Tantus Adam O2

It’s another week and another nice new product to test out! This time I was sent the Tantus Adam O2 to review.
The Adam is another dual-density dildo, like the Tantus Max O2 which I reviewed last year, and being that I’m a big fan of these I was quite eager to get my hands on it. You can check out the review below.

The Adam is one of Tantus’s range of realistic dildos, both in terms of appearance and feeling, and comes from the popular O2 line of toys. The dildo is a pretty good-sized item, slotting in somewhere between the modest Hank and the imposing Max, and it offers dimensions that you might well stumble across when meeting someone in real life, provided that you have reasonable fortune. In total it’s around 7 3/4″ long, though taking an accurate measurement can be tricky due to the curve, and it offers about 6 7/8″ that can actually be inserted. The girth along the shaft is nice and uniform, remaining at a steady 5 3/8″ circumference throughout, and altogether it’s a pretty nice package to behold.

Like all Tantus products the Adam is made of 100% platinum silicone, but what makes the O2 toys special is that they’re made from two different types of silicone. The base and the internal core of the dildo are made from a fairly firm silicone, typical of most Tantus products, and this gives the dildo its shape while still allowing for a nice amount of flex. The firm core is then covered by a very soft layer of silicone which imitates the more ‘squishy’ areas of a real penis, such as the skin and the glans. This layer is fairly thin over most of the shaft, but does feel slightly thicker along the underside, through where the urethra would run on a real penis. The core extends only about halfway into the head of the dildo, leaving the majority of it made from the soft silicone alone, and this is wonderfully supple and has a lot of give to it.

The surface of the silicone incorporates two finishes: the shaft is matte and feels velvety to the touch, while the head is completely smooth and shiny, and this seems to be a common feature in all of Tantus’s realistic dildos, through the Max, the Hank, and the Pack ‘n’ Play. Unlike with my Max O2 the silicone on the Adam doesn’t have even a hint of tackiness to its surface, which is very welcome to note. As always the advantages of silicone, dual-density or not, as a toy material are that it’s odourless, non-porous, and completely body-safe, and this is why it remains one of my favourites.

The construction of the dildo is done to a very high standard, and you won’t find any hint of a mould line anywhere along it. Curiously my one complaint is exactly the same as the one I had with the Max O2, and that is holes in the material. Right down at the bottom of the dildo, along the surface of the base, are two small holes in the softer layer of material. These are just like the ones I spotted on the balls of the Max, and look as though they were formed from air bubbles in the material. When I first spotted it on the Max I assumed it was just an isolated incident, but now it’s happened twice in two O2 dildos I’m wondering if it’s more prolific. It’s not a huge deal, and probably not enough to compel me to send a toy back, but I’m someone who hates to find imperfections in anything. I do wonder slightly now about Tantus’s quality control system if these things keep slipping through, even though I remain a big supporter of the company on the whole.

The design of the Adam features a head much like that on the Pack ‘n’ Play No.1; it’s quite plump and dome-shaped, and its shiny surface doesn’t incorporate a lot of detail. The only significant difference between the two is that the Adam features a slight groove in the head to demarcate the urethral opening, and the corona of the glans is much less pronounced. The head blends almost seamlessly into the shaft below, with nothing much to mark the transition aside from a slight ridge on the underside intended to crudely mimic part of the frenulum. The surface of the shaft is, on the whole, marginally more detailed than the head, and features several raised areas which look like veins traversing beneath the skin. It’s not a huge amount of detail, but it does add some points of interest and makes the dildo seem slightly more lifelike. Undoubtedly the most noticeable feature of the shaft is the prominent curve which it exhibits, and which gives the dildo a rather banana-like quality. It’s definitely one of the stronger bends that I’ve seen in a toy, and no one could ever accuse it of being subtle.

The base of the dildo is designed to make it completely harness-friendly, and it lacks the somewhat cumbersome balls of the Max. The base is 2 5/8″ inches wide and made entirely from the firmer silicone; it’s flared nature acts to make the dildo completely anal-safe, and it also doubles as a good way to stand the toy upright, without the lean causing it to lose stability and topple over. It feels very strong and solid, whether you’re holding onto it or relying on it staying in an O-ring harness. If you are intending to to use it in a harness then you’ll find that the Adam holds its shape well, thanks to the solid core which prevents any drooping like you might find in the Pack ‘n’ Play. When held horizontally it does look positively perky thanks to the curve of the shaft, rather than merely jutting out straight in front.

The Adam is a truly lovely toy to use, especially for anal play, and it’s incredibly comfortable at every step, starting with insertion. Because of its realistic size it should suit a fairly wide range of people, and the softness of the material makes it a pleasure to use without the need for warm up. The slightly-tapered head with its shiny surface helps the dildo to slide very easily into the body, and you feel an ever-so-subtle bump as the muscle passes over what little coronal ridge there is. The soft layer of material feels gentle against the sphincter the entire time, and provides a nice cushion if you decide to pause and give the dildo a little squeeze. The matte surface of the shaft has a little bit of drag to it, which personally I like, and it also helps to hold onto lube very well. Once the dildo is inside the body it does feel nice and comfortable, especially as it sucks up heat and warms to body temperature. You do remain quite aware of the firmness of the core throughout, which is an interesting point because it will divide people along individual preferences. Personally I’m one of those people who likes a bit of everything depending on my mood, whether it be the extreme firmness of glass, or the wonderful flexibility of the Pack ‘n’ Play. The Adam has a nice combination because it flexes enough to be comfortable inside you, but it’s firm enough that you can direct pressure where you want. It’s definitely a little more flexible than the Max too, just because the shaft is thinner.

The curvature of the shaft gives you a couple of options when it comes to how you choose to insert it, and while initially I did have my reservations about the severe angle, this feature does means that it turns out to be a really good prostate toy. I find that the best way to use it in this regard is by going against conventional wisdom. When you’re looking at the anatomy of the rectum you’ll notice that it curves backwards towards the spine, while the prostate is located towards the front. Most people would assume because of that that you want to insert the Adam with it curving forwards so that the head angles upwards and into the prostate, but it works far better in the reverse. If you insert the dildo with the curve going backwards, so that it follows the natural shape of the rectum, then that big bulge where the shaft bends will rub the prostate during the entire thrust. A few rapid and rhythmic thrusts like this will drive you wild, and for a dildo with little to no texture it provides an awful lot of prostate stimulation, something which is worth buying it for alone.

Aside from how you insert it you also have options on how you play with the dildo; you can thrust with it manually using the base as a handle, or you can use the stability of the base to allow you to squat over it and ride it, but either way you needn’t worry about being too vigorous as the soft head cushions any impact with your insides. If you’re using it in a harness with a partner then I’d recommend the doggystyle position, as that will help the shape best target the prostate. What’s a bit of a shame is that the toy isn’t compatible with a suction cup, as I can only imagine that it would feel great to use when stuck to a wall.

I have to say that overall I’m really pleased with the Adam and it makes another fine addition to my toy collection. It’s well made using quality materials, the dual-density aspect feels wonderful, and the intense curve is great for prostate stimulation. I can happily recommend this to anyone looking for a high-quality dildo.
You can buy the Tantus Adam O2 directly from Tantus