Tantus Gary O2

Onto dildo number two and this time we’re looking at Gary. I don’t know why but I just find that name funny. Gary. It’s a bit like in Family Guy when Mayor West remarks how silly it is that one of his cats is named ‘Paul.’ The name Gary seems to draw different associations for different people, but for me it always conjures up thoughts of Knots Landing, and Joan Van Ark yelling at her character’s husband – the other Ewing brother.
Putting all that aside, the Gary O2 is another one of Tantus’s new dual-density dildos, much like the Uncut #1 & #2. In fact I like to consider it an honorary member of the Uncut team just from looking at the design, as it has more wrinkled skin behind the head than I’ve seen on any other dildo. Perhaps it’s the Uncut #2’s secret alter-ego, we’ll never know.
Onward for the review.

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Tantus Uncut #1

No sooner have I finished off one batch of Tantus reviews at the end of last month, and I’m back with more to (hopefully) delight you with once again. Those superb silicone artisans from Sparks Nevada have been busy over the Summer coming up with exciting new dildo designs, and I’m fortunate enough to have three of them to put through their paces.
First up is the Uncut #1, which I’d describe as being a “one of a kind” if it weren’t for the fact that there’s also an Uncut #2, but jokes aside it’s certainly one of the more unique dildos I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. What sets it apart is that it has the unusual feature of a foreskin which actually covers the head of the dildo, altering the traditional phallic silhouette that we think of when it comes to sex toys, so it should be fun to see how it performs. 
As always, get the rest below.

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Tantus Cush O2

It’s taken a few months but I can now say that I’ve finally reached the last piece in my box of reviewable goodies that Tantus sent me earlier this year.
I’ve been a big fan of Tantus’s dual-density O2 toys for a while now, starting with the Max, and then the Adam, but so far all the ones I’ve tried have been of the realistic style, so I was really eager to try out one of the more colourful and unusually-shaped offerings. Being the girth fan that I am I opted for the Cush over the Flurry, and you can catch the review below.

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Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play No.2

Back in March Tantus’s customer service pirate, the lovely Captain Sparkle Bunny, kindly sent me a bag of goodies to review for them, and I’ve been steadily plodding my way through it whenever I get a spare moment. Today I’m going to be looking at the Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 dildo, and you may remember that I reviewed the Pack ‘n’ Play No.1 a while back and was a big fan of it.

