the idea of quality, they’re high end dildos for people who really care about what they’re using, and want the maximum experience. The question is, how much cross-over is there between the two markets? I know I’d snap up such a product instantly, and probably wouldn’t leave the house for a week, but just how much of a niche am I?

Edit: Since the time I wrote this Fleshjack have started making their dildos out of a new, softer silicone, similar to that used in the Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play No. 1, and consequently they feel even more realistic. I’m not certain that this entirely invalidates my point, as the dual-density dildos still maintain a uniquely lifelike feeling, but I am perhaps in less of a hurry now to see my idea become a reality.

Tantus Echo

The Tantus Echo is my first foray into the world of textured dildos. The majority of what I’ve tried up until this point has been quite plain in that regard, so everything about the design of the Echo told me that I needed to try it.

The Echo is a 7″ long dildo with around 6 3/8″ of that being insertable, which puts it at a nice length for the majority of people. The average diameter is 1 1/2″, which from my perspective is a little small, but it’s realistically-sized and definitely enough to be satisfying. It’s a textured dildo, but it has what I like to think of as “macro-texture.” The surface of the shaft is completely smooth and shiny, to give you a frictionless gliding action when using it, but it has big pronounced areas of detail to really stimulate the body with.
Like all Tantus products the Echo is made from their own blend of 100% platinum silicone. I’m a big fan of this material, and in my opinion it’s the best silicone on the market. What’s great about it is that it’s firm enough to easily hold it’s shape, but it’s flexible enough to bend around inside the body and go where the body tells it to go. It also has a nice amount of give in it when you squeeze it, which is an important factor when using it anally as it’s gentle on the sphincter and allows for a comfortable insertion. The other bonuses of the material are that it’s completely body-safe, and odourless too, so you won’t stink out your toy drawer.
The shape of the Echo is what makes it such a special product. The top of the dildo resembles the glans of the penis in shape, and while the tip of it is nicely rounded, it is a little on the blunt side. Normally I’d suggest that something of this girth is fine for a beginner to take anally, but as it has no significant taper I wouldn’t recommend it in this circumstance without something else to warm up with first. The head portion has a nice pronounced coronal ridge which forms the thickest point of the dildo. Below the head are four more ridges going down the shaft, which each follow the same design of the corona, giving the dildo its distinctive look. These ridges wrap around the shaft, but not quite all the way. The underside of the dildo has a raised column running vertically down from the head to the base, which gives the dildo a wonderful contrast of being highly textured on one side, but largely smooth on the other.
When it comes to using the dildo anally it feels fantastic. If you’re comfortable with the size then the tip will slip inside without a problem. Once you get over the first ridge there’s a nice familiar “pop” letting you know that it’s in. As you push the dildo in deeper this is then followed by several smaller “pops” as you traverse each ridge. The Echo is a dildo that’s most enjoyable when thrusting with it, and there are two ways to do this. For the most intense experience you can really clench the dildo firmly inside you, and then when you thrust with it you can feel each of the ridges butting up against the sphincter. This could be potentially uncomfortable for some people, especially if the clenching is an involuntary response. The way I’d recommend using the dildo is to completely relax your anus when thrusting, but this can take some practice to master. This way you can still feel all the texture in the sphincter, but it’s much more subtle and pleasurable. It also allows for smoother thrusting with less resistance, and takes your attention away from the sphincter and redirects it to the prostate. The ridges on the Echo are perfect for stimulating the prostate; as you thrust it inside you can feel each one rippling against the gland, and the faster you thrust the more intense and pleasurable the sensations. I’ve experienced greater prostate stimulation with the Echo so far than I have with any of the prostate massagers I own. The Echo gives you a couple of options for positions you can use it in. The base is broad enough that you can stand it up somewhere, squat over it, and ride it like that. The base can also be used like a good handle to hold onto and thrust it inside yourself while lying down, but slipping a finger into the empty bullet hole offers an extra degree of control.
The base of the Echo has been greatly improved since the original design. it’s now much thicker and more substantial, and therefore great for using in a harness. I think that the Echo would be brilliant for pegging as the size isn’t too intimidating, but the ridges really do feel incredible against the prostate when thrust rapidly. If you peg in the doggy-style position, then my tip would be to put the dildo in the harness upside down, in order to orientate the ridges best with your partner’s anatomy.

The Echo comes packaged with a vibrating bullet which can be inserted into a specially made bullet hole in the base. The bullet hole has some internal ribbing so as to aid with removal, and this seems to work quite well in preventing the formation of a vacuum. The bullet itself has about the same intensity as the RO-80mm from Rocks Off. The problem with toys with bullet holes is that the hole is in the base, and you want the vibrations down at the tip, but they simply don’t travel that well through inches of thick silicone. The inclusion of the bullet is nice, but it’s mostly gimmicky as it doesn’t add much to the experience of using the toy. Personally I prefer to use the dildo without the bullet, as the main draw of the Echo is really its texture. There’s always the option of using the bullet separately, so it’s like getting two toys in one.
One of my concerns about the Echo surrounds the bullet hole. The silicone around the edge of the hole is frayed in places, and even has some small tears. My worry is that every time you stretch the material as you attempt to remove the bullet, it will place strain on the tears, which will gradually grow into a larger split. The only remedy I can think of is to take a very sharp craft knife and try to remove a small ring of material around the hole, slightly deeper than the tears, thus excising the problem before it can exacerbate. Obviously this isn’t an ideal thing to have to do, but as I don’t intend to use the bullet in it it might not be necessary.
A peculiarity of my Echo is that it has a strong Leaning Tower of Pisa thing going on. On one side the base is only 3/8″ thick, but on the other it’s a full 1/2″. This may not sound like a great deal, but it’s enough to give the dildo a very pronounced slant to the left. It’s hard to tell whether it’s a case of one side having too little material, or the other side having excess, but I’m inclined to go with the latter, on account of the thicker side not fitting into the plastic tray of the packaging that well. It’s not that big of a deal as it doesn’t prevent me from using the dildo the way I want to, but I always feel like a quality control person should have spotted something so glaring.
When it comes to cleaning the dildo silicone is a great material to have. The Echo can be washed the usual way with antibacterial soap and hot water, but it can also be completely sterilised by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution, popping it in a pan of boiling water for a couple of minutes, or even tossing it into the dishwasher – but remember to remover the bullet first! The Echo is very prone to attract dust, which is a common complaint with silicone toys, so it may require a rinse prior to use. The only downside to silicone toys is that you only want to use water-based lubes with them, as silicone lubes could potentially degrade the material.
I have to say that I really love the Echo, and if I could change anything at all it would just be to make it a little thicker.

You can buy the Echo directly from Tantus, as well as the fine folks at SheVibe