L’Amourose Rosa

Right at the end of last year an e-mail arrived in my inbox from L’Amourose, offering me the opportunity to review one of their products. As it happened I’d seen a number of very favourable reviews popping up all over the place for their Rosa massager, so naturally I was curious to see what all the fuss was about, and too if it would live up to its reputation.

I gladly accepted the generous offer and a couple of weeks ago a shiny Rosa showed up on my doorstep, courtesy of the folks at Pasante (whose condoms I have fond memories of, as they were handed out freely in several of the bars I frequented whilst at university). With some thorough testing done it’s now time for the review, so head below. 

The Rosa is a rechargeable dual-motor vibrating toy, designed with unisex use in mind, and perhaps unsurprisingly in this instance I’ll be looking at its capacity as a prostate massager. I’m a big fan of prostate massagers, or at least the idea of prostate massagers, but I’m also highly discerning and greedy for a lot of power, which means that many of the ones I’ve tried and tested fall short. I’ve reviewed around ten vibrating prostate massagers to date, and the typical flaws I find are weak vibrations, buzzy vibrations, vibrations in the wrong place, less than ideal shape – I’m sure you get the picture – and typically I’ll end with a recommendation that the reader considers the Lelo Billy instead. I’ve had the Lelo Billy since late 2011, and in all that time I’ve kept asking myself “will something better ever come along?” and with the review of this product the question arises again, so I thought I’d put it right at the start. “Does the L’Amourose Rosa outperform the Lelo Billy?”

…The answer is “Yes.” If you’ve read my Billy review you’ll recall that as much as I liked it I ended by pointing out that I wanted something with more power, and more physical size, and the Rosa comes through and delivers both of these in an impressive way. Perhaps it’s too early in the review to be declaring that I have a new favourite prostate massager, but it looks like I just have, so if you want to know precisely why then you’ll have to keep reading as I break down the Rosa in more detail.

The Rosa has something of a simplistic design for a prostate massager, with a smooth and gently-curving body, unlike many of the strange and bumpy designs favoured by other manufacturers, and I’m actually quite glad of this. The shape of the insertable portion is somewhat similar to that of the Lelo Billy – albeit thicker – which could explain my fondness for it, though at the same time the bulbous tip is not dissimilar to a slightly thinner Tantus Ryder – another toy of which I am a big fan. The base of the toy is oval in shape, which in itself is a little unique, and on the underside of it is a hard plastic shell cut like a gemstone, into which the charging contacts are embedded.

The whole toy is 5 3/4″ from top to bottom, with around 4 1/2″ that are actually insertable when you take into account the curve. Around the thickest section of the shaft the circumference measures 4 3/4″ which isn’t massive in and of itself, but which is quite substantial compared to other toys of this type. Around the neck of the toy the girth is a more modest 3″. The base is 3 1/2″ long by 2″ wide.

The construction of the Rosa is of an excellent standard, befitting its price-tag and placement as a high-quality luxury toy. The whole device feels very solid and firm, and it’s covered with a reasonably thin coating of platinum silicone, which gives it a velvety soft feeling to the touch and a slight amount of give to the surface. The silicone is available in a choice of three colours, black, pink, or this absolutely beautiful emerald green which looks like the centre of a tropical lagoon. The Rosa is largely rigid, save for a flexible section of the neck right above the base, allowing the toy to be gently bent in any direction.

The Rosa features two motors in its design, which is a little uncommon for a prostate massager. Its primary motor is located in the tip of the insertable portion, while a secondary motor lies in the base to provide external stimulation – in this case for the perineum. The motors are activated by using the (+) and (-) buttons on the side of the base, and a central (~) button between them is used to cycle between the 7 different vibration patterns.

With the application of a little water-based lubricant the tip of the Rosa is very easy to insert – though a little less beginner-friendly than the Billy – and the smooth silicone body slides comfortably into place. The shape and the design of the toy gives a very pleasant sense of fullness, with the curved shaft pushing the bulbous tip up into the prostate and providing stimulation before the motors have even been activated. In my case I found that the shaft was ever so slightly too long, and with the Rosa sitting in a comfortable resting position the base didn’t quite touch my perineum, though thanks to the flex in the shaft I could bend it up and into place without having to push the toy in deeper.

The position of the buttons makes them ever so slightly fiddly to operate unless you have your legs spread completely apart, as otherwise they get nestled up against your buttock / upper thigh, but it’s very easy to identify what you’re attempting to push just by touch alone, so you’ll always know whether you’re about to increase the power or change the pattern.

The vibrations start on a low purr with both motors activated and on constant, but even at that point it’s apparent how rumbly the internal motor is. I turned the power up to maximum pretty quickly and I really was impressed by just how much the Rosa can put out. The vibrations are low, deep, rumbly, and ever so strong. In terms of sheer power it completely out performs the Billy, and the vibrations can be felt penetrating deep into the prostate gland itself. My immediate physical reaction to the sensation was twofold; I began to get a spontaneous erection, and secondly I found myself tightly clenching my anal muscles at intervals, which pulled the Rosa deeper inside me and pushed the bulb right into the prostate gland to a pleasurable effect. On this setting alone the Rosa felt amazing and I was quite happy to sit there for quite a while enjoying the deep vibrations and the sense of it being physically thrust into the prostrate by my own contractions.

The next two vibration settings are perhaps the least interesting of the lot, the first turns off the external motor which is quite useful if you simply don’t see the use of it – and because it is the louder of the pair – and the setting after than does the opposite, turning off the internal motor and leaving on the external, which in my opinion is a little pointless. The four settings after that are all patterns, and patterns are what I really enjoy with prostate massagers, but I do have slightly mixed feelings about those on the Rosa. Because the Rosa has two motors the patterns are largely formed by alternating between them both, similar to in the Odeco Hedone, and I don’t love that so much because the only pattern I’m really interested in is the one coming from the internal motor, and every time it switches to the external one it seems to put a break – or overly long pause – in that pattern.

The first of the four patterns has pulses of vibrations coming out of the internal motor at one second intervals, which is unfortunate because that gap is just too much to get a good rhythm. Half a second after the internal motor pulses the external motor then pulses, and that sensation alone isn’t very satisfying, so I tend to get frustrated by this pattern. It feels like there’s a lot of waiting for something to happen, punctuated by something unnecessary happening, so I just can’t enjoy it.

The next pattern is one of my favourites, and it’s similar to the one before only faster. The internal motor pulses at half second intervals which is perfect to establish a basic rhythm and it feels really good. This time the external motor actually complements it, because it provides a nice extra tingle in between the main event of the wonderful internal vibrations. I call this the “printer” setting because of the way it sounds, with a longer deep vibration followed by a shorter higher pitched one, much like the sound of a printer carefully printing a line of text across a page, followed by another sound of the sheet of paper quickly being pushed forward by one line. This is assuredly the most stimulating of all the patterns, and it’s the one I go straight to when I want to get off. At times it feels as though I could almost climax from the toy alone and no additional stimulation.

