Tantus Fantasy Gag

And now for something completely different, as John Cleese famously once said. It’s not often that I stray into the world of S&M or bondage, but when I saw the Fantasy Gag from Tantus it seemed unusual enough that I wanted to try it. I’m someone that has, shall we say, an oral fixation. I unashamedly love giving head, and in fact half the fun for me of buying a porn star dildo is the chance to suck on it and see how it feels in my mouth, so when I saw that Tantus had made a gag in the shape of a penis I wondered what could be better. I may not be entirely into the scene of being gagged, but having a penis strapped inside my mouth is something I’m more than happy to try, so let’s see how this particular piece fares.

The Fantasy Gag is one of two gags available in Tantus’s line, with the other being a more standard ball-style gag. It originally came in a choice of three colours, Vanilla, Cocoa, and Black, though Tantus have recently reduced this to just the black option, so if you find the others more appealing then it’s worth checking out the close-out section for a bargain, and I also know of retailers with some old stock. Tantus kindly sent me one of the vanilla models review, because I felt more strongly drawn to a flesh tone for a toy modelled on human anatomy.
The gag comes in three parts, the gag portion itself, and two leather straps which attach securely to the gag with metal poppers, and fasten together around the back of the head with velcro strips. This system makes it extremely convenient when washing the gag as you can detach the straps first, but as they are leather this may not appeal to people who prefer to avoid animal products.
The gag itself is made from 100% platinum silicone, just as you would expect from Tantus. I talk a lot about how silicone is odourless as a lot of people can be sensitive to toys with strong smells, but silicone is also tasteless, which is a really important factor in a toy such as a gag, as you want a neutral flavour from anything that’s going to be sitting in your mouth for a while. Silicone is of course also non-porous, and sometimes we forget what a breeding ground for bacteria the mouth actually is, so it’s nice to be able to sterilise your gag, especially if you want to share it with a partner.
The quality of construction of the gag is top-notch, a signature of anything made by Tantus. It uses quite a firm silicone, with a smooth shiny surface, and there are no visible seams or mould-lines on the toy, nor any pits, bubbles, or other defects in the surface.
In terms of size the gag is a little bigger than I had expected, especially in terms of length. It may be shaped after a penis, but it’s a penis with a very elongated head, almost conical. The portion that’s insertable into the mouth is 2 7/8″ long, and the circumference is 5 3/8″ around, so it’s quite a chubby little thing.
When it comes to using the gag you have a couple of options on how to place it into the mouth, either with the coronal ridge up towards the roof of the mouth, or down against the tongue. Either way the size of the gag fills the mouth up quite considerably, and projects towards the back of the throat, but I found the latter configuration to be preferable as it allows a little more room for the tongue to move around. With the gag in place it does actually feel quite restrictive, both the way it takes up so much room in the mouth, suppresses the tongue, and inhibits your ability to swallow. It’s not the most comfortable sensation in the world, especially with the straps fastened tightly, but at no time does it make you feel like you’re about to choke or retch, so I take all this as a sign that it’s doing its job properly. Personally in my little fantasy of what I thought this product would be like I would have preferred it to be a little shorter and less intrusive, almost like a penis-shaped dummy/pacifier that I could merrily suck on, but I’m starting to understand that that’s not quite what a gag is supposed to be about. Interestingly because of how difficult it is, if not impossible, to swallow, you do tend to drool a lot whilst wearing it, because saliva starts to build up and there’s no effective way to get rid of it. I don’t know if that’s a plus or not, to be a master with a drooling slave, but you may have to do a little mopping up afterwards.
I found that the mental aspect of the gag being penis-shaped was lost pretty quickly. Once it’s actually in your mouth you tend to forget about it and it does just feel like a lump of silicone. I think this is partly because you can’t really move your mouth, lips, and tongue over it to constantly get a good sense of its shape, and also because it’s not all that detailed in areas. The corona of the glans is very prominent, but there’s no urethral meatus, and the area where the frenulum should be is almost completely smooth. If definitely doesn’t have that same realistic feeling as certain dildos I’ve toyed with in my mouth. It leads to an “out of sight, out of mind” situation, where the sooner you’re no longer looking at it, the sooner it just feels just like any other gag in your mouth – or so I would imagine as someone who only owns one gag. This rendered it slightly less effective to me as someone who liked the idea of thinking about the fact that it was a penis in my mouth, and I suspect it could have similar consequences during roleplay for anyone hoping to humiliate their slave by forcing them to suck a penis shape.
A couple of nice benefits to the gag overall are that it heats up to body temperature inside your mouth pretty quickly, and that the silicone is pretty resilient if you bite down on it, so you needn’t worry about teethmarks too much.
So then, what do I make of my first gag over all? Well, I think it fits the brief of being a gag extremely well: it’s sturdy, well made, doesn’t have a taste, easy to clean, easy to fasten in place, and it gags you with just the right level of restriction without actually making you feel like you’re going to choke. Pretty much everything you want from a good quality gag. In terms of the actual shape of it, I tend to think of that as more aesthetic than anything. It’s an interesting design twist to make a gag that looks like a penis, but it doesn’t really have an impact on how it functions, so it’s more a question of what you want to see in your toy drawer. Arguably it has a little bit more of a kink factor to it.
I’m not a gag expert by any means, but I did enjoy myself trying this one out, and based on its quality of construction and its performance I’d definitely recommend it to any one who’s into that scene. Now that I have paddles, a gag, and nipple clamps, I really do need to find an occasion to try them all at once with someone.
You can buy the Fantasy Gag directly from Tantus, or the fine folks at SheVibe.
If you’re in the UK then head over to UberKinky for the full colour range.

