Mister Twister

This month the folks over at EdenFantasys have sent me the Mister Twister to review for them. It’s the third new glass toy I’ve had of late and my fourth in total, so I’m starting to build a little collection of them. Find out what I thought after the jump!

The Mister Twister is another of these hybrid toys which blurs the line between butt plug and dildo, much like the Icicles No. 37, so it offers versatility on how it can be used.

The basic design of the Mister Twister is reminiscent of the Metal Worx Teazer, with its long conical body, slim neck, and spherical stopper on the end. The biggest difference is that the body of the Mister Twister is significantly longer, measuring 7″ in total and with around 5 3/4″ insertable.
The Mister Twister is hand-blown from borosilicate glass (pyrex), and this hand-crafted approach is somewhat evident in the lack of uniformity in the design. I think that the body of mine looks rather like a carrot, or some other root vegetable, just by the way it angles slightly to one side and the surface ebbs in and out. The toy definitely isn’t symmetrical and you can be certain that no two will ever be identical, giving you a unique piece.
The glass is actually primarily clear, but with stripes of blue pigment embedded into the surface, and these swirl all the way around the body of the toy giving it a beautiful appearance which really catches the light. For about the first 3/4 of the body the stripes are actually raised, giving a subtle ridged texture which corkscrews down the length, but by the time they reach down to the tip the surface has become completely smooth.

The quality of the construction is of a high standard, and there are no scratches or chips in the surface, nor any bubbles within the glass itself. Borosilicate glass is actually a very durable material, so it should be able to withstand a reasonable amount of abuse without becoming damaged, and there’s absolutely no need to worry about it breaking during use.

Glass is a wonderful material for those who enjoy firmer and more rigid toys, as just by the very nature of it it can apply pressure substantially to wherever you want it. Glass is also a great material for temperature play as it holds both heat and coldness well, whether you want to warm it up in a basin of hot water, or cool it down in the freezer. The only material which really beats it for this is metal.

When it comes to using the Mister Twister it’s a very easy toy to insert. At the rounded tip it starts off with a very modest circumference of only 3″, and this gently tapers out to the widest point of 4 5/8″ at the opposite end. With only a moderate amount of lubricant the tip will slip comfortably though even the tightest sphincter, feeling like nothing more than a slightly thick finger, and the smooth surface of the glass in this area aids the process. As you continue to steadily insert the plug the shape of it expands the sphincter at quite a slow rate, so if you’re not too familiar with anal play it’ll definitely ease you into the process, and not come as a sudden shock to the system. The spiral texture of the plug starts to become apparent the further you get down the shaft, and is quite a welcome addition. The texture is quite subtle, with the ridges being rather narrow, shallow, and packed closely together, so they provide a pleasant stimulation to the anus without being too intense. Their inclusion definitely adds an extra dimension to the plug and makes it a little more interesting; it’s enough that it shouldn’t scare off a beginner, but will still be satisfying to a more seasoned anal-player and lover of texture.

If you’re thinking of wearing it as a plug then there are a couple of things to note. The first is that it is a little on the long side. By the time my sphincter was just about resting on the neck of the plug I could feel the tip of it pushing firmly up against the top of my rectum, and it was borderline uncomfortable. After a while I became accustomed to it, but being 3/4″ shorter would have been more ideal. Obviously this depends on how well you know your own anatomy, as it may prove less problematic for some and more for others; just be sure to insert it slowly as you approach the neck, as once the sphincter slips over the widest point the remainder of the bulb does tend to get sucked into the body, and if the plug is a little on the long side for you then it could result in a sharp and unpleasant poke in your insides. The second point pertains really to the rigidity of the plug. Because the shaft can’t flex around inside the body it makes its own path, and while this doesn’t affect the comfort of wearing it, it does result in the ball at the base coming out of the body at a slightly strange angle. The blue sphere does look quite attractive nestled between the buttocks, but with all these factors combined you really can’t sit down while wearing the plug.

Probably my favourite way to use the Mister Twister is for thrusting, as then you get to take advantage of the texture which feels wonderful as the muscle of the sphincter ripples back and forth across it. The only downside here is actually the shape, as I feel that the texture would be more enjoyable on a completely straight shaft rather than a tapered one. Something gets a little lost along the way as the muscle is constantly expanding and contracting, rather than staying stationary as it glides over the ridges, but this can be improved on by clenching the sphincter as you thrust. The other great thing to do is just to rotate plug whilst the muscle is sitting along the shaft, but this can be tricky to do if there’s lube on your fingers as the smooth glass ball isn’t easy to get a grip on. Either way, as long as the Mister Twister is moving you get the enjoyment of that texture.

The packaging for the Mister Twister is incredibly simplistic and minimal. It just comes wrapped in a small piece of bubble wrap, which is sufficient to protect it in transit, and this turn is slipped inside a red velvet pouch. There’s no branding anywhere, nor an enclosed information pamphlet, but personally I quite like this approach as it means less packaging to throw away or clutter up your cupboards. The velvet pouch is of a straight forward drawstring design and makes a nice place store your toy when not in use, so I appreciate its inclusion.

Overall I’d be inclined to recommend the Mister Twister. It’s a really pretty piece, it has a lovely texture, and if you’re looking for a modestly-sized toy for some good anal sensations then it definitely delivers. If you want the same texture, but with a more traditional dildo shape, then the Swirled Blue by Don Wands might be a good option.

You can buy the Mister Twister from Eden Fantasys.

Blue dildo made of borosilicate glass. This stimulating style is 100% dishwasher safe. This item is non-porous, hypoallergenic and works with any lubricant.Pyrex glass dildo with a cobalt blue swirled bodyGlass G-spot dildo with flared base and swirled texture.