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The Pack ‘n’ Play line of dildos from Tantus is an ingenious cross between their popular O2 line and the Supersoft. If you’re already familiar with Tantus products you may recognise the shape of the No.2 as being taken from the same mould as the Mark.
As the name suggests the Pack ‘n’ Play is a dual purpose dildo, designed to serve both as a dildo for penetrative use, and also as a packer if desired. As with any product that performs two functions there’s the question of getting the balance right between the needs of each, and in this case it would seem that the “play” side is more strongly favoured.
Like all Tantus products the Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 is made of silicone, but what makes it different is that it’s much softer than the silicone you’d usually expect to find. If you’re someone who loves the fact that silicone is odourless, non-porous, and completely body-safe, but still find yourself drawn to other materials because it’s firmer than you’d like, then this dildo is going to be perfect for you. The material is wonderfully plush and feels just as soft as the outer later on the O2 dildos, only there’s more of it. You can bend it with ease, compress it, and if you squeeze it hard enough it’ll even grow a little longer. I’m a huge fan of it and I keep hoping that Tantus will continue to make more dildos in this vein, as it’s easily one of my favourite types of silicone.
The surface of the silicone incorporates two finishes: the shaft is matte and feels velvety to the touch, while the head is completely smooth and shiny. Unlike the silicone in the O2 dildos there’s not even a hint of tackiness to it, which is very welcome. The construction of the dildo is superb, and you won’t find any hint of a mould line or defect anywhere along it.
The design of the Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 is modelled after the Mark, one of Tantus’s realistic dildos. In total it’s 6 1/2″ long, and 5 3/4″ of that are actually insertable. The widest portion of the dildo is around the lower half of the shaft, which measures 5″ in circumference. The head itself is fairly small and acorn-shaped, and its shiny surface is quite lacking in detail. On all sides of the dildo the head blends almost seamlessly into the shaft below, with no significant coronal ridge protruding. The shaft is a pretty uniform thickness along its entire length, narrowing slightly to 4 3/4″ just below the head, and the whole thing features a very subtle upward curve. The surface of the shaft is more detailed than the head, but still only to a minimal degree, featuring at most a couple of raised areas designed to look like veins. It’s not a great deal of detail, but it does add some points of interest and makes the dildo seem a little more lifelike.
The base of the dildo is designed to make it completely harness friendly, and it achieves this by incorporating some of the dual-density technology from the O2 dildos. The bottom half of the base is made from a much firmer silicone, and this firm material then extends around a 1/4 of the way up into the core of the shaft. The result of this is that is strengthens the base of the dildo, allowing it to be held securely in any compatible O-ring harness. If you are using the dildo in a harness then you may find that there’s a slight degree droop in the shaft when it’s being held by the base, but it’s barely noticeable. When you’re not using the dildo the 2 3/4″ wide base is also great for standing the dildo upright and offers a lot of stability.
Like its brother the No.1, the Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 is possibly one of the most comfortable dildos I’ve ever used, and I remain quite keen for everyone to try one for themselves. Everything about the shape and the material makes it ideal for anal play, and it also comes in a more modest size that should suit a wider range of people. The small rounded head with its shiny surface helps the dildo to slide very easily into the body, without the need for warm up, and the soft material feels so gentle against the sphincter, both during insertion and afterwards if you decide to stop and give the dildo a little squeeze. The matte surface of the shaft has a little bit of drag to it, which personally I like, and it also help to hold onto lube very well. Once the dildo is inside the body it does feel unimaginably comfortable, especially as it sucks up heat and warms to body temperature. I’m a huge fan of regular silicone, but the extra flex in the Pack ‘n’ Play makes it significantly better, and it really does bend around into any position it needs to be in. You can thrust with it by hand using the base as a handle, or use the stability of the base to allow you to squat over it and ride it, but either way you needn’t worry about being too vigorous as the soft head cushions any impact with your insides. Because it’s a shorter dildo it’s possible to insert the whole thing right down to the base, with no worry of it suddenly poking you uncomfortably inside like you might find with other toys. In terms of thrusting it reminds me of one of my other favourite smaller dildos, the Kevin Warhol, because it has that same ability to use its size and flexibility to rub back and forth across the prostate very satisfyingly.
If using the dildo for packing you may encounter a couple issues. The first is that when you attempt to fold it downwards, or sideways, depending on how you envision wearing it, you’ll find that the point at which it begins to bend is right at the midpoint of the shaft, causing quite a conspicuous bulge. The second is that the material has a lot of spring in it, so you’ll need a strong pair of underwear to hold it down in the position you want, otherwise it’ll just stretch out the fabric and risk leaving it misshapen.
As the dildo is silicone you want to remember to avoid using silicone lubes with it. When it comes to cleaning it you can wash it with anti-bacterial soap and hot water, use a toy cleaner/wipe of your choice, or alternatively sterilise it by either boiling for a couple of minutes in a pan of water, or wiping it over with a 10% bleach solution.
Overall I’m thoroughly pleased with the Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 and think that it’s a fantastic product. If I was rating it as a packer then I’d probably be forced to knock off a point, but as I’m just using it as a dildo it gets full marks from me.
You can buy the Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 directly from Tantus.

It’s also available from the fine folks at SheVibe

Tantus Flame

It’s time for another delve into my box of Tantus goodies, and this week I’m going to be looking at the Flame – a dildo that somehow always has me thinking of Cheap Trick whenever I say its name.
The Flame was originally a dildo that was only available as part of a harness set, with no option to purchase it by itself, and naturally that only made me more curious about it, then as luck would have it Tantus went ahead and made a limited edition standalone red version of it and I knew I had to have one. It’s also quite handy from a review perspective, as while I’m not someone who uses harnesses, I know that a lot of people buy them specifically for pegging, so it’s useful for me to be able to offer feedback on how the dildo itself performs for a man.
As always, head below for the review!

