Brent Corrigan Dildo

It’s been a year since I got hold of my Pierre Fitch dildo, so what better way to celebrate than by buying another dildo from the Fleshjack Boys range? The truth is I’d been lusting after the Brent Corrigan dildo long before I even had the Pierre Fitch one, so it was nice to splash out and treat myself, and of course everyone benefits from a new review!

Anyone who’s even remotely interested in gay porn has probably heard of Brent Corrigan, one of the most successful ‘twink’ performers in recent years, so it seemed only fitting that Fleshjack would create a range of toys based on him. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to be one of his co-stars who are on the receiving end of his famous penis, then this dildo moulded directly from him is definitely the next best thing. If you’re curious you can even check out a video of the entire casting process.

There are a few differences between the Brent Corrigan dildo I got this month and the Pierre Fitch dildo I got a year ago, and the most obvious place to start is with the packaging. The dildo comes inside a cardboard box, but it’s not quite an ordinary box. The box is black for the most part, and adorned with various brand logos and images of a naked Brent holding his dildo, but the front of the box is actually a door which can be opened. The flap is held down with velcro, but once opened you can see the contents of the box inside clearly through a plastic window. The dildo is held securely inside the box by a plastic tray, but the image you get of the dildo through the window isn’t entirely accurate as the dildo has to be bent to fit into the tray as it’s slightly longer than the box, so once you remove it it straightens out and assumes its full shape. Overall the packaging is nice and it’s perfectly suited to storing the dildo in long term. Back when I got my Pierre Fitch dildo it came in a cylindrical metal tin, the same as the ones that the Fleshjack masturbators used to come it, but it appears that Fleshjack have abandoned use of them completely. While the tins were nice for presentation purposes, the products did tend to rattle around inside them, and they were a little bulky though I could never quite bring myself to throw them away. Switching to the cardboard boxes is something that I can’t complain about.

The Brent Corrigan dildo is made from 100% premium quality platinum silicone, one of the best sex toy materials around and one of the safest. Interestingly it seems as though Fleshjack have changed their silicone slightly since I got my Pierre Fitch dildo. The silicone is now a little bit softer and can be bent around and squeezed more easily, all while being still being strong enough for the dildo to hold its shape effortlessly. Personally I love this change as it makes the dildo feel more realistic. The other change in the material is in the colour which is now a fraction of a shade lighter. I’ve taken some photos of the two dildos side by side in order to illustrate this. As with all Fleshjack products the construction of the dildo is outstanding and you won’t find a single mould line, nick, or defect anywhere along the surface.

The dildo itself is a massive 8 1/2″ when stood up, but only 6 5/8″ are insertable at the most, as the balls which account for the remainder are exceptionally deep. The head of the dildo has a 5 3/8″ circumference while the shaft is a uniform thickness of 5 5/8″ for the most part. The thickest point of the dildo is down at the base of shaft where it meets the balls, and it measures in at an even 6″ around, giving you something to look forward to if you can insert it all the way. All in all it’s a very impressively-sized piece.

One of the first things you get struck by with the dildo is the level of detail that’s incorporated into it. You take it out of the box and suddenly it’s like you’re holding a real penis and not a toy. I’ll admit that sometimes looking at it and handling it is enough to get me aroused. When I’m done playing with it it almost feels like a shame to put it back in its box, because it’s like a work of art that I want to display on a shelf. The casting process has captured every minute detail of Brent’s penis with complete accuracy, even including the funny bump on the right side of the shaft which Brent has since removed. You can see the slight texture on his glans, the groove of the meatus, the hair follicles on his scrotum, the deep veins running up the shaft, and even the little surface capillaries – something which wasn’t present with Pierre Fitch’s dildo. You can even see detail down to the grain of the skin; something which fascinates me is that Brent Corrigan has a much tighter circumcision than Pierre Fitch – if you’ve ever watched them in porn then you’ll notice that Pierre has mobile shaft skin when erect while Brent does not – and even this is apparent from the dildo just by comparing the differences in the grain of the skin that’s been captured so exquisitely. This is the sort of detail in a dildo that can only ever be achieved by using a real live model. I said last time when talking about the Pierre Fitch model that these are dildos for those who are truly connoisseurs of the penis, and I will reiterate that even at risk of repetition.