The third pattern is another one of my favourites, and this is what I think of as the relaxing pattern. The external motor vibrates constantly, while the internal motor starts off low and steadily increases to full power before dropping back down and starting again. This really is a massage setting as the vibrations almost feel like physical motion as they ramp up in power, giving the sensation of the prostate being deeply kneaded. Something about the slow pace of it and the deep vibrations just puts me into a completely relaxed state, and I feel like I could close my eyes and lie there feeling it for hours at a time. In this regard it’s quite unique and definitely a winner.

The final pattern is one which again I’m less keen on. It’s a completely erratic pattern with both motors vibrating seemingly completely at random, and I just can’t enjoy that. Without some sort of rhythm it just doesn’t work for me.

The second pattern is the one I choose to masturbate to, and it definitely has a significant impact on my orgasms. Not only do my pelvic floor muscles contract more strongly during climax, but I found myself unexpectedly shooting further, and too did my orgasm feel stronger. Not only did the Rosa feel fantastic anally, but it delivered measurable benefits for a regular orgasm which was a most welcome discovery.

One of the fun things about the Rosa is that it stays put when it’s inserted, and the base nestles comfortably between the buttocks, so you can walk around a bit whilst wearing it, just like with a butt plug, or you can wear it whilst having sex with a partner, which is definitely something on my list of things to try eventually. You can also sit down whilst wearing it, and use the base to rock around on for extra stimulation, though the down side I found was that the vibrations from the external motor go straight into the mattress and create a lot of unwanted sound.

On the subject of sound the Rosa is actually a pretty quiet device, so you can use it confident that no one on the other side of a door or partition wall will be able to hear it. The external motor is the louder of the two, but I found I could muffle this by squeezing it with my thighs.

When you’re done with the Rosa it’s easy to clean as it’s waterproof, and because it’s silicone you can sterilise it too by wiping over with a mild bleach solution, allowing you to share it with a partner. To charge it you simply place it onto the provided magnetic charging dock, and afterwards it can be stored in the black velvet pouch that it comes with.

I really am a huge fan of the L’Amourose Rosa, largely because of the sheer power it puts out, but also because of the wonderful size and shape of it, and all the extra little details such as the charging dock. I’ve been waiting a long time for something to beat the Lelo Billy, and this feels like its bigger stronger brother has finally arrived; it’s the upgrade I’ve been craving. The only point where I’m not 100% convinced is with the vibration settings, because of the 7 choices I like 4 and have no use for 3 of them, and considering that two of the 4 are nearly the same, it’s closer to a 50/50 split. I’d really love if there was another pulsing setting that was even faster that what’s currently available, but you know what, this isn’t going to stop me from recommending this toy. When you couple together my favourite vibration patterns with the incredible power and design of the Rosa, it’s enough to make this a must have toy for everyone. It’s an investment, but it’s worth it.

Thanks to L’Amourose and Pasante for sending me this fantastic product.

The L’Amourose Rosa is available right now from Lovehoney UK.

It’s also available in North America from Lovehoney USA and SheVibe

Minna Life Limon

A couple of weeks ago Em over at SexToys.co.uk got in touch with me and asked if I fancied reviewing anything for them. They’re one of my favourite retailers, with whom I’ve worked a lot in the past (and even received their coveted Seal of Approval), so of course I said yes and went off on a hunt through their “what’s new” section to find the perfect item.
I realised that I hadn’t reviewed anything of the vibrating variety recently, so when I saw the Minna Life Limon I knew that it would be just the ticket. As always you can find out what I thought below.

I first became aware of Minna back in 2013 when they launched a crowd-funding campaign for the Limon – which at that time was a rather novel thing to do – and though everyone and his sister seems to have jumped on the crowd-funded sex toy bandwagon since, this is actually the first one I’ve got my hands on. I remember watching the pitch video initially and being intrigued by its claims, because in the world of sex toys innovation can be incredibly hit and miss, and yet here was a little start-up offering to bring something new. Now nearly two years down the line I’m relishing the opportunity to see if it really does live up to the hype.
With the arrival of the Limon the question is what do you get for your money, and if you’ve spotted the image at the top of the review then that should give a pretty good idea right off the bat. I was seriously impressed by the packaging for the product when I first saw it, because it all comes bundled up in this lovely little cardboard tube, complete with tasteful branding, and it’s clear that effort has been put into the design. It looks classy, it looks elegant, and not at all cheap, and I love this approach that treats vibrators no differently from any other electronic gadget. Inside you find the Limon itself, a USB charging cradle for it, a small cloth storage pouch, and a multi-language instruction manual. The storage pouch is an especially nice touch in my eye, as it helps keep the dust at bay when you toss it back into your toy drawer after use.
The Limon is available in two different colours, and despite it being a translation of “lemon” neither of them has anything citrussy about them. There’s a predictable pink, and then an absolutely delightful shade of teal that I chose for myself. It is a slight shame that there’s no yellow Limon just to complete the theme, but the teal is so lovely that it makes for more than adequate consolation.
(Artistic Impression)
The Limon itself is designed as a pocket-sized external-use vibrator, which doesn’t immediately jump out as being especially innovative, even with its cute lemon-shaped silicone shell. You have to scratch below the surface though to find out the secrets that the Limon holds, because it’s the technology inside it and the way it’s operated, that makes it stand out from the crowd. Unlike traditional vibrators the Limon doesn’t come pre-programmed with a selection of different speeds and patterns, all available to be cycled through at the touch of a button. The Limon has none of that, and in fact when you press its singular button on the front that merely turns it on and greets you with a glowing green light. What makes the Limon unique is that it’s pressure sensitive, and this is how it’s controlled. Two of the sides of the Limon are soft and squishy, and when you squeeze them the Limon starts to vibrate. The harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations feel, and this gives you an amazingly direct control over the vibrator and opens up new possibilities. Not only can you precisely adjust the strength of the vibrations, but you can also make your own patterns by rhythmically squeezing the toy, and it’s incredibly effective and simple to use. Instead of having to cycle through settings like you do with other toys, you can get exactly what you want, right when you want it, all in real time, and it puts you firmly in control. Another great feature is that it actually allows you to record your own patterns onto its memory and play them back to yourself, so you can develop the perfect rhythm to get you off, and then just sit back and enjoy it without manually inputting it into the toy each time.
The vibrations produced by the toy are of quite a deep rumbly variety, especially when compared to something like the Jimmyjane Form 2 which feels almost buzzy in comparison. What’s interesting about the vibrations is that while strong they have a softer more mellow nature to them, rather than that intensity you feel from the surface of others such as both the We-Vibe Tango and the Form 2. The vibrations feel as though they’re emanating from deeper within the toy, and then radiating out from the teat of the Limon, rather than being produced right in that spot, which gives a slightly different ‘colour’ to how they feel. 
When you apply the Limon to the penis the vibrations are instantly stimulating and penetrate effectively into the shaft. At first this “softer” feeling vibration appeared a little different to what I’m used to, but in direct comparisons with other toys I found it matched their power, but that I actually preferred how the vibrations felt against the sensitive skin. What’s great about the method of control is that it allows you to vary the rhythm of the pattern, just how you would vary the rhythm of thrusting during sex. You can start off just teasing yourself with the toy, moving the smooth silicone surface all over the glans with just a low vibration dancing around, but when you’re ready to climax you can put the tip of the Limon up against the frenulum and gradually increase from a slow mild pattern of vibrations, to a fast sequence of strong bursts of vibrations, and the ensuing orgasm does not disappoint.
There are a couple of minor downsides to the controls. The first is that when you squeeze the toy some of the vibrations get absorbed into your fingers, so in order to operate it you actually diminish some of the power. This can easily be fixed by saving your favourite pattern into the toy so you needn’t hold it so firmly. The second is with regard to anticipation; because your brain knows precisely when you’re about to make the vibrations stronger it comes as no surprise to the body when it feels it, in the way that it does with a pre-set toy, and this lessens the impact somewhat. Again you can get around this by programming in a pattern, but actually this is why I think the Limon would make a fantastic couples toy, because you can take all that precise control and use it to deliver tailored pleasure to someone else.
The whole quality and construction of the Limon is superb too, and it’s made with body-safe silicone and has no nasty raised mould-lines sticking out where they shouldn’t be. It has an inbuilt power indicator which tells you how much charge the battery has left. When you press the power button if it vibrates thrice it means the battery is great, twice it’s half full, and once then you should think about charging it. In my experience though the battery life lasts a long time, but when it does need a top up it’s a simple as popping it onto the magnetic cradle, and the benefit of this system is that you get a fully waterproof toy too.
I have to say that I really have been thoroughly impressed by the Minna Life Limon, so hats off to the guys who designed it and followed through with their own self-belief enough to make and sell it. It’s a lovely powerful rumbly little vibrator, which uses an ingenious control system which I just love. It’s the ideal toy for single guys and gals, and especially couples of any persuasion. I’m not sure it’ll replace my We-Vibe Tango in all applications, but lately it’s been the one I’ve been most keen to reach for first. I would happily give this toy my recommendation. 
You can pick one up right now from SexToys.co.uk