The Flame is a dildo which has a sort of immediate familiarity about it, and in a lot of ways it is just another version of the ever-popular Tantus Silk. This can be seen quite clearly in its basic design, with the long smooth shaft, the slightly bulbous head, the gentle curve to one side, and perhaps this explains why Tantus was reluctant to sell it by itself before. The real difference it has from the Silk though is the element from which it takes its name, and that would be the texture that appears embossed along the shaft like a pattern of dancing wisps of fire. It’s certainly unique, and all the more reason that I like it. 
In terms of size the Flame does differ slightly from the Silk Large that I’ve covered before. It’s 6 1/2″ in total length, and with 6″ insertable. Around the widest point at the tip it has a circumference of 4 7/8″, and at the narrowest point midway down the shaft it’s only 4″. On the whole it’s a little bit shorter and a little bit thicker, which as it happens suits my preferences for a dildo. At the bottom it has a nice chunky 2″ wide base which provides the dildo with plenty of stability when standing it upright somewhere, and which also allows it to be used in any standard O-ring harness if is desired.
Like all Tantus products the Flame is made from Tantus’s special blend of 100% platinum silicone, and it’s one of my favourite materials due to the fact that it’s completely odourless, non-porous, and completely body-safe. As almost goes without saying the Flame is made to a very high standard and is free from any mould lines or other surface defects. The finish to the silicone is completely smooth, giving it a shiny and glossy surface, and the dildo itself is nice and flexible and has a good amount of give when squeezed.
The Flame is a nice easy dildo to use, and despite the lack of taper on its rounded tip it’s pretty easy to insert if you have a degree of experience with anal toys, and shouldn’t require a warm up. The smooth glossy surface to the shaft helps the whole thing to slide effortlessly into the body with no drag, though rather disappointingly the unique “flame” texture is wholly indistinguishable and cannot be felt along the way. Due to the proportions of the dildo it can be comfortably inserted all the way down to the base, and even sat on, which is always a welcome feature as it removes the likelihood of anything awkwardly poking you inside.
Due to the curve of the shaft you have a couple of options of how to orientate the dildo during use, whether you’re choosing to thrust with it by hand or place it on a surface and ride it. Either you can have the curve of the dildo pointed forwards towards the stomach, or backwards towards the spine depending on what you find works best for you. The first time I used the Flame I must admit to actually feeling quite blasé about it, because after all it is very similar to the Silk which I never found to be an especially exciting toy. It slides in and out well enough as you thrust, but aside from that it doesn’t give a whole lot of additional stimulation. It’s not big enough to make you feel filled or stretched, and the shape has a minimal impact on the prostate, so it’s all very tame, especially for anyone well-versed in anal play. I did eventually find a way to exploit its design though, and by thrusting with it to the point that it almost exits the body on the back stroke it actually began to feel quite good. This technique brings the widest point of the dildo to the place where it can have the most impact, and on each stroke the slightly bulbous end finds itself glancing against the prostrate, while at the same time providing a little stretch to the sphincter. Repeating this as I became more rapid with the thrusting I actually began to find it quite enjoyable and pleasurable, though by the very nature of the technique one will occasionally break the rhythm as the dildo accidentally slips out entirely with a pop. If you are thinking of using it with a partner then I’d definitely recommend long strokes to really get that tip to where it needs to be, possibly even withdrawing completely and re-inserting several times just to maximise the impact on the sphincter. 
So, what to make of the Flame then? I have to say that I do like it more than the Silk; the slight change in proportions allowed me to find a technique that made the most of its potential for pleasure, but it is a shame that the texture had no impact beyond the visual. On the whole it’s quite a tame toy, much like the Silk, and personally tame doesn’t really do it for me. I can see it working for someone with a bit less experience though; back when I bought my first toy it was as plain as could be, yet I loved sliding that thing back in and out, so there’s definitely a place for it. It’s a quality made toy, so if you’re looking for something not too big and not too intense, then it’s one I’d happily recommend you try out.
Thanks to Tantus for sending me the Flame to review. Currently they’re no longer producing this design, but you made be able to find it available at other retailers still.

Tantus Vibrating Progressive Beads

This month my new customer service friend at Tantus, Captain Sparkle Bunny, has sent me their brand new Tantus Vibrating Progressive Beads which are due to launch officially any time now, and you can get a early preview right here with my review!

As always, follow the link below for more.

