Doxy Number 3

A few years ago a new company popped up in the South West of England, offering what was to be a rival to the famous Hitachi Magic Wand, and that company was Doxy. By any measure the Doxy Wand immediately took the Internet by storm, with every blogger raving about it, cam performers adding it to the top of their wishlists, and eventually that success spawned the all-metal Doxy Die Cast, and the innovative Doxy Don (formerly Skittle) – which I had the pleasure of reviewing back in 2015. 
Late last year Doxy revealed the third in their line of vibrating wands, the aptly-named Doxy Number 3, an all-metal bodied wand in the vein of the Doxy Die Cast, but in a new compact shape, and I knew that it was finally time for me to try one out. 
A couple of e-mails later and Doxy have very kindly sent me a Number 3, and today I’m finally going to review it!

I’m not a complete stranger to vibrating wands, having reviewed the Palm Power way back in 2013, but it’s safe to say that they’re a category of toy of which I own the fewest pieces. I am, however, completely taken in by the sheer power that can be delivered by something running on mains power, and that’s why I was so excited to try a Doxy. 

The Doxy No.3 is a serious piece of kit; it has a 7 1/2″ solid brushed-aluminium body, topped with a shiny metal collar, giving it a feeling of real clout whilst retaining a sleek and attractive appearance. It’s capped with a solid metal head, largely covered in a velvety-soft matte black silicone, but with a band of shiny metal left exposed at the bottom to mirror the collar of the shaft. In all it comes in at a total length of just over 10″, with a circumference around the head of 5 3/4″, and a total weight of around 340g. It may be the compact model, but it still has plenty of substance to it. 
The Doxy is powered by mains electricity, and has a generous 3m cord which allows it to reach even the most awkwardly-placed socket in a bedroom. It also features one of those handy plugs with the interchangeable prongs, so they can be swapped out and replaced depending on which locale you’ll be using the toy. The package does only contain the correct prongs for the region you buy it in however, so if you want to take it travelling you’ll have to make your own arrangements there. 
The Doxy is operated by three buttons located slightly below the mid point of the body. There’s an on/off button, a (+) to increase the power, and a (-) to lower it again. As well as a constant vibration mode, a pulsating mode can also be accessed by holding the power button down for a couple of seconds whilst it’s turned off. For me the button placement is quite convenient, whether you be holding the wand with your thumb pointed towards the head, or with it flipped 180 degrees and your thumb pointed towards the cord. One nice feature is that the buttons light up when the toy is turned on, so they’re a little easier to locate if you’re using the wand in dim ambient lighting.
The wand itself packs a serious amount of power. Even on the lowest setting you can feel that sheer force as it turns on, and from there you have several other levels to move up into. One thing which did surprise me a little is that the No.3 isn’t all that rumbly. It’s definitely more a middling sort of vibration on the buzzy to rumbly scale. I can’t really comment on how this compares to previous Doxys, and if it’s merely a consequence of downsizing the wand, but I was expecting a deeper vibration. As with many toys I found that the lowest power setting had the most rumbly quality to it, compared to the higher ones. 
In terms of use the Doxy really is a joy. You can start off in a very teasing fashion, just running it over the outside of the underwear, and already those vibrations start to have an effect and rouse what sleeps within. Moving it all around the genitals, and along the perineum, can continue to produce an effect without any direct contact with the erogenous zones, just allowing the vibrations in the surrounding areas to filter through. Using it straight against the penis is where it really shines though, running it up and down the length of the shaft, slowly encircling the head, and most importantly held up against the frenulum, or stroking it. With the Doxy pressed against the frenulum you could easily achieve climax in mere seconds if you really wanted to, such is the strength of it, but ultimately most will find greater pleasure in drawing the experience out. This is also where the pulsing mode comes into play, because this is absolutely my favourite way to use the No.3. With the Doxy pressed up against the frenulum, and pulse mode activated, the rhythm of vibrations into the penis feels fantastic, and further more you can adjust the interval between each pulse using the buttons, allowing you to ramp up the speed as you approach climax, for even better effect. Interestingly the Doxy does have more of a rumbly quality to it in this mode, as each time it stops and starts in between a moment of ramping vibration strength, it gives off a judder which can be felt deeper into the tissue. 
Another way I found that it’s quite nice to use the Doxy is around the anus. Just gently pushing it up against the external muscle makes the entire thing quiver and tingle, and feels quite lovely. It almost makes you wish there was a way to use it internally, and as luck would have it I’ve seen photos of a prototype cap for the No.3 by Nexus, which would turn the Doxy into a prostate massager, and frankly I love that idea. 
The Doxy can of course be used for non-sexual purposes, merely as an all-purpose massager. Pressing it into various areas of the body, especially around the back and neck, does feel quite soothing and therapeutic, so I’d definitely recommend trying it. 
One thing people may be concerned with is the weight of the Number 3, due to the all metal body, as I have heard stories of people’s arms growing tired whilst using the Die Cast. I have to say though that I never experienced any problems, and found the Doxy quite comfortable to use the entire time. 
With regard to noise, the Doxy is louder than many other vibrators; something which naturally comes with being a mains powered toy, but the volume of it is acceptable. In my experience it can be heard faintly on the other side of standard modern bedroom door, but not through a thin partition wall, especially if there’s furniture up against it, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about using it if you’re sharing your accommodation. 
I have to say, on the whole I do really like the Doxy Number 3. The only slight drawback for me is that it’s not more rumbly, as those are the vibrations I crave more than any other. The Doxy does an absolutely fantastic job though, and has many uses, and has delivered many great orgasms in the process of testing it. I would have no hesitation is recommending it to any of my readers.
Thanks so much to Doxy for sending me one to review, the Number 3 is available from: Lovehoney UK, Lovehoney EU, Lovehoney US, Lovehoney Australia,, and SheVibe