Tantus Plunge Paddle

Last October I reviewed my first ever paddle, the Wham Bam, and then over Christmas Tantus kindly decided to send me another one, the all new Plunge Paddle, so it’s time to take a look and see how the two compare.

Tantus currently offers a range of five different paddles, with the Plunge being the latest addition, and they all come in varying shapes and sizes depending on your preference. Last time I rather blindly picked the Wham Bam, having no previous experience with paddles whatsoever, and was suitably impressed.
The Plunge has a rather more traditional shape for a paddle, at least on the surface, but it still does remind me of a kitchen utensil with its broad flat head, and I could imagine someone flipping pancakes with it on Shrove Tuesday. Where the Plunge differs from the others in this range is in the handle, which has cleverly been sculpted so as to be insertable. Can I hear you say dual functionality?
In terms of dimensions the Plunge measures 13″ in total length, with 6 1/4″ of that being paddle, and the remainder handle. What’s interesting, to me as least, is that the paddle is perfectly balanced like a well-made sword; If you place your finger directly under the point where the Tantus logo is embossed at the top of the handle, and let the paddle rest there, then it sits in perfect equilibrium with neither side outweighing the other. I’d suspect that, much like with a sword, this balance will be beneficial when it comes to swinging it. The rectangular surface of the paddle is smooth and 3 1/8″ wide, and it measures 1/4″ thick. The handle has a circumference of 3 3/4″ which fits nicely into the hand when you’re holding it, and enables a firm grip. It features a slightly curved design and a bulbous tip as part of its suitability for insertion, and in all about 5 1/2″ are usable for this purpose.
As is Tantus’s signature the Plunge Paddle is made from silicone, a material that you don’t often see from other manufacturers of BDSM-related equipment. One of the first things you’ll notice about the paddle is that it does feel lovely; it has this soft velvety finish to the surface, and when you clutch it in your hand it aids with the level of grip, negating any fear that it may go flying from your grasp mid swing. The other thing you’ll notice is that there’s a certain floppiness to the silicone, but this is much less pronounced than in the Wham Bam; if you hold it upright it still manages to maintain its shape without falling over to one side, but a gentle wiggle of your wrist will be enough to start it swaying back and forth, and this enough to give it some of those unique properties during use that a more solid paddle would not exhibit. Of course silicone is a very safe and hygienic material, and that’s especially important with this particular paddle because of its insertable nature. It’s a non-porous material so it can be completely sterilised between uses and shared with a partner, and another benefit is that it’s completely odourless, so you needn’t worry unpleasant plasticy-scents spoiling your play session. All in all the choice of material makes in a very durable and low-maintenance product.
The construction of the Plunge Paddle is top-notch, just like I’d expect from Tantus, so there’s not a whole to say on the subject. One thing I will point out is that there’s a mould line running around the edge of the paddle, something which is unavoidable in the production of an item of this design, and something which ordinarily wouldn’t be of concern. The only potential issue that comes into play is with regard to the insertable handle, because the mould line is fairly raised and can be felt easily by the fingers, so ideally I would have preferred that the seam be a little more subtle. Aside from that there are no pits, cracks, or defects in the surface which might otherwise affect your enjoyment of the paddle.