The Vibrating Progressive Beads are an interesting new product concept from Tantus, a company which is never afraid to shake things up in the world of sex toys. When I first heard about them admittedly I was a little on the fence; I don’t have a great deal of experience with anal beads, but enough to know that I find them somewhat underwhelming, so I was intrigued to see where Tantus was going with this idea. These aren’t the company’s first foray into the world of beads, in fact I reviewed their older product a little over two years ago, but these are their most traditional set of beads yet, no longer employing that almost rigid style and marking a break into new territory.
The beads are 11 1/2″ long in total, with 11″ that can actually be inserted and the rest comprising of the base. The design features four ovoid beads of gradually increasing diameters, connected together by thin and flexible bridges of material. The first bead at the tip has a circumference of 2 1/2″, the second  3 1/4″, the third 4″, and the fourth and final bead 4 3/4″, so it’s a steady journey up to something which still is pretty manageable for most people. Attached to the final bead is straight neck-like section with a 3″ circumference which adjoins the anchor-style base that can be found in many of Tantus’s latest designs.
Like all Tantus products the Vibrating Progressive Beads are made from 100% platinum silicone, guaranteeing you an odourless and completely body-safe product. In this instance it’s quite a firm silicone that’s been chosen, as you’ll notice if you try to squeeze one of the beads, but in the bridge sections between the beads it’s very flexible, and you can even stretch it a little if you pull gently on the beads. The surface of the beads is matte, and has this lovely soft velvety finish, which not only feels lovely against the skin, but all helps lube to adhere to the surface. As always the Beads are made to Tantus’s impeccably high standards and there’s not a defect to be found anywhere. There is evidence of a slight mould line running around the toy, but it’s almost imperceptible and wouldn’t bother even the most sensitive person. Trying to find it by touch is harder than finding the end of a roll of sticky tape.  
Because of the progressive design of the Beads it makes them incredibly easy to insert, and fun too. You simply press each one up against the anus and the body seems to readily swallow them up with very little fuss or resistance, as though you were feeding it series of hors d’oeuvres, from a small olive, to a grape, to quail egg, to a medium chicken egg. Each one pops in and then paves the way for the next size up moments later. The downside though is that when you take them back out again they have less of an impact. That first big bead comes out with a pop, but then because you’re already relaxed to its size as the series of smaller ones follow they barely elicit any sensation from the sphincter. This even tends to be the case if you made a concerted effort to clench your sphincter tightly as you remove them. You just don’t get that sequential “pop-pop-pop-pop” like you do with some other beads, which may result in disappointment if that’s something you were specifically looking for.
The Vibrating Progressive Beads do have another trick up their sleeve though, and that lies in the other part of their name: they vibrate! If you examine the base of the beads you made notice that it’s very similar in design to the Tantus Perfect Plug Plus, and indeed you can wear the beads just as though they were a butt plug. With all 11″ inserted and gently snaking around inside your colon, the flat neck section provides the perfect place for your sphincter to rest up against, while the anchor base nestles comfortably between the buttocks, and then with a press of the button you can turn on the 7-speed vibrating bullet. Because of the nature of the toy you’re only going to feel the vibrations in the immediate vicinity of the bullet, i.e. the sphincter, a little in the prostate, so don’t go expecting them to travel all the way to the farthest bead, but they do provide a lovely bit of added sensation. It gives you the ability to play around inserting them like beads, then wear them all day like a vibrating plug, and finally go back to that bead experience again when you remove them. I can’t think of any other product that offers that, so it’s a nice mash-up. There’s also the option to pop out the vibrating bullet and replace it with something stronger, such as a We-Vibe Tango, or even not use a bullet at all, so there’s inbuilt flexibility.
On the whole I do quite like the Vibrating Progressive Beads; they’re not enough to sway my mind on anal beads in general, but the fact that they’re a combination toy means that they have a little more to offer, which is perfect for anyone just building their sex toy collection and looking to experiment with as many different sensations and modes of play as possible without breaking the bank. On this basis I could happily recommend the product to someone; you get an assortment of sizes to insert, something that goes deep, something you can wear, something that vibrates, and something you can pull back out and see how you like the sensation.
You can get the Vibrating Progressive Beads right now, directly from Tantus.
It’s also available from the fine folks at SheVibe