Fleshjack Fivesome

It’s almost become something of a ritual now, that every time I add a new member to my chorus of Fleshjack dildos I take new photos.
Check it out below to see some more group photos, as well as some comparison shots of the Pierre Fitch, Brent Corrigan, and Brent Everett together.

Brent CorriganBrent EverettPierre Fitch
Brent CorriganBrent EverettPierre Fitch
Kevin WarholBrent EverettPierre FitchBrent CorriganJason Visconti

Kevin Warhol Dildo

I received a wonderful prize in the post the other day, straight from the offices of Bel Ami Online in the Czech Republic, my very own Kevin Warhol dildo by Fleshjack. It’s one of those things which goes to show that entering competitions on Twitter really can pay off. Huge thanks go out to the guys at Kinky Angels who sent this to me, as I really am going to treasure it.
For those who don’t know who Kevin Warhol is he’s an exclusive model for the Eastern-European gay porn production company Bel Ami, and features in their Kinky Angels series. He’s also popped up in an issue of UK fashion magazine Coitus (of which I am an avid collector), as well as a few photography books such as the Blush of Youth which I reviewed a while back. I certainly count myself amongst one of his fans, which made winning this all the more exciting.
I’m sure that what you’re all dying to know though is how his dildo performs, so without further ado!

The Kevin Warhol is easily the smallest dildo I’ve had from Fleshjack so far; it feels as though I’m steadily going down the scale from the gigantic penises of Brent Corrigan and Pierre Fitch, to the average Jason Visconti, and now this even more compact model. The dildo measures in at a straight 6″ long from base to tip, while a mere 4 3/4″ are actually insertable once you discount the balls. In terms of the girth this is pretty consistent throughout and the shaft measures an average of 5 1/8″ around.

The dildo is manufactured from 100% platinum silicone in a pale flesh-tone. As the Bel Ami range is relatively new all the dildos are made from the softer silicone, like with the Brent Corrigan and Jason Visconti models which I reviewed, and I find this exhibits quite similar properties to the silicone used in the Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play line. It’s a really lovely material to squeeze as it has a lot of give in the surface, and it’s easy to bend back and forth, and even twist or stretch slightly. The quality of construction is completely faultless; I’ve examined the dildo thoroughly (for review purposes of course) and I cannot find a single flaw in it to complain about, nor is there a mould-line in sight.

As you can expect from any Fleshjack dildo the Kevin Warhol is exceptionally detailed, and unquestionably the closest anatomical replica you can currently get in a sex toy. I’ve yet to find any other company which has been able to pull it off as well as Fleshjack, and they really must be lauded for that. The silicone exquisitely captures all of the finer points of the human penis, including the grain of the skin, small veins along the surface of the shaft, and every wrinkle and hair follicle of the scrotum. You really could spend a significant amount of time examining every inch of its surface, and there’d always be a little something new there to see.

The dildo starts off with a beautifully-shaped head which looks perfectly-proportioned from every angle. It’s not especially plump and flared like you find with some penises, but it’s completely in keeping with the rest of the shaft. The glans itself has a tiny bit of texture, as you might expect from the high level of detail, but largely it’s smooth. At the top of the head the meatus (the opening into the urethra) has been captured beautifully by the moulding process; the recess doesn’t extend quite as deeply into the dildo as on the Jason Visconti, but it’s still enough to get the tip of your tongue in there if you’re so inclined. Directly below the meatus a nice thick frenulum connects the head to the shaft, and is quite prominent. Given their European roots the guys from Bel Ami are some of the few Fleshjack Boys who aren’t circumcised, so you get the pleasure of some extra detailing at the top of the shaft of where the foreskin sits. The relatively short frenulum holds the retracted foreskin quite closely behind the glans, and it bunches up with a pronounced wrinkle only 1/8″ down from the rim of the head. This makes an interesting contrast with the Jason Visconti dildo, where the much looser foreskin smooths out over the shaft and is barely noticeable. The whole shaft has a largely uniform thickness, and it curves upwards towards the tip much in the same way as the Brent Corrigan dildo does. At the base of the shaft is a lovely pair of balls which are perfectly matched in size with the rest of the dildo. One thing which I really like about them is the slight cleft running down the centre of the scrotum, so each testicle is shaped individually, rather than the balls just appearing as a single mound, as is the case with some of the other dildos. As a result of this you’ll notice if you flip the dildo over that the base forms the shape of a heart, which I rather liked as it happened to arrive on Valentine’s Day. It’s never very good etiquette to describe another man’s penis as “cute,” but I really can’t think of a better adjective for this dildo. Just like Kevin himself the replica of his penis is simply adorable in every way. As my readers may have gathered I can be rather fussy about what I consider to be an attractive penis, and while this may not be the biggest in the world it certainly is perfectly formed. When you take it out of the box for the first time you just instinctively want to play with it; it’s such a nice fit in your hand, and feels so realistic there, whether you’re cupping the balls or have your fingers wrapped around the shaft. The shape and proportions are just spot on, and I must say that never before have I been struck by such an urge to put a dildo in my mouth. As much as I do like a big penis it’s really not the be all and end all, and when something looks as stunning as this suddenly size is secondary. You definitely get the fantasy element from it on two fronts, because 1.) yes it is Kevin Warhol‘s penis, that unthinkably gorgeous man from those sexy videos, and 2.) it’s just a beautiful looking penis in general, one with the aesthetic calibre to warrant its appearance in porn.

