Testimonial: SexToys.co.uk

SexToys.co.uk was the first adult website I ever purchased anything from, largely stemming from the fact it was the number one result when I typed “sex toys” into Google, but to this day it has remained my most used online retailer for all things coital, and for good reason.
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SexToys.co.uk has a great catalogue of products aimed at men, which covers all the major brands. I find that with something as personal as a sex toy, choice is paramount, as finding a toy that works for you is definitely not a one size fits all approach. Whether you’re looking for masturbators or anal toys, there is a wide range on offer, helping you to select the perfect FleshJack texture, or a butt plug with a size and shape that hits the right spot every time. They even stock all the every day essentials like condoms and lube.
One of my favourite things about SexToys.co.uk is that they make the bold claim to have the lowest prices on the internet. I mean, who doesn’t like low prices? What I like even more is that they’re prepared to back this up with their price match feature, something I have personally taken advantage of on several occasions, and walked away with a nice saving. How it works is if you find an item cheaper anywhere else, and tell them about it, then they’ll promise to beat it. What more could you ask for?
The delivery is great at SexToys.co.uk because it’s fast, and it’s free! What’s more, the more you spend, the faster the mode of shipping they use, and at no extra charge. The orders are despatched quickly, so typically I’ve received things the very next day, even on the standard delivery method. The items all come packaged very discreetly, as you would expect from any self-respecting sex toy merchant, ensuring no embarrassment around nosey postmen or neighbours.
The SexToys.co.uk website is attractive and easy to navigate, meaning you won’t have trouble locating the item you’re looking for. They also have a great inbuilt community, where you can discuss your purchases with other people, and get advice on toys from the people who own and use them.
There are plenty of offers and discounts to be had. For new customers they offer £10 off your first order of £50 or more. Participating in the community earns points which translates to a percentage discount off every order, up to a maximum of 10%. With every order you receive a special discount code, which gives you 20% off your next order, if placed within the next 14-days.
Finally, just in case anything goes wrong, they have friendly and helpful customer service agents on hand. Once when the price match wasn’t working on an item I wanted, I e-mailed them and they fixed it within minutes.
These are the reasons I continue to shop with SexToys.co.uk, and can gladly recommend it to anyone.

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Tantus Tulip

The Tantus Tulip is one my favourite butt plugs in my collection. It was sent to me as my first item to review for the lovely people at Sextoys.co.uk
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The packaging for Tantus products is very tasteful and minimalist; the toy comes inside a clear plastic box with some information printed on the outside, allowing you to clearly see the item within. My first impression upon removing it from the box and inspecting it was that it had this wonderful metallic violet colour, which they call “purple haze.”
The Tulip is made from Tantus’s own “Ultra Premium Silicone” formula, which feels quite similar to the “Premium Silicone” used in the Doc Johnson toys I own. The plug is 100% platinum silicone all the way through, and moulded in one solid piece with no seams, leaving a completely smooth shiny surface. The flexibility of the material eliminates any discomfort which you might expect from trying to insert it, but it’s also firm enough to push through any resistance in the muscle with ease, and without losing its shape. Like other products made from this material, it does have a slight sweet artificial-fruity smell to it, which isn’t unpleasant at all.
The toy is 1 5/8″ in diameter at the widest point on the bulb, and the unique tulip-shape seems to neither aid nor hinder insertion, but it does feel incredibly comfortable when inside. Other butt plugs I’ve tried tend to become progressively more uncomfortable over time, but I could wear this one happily for hours. The Tulip has a good length neck on it, measuring around 1 1/4″ from the bulb to the base. The base itself features an hourglass-shape, which comfortably nestles between the buttocks, making it even more suitable if you’re planning to spend some time walking around while wearing it. The taper on the reverse is somewhat blunt, so you wouldn’t want to attempt to remove it too sharply, but with some gentle coaxing it’s not a problem to take out.
The price of the Tulip is under $20, which is great value for money for such a high quality material, and well-made product.
I’d recommend it without hesitation to anyone looking for either their first butt plug, or just another one to add to their collection.
You can buy the Tulip directly from Tantus for a limited time.