The Don by Doxy (AKA the Doxy Skittle)

A couple of weeks ago I received a message from William, one of the owners of Doxy, the British company behind the award-winning Doxy Wand, asking me if I’d be interested in trying out their newest product the Doxy Skittle*. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to test out their signature massage wand, but having heard many a voice in the blogosphere rave about it, naturally I was eager to get my hands on their latest creation. 
You can find out what I made of it below.

Update: The Doxy Skittle was rebranded as the Don by Doxy in 2016, following a trademark dispute with Wrigley over the name, but it remains the same product. I took this opportunity to revisit the Don and have included some subsequent thoughts.

The Doxy Skittle is possibly one of the most unusual-looking sex toys I’ve ever come across, and in my book that tends to be a good thing. The world of sex toys can often be a marketplace flooded with a slew of copycat products and regurgitated ideas, so when I see something this different the “innovation” lightbulb goes on above my head and I get excited.
The basic design of the Skittle is rather reminiscent of the lower half of a bowling pin, immediately giving away the origins of its name, and at the top of it it features this little insertable nub which is positioned off-centre and looks a lot like the teat on a cow’s udder. I’ve really never seen anything like it before, and it’s interesting to note that only 27% of its entire length is designed to be used inside the body. The product is constructed out of a nice solid plastic and covered in a layer of velvety silicone, and it all feels very robust.
The Skittle is a mains-powered sex toy, just like the Doxy Wand, and it comes with a very generous length of cable. From the plug to the control unit the cable measures 2.9m, and then from the controls to the Skittle itself there is another 0.8m of cable, making it very convenient to use if you don’t have a power socket directly by your bed, like me. The plug is one of these clever transformer units with the interchangeable prongs, which allow it to be used in any country, though it does only come with the corresponding set of prongs for the region you buy it in, but it’s not hard to obtain different ones online, or borrow them from another toy. 
The concept of the Skittle is that it’s intended to be a unisex product, so if you’re a man then that means you have the choice of using it either externally on the penis, or anally, depending on your preference. It’s a pretty simple device to operate via the inbuilt controls, and they have the handy feature of glowing blue so you can always see them no matter how low the illumination is in your room. The Skittle turns on in a constant vibration mode when you hit the power button, and then the intensity can be adjusted by holding down either the (+) or (-) buttons. As it’s mains powered that means it’s incredibly powerful, and when you first fire it up you can see the nub at the end shaking from side to side and causing a motion blur around the edges. One thing I like is that when you turn the unit off again it’ll remember the intensity level you last had it set at, so it’s ready to go the next time.

As well as the constant vibration mode which comes on by default, there’s also a variable escalating pulse setting – if you know how to find it. For me it’s not the most intuitive design, so you are liable to miss it if you’ve never used a Doxy product before, or you like to dive in straight away with a new toy, rather than reading instructions. It’s activated by holding down the power button for a count of three whilst the device is turned off. Once the button is released the Skittle powers on into the pulsing mode, and the speed of the pulses can then be adjusted again by using the (+) and (-) buttons.

If you’re a fan of using vibrators on the penis – something I always recommend trying out – then you’re sure to enjoy the Doxy Skittle too, because not only is it powerful, but it’s also got those deep rumbly vibrations that surpass all others. If you’ve never tried it then it delivers quite a different sensation to a stroking action, and creates intense and very pleasurable orgasms, often of the toe-curling variety. The only downside in this regard is that it’s a bit cumbersome on the whole. It’s far easier to pick up your We-Vibe Tango bullet when you’re looking for some rumbly vibrations on the penis, than it is to manage the extra size and weight of the Skittle, and the fact that you need one hand to hold it, and the other to operate the controls. This is less of an issue though if a partner is using it on you.
In terms of an anal device the Skittle is pretty intense, but it does take a little bit of getting used to. Unlike most anal toys, prostate massagers, etc, the useable portion of the Doxy is pretty small, only 2″ long, and at first that does seem like a bit of an issue. As much as I like to complain about some of the Rocks Off toys completely overestimating how deep the prostate is, the modest nub of the Skittle seems to fly in the opposite direction, and it’s hard to imagine how it would hit the prostate at all. The first few times I used the Skittle that did actually seem to bear out. I had it inside me, I switched it on, and I felt all these deep rumbly vibrations emanating from it, only they weren’t going into my prostate. They seemed to be going anywhere but in fact, and mostly into my sphincter which was clamped around the majority of its length. I was disappointed to say the least, but then I decided to change tack. I moved the Skittle around, I angled it, I pulled it into my body, and sure enough I could feel the end of the nub prodding into my prostate, so I turned it back on again. This was my epiphany moment. Finally I felt the roar of those vibrations rumbling deep into my prostate, and noticed my penis starting to swell in direct response. Now to be honest here, I’m not going to completely let the Skittle off the hook, because a bigger bulb at the outset would have eliminated the need for any of that, but as it is it does work, and if you could have seen the look on my face you’d know that those vibrations worked well.

The strength of the vibrations from the Skittle is impressive, and they have that deep penetrating quality that I require from my prostate toys. You can feel the rumbling waves going deep into the tissue and stimulating the core of the organ. One of the best ways I found to use it was with a shallow thrusting motion, pulling the Skittle deep inside me, and then letting off slightly, to create a manual massage of the prostate alongside the vibrations. This also had the added benefit of pressing the external portion of the Skittle firmly up against the perineum, which provided another pleasant sensation on top of what was happening internally. On constant mode I still found myself craving a little more power, as so often I do with anything used on my prostate, but it was on the pulsing mode that the Skittle really came into its own. There’s no adjusting the strength in pulse mode, only the speed of the pulses, so the power of the vibrations will gradually ramp up from zero to max as quickly or slowly as you desire, and for me the slowest settings proved to be mind-blowing. With the Skittle firmly pulled into my prostate I could feel the power building, edging ever higher, feeling more and more intense by the second, and it was like nothing I’d felt from any other toy. It finally reaches its glorious peak and then it drops off, pausing for a split second, before starting again from the bottom. It’s one of those moments where you sit there and think to yourself “wow…” and something that everyone needs to experience for themselves. It’s probably the closest I’ve felt I’ve come to achieving a prostate orgasm, and something tells me that with a little more practice it could be doable with the Skittle.

There are of course other ways to experiment with using the Skittle, including standing it on its flat base and squatting over it, but these are somewhat limited by the issue with the size of the nub. Having experienced the satisfaction of shallow thrusting with the Skittle, I’d really like to be able to try riding it like I would a dildo, but unfortunately you do tend to slip off the end entirely.

Like many mains powered devices it is that little bit more noisy than the majority of battery powered toys, but it’s not too wild so I wouldn’t worry about it being heard through a closed door. The sound does seem to amplify though if it makes contact with a mattress, so it’s quieter in hand. 

For me the Doxy Skittle is a really interesting device, because the design is completely unique, and it gives an unparalleled strength of vibrations for a toy that can be used anally. It does have its drawbacks, but then it’s trying to do a lot of different things for different people, so you can’t expect it to be perfect for your particular use. While the small nub does make it versatile, and especially accessible for those not accustomed to anal play, it does also hold it back. When it works, it works amazingly, and those powerful pulsing vibrations are mind-blowing, but I would really love to see them make a new model with a bigger insertable portion, which really takes it to the next level. Though I really wasn’t sure about the Skittle at first, I have been converted, and would gladly recommend people give it a shot.
 Many thanks to Doxy for kindly sending the Skittle to me to review.

The Don by Doxy is available now from the following retailers:, Simply Pleasure, and SheVibe.