So onto the use, and I’ll start first by considering how it performs its primary function, i.e. as a paddle. Paddles are all about inflicting pain, and as the red marks currently adorning my buttocks can attest to, it certainly fulfils that remit. I found that the Plunge was a little easier to control than the Wham Bam due to its increased rigidity, and without that extra level of floppiness you get a perfect spank every time. Whereas the Wham Bam requires more of a whipping action to land the perfect blow, the Plunge needs no more than a simple flick of the wrist. Because of the broad surface of the paddle it’s more akin to smack with an open palm, and you still get a real sting across the flesh when it makes impact. I’d say that for most levels of use you can inflict the same amount of pain with the Plunge as with the Wham Bam, and it’s only when it comes to real skin-blistering punishment that you’d need to go for the Wham Bam instead. The upside is that you’re less likely to inflict too much pain with the Plunge than you are with the Wham Bam. The Plunge has a wide surface area, so the pain it causes tends to be proportionate to the force used, whereas with the Wham Bam all the force tends to be concentrated in a smaller area, and a slightly over-enthusiastic and well-timed whipping action can significantly ramp up the level of pain more than you might have been expecting. For low levels of pain the Plunge works very nicely as well, so you can start out slowly with a few gentle taps and steadily ramp it up to whatever best suits you or your partner.  Although paddles are typically thought of as equipment for use on the buttocks, you can do a little more with the Plunge, such as using it to gently strike the penis, and deliver that stinging sensation to the underside of the head. In this regard it’s not quite as versatile as the Wham Bam, but it’s still worth experimenting with.

In terms of insertion the paddle works well enough, but I wasn’t blown away. Because the handle isn’t too thick it’s relatively easy to insert, even with the slightly bulbous tip, so it’s perfectly suited to someone with little to no prior anal experience. The silicone is quite firm in the paddle, more so than the standard variety that Tantus uses for its dildos and butt plugs, so there’s not really any perceptible give in the material to cushion the insertion. Nevertheless, due to the size of the handle it’s still very comfortable to insert, and the seams that I mentioned at the start of the review can’t be felt at all, but it’s worth taking it slowly the first few times if you’re not familiar with firmer materials. Because of the overall design of the handle it’s not really something which you’d thrust with like a normal dildo – at least I found it ineffective in this manner because I typically prefer something thicker – but rather it’s better suited to being used to massage the prostate by angling the bulbous tip into the gland, in the manner of the Metal Worx Curve or similar. In this regard it is fairly effective and feels quite pleasurable but it can be somewhat awkward to manage it by yourself. I imagine that you’d have far more success when using it with a partner. The surface of the silicone has a little drag to it due to the matte finish, but when it’s sufficiently lubed up you don’t really notice this aspect and it glides back and forth through the sphincter quite smoothly. One aspect of the handle is that it does have a hole right through the end, and while this doesn’t have any impact on how it feels or performs, it does tend to fill up with fluids when you remove it, so you’ll want to pay extra attention to this area when cleaning it afterwards.

When you’re done with the Plunge you can hang it up somewhere thanks to the aforementioned hole in the handle. This can be a convenient feature if you don’t have anywhere else earmarked for paddle storage. It doesn’t come with much packaging other than a simple and sufficient polythene bag, so I’m thinking a good place might be in the wardrobe on the hook next to the shoehorn.
So how would I rate the Plunge Paddle after all of this? Well considering that this is only my second experience with a paddle I think I’m actually starting to get into this whole thing and enjoying the pleasurable side of pain. As a paddle the Plunge is fantastic; really well made, easy to hold, easy to use, easy to clean, and stings oh so satisfyingly. The handle might not operate as the best dildo in the world if you were considering it as a standalone product, but as an added extra I think it’s a great option to have, and I can definitely see it getting some use during couple’s play. Overall the Plunge Paddle is a real treat and I’m happy to have it in my collection. I’d recommend it just as much as the Wham Bam, depending on what you’re looking for.
The Plunge Paddle is available directly from Tantus, and the fine folks at SheVibe.

Tantus Wham Bam Paddle

So it’s October and the month of Halloween is upon us! I have a few very fitting items lined up to review in the next couple of weeks, but I thought I’d start off with something that just touches on the Trick or Treat theme, spanking! After all, what combines pleasure and pain better than a swift smack across a fleshy posterior?