Tantus Goddess Handle

Recently Tantus have gone and given their popular dildo the Goddess a bit of a revamp, and added a brand new handle to the base. EdenFantasys were kind enough to send it to me to review this month, and you can see what I thought about it after the jump!

The Goddess Handle is a one of a pair of new products from Tantus this year, including the Echo Handle, which follows the success of the Anaconda – Tantus’s first handled dildo – by adding a handle to the base of one of their most popular designs. 
The dildo has a total length of 10 3/4″, with 6 1/2″ of this designed to be insertable, and the remainder taken up by the 4 1/4″ handle. The handle itself has a matte finish to add grip, while the insertable portion is similar to the original Goddess in design, and features a smooth shiny surface.
The Goddess Handle has an interesting shape, featuring a lot of texture, but in contrast to the original Goddess this texture is significantly less pronounced. At the top of the dildo is a nice bulbous head which flares out at the sides like a bell, forming the widest point of the toy at 4 3/4″ around. Beneath this the circumference narrows slightly to an average of 4 3/8″ going into the shaft. On the reverse of the dildo the shaft is almost completely smooth, with only some shallow vertical grooves wrapping around from the sides, but on the front it’s a different matter. The front of the dildo features three raised areas each of which takes the form of an almost triangular shape, with its peak pointed towards the head. This texture is really quite subtle, and is nowhere near as pronounced as in the Echo. The texture stops short of the handle, leaving a 1 1/4″ section that is completely smooth, and that has the narrowest circumference of the shaft at only 4 1/4″
The Goddess Handle is made from 100% platinum silicone, like all Tantus products, but what’s unusual for Tantus is that the silicone is very firm. Most Tantus toys have a nice degree squishability and flex in them, and you can squeeze them and bend them about with relative ease. The Goddess Handle is very different though; there’s little give in the material at all when you try to squeeze it, and it’s quite inflexible. The need for this rigidity is understandable when considering the addition of the handle, as due to the extra length and weight of material it needs to hold its shape and not bend about too much during use. The construction of the Goddess Handle is impeccable, as I’ve come to expect from Tantus. The dildo is made entirely in one piece, and the surface is free from any mould lines or imperfections. The “strawberry” colour of the material is a bright fluorescent-neon pink, which is a much bolder shade than the “pearl pink” used in other Tantus toys.
The slender design of the Goddess Handle makes it nice and easy to insert, especially if you’re using it anally, but you still get a little “pop” from the flare of the head as it goes in. The end is somewhat blunt, so for a complete novice it might not be the best toy for first anal use. The subtle texture of the Goddess is really nice for thrusting, and the whole dildo slides in and out of the body seamlessly, with very little friction. If you’re completely relaxed when thrusting then the texture isn’t that obvious, but if you squeeze down tightly against the dildo with your muscles then you can really feel it. I find that this is the most pleasurable way to enjoy the Goddess; if you attempt it with the Echo it can feel too intense, but the amount of texture on the Goddess is just right to provide pleasurable stimulation as the bumps slide in and out, but without it being too much.   The slim girth of the dildo means that it doesn’t feel that filling when it’s inside, but the texture compensates for this perfectly, so it balances out. Another nice feature of the dildo is how the material reacts to the body. The longer you’re using it the more of your body heat the silicone will soak up, until the temperature reaches equilibrium and a wonderfully natural feeling results.

One of the main features of the Goddess Handle is in fact the handle itself, and this is useful in more than one way; if you like to squat over your dildos and ride them, as opposed to manually thrusting, then you can still do that, the handle just provides a little extra height so you don’t need to squat so low, which can be quite useful. The handle can also be used in the manner that it’s intended – to aid thrusting – whether by yourself or with a partner. The handle is very solid, providing a firm grip, and allowing you to direct your thrusts where you want them to go, especially if you’re trying to angle the tip into the prostate for example. I wouldn’t say that it’s the best dildo for stimulating the prostate, just in terms of its shape, but with careful manipulation via the handle you can quickly have it hitting your sweet spots.

One thing I don’t like about the Goddess Handle is the firmness of the material; if you’re thrusting quite vigorously with the dildo, or have a partner that’s using it on you, and you accidentally go too deep then it can be quite painful, especially anally. The rectum is notably quite shallow, so if you happen to hit the top of it when you’re thrusting then it can feel like a battering ram, as there’s not enough give in the material to cushion the impact, nor enough flex for the dildo to bend around and go deeper into the colon. Personally I find that this lets the product down, as it’s really designed to be used on you by another person, but you have to make sure that they’re going to be extra careful with it, or else you’re going to be too worried about them potentially injuring you to enjoy the experience. I think it would have been better if Tantus had designed it with the firmer silicone only in the bottom half of the dildo, to allow for some flexibility near the tip where it’s needed.

When it comes for caring for the dildo it’s a very simple affair. Silicone is a naturally odourless and non-porous material, which lends itself to a variety of cleaning methods, including sterilisation. You can wash it with antibacterial soap and hot water, use a toy wipe, pop it in the dishwasher, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, and even leave it submerged in boiling water for a couple of minutes – provided you can find a pan large enough to put it in. The only downside is that you’ll probably want to wash the dildo before use as well as after, as the material does attract a lot of dust. As always with silicone, remember to only use water-based lubes.
Overall I’m pretty pleased with the Goddess Handle. It’s another quality product from Tantus that certainly has its own variety of uses. The only let down for me is just how firm the material is, and for that reason I’d probably be more inclined to go for the regular Goddess instead.
You can buy the Goddess Handle directly from Tantus, as well as EdenFantasys.