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

In late June Fun Factory quietly put out a press release announcing a new updated model of their vibrating male masturbator, the Cobra Libre II, and it finally found its way into this month’s edition of ETO magazine where I read all about it. Amidst all my eagerness to find out how they’d improved it I was lucky enough to be sent a unit by Fun Factory to review.
I reviewed the original Cobra Libre back at the start of 2013, and my views on it were largely positive, but I did have a few niggling complaints about things such as the temperamental touch-sensitive buttons, and it appears that these have been addressed in the new version, so it should be interesting to put it to the test.
Last year also saw the release of the Pulse by Hot Octopus, the first direct rival to the Cobra Libre, so it looks like we’re in for a three-way comparison, with the old, the new, and the competitor all being weighed against each other.
As always, check out the review below.

On the surface the Cobra Libre II has changed very little from its predecessor, still sporting that iconic design based loosely on the 1960s British car the AC Cobra. In fact the only noticeable change is the addition of three shiny new buttons on the top, which replace the old touchpad controls, and I rather prefer this tweak to the appearance. Aside from this the outer shell remains largely identical, both in style and proportion, leading one to believe that the real changes lie under the bonnet, so to speak.

The Cobra Libre is the most “gadgety” of male sex toys that I’ve encountered. Not only does it look sleek and stylish, designed specifically to resemble a piece of technology that wouldn’t look out of place on a desk, rather than a crude facsimile of an orifice, but it also devotes its energy to bringing the user to climax in an entirely unconventional manner. The Cobra Libre was the original vibrating toy for men, back when all the alternatives involved thrusting, and it stimulates the penis exclusively through the use of two powerful motors mounted within it.

The Cobra Libre II is made largely from a solid ABS plastic, while the area at the front into which the penis is inserted is made from a soft pliable silicone, which is great for both comfort and hygiene purposes. The toy comes in a choice of two different colour combinations, down from the four variants which existed of the original model. There’s an entirely black version, or a red and black version, and luckily I received that latter so it matches my older version.

The opening of the Cobra Libre II is roughly 1 1/2″ in diameter, which isn’t huge but should be sufficient to accommodate most men when inserting the tip of their penis, and the pliableness in the top portion of the silicone aids with this. The inner channel of the Cobra Libre II has the strange oddly-shaped configuration that I struggled to understand in the original model, and the initial diameter of 1 1/2″ only extends to a depth of around 3/4″ before the material at the bottom takes on a stepped-shape which reduces the height of the opening by over half, and then the rest of the cavity continues at this size. The explanation according to the Fun Factory website is that the interior shape of the toy is designed to expose the glans “through the so-called ‘crowding out’ effect.” Perhaps something is lost in translation but this description doesn’t really mean anything to me, so I feel none the wiser. It also states that the silicone is intended to snugly hug the glans of the penis, which is something I can’t deny. Because of the unusual shape of the cavity it’s difficult to get much more than the head of the penis inside it, despite it having a total depth of around 3″, and in the process the snug fit tends to squeeze all of the blood out of the spongy glans, leaving it rather shrunken and deflated. I included a few photos on my previous review of me demonstrating this with a with a modestly-sized dildo, and I may recreate them again here at some point.

In order to use the Cobra Libre II you’ll require some water-based lubricant to eliminate any friction between the silicone and the delicate skin of the penis. I found that it’s easier to apply the lube directly to the inside of the toy rather than to the penis itself, to avoid unnecessarily lubing too much of the shaft. Once the penis is inside the toy as far as you can get it it feels like a reasonably tight fit, with the head being squashed between the firmer bottom half and the thin silicone flap at the top. There are two ways you can have your penis inserted into it, either by using the toy in a seated position with the penis pointing forwards, or when lying on your back with the penis pointing towards you and the Cobra Libre resting on your stomach. Of the two options the former seems like the one which was intended primarily, as in that configuration the frenulum rests on a slightly raised point inside, thus applying additional pressure there.

The Cobra Libre II is operated by 3 all new buttons on the top of the device. The “Fun” button turns the toy on when pressed for half a second, and turns the toy off once more when held again for the same length of time. The toy starts up not at the lowest setting but at a medium vibration, but this can be quickly reduced by pressing the ‘-‘ button once or twice to take the device into one of two slower training modes. To increase the power of the Cobra Libre the ‘+’ button is pressed, and by using these two buttons it’s incredibly simple to cycle up and down through all the different modes. In total the Cobra Libre II has 11 different modes: 2 slow training modes, 3 constant modes of incrementally increasing strength, 3 vibrating patterns of gradual increasing and decreasing intensity known as the slalom modes, and 3 free form patterns known as the rock ‘n’ roll modes.

The buttons are a vast improvement over the touchpad on the original Cobre Libre model. They give you tactical feedback when you push them, so you know that you’ve actually selected a change in mode, the device automatically responds when you use them, and you can’t accidentally hit one by mistake and ruin what you were doing. I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally turned on my old Cobra Libre when I had it out to compare with the new. It makes me so glad that they decided to make the change. It’s also incredibly easy to use the button locking feature on the new device. You hold down “Fun” and ‘-‘ for half a second and it locks the buttons, perfect for travelling when you don’t want anything starting to rumble unexpectedly in your luggage, and you hold down “Fun” and ‘+’ for another half a second to reactivate the buttons once you’re ready to use it again.

Once you’ve got to grips with the basics of the toy, and are ready to use it, the Cobra Libre II is actually a very impressive piece of equipment. It’s powered by two strong motors which sit within the body of the toy, one at the rear and one in the middle. These are both intense rumbly motors, but one seemingly more so than the other, causing them to vibrate at different frequencies and slightly out of rhythm. The motors have been significantly upgraded since the original Cobre Libre, and when you have them side by side it’s immediately apparent how much stronger the new ones are. It’s a little like comparing the purring of a pussycat to the growl of a tiger.

When you first turn the device on it immediately throws you in at the deep end with quite a strong rumbling sensation working away at the underside of the penis. If you’re already quite aroused then it’s a bit like “whoa!” and it can take you by surprise, so it’s good that you can quickly switch down into the training mode and give yourself a chance to become accustomed to the sensation before you explode ahead of schedule. It’s a stark contrast to how the old model starts with a very low and mellow vibration, but it’s evidence of how far they’re gone in overhauling the motors.

At the lowest level of the training mode you get quite a light and pleasant sensation, and the vibrations focus along the underside of the penis all around the sensitive frenulum, giving a gentle tickling and titillating feeling, which could probably be sustained indefinitely without ever inducing climax. As you get more and more used to it you can start to crank up the power to the higher settings, and this increased intensity brings with it a more and more pleasurable feeling which you can gradually sustain for longer and enjoy whilst still not having an orgasm. The highest power level of the constant vibrations is really quite strong, and easily enough to make you climax by itself, so if you want to get the full enjoyment out of the toy then it’s best to skip over it at the beginning to allow an opportunity to play around with some of the patterns. I did a little experiment with the two Cobra Libres to determine just how effective this new increase in power actually was. One of the things I found about the original device was that I couldn’t always orgasm from it, especially if I’d been engaging in traditional masturbation beforehand. On those occasions there just wasn’t enough power to send me over the edge, so I engineered a situation like that, and sat there using the original for a good 20 minutes on the highest setting to see if it could make me cum. When it failed I switched to the Cobra Libre II, and I’m happy to report that in 5 minutes or so the new motors had got the job done.

In contrast to this I must say that the Cobra Libre II still doesn’t feel quite as powerful to me as the Pulse by Hot Octopus, but they do employ quite different technology. The Pulse’s oscillating “Pulse Plate” sits right up at the surface of the toy, pressed against the frenulum, and delivers all its power directly into it with great intensity. The motors of the Cobra Libre II on the other hand are buried deeper within the device, rumbling powerfully like the focus of an earthquake, while the vibrations have to travel up to the surface to find the penis lying over the epicentre. Both are strong and effective, but you experience them rather differently, and of the two the Pulse is the one which feels more full on.

As well as the increasing power of the constant vibrations, the Cobra Libre II does of course have the 6 different patterned modes to offer. Unlike with the original Cobra Libre the patterns are all quite distinctive and much easier to differentiate from one another, but they’re still not particularly easy to explain so again I’ll include a scan of the pamphlet.

I must say that I like the patterns on the Cobra Libre II a whole lot more than those of its predecessor, in fact I was pretty “blah” about the patterns altogether on the old model, but I actually enjoy using these ones. The sensations from each are actually different enough that it’s worth trying them out, and exploring with them. I can even say definitively that I have a favourite one. There’s a pattern which gives the sensation of a massaging kneading action being applied to the head of the penis. The two motors work in such a way that it feels as though something is rolling over the underside of the glans, starting at the tip and working its way down. It’s really rather nice. The only downside is that during the patterns the vibrations aren’t actually strong enough to make me climax, no matter how long I use them for, so I tend to think of them as like a little playground to mess around in for a while. It can be useful whilst watching porn, so you get this constant level of pleasurable stimulation throughout the 20 minute scene, and then you can switch to the full power of the constant mode at the end when you’re ready to finish up. It’s all about how you want to use it really, the patterns are a bit like foreplay with your sex toy, slowly drawing out the experience over a greater length of time.

One of the positive changes about the Cobra Libre II is that I get a much more consistent experience with it than I did with the original. Over the two weeks I’ve been testing it it’s never failed to make me climax, and that’s not something I could say about the first model. It used to be a bit touch and go whether the toy would be able to give enough to just push me over the edge, but the Cobra Libre II works every time, and I think that’s an important feature of a sex toy, especially one in this price range.

Once you’ve mastered your preferred technique for using the toy then you’ll be very happy with the result, because the vibrating stimulation can produce some very strong orgasms, especially if you edge with it by continually adjusting the power to prolong the experience. The way the Cobra Libre operates allows you to be stimulated without clenching the PC muscle in the process, so it seems to build up much more tension in that area, and when it’s finally released the muscle will spasm giving a powerful orgasmic sensation. Climaxing in this manner feels quite different, and is definitely worth experiencing first hand.
When you’re done with the Cobra Libre for the day, clean up is made so much easier by the fact that the toy is waterproof. You just need to be careful not to spill anything on your way to the sink, because fluid is rather prone to drip out the front of the mouth. Some sort of reservoir in the back might have helped. You can just wash it with antibacterial soap and some hot water, but you can also sterilise the silicone part by wiping out the inside with a mild 10% bleach solution. As well as the toy being completely waterproof, thanks to improvements with the button design the Cobra Libre II can actually be used underwater now, in a way which the old model could not.

The only real downside to the Cobra Libre II is that it’s now much more noisy than it used to be. Where the old model used the hum quite softly, the new one really kicks out a good old roar and rattle. It’s clearly a consequence of the new motors, but it’s also a little unfortunate if you’re looking for something exceptionally discreet, but still I doubt it could be heard through a door or partition wall, and it’s a little less noisy than the Pulse too.

The Cobra Libre is a rechargeable toy, and it comes supplied with a “Click ‘n’ Charge” magnetic adaptor. The end of the cable clips onto the two little metal electrodes protruding from back of the toy, and it stays in place quite securely. The new charging cables have a USB connector, so you’ll need to plug it into a PC unless you have an adaptor, or alternatively you can use one of the older “Click ‘n’ Charge” connectors if you own one. The buttons on the toy light up and flash in a different sequence to indicate how charged the battery is, so you can track its progress, and all the lights go out when it’s full.

Overall I’d have to say that I’m really impressed by all the improvements made to the Cobra Libre II. It’s a far better toy now then the original, and well deserving of its price tag. The buttons are fantastically easy to use, the vibrations are truly powerful and consistently satisfying, and the patterns are now a joy to use. The only real drawback is that extra noise, but honestly it’s liveable. Vibrating toys such as the Cobra Libre II offer an entirely new type of masturbation for men; something which feels pleasurable, intense, and which delivers great orgasms. I’m so happy that Fun Factory decided to update this toy, and I’d recommend that any man tries it out.
The Cobra Libre II is currently available from Lovehoney UK, Lovehoney USA, and SheVibe

We-Vibe Tango USB

Two years ago I went on a quest to find a powerful bullet vibe that I could use in place of the buzzy battery-powered vibes that came packaged as standard with many prostate massagers and butt plugs on the market, and that quest lead me to the We-Vibe Salsa. Almost instantly the Salsa became my all time favourite bullet and I was ready to recommend it to all who asked – and even those who didn’t – but then about a year later two things happened: We-Vibe announced that they were phasing out the Salsa in favour of its identically-powered yet differently-shaped cousin, the Tango, and the power button on my Salsa gave up the ghost, becoming temperamental at best and entirely unresponsive otherwise.
Naturally I was quite upset to suddenly be Salsa-less, but I muddled along and made do with substitutes where I could, and then suddenly this month the generous folks at Simply Pleasure came to the rescue and offered me a new We-Vibe Tango to review. I say ‘new’ because it turns out that while We-Vibe were phasing out the Salsa, they took the opportunity to make a few design improvements to the Tango, and you can find out what I think about the changes below!

Traditionally bullet vibes have always been considered a product almost exclusively for women, but with more and more unisex toys containing bullet holes these days, items such as the Tango are proving to be a convenient powerhouse to give a welcome boost to an assortment of other novelties in your toy drawer.

The Tango is a nice compact vibe which measures in at only 3 1/2″ long by 3/4″ wide, putting it just a nose ahead of the Salsa (or 1/8″ to be precise). It’s a little longer than the battery powered bullets you get included with some toys, but the width allows it to easily fit inside products made by Tantus and Rocks Off amongst others. The body of the toy is manufactured in one single piece from ABS plastic, and comes in a choice of only two colours, blue or pink, down from a selection of six in the old Salsa/Tango line. This does make the product feel a little more gendered now, but I’m sure it’s simply a reflection of which colours retailers reported as being the best sellers. The surface of the plastic is very smooth and shiny, and they’ve even managed to eliminate the faint moulding moulding mark that was on the tip of the Salsa, leaving it flawless. The end of the bullet is angled on one side, giving it a flat surface which resembles a tube of lipstick, while the other side of the tip is gently rounded as on the Salsa, but it doesn’t reach quite such a pronounced point at the end. The base of the toy is finished off with a solid white silicone-rubber cap where the power button is located. The Tango has a lovely sleek appearance, and as well as being attractive it also looks quite discreet.

As with the Salsa the Tango has eight modes in total: four differing speeds as well as four varying vibration patterns. This makes it especially good if you’re going to use it inside another toy, as standard bullets typically only have one mode of on or off. The bullet is activated by pressing the button at the end once, and every subsequent press of the button will change the Tango to the next mode. Once you cycle through all eight modes pressing the button again will switch the vibe off. If you want to switch the vibe off immediately then holding down the button for a couple of seconds will do this, and the next time you turn the vibe on it will remember which mode you were using last, which I found to be a very handy feature. The button is nice and responsive, you don’t have to push it too firmly, and it feels reassuringly well-built. I said the same thing about the button on the Salsa before it failed on me, but you can feel that the button in the Tango is one of the areas that has been upgraded, and it makes a good “click” when you press it. The vibrations from the Tango are wonderfully strong, and even at the lowest setting they feel deep and rumbly. When you use the Tango inside another toy, such as a butt plug, it’s this power which really helps the vibrations to travel through the thick layers of material and still be able to be felt deep inside the body. It has to be the vibration patterns which are my favourite part though, as the rhythmic pulsing of the vibe inside a butt plug causes some great sensations internally, especially in the prostate. The vibe by itself is quite quiet, though I would say it’s a little louder than some other bullets I have, but still not enough to be heard through a closed door or a thin partition wall. When it’s inside another toy the sound gets muffled exceedingly well and is even less obvious.

Aside from utilising the Tango inside bullet toys, the other way I can put it to use as a man is for penile stimulation, and this actually turned out to be one of my favourite things to do with the Salsa. Vibrations can feel incredibly stimulating on the penis if they’re used in the correct manner. Typically I don’t enjoy bullet vibes for this as they’re too buzzy, but the Tango is different. The Tango delivers strong vibrating sensations deep into the penis, which feel great when it’s applied to the head and around the frenulum. What’s fun about the Tango compared to the Salsa is that the angled tip gives you two different ways to use it. When you have the flat side applied to the penis you have a greater surface area of the bullet making contact with the skin, which increases sensation. Typically I find myself using the rounded side more, just as I would have used the Salsa, and perhaps out of habit, but it’s nice to have the option of both, and to be able to switch between them mid masturbation to add in a little variety. Despite the tip being slightly less pointed than on the salsa it’s still great for applying more precise and concentrated stimulation, and the difference isn’t discernible to me. The different vibration patterns also work well in this instance and can increase the level of pleasure, and hasten climax. It can be great to use just for teasing as part of foreplay, or in combination with a handjob to enhance the experience.

The Tango is a waterproof toy, which means it can be used in the bath or shower if you’re considering taking your play outside the bedroom. It also means that it’s very easy to clean, as you can splash as much water over it as you like. As a precaution you only want to wash it with hot water and anti-bacterial soap, or with your favourite toy cleaner / toy wipe. Plastic is a durable material, but it’s not advisable to go boiling electronic items.

The Tango comes with a rather clever magnetic charging system that works through USB. It’s comprised of two basic parts, a white dock which connects to the Tango magnetically, and a separate cable which runs between the dock and a USB port on a computer. The advantage of the magnetic system is that it allows the Tango to be 100% waterproof. The way this is achieved is by having a solid silicone-rubber cap at the end of the Tango, which is where the control button is located. Either side of the button are two metal electrodes which protrude above the rubber seal, and these in turn connect to two shallow metal depressions on the underside of the plastic dock. When all the metal parts are touching the current flows and the Tango charges. The improvement here is that the electrodes on the Tango protrude significantly further than those on the Salsa, and thus always maintain contact for the duration of a full charge, unlike on my Salsa which would frequently break the connection and stop charging well before it was done. The only slight downside to the improved electrodes is that their protrusion can feel somewhat uncomfortable on the finger when you’re trying to press the button that sits between them, but I’m not going to complain as it’s preferable to the nightmare I had charging my Salsa. The dock itself has a little orange LED on it which illuminates whilst charging is taking place, and goes out to indicate that it’s complete. Once the is Tango is fully charged it has enough battery life to last for 2 hours, which is impressive for a toy of its size. Another new feature on the Tango is that an orange LED next to the power button will start flashing to indicate when the bullet is low on power, which is very handy so you know when to charge it up again, and avoid taking it out of your drawer next time only to discover it has only 60 seconds of life remaining.

One of the nice added features is that the Tango comes with its own white satin storage pouch. It’s a little oversized compared to the diminutive bullet, but it’s useful for putting the USB charging cable in too for when you’re travelling.

Overall I’m exceptionally pleased with the Tango; it’s powerful, versatile and a quality product. I’m very impressed that they’ve managed to iron out all the complaints I had about the Salsa, and as such I’d have to give it full marks. The difference in shape of the tip is something that I’m neither here nor there about; I do like the versatility of it, but I was also perfectly content with that of the Salsa, and could see myself being equally happy with either, so it’s not a game-changer for me. The USB charging, though, is a massive improvement as far as I’m concerned, and in fact the only thing I could honestly say that I miss about the Salsa was its scarlet colour, otherwise I’m a full Tango convert.

The We-Vibe Tango USB is available right now from Simply Pleasure.

Pulse by Hot Octopuss

Anyone who keeps up with my blog will know that I’ve been extolling the virtues of male vibrator use for a while now. Personally I just love it, whether it be a sophisticated contraption like the Cobra Libre, or simply repurposing a powerful bullet vibe like the Salsa/Tango or Form 2 to use on the most sensitive parts of the penis. The thing is though, that frankly there aren’t a lot of vibrators actually marketed at men, but Hot Octopuss are changing that now, and already I think that this may be my favourite new product of the year.

Note: this product has since been replaced by an updated version, the Pulse III Solo

The Pulse is the first product released by a new British sex toy design company called Hot Octopuss, and it’s a vibrator created especially for men, or a “guybrator” as some of their literature describes it. It’s primarily designed as a toy for solo use, but also with an application for couples if desired – albeit heterosexual couples so understandably I won’t be focussing on that aspect.
The design of the toy is an exceptionally stylish thing to behold, and it’s not easy to explain precisely what it looks like because the whole thing is pretty unique. I don’t think it would appear out of place masquerading as a piece of alien technology on the set of a science fiction film, but back down on Earth the closest thing I could compare it to is a conch. The big sweeping sides that curl upwards like part of a shell definitely give the appearance of something which may have washed up on the beach, while the ridges along the underside are reminiscent of the fossilised remains of something prehistoric. The bottom half of the toy is made from a shiny black plastic, and this is where all the mechanics of the Pulse are housed, while the top half is made from a flexible matte silicone and forms a semi-enclosed channel into which the penis is inserted. The channel itself is about 4″ in length, and 1 1/2″ wide in its resting position, though the flexible silicone “wings” which enclose it can be easily bent to accommodate more width and create a snug fit. Towards the far end of the channel is a raised “button” which is the Pulse Plate – the source of the vibrations. This is positioned so that during use it will sit just below the glans and up against the frenulum – the most sensitive part of the penis. The whole unit is reasonably compact  and its ergonomic shape fits very comfortably into the hand. On either side of the body is a button, a + for more power and a – for less, and these are easily accessible when holding the unit.
The build quality of the Pulse is of a very high standard and it looks particularly well made, and not at all cheap. It also feels quite robust so I would expect it to be quite durable down the line.
Using the Pulse is quite a straightforward matter; to start with you simply spread the “wings” of the device and insert your penis so that it aligns properly with the pulse plate. The “wings” are flexible enough to spread by a large amount and accept a broad range of penis sizes, as I discovered by inserting various anatomically-correct dildos into the toy. One thing I did notice though is that the “wings” are flexible mainly at the top half, and not towards the bottom, so while the top section can become almost infinitely wider the bottom of the channel always retains the same semi-circular shape. Where this could cause an issue is that most penises don’t have a completely circular cross-section and are wider from left to right than from top to bottom, so depending on the size and shape of the penis you may find that once inserted to the fullest extent the shaft may hover above the Pulse Plate without actually making direct contact. This probably won’t be an issue for most people, but if your penis is very wide in one direction, and not so much in the other, then it’s worth bearing in mind. Because of the way in which you insert yourself you don’t actually need to use lube with the Pulse which is an added convenience. You can of course still do so if it’s your preference, but I didn’t find it necessary.
To turn the Pulse on you start by simply pressing the + button once and it begins on the lowest setting. Boy are you in for a surprise. When I talk about strong, powerful, deep rumbly vibrations, this is precisely what I’m thinking about. For a non-mains-powered unit the strength and quality of the vibrations is truly spectacular; it’s almost like holding a Magic Wand vibrator to the head of your penis and it blows the Fun Factory Cobra Libre out of the water by a mile. Bear in mind this is only the first setting and it keeps on getting stronger each time you press the + button, so this astonishing level of power only continues to grow. There are times with other vibrators where they feel pretty strong, and good, but I just can’t get over that plateau and climax, so I return to traditional masturbation to get there. That’s never going to be the case with the Pulse, because if you’ve tried vibrators before with little luck, and are convinced that your penis is stubborn to their effects, then I’m certain that the Pulse would soon change that. Even on the lowest setting I feel as though I could reach orgasm in only a matter of seconds because of how intense and wonderful the feeling is. On the flipside the fact that the lowest setting is so strong means that it’s not so easy to tease yourself with the toy. When you’re starting at orgasm strength you can’t really get a steady build up, and if things are suddenly too much and you want to prolong it more then the only place to go is off. It really is testament to how strong the toy is that I’m saying this, because normally I ignore the lower levels and go straight to maximum. To give another perspective, the intended way of using the toy is with the foreskin retracted and the Pulse Plate directly touching the sensitive inner tissues of the penis, but I tried it with the foreskin left covering the head and the vibrations were still strong enough to work their way through and make it very pleasurable, which is good news for any guys out there with foreskin troubles who would still like to try a sex toy.
The Pulse has only a constant vibration setting rather than also including patterns, such as with the Cobra Libre, and what you make of this is going to be down to preference. Personally I’m fine with it and find that constant vibration works best for me on the penis, and I don’t need a load of patterns on top of that to confuse matters, but others may prefer something rhythmic to imitate the ebb and flow of thrusting, and this happens to be absent. When you’re cycling through the vibration strengths with the + and – buttons, holding the – down for a second or two will quickly power off the whole unit, just in case you need to do it in a dash, which is always useful.
The idea behind the Pulse is that, much like the Cobra Libre, it’s a toy where you insert yourself and allow it to do its work, rather than it being a thrusting toy, and in fact it’s suggested that it can be used entirely hands-free. I found that the hand-free approach didn’t work so well for me and I got the best effect from it when I held it in the palm of one hand and used my thumb to apply pressure to the top of the shaft and push my penis into the Pulse Plate so that it made full contact. By themselves the silicone “wings” aren’t quite enough to grip it so sufficiently as to achieve this effect without some outside force. For solo use I wouldn’t really consider this as a criticism, but for couples use you may want to have both hands available to do other things with.
The only point about the Pulse which I’d list as a proper negative is the noise, because it is louder than other vibrators I have. It’s up there in electric shaver / electric toothbrush territory. It’s not crazy or ridiculous, it’s still within the bounds of acceptability, but it’s louder than I’d like. If you’re someone who’s in a living situation where you’re concerned about other people hearing your sex toys, then I might be concerned about this one. It’s a case where you’d want to drown it out with the TV to be safe.
The Pulse is a fully rechargeable toy and it comes with a USB cable which plugs into a port in the rear. The port is sealed by a little silicone stopper which easily comes out, though which can be reluctant to stay in place when you try to put it back in again. Unfortunately because of the charging system the Pulse isn’t waterproof, in fact it isn’t even advertised as being slashproof, and they recommend that at the most you wipe it over with a damp cloth. This is a little bit of an inconvenience, but at the same time the design of the toy means that you probably won’t be getting bodily fluids all over it anyway.
Overall I’d have to say that I really would recommend the Pulse, and considering that it’s the first effort from a new company I think they have done spectacularly. It’s not perfect, but Hot Octopuss are off to a flying start and I can only expect great things from them in the future. The Pulse is a really well made toy, it uses quality materials, it’s insanely powerful, it’s easy to use, and it’s practically guaranteed to be able to give you a great orgasm. The only downsides are the noise, the fact that it’s not waterproof, and that it might not quite suit all penis size/shape combinations, but in the big picture I think that these can be overlooked because of how it really excels on its strengths. Compared to the current market-leading male vibrator, the Cobra Libre, it’s the Pulse that I would be inclined to recommend. 

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

Not long ago the German manufacturer Fun Factory came out with a revolutionary new thrusting vibrator for women, called the Stronic Eins. After reading several reviews of it I immediately became curious about how it would actually feel to experience the sensations from it first hand, and being the fan of innovation that I am I  began to wonder if there was any way that I could use it myself. Luckily for me, however, Fun Factory have just released the all-new Stronic Zwei, with a flared based specifically designed for anal use, so I need wonder no longer.
When Sam from Simply Pleasure asked if I’d like to try one out I have to say that I was thrilled by the offer and positively ecstatic, so huge, huge, thanks to them for sending it to me.

I feel that I should begin this review by saying that the Stronic Zwei is a big toy, and this is definitely something which anyone considering it should bear in mind. Often manufacturers try to take a safe middle road when designing the dimensions of these things, take for example my favourite anal vibrator, the Lelo Billy, it’s wonderfully powerful but only about an inch wide, so fill you up it does not. The Stronic Zwei, in contrast, throws this out the window and is proudly girthy. I’m not sure whether this was intentional, or rather a necessity in order to house the complex mechanism inside, but either way it’s probably going to be a bit of a gamble. While those such as myself will love the girthiness that it has to offer, just as many people – if not more – will be put off by the fact that they’re simply not able to insert something of that size. The question is, though, if you can’t currently insert it, is it worth the effort to reach a point where you can?

The differences between the Stronic Zwei and its predecessor the Stronic Eins are largely cosmetic, but these are enough to completely change its purpose, making one anal-safe while the other is not. For the curious “Eins” and “Zwei” are simply the German words for “one” and “two,” so while it may sound exotic to the ears of those of us in the Anglosphere, it transpires to be a rather simplistic naming technique. Recently Fun Factory have even come out with a third addition to the line, the Stronic Drei, which I hope to try at some point. The common feature in all the Stronics is the handle which is made out of a black matte plastic, and located on it are the three buttons used to operate the Stronic, along with charging contacts which connect to the power cable.

The insertable portion of the Stronic takes its somewhat familiar shape from the thick layer of silicone which covers its inner workings. The silicone itself is soft and velvety with a matte finish, and somewhat extraordinarily for an electronic toy has not even a hint of a mould line. Down by the handle the silicone flares out on two sides, like the hand guard on a sword, giving the Zwei its anal-safe credentials, and then the shaft itself undulates down its length with two main bulges which mirror the shape of many prostate toys. On the whole only around 4 1/2″ of the toy are actually insertable, but the circumference of the largest bulge is an even 6″, making it short yet girthy. What’s interesting is that the two “fins” of the guard piece don’t lie completely perpendicular to the shaft, and sit at a slight diagonal angle, and I’m not entirely certain of the thought behind this design. The shaft of the toy itself is quite rigid due to the solid core, so while the surface of the silicone does have some give to it, there’s largely no flex to the toy at all. The only exception to this is at the very tip, because the core only extends around 3″ of the way down the shaft, so the last 1 1/2″ at the end is just silicone all the way through. The overall appearance of the Stronic Zwei does rather remind me of a torch, and I’m not referring to the electric kind, it’s more like the sort of flaming torch you’d find at an Olympic relay, or I guess if I were American I’d liken it to the Torch of Freedom that the Statue of Liberty holds as she stands watch over New York harbour. You have to hold it at just the right angle to get the full effect of it, but the top half does look like a torch flame flickering in the wind if you hold it aloft.

The Stronic Zwei has a total of ten different settings which are comprised of three “algorithmic” modes, three constant speeds, three “dynamic” modes (patterns) and a generic “on” setting. What’s different about Stronics is that they’re not vibrators in the traditional sense, they thrust, and this is immediately apparent as soon as you turn one on. Inside the core of the shaft is a solid mass which oscillates back and forth when the toy is activated, and this is what generates the thrusting sensation. It’s very impressive to see it in action, and just holding it in your hands is enough to get a good sense of how it’s going to feel as it shakes around like a pneumatic drill. The toy is turned on by holding down a button labelled “Fun” and then off again by pressing it a second time. It begins on the default setting and then you have the choice to either switch down into the algorithmic modes by pressing the (-) button or go up through the constant and then dynamic modes by pressing the (+) button. It can be slightly confusing without consulting the manual, and in fact I missed the three algorithmic modes altogether the first few times I used it, so I’ve included a copy of the relevant page below. The different modes don’t all loop together like a cycle, and are instead arranged in a linear fashion, so once you press a particular button all the way through to the end of that section you’ll need to switch over and start moving back through them all again in the opposite direction. The button system works well for the most part, and the buttons are nice and responsive, but my only minor niggle would be that the toy doesn’t remember which setting you were last using when you turn it off and on again, instead always reverting to the same default, so each time you need to cycle back to your speed or pattern of choice.

Inserting the Stronic Zwei is relatively simple to begin with, provided that you’re used to the size, and the squishy silicone tip makes it a rather comfortable experience without the need for warm up, while the matte surface holds onto lube nicely and allows the shaft to glide into the body. The second bulge along the shaft can be a little tricky to overcome and requires a bit of force to encourage it into the body. What hinders things somewhat is the guard piece built into the silicone, because frankly it’s the wrong shape. I mentioned previously that it’s not perpendicular with the shaft, and herein lies the problem, because not only is it diagonal, but it slants the wrong way. You’ll find that as you’re trying to insert the second bulge the front fin of the guard will begin really digging into the perineum, while the fin at the back is an inch away from ever touching the body. It turns out that the only way to get the guard piece to sit flush with the exterior of the body is to rotate the whole toy by 180 degrees, but this isn’t ideal because then the buttons on the handle are pointed downwards and out of sight, and the curved tip of the shaft is no longer angled into the prostate. Your only option is to restore the toy to its original position and live with it not sitting quite right, but it does seem like rather a ridiculous design mistake to make, and not something that I’d expect from Fun Factory. When the toy is fully inserted the girthiness of it does feel pleasantly filling, but I have to say that it doesn’t stay in place very securely, and this is distracting, so you need to retain a constant grip on the handle. This is down to two things really: firstly there isn’t a sufficient neck on the shaft below the second bulge, so the sphincter really has no place to clamp down around to hold the toy in position, and secondly the pressure that the uppermost guard fin applies to the perineum acts like a lever, and the result is that the second bulge will try to work its way out at the slightest provocation.

When you first turn on the Stronic Zwei it is a completely unique sensation, and slightly strange at that. I was talking the other week about the Revo 2 being a pretty innovative anal toy, but I feel that the Stronic goes so much further than that. Even at low speeds it really does feel like thrusting, but what’s funny is that you can feel the inertia of this mass moving in and out, but with a complete lack of friction to the surrounding areas, and without the sensation of the rectum expanding and contracting. Immediately I found I had to urge to crank up the power to see what more it could do. One small let down is that it’s not an especially deep thrusting sensation; because the mechanism of the toy only extends 3″ into the shaft, and not all the way to the tip, that’s all you’re going to get, and possibly less if the guard piece interferes with your ability to insert the entire shaft. The result is that the thrusts feel quite shallow, sort of like if you were having sex with someone and instead of doing a full stroke they opted just to continually pop the head of their member in and out of you, and it does leave you craving more. Thankfully the  power settings do go some way towards compensating for this, and when you have it set to number 4 it does feel quite strong. The rapid thrusts of this power level feel vigorous and produce a deep rumbling vibration which permeates through every part of the body in the near vicinity, and especially into the prostate. At this point all you’re focussed on is the effect on the prostate, and I found that this is the feature that really makes the toy worthwhile. The throbbing, pulsing sensation delivered by the thrusts into the prostate is really quite wonderful, and while it’s not marketed specifically as a prostate massager is definitely performs well in this regard. I have to say that as always I couldn’t help but crave a little more power. I kept thinking back to the surprise I had with the Palm Power and wondering what the Stronic Zwei might have been able to offer if it was mains operated rather than rechargeable.

Feeling the rhythm and vibrations of the toy alone is pretty nice, but the experience is really improved if you help it along a bit with some manual manipulation. Using a very gentle thrusting action to massage the prostate with the shaft of the toy really improves the sensations it provides, and after a while of this I did start to feel as though I may be on the road towards a prostate orgasm as there was a steady build up of feeling in the area.

The three patterns of vibrations add some nice variety to the toy and in fact I found myself alternating between all of them just to mix things up. They feature various sequences which include a mixture of slower weaker thrusts and faster more powerful ones, so it’s harder to get accustomed to the rhythm like you can with the steady thrusts.

The Stronic Zwei is a rechargeable toy and it utilises Fun Factory’s magnetic “Click ‘n’ Charge” system, just like their other products that I’ve reviewed, the Duke and Cobra Libre. The end of the charging lead clips onto the contacts at the base of the handle and stays firmly in place thanks to the strong magnets, so it won’t accidentally become dislodged. During charging a red light on the plug illuminates to indicate the flow of power, as well as the buttons on the Stronic which glow sequentially, and everything conveniently extinguishes when the charge is complete, letting you know that it’s ready to use. Because the charging system is the same on all Fun Factory toys it means that the adaptors are interchangeable, so they sell them separately from the toys themselves so you don’t end up with more than you need. It makes it it very easy to find the right charger for your Fun Factory toys and relatively hassle-free.

The Stronic is also a completely waterproof toy which makes cleaning it a breeze, and the silicone allows it to be carefully sterilised using a mild bleach solution, which is always a handy thing for any toy being used anally.

Overall the Stronic Zwei is a rather tricky toy to evaluate because it definitely has its high points and its low points, but what its design really highlights is the potential for this sort of toy, which currently is the first of its kind. It’s a really well made product which utilises quality materials, as well as being both rechargeable and waterproof. The shape can be pretty annoying with its backwards guard piece and the fact that it doesn’t stay in place well, but it’s also pleasantly girthy. I think that possibly the overriding factor has to be how it feels, and it really is unique, unique in a way that I think you have to experience for yourself. The thrusting sensation is like nothing you’ll feel from any other toy, but more importantly it feels good. It really targets the prostate in a deep permeating way which few other toys do, and for that reason I’d have to suggest trying it. The real difficulty for me is the price, because it is expensive. I couldn’t honestly sit here and say to people that this is the be all and end all of anal toys, and that they should splash out safe in the knowledge that they’d never need to buy another toy, because that simply isn’t the case. What I can say though is that by and large it delivers, and it delivers something pleasurable. If you want something that’s new, that’s different, and that’s going to take you to somewhere you haven’t quite been before, and if you can comfortably afford it, then the Stronic Zwei is definitely a worthwhile piece to invest in, flaws and all.

You can buy the Stronic Zwei from Simply Pleasure.