I have to say that this is largely new territory for me. It’s not that I haven’t been interested in S&M up to this point, but rather that I’ve always considered it an activity for two (or indeed more), and as such I was never in any great rush to go out and buy a suitcase full of equipment. Leave it to Tantus to change all that; as soon as I heard that one of my favourite companies had come out with a new line of silicone paddles I felt absolutely compelled to go out and buy one to try for myself.

Tantus offer a range of five different paddles, all in varying shapes and sizes depending on your preference. Being an utter paddle novice I picked one based entirely on intuition. Coupling practical considerations of how I would use such a thing on myself, with questions of physics in regard to the level of pain I could expect, and of course a little nod towards aesthetics, I settled on the Wham Bam as the paddle for me, and you can get the lowdown after the jump!

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Spartacus Teaser Tip Nipple Clamps

Up until now I haven’t really ventured into the more kinky S&M side of adult toys on my blog, but as it’s a new year I figured why not try something different. I saw a pair of these nipple clamps on sale recently and decided to give them a shot; get the low down after the jump!

The Spartacus Teaser Tip are quite a simple set of nipple clamps, and a rather cheap and cheerful introduction to the world of nipple torture. The product is comprised of two clamps connected to each other by a 11 3/4″ black leather tether. The clamps are made from standard spring-loaded metal crocodile clips, and aren’t adjustable. The clips have the word “Spartacus” etched onto the side, and black rubber tips placed securely over the jaws. The rubber tips can be easily removed revealing that the jaws of the clips still have rows of teeth, which came as something of a surprise to me. The teeth are quite sharp and go so far as to slightly poke their way through the rather thin rubber in places, which isn’t ideal. Another rubber tip is placed over the hinge end of the clip, to increase comfort when opening and closing the jaws.
The clamps are quite simple to use; the packaging places them at the lowest point on a scale of 1-3 for intensity, though the spring inside them feels notably stiff and they do require firm pressure to open the jaws. The jaws open up to a maximum width of 7mm, which is enough to fit comfortably over the end of a male nipple. At first the clamps don’t feel too bad when they’ve been put in place; there’s the sensation of a firm pressure accompanied by a light sting, but then the stinging sensation starts to build, and occasionally there’s an associated throbbing. They feel painful, but it’s a tolerable amount of pain; I can write this paragraph whilst wearing them and not be overly distracted, but the sensation is still there occupying part of my mind and I can’t ignore it. As someone who’s never used nipple clamps before I’d say that it’s quite a good level; it’s enough that I can handle it and try to become accustomed to it, all while still feeling in pain, but it’s not so much as to overwhelm me and make me want to take them off in seconds. Any more pain than this and I probably wouldn’t want to wear them for long at all, but actually the thing which most makes me want to remove them is a slight paranoia over watching my nipples turn white as they become crushed between the jaws. If you can keep them on for a while you’ll notice that the pain almost gets a second wind. At some point you’ll feel as though the pain is subsiding because you’re getting used to it, but suddenly it just ramps back up again and that discomfort rushes to the forefront of your mind. Surprisingly one of the most unpleasant parts is actually removing the clamps, because the skin of the nipple sticks to the rubber tips, and as you release the pressure the skin gets tugged as it peels away. You’ll want to take them off slowly to minimise the last minute torture. The clamps can be applied to other places if you desire, such as the scrotum, the foreskin, and the frenulum, but be aware that the thinner the skin the more painful the pinch, and the rubber tips will stick to the skin in these places too. The leather tether running between the clamps has a few uses of its own, aside from merely being aesthetic. The first is that it can be used like a leash, so a partner could potentially grab it and drag you around by your nipples. The other is that you can suspend weights from it, provided you have something that would be appropriate.
The clamps come packaged in a pretty nice cardboard box which is fit for recycling. It has a good amount of information printed on the front and back of it, stating various things about the product including their pain level. Despite the quality of the packaging it’s really not worth keeping, given the relatively large size of the box compared to the small size of the clamps.
Overall I’d say that if like me you’re looking for your first foray into the world of nipple clamps, and you don’t want to spend a lot, then these are a great choice. They allow you to get a really good idea of whether or not you’re going to like this type of play, without breaking the bank. The only thing I don’t like about them are the teeth on the clips, and the rubber that the covers are made of, but this can be easily remedied with a couple of modifications. If you’re a bit more into your nipple play and you really know what you like, then I’d probably suggest spending a little extra on something more advanced.
You can buy the Spartacus Teaser Tip nipple clamps from Lovehoney and EdenFantasys.