Starting at the top of the dildo Brent Corrigan has got a nice-sized glans. When you’re looking at it from the front the head of the penis really flares out at the sides, standing proud of the shaft below it, but once you rotate it 90 degrees you can see that from the side the head actually appears quite thin. Aside from the corona of the glans which protrudes a good 4mm and creates a nice ridge, the head is actually quite streamlined with the width of the shaft from this angle. The tip of the glans is a little blunt, actually appearing almost flat for a small section, but when combined with the other factors of the shape it’s not going to have any effect on insertion. Brent’s penis has a mostly straight shaft, but with a slight upward curve starting about a third of the way down from the tip. As with any dildo you do have the option of choosing which way to insert it, but the curve is too subtle to really make much of a difference whichever way it’s facing. At the base of the dildo are the balls which are frankly huge, they’re even bigger than the ones on the Pierre Fitch dildo which I didn’t think possible. They actually make the size of the dildo look deceptively small in photos, because you picture the balls as being normal sized in your mind and automatically conclude that the penis isn’t going to be as big as it is. The balls are around 2″ deep and pretty hefty, so they give the dildo a nice low centre of gravity which creates a lot of stability when it’s stood up. The underside of the base is completely smooth and flat, and has a wide surface area sufficient to attach a double-sided suction cup to if desired.

Using the dildo is nothing short of a joy. Once you have it lubed up and ready, the head of the dildo slips in like a charm, and you feel a slight bump as you pass over the coronal ridge. The surface of the dildo does create a little drag due to it being realistically textured as opposed to shiny and smooth, but less so than with the Pierre Fitch model I found. To account for this it’s best to use a little extra lube I found, though in reality it isn’t bothersome either way. Despite all the veins present along the shaft none of them are pronounced enough to really be felt during use. Once the shaft is inside you it feels incredibly comfortable and you can fully appreciate the switch to the softer silicone. The shaft bends about fairly freely and conforms to your body shape, making it much easier to get the dildo all the way in as far as it will go. I always struggled a little getting the Pierre Fitch Dildo in down to the balls, so I was very pleasantly surprised here. When you do get the dildo is as far as you can manage, one nice feature is that the soft head cushions any prodding against the top of the rectum. The bend in the shaft doesn’t really make much difference depending on which way you insert it, so if you want to get some good prostate action then it’s really down to how you thrust with it. It’s best to think of the dildo as being like a real penis and play with it accordingly, as for the most part it does respond as such. The balls are great for using as a handle to thrust manually with the toy, and even better for just standing the dildo up with while you squat over it and ride it. Physically it’s a really enjoyable toy to use, and one you’ll be loathed to stop playing with, but also the mental aspect of knowing that you have a porn star’s dick inside you makes it all the more fun.

Caring for the dildo is relatively easy, all you need to do is wash it with hot water and antibacterial soap once you’re done, or alternatively wipe it over with a toy wipe, just being mindful that no debris is left in any of the areas of fine detail. As the dildo is silicone it’s safe to put it in the dishwasher, boil it in water for a couple of minutes, or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution in order to sterilise it before sharing it with a partner. There’s also the option of protecting the dildo with a condom prior to usage if you want to avoid going to the trouble. Always remember to use only water-based lubricants with your silicone dildo.

The only thing that’s really left to say is that now this has to be my favourite dildo. I’m afraid it has usurped the number one slot from the Pierre Fitch dildo. As much as I still love the Pierre Fitch dildo, Fleshjack have simply gone and improved on what was already near to perfection, and now I love this one even more. I wholly recommend that anyone reading this goes out and buys the Brent Corrigan dildo, and I can guarantee that they won’t regret it.

The Brent Corrigan dildo is available from Lovehoney, and from Esmale where you can get 10% off when you use code ‘INCEND10’ at the checkout.
Alternatively you can purchase the dildo directly from Fleshjack by clicking the image below, and they ship worldwide from locations in the US, Canada, Australia, and Spain: