Doc Johnson Double Header

A long time ago I watched a video on the Internet of a young guy inserting an entire 12″ long beige dildo into his body, and at the time I was strangely fascinated by the sight. Years later I recognised that that dildo had in fact been the Doc Johnson Double Header, so I thought it might be fun to get hold of one for a review.
I’m always intrigued by people who can get anal toys really deep, because my own body seems to have a natural limit of around 5 1/2″ for anything thicker than anal beads. If this dildo was bendy enough for one man to accomplish an impressive feat with, then who knows what my take on it might be. Read the review after the jump!

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Doc Johnson Enspiral

This March I’ve been sent the Doc Johnson’s Enspiral butt plug to test, and it’s finally arrived.

The Enspiral butt plug appears to be quite a modest size, but has a rather typical length of 6 1/4″, with 5  1/2″ insertable. At the widest point it’s only 1 1/2″ in diameter, which gives it a very gentle taper, and makes it suited to someone just starting out with anal play.
The plug itself is constructed in two layers; there’s a thick outer shell made of a rather tough vinyl-like material, and this in turn is filled with a softer rubber centre, leaving the only mould line hidden below the base. Unlike other products made in this manner, the two layers seem to be fused together solidly. The combination produces quite a firm product, with not a great deal of flex in it. This is especially noticeable at the pointed tip, which actually feels quite hard.
The plug slips in very easily due to the firm narrow tip, and the gentle taper. Immediately you can feel some of the unique texture as it goes in, which is a pleasant change if you’re used to smooth plugs. The feeling is quite subtle due to the corkscrew design, and not as noticeable as something ribbed, but if you want to make the most of it you can rotate the plug before it’s fully inserted, and feel the shape bumping against the sphincter. Once the plug is inserted completely the muscles sit against the smooth 1 1/2″ long neck, and the texture is no longer apparent. 

Unfortunately my experience using this plug was one of discomfort. As I slowly pushed it in, past the widest point, my body sucked in the remainder – as typically is the case with butt plugs – and immediately I was confronted by a strong and unpleasant internal pain. I can only assume that the firm pointed tip was jabbing into my soft delicate insides and causing this sensation. With subsequent attempts I discovered that angling plug during insertion avoided this immediate pain, but what remained was that the plug was not at all comfortable to wear inside myself. There was a constant mild sensation bordering on pain, which worsened with movement or any tightening of the anal muscles, and which made wearing the plug in a seated position impossible.

The ratio between the thickness of the neck and the widest part of the bulb, meant that the plug actually stayed inside securely, despite my body constantly wanting to relax and force it out to lessen the discomfort. When it came to removing the plug the base acted as a good solid handle with which to pull it out. The base actually sat very comfortably between the buttocks while I was wearing the plug too, but for me this became something of a moot point due to the other pain I was experiencing.
On the subject of prostate stimulation the Enspiral offered nothing, as the shape just didn’t seem to be conducive to this, and the other less pleasant sensations were quite overwhelming.
The plug is made from PVC which as always has a slight odour, but in this instance isn’t overly strong or unpleasant. The material is also antibacterial thanks to Doc Johnson’s special “Silagel” additive, which is a bonus when cleaning, but it cannot fully be sterilised, so only wash with soap and hot water, and apply toy cleaner if desired.
Overall the product seems like a nice idea, with the textured surface and the gentle taper, but the fact that the  hard pointed tip caused me pain inside, prevents me from being able to recommend it.

You can buy the Enspiral butt plug from

Doc Johnson: The Super 7″ vs Ballsy 7″ Super Cock

Doc Johnson is a rather interesting company; you’ll notice the more you browse through their product catalogue that they have a habit of using the same mould to produce toys of different materials. Case in point, above to the right is the Super 7″ premium platinum silicone dildo, and to the left is the Ballsy 7″ Super Cock, made from silagel. They also announced recently that similarly their dildo moulded from porn star ‘James Deen‘ would be released in two versions.


When you think about it, it’s rather a clever solution, because it takes a successful design and markets it at both the customer who is discerning about what materials they put inside their body, and the customer who is making a price-conscious decision.


While I’d love for this to be a review post, contrasting the two products, sadly it isn’t. The fact is I’m having a moment of weakness.

I absolutely adore silicone toys, and I’ve had my eye on the Super 7″ since last year – the blue version as a matter of fact – but I didn’t snap it up on sale when I had the chance, and now the only places that have it are asking a price that frankly seems exorbitant to me. The next thing you know the Ballsy Super Cock wanders into my sights, at  a mere £13.95, and admittedly I’m having serious thoughts about it. Now I have nothing against silagel, I have four items made from it, it’s just not silicone though. It can be inflexible, and it can smell, and I almost feel as though it would surmount to some sort of betrayal of my principles as a sex toy reviewer to spend money on the inferior version. So what does one do?
Update: After a long wait I finally went ahead and bought the silicone Super 7″ in blue, check out my review here!

TitanMen Big Stuff

The lovely people at sent me one of these to review last month. I was looking for an anal dildo that was on the thicker side, and this certainly did not disappoint.
Read the review after the jump!

When it comes to the largest version of this product, the name “Big Stuff” is almost an understatement, as it truly is a colossus of black rubber. With an average diameter of 2.3″, and a circumference of 7.5″ at the head, it’s almost the thickness of a beer can, yet ultimately more filling than any drink.
Made from Doc Johnson’s “Silagel” material – a type of PVC – the product is very solidly constructed, with a hefty weighty feel to it, and a smooth exterior free from mould lines.

Although shaped to resemble a penis, the tip of the toy is actually quite blunt, meaning the prior use of a tapered butt plug will be a necessity for most, in order to gently open the way, and handily Doc Johnson also sell one of these in the corresponding size. With preparations taken care of, the shape of the toy is enough to allow for comfortable insertion, provided you have plenty of lube on hand. If you liked the full feeling of the butt plug, then the extra length of the dildo will really take it to another level. Directly below the tip of the toy are two wide ridges, which are pronounced enough for you to feel them during use. This area gives the dildo more interest than something which is purely smooth, as you can slide up and down against the ridges and enjoy the sensations they produce. Further down the dildo the shaft bends, which is something I found slightly problematic. The sheer thickness of the toy renders the material quite inflexible, so the shape doesn’t change at all while it’s inside you, and that shape can prove to be quite awkward. When trying to get the toy in deeper, especially for the first time, the angle of the toy doesn’t seem to naturally want to follow the shape of the body, so there is a period of twisting it around and trying to position it so as to encounter the least resistance, rather than having it uncomfortably poking you in the bladder.  While I’m certain the bend isn’t a problem on the smaller models, it just seems to be a little too much to be practical on the large one, and adds what is essentially an obstacle, rather than a feature which enhances it. Had the shaft been significantly straighter, I feel it would have worked better. The base of the product is concave – much like the underside of a champagne bottle – so if you place it on a smooth flat surface and push down it acts much like a suction cup and holds it in place.

Like all Silagel products the Big Stuff does have something of a plasticy odour about it; it’s not overly unpleasant, and is tolerable, but it’s still noticeable, and strong enough to leave its aroma in an entire drawer or cupboard if you store it outside its original packaging.  Standard water-based lubricants don’t adhere to the surface quite as well as with other materials, so I found myself using somewhat more than I would on other toys, just to get an even coverage over a comparable area. For this reason I’d recommend pairing this toy with a thicker cream style lubricant.
On the subject of the packaging there isn’t a great deal to say, it’s just a simple clear plastic shell which does its job of holding the item in place, but there’s really no hiding what’s inside. I found it quite convenient to store the toy in when not in use.
Overall I’d have to say I’m pretty pleased with this dildo. Like all Doc Johnson products it’s well made and built to last. The one niggle I found with it isn’t a deal breaker, and something I’m certain can be worked around with perseverance.
You can buy the Big Stuff from, and it also comes available in two smaller sizes.

Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug

I was looking for a large butt plug to help train myself to accept another toy, and that wouldn’t break the bank, and this cheap and cheerful item from Doc Johnson did just the trick.
If you’re looking for a higher quality version then check out my review of the Super Big End.

There’s not too much one can say about this butt plug, other than that it’s quite straight forward and it gets the job done.
The plug itself is constructed in two layers; there’s a thin outer shell made of a rather tough vinyl-like material, and this in turn is filled with a flexible rubber centre. The combination produces a firm solidly built product, leaving the only mould line hidden below the base. It’s not as soft as a silicone plug, but I still found it comfortable to insert.

The plug is quite long at 5.75″ – with 5″ of that being insertable – which gives it a very gentle gradient from the tip to the widest part of the bulb, which is 2.3″. With plenty of lubricant it’s possible to insert the the plug quite gradually, steadily increasing how much you can fit as the muscles adapt with each use, meaning it’s suitable for those with only a fairly moderate level of experience, as well as the more advanced user. 

At the bottom of the plug is a good sized neck, meaning that once you’ve inserted the plug fully there’s space for the muscles to close down behind it and hold it securely in place for prolonged wearing. Attached to this is a wide flared base which prevents the possibility of the toy becoming lost inside you, and which also doubles as a solid handle for pulling the plug out again once you’re finished. Removing the plug shouldn’t be an issue, due to the gently rounded underside of the bulb, which encourages the muscles to dilate when need be. 
The plug does come with a noticeable odour; it’s not unpleasant, but did eventually perfume my entire toy drawer with its fruity fragrance.
For the price this is an excellent product, and a good way to embark on butt plug exploration, or even to replace an older tired model you have lying around.
The Classic Butt Plug is available in the UK from, and ThatPosition.