The Kevin Warhol dildo is a wonderful toy to use, especially for those who aren’t accustomed to anything too large, or indeed anything at all. Everything about it just suggests that it would be perfect as a starter dildo for a beginner. It’s a dildo that gives you a slightly more realistic fantasy; if Kevin is your favourite porn star, but you’ve never slept with more than average-sized men, then you’re going to be able to use this without any hassle and live out that little scenario in your mind. The issue with many of the Fleshjack dildos is that they’re just huge, and when you’re dreaming of sleeping with your favourite porn star after seeing them on screen  and imagining the pleasure, when you suddenly realise just how long and thick Brent Corrigan’s or Pierre Fitch’s penis actually is person it may come as a shock. With the Kevin Warhol dildo it’s a much more user-friendly size, and suited to a much larger array of people.

The nice tapered head helps the dildo to slip easily into the body, and the soft silicone feels gentle and comfortable against the sphincter. You feel a subtle double-bump as you pass over the coronal ridge and the wrinkle of foreskin in quick succession. Because it is such a realistic dildo all that minute detail of the skin that’s captured in the surface creates a small amount of texture, which in turn causes a slight degree of drag. It’s a level of drag which is only really perceptible if you have the experience of a smooth shiny dildo to directly compare it against, and it doesn’t have any affect on the performance, especially when the toy’s slick with a high-quality anal lube.

You have a couple of options of how you can choose to use the dildo; the balls at the base make a really nice handle to grab onto and manually thrust with, but their size and broad footprint also give the dildo a low centre of gravity, so you can stand it upright somewhere and ride it without it toppling over. If you prefer the riding option then you may want to put it atop a pillow or something first, just to give it a little extra height whilst you’re using it. The ratio of length to thickness with the shaft makes the dildo quite solid, allowing you to squat over it and insert it without having to guide the tip in by hand. This is also handy in case you get too boisterous during play and slip off the end, as you can just drop back down again and have it inside you without fussing around. The amount of flex in the material means that the dildo can bend around all inside the body and gives a really comfortable ride.

The modest length of the dildo means that it’s possible to fully insert it without any trouble, and end up seated with your perineum resting on top of the balls. Because of this you can quite comfortably get some long strokes going when thrusting with it. Depending on which way you’ve inserted the dildo it can offer some great prostate stimulation. There’s just something about that short shaft with the upturned end that has the head ploughing straight into the prostate with every stroke. You’ll just want to thrust faster and faster to feel the pleasurable sensations the dildo delivers as it repeatedly applies pressure to the right spot. The best part is that you can’t get too carried away, as the dildo isn’t that long you can thrust as hard and fast as you like, and there’s no risk of slipping and getting a painful prod to the insides. It’s definitely not the most filling dildo in the world, and perhaps the one thing it lacks is giving a good stretch to the sphincter – if that’s what you like – the thing is you almost forget about that when using it, because of how well it works on the prostate. I commented a lot earlier about how it’s a good dildo for a beginner, but I have a lot of experience and I can safely say that it has a good deal to offer the more advanced user too.

The dildo comes packaged inside a cardboard box, but something a little more than just an ordinary box. The box is black for the most part, and adorned with various brand logos and images of Kevin holding his dildo, but the front of the box is actually a door which can be opened. The flap is held down with velcro, but once opened you can see the contents of the box inside clearly through a plastic window. The dildo is held securely inside the box by a plastic tray which is moulded to the shape of it. On the whole the packaging is nice and it’s perfectly suited to storing the dildo in long term.

Overall I’d have to say that I’m just as impressed with this dildo as I have been with every other product I’ve tried from Fleshjack in the past; if anything it just makes me want to get more. When it comes to making highly-detailed realistic dildos Fleshjack really are the master at this. There are currently 13 in total to collect, and I’m barely scratching the surface with my 4. The Kevin Warhol is a stunning dildo with a size that will suit everyone, and a shape which puts it ahead of the competition in terms of prostate stimulation. Whether you’re a fan of Kevin Warhol or not, or just someone seduced by the look of the dildo, I can happily give my full recommendation to it; it really is a lovely product. Check out my photos here.

The Kevin Warhol dildo is available from Esmale where you can get an extra 10% off by using the code ‘INCEND10’ at the checkout.

Alternatively you can purchase it directly from Fleshjack, along with the other Bel Ami boys, and they ship from locations in the US, Canada, Australia, and Spain: