VixSkin Outlaw

Fresh off the heels of my Johnny review I thought I’d tackle the fourth and final dual-density Vixen dildo in my collection, the mammoth that is the Outlaw.
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When it came to buying another VixSkin dildo back in 2013 there was really only one direction for me to head in, and The Outlaw may well be the biggest dildo in Vixen’s repertoire. To put it frankly, it’s a beast, and how else would you describe something that’s as long as your forearm and thicker than your wrist?
The Outlaw is what I like to think of the ultimate fantasy dildo. If you’ve ever dreamed of sex with an abnormally large penis, the type that’s rare even within the world of porn, then the Outlaw is the big squishy colossus that’s going to make it happen.
It’s quite uncommon amongst sex toys to find a dildo that’s both massive, realistic, and made from a high-quality material, so the Outlaw is a truly unique catch. To give you an idea of the sheer size, it measures 9 1/2″ from base to tip, with 9″ insertable, and a circumference of 6 1/4″ which remains consistent down its length. Not something you could exactly hide in a pair of skinny jeans.
The design is much more muted than with the Johnny, with a completely straight shaft and a head that barely flares out, but it maintains the same high level of detailing. You can see the grain of the skin all across the shaft, along with plenty of shallow surface veins, and near the head there’s a wrinkle of foreskin that wraps around and forms a frenulum on the underside. On the whole it’s still pretty realistic, as much as it can be for something of its size, but slightly less so than the Johnny. 
The Outlaw is made from Vixen’s dual-density “VixSkin” silicone, which employs the same principle as the Tantus O2 toys to create a realistic feel. At the core there’s a medium-firm silicone which gives the toy its structure, and this in turn is coated in a layer of plush squishy soft silicone, which mimics the spongy nature of the glans. I absolutely adore the feeling of these toys, and it’s hard not to sit there just squeezing them every time you take them out.
When it comes to using the Outlaw you’re really going to want a warm up toy, because there’s not a whole lot of taper on that head. I used it right on the back of finishing up with the Johnny, and I found that that was sufficient. As long as you’ve done a little bit of the work first, then inserting the Outlaw is actually pretty easy and comfortable, and the soft material helps to gently stretch you to accommodate it. Once you’ve got past that you can begin to experience just how filling the Outlaw is, especially as you take it deeper. The initial fullness is very pleasant and enjoyable, but depth can be a challenge as it begins to stretch you in places that aren’t used to that girth. If you’ve mostly been using conical butt plugs to become accustomed to taking larger toys, then the deeper areas will only have experienced the narrow end of the taper, so something long and thick will comes as a shock. This does actually make the Outlaw a good training tool for taking bigger things deeper, because the softness of the material ensures minimal discomfort as you steadily attempt to work it deeper inside.
In terms of performance the Outlaw is a blunt instrument, and everything it does comes down to its size. The whole dildo fills you up so well that it can’t avoid hitting your prostate every time, and so there’s no nuance to the design, or need for any little trick. It really doesn’t even matter which way around you insert it, because that bulbous tip is going to do its job regardless of where the ridge on the head is facing. One thing I really like about the Outlaw is the extra height it gives you whilst riding it. Unless you’re planning on taking it to the base every time, it enables you to thrust without having to squat all the way down to whatever surface you’re resting it on. Most of the time shallow thrusts are all you need for good prostate stimulation, and it can feel quite intense. The wonderful fullness combined with the repeated firm contact with the gland creates a wonderful and highly-satisfying sensation. You really do get that fantasy scenario of this big schlong stretching you out and bludgeoning all your erogenous zones, as it drives you towards ecstasy. It’s a totally different experience to with the Johnny, and allows you to blissfully indulge in a true size-queen moment.
Much like with the Johnny the balls do let the Outlaw down a little. The dildo won’t even stand upright by itself once they’ve begun to curl up, so you will need to hold it and guide it into your body, rather than just lowering yourself down onto it. It’s not a huge deal, but sometimes you do want to set a dildo aside while in the middle of using it, without lying the lube-covered sections against a surface.
So let’s cut to the verdict on this one. If you want a huge, realistic, body-safe donkey dick to fulfil all your fantasies, then this is the one I’m going to recommend. Vixen make some incredible products, and I definitely love the Outlaw. I’m not quite the size queen I used to be, but for special occasions it’s great to bring out the big gun
The Outlaw is available from SheVibe, Lovehoney U.S, and Lovehoney UK

VixSkin Johnny

It’s time for a review of one of my favourite dildos, and I can’t believe it’s taken me all this time to get around to it, the Vixen Creations VixSkin Johnny.

I first bought this dildo back in 2013, making it the third dual-density Vixen toy in my collection, and it’s by far the most realistic one I own. Head below for the review!

I have to admit, I can’t get enough of VixSkin dildos. Since the moment I first laid eyes on one many moons ago it began something of a love affair, so it was only a matter of time before one became two, and now two became three… Somehow there always seems to be a perfectly good reason to get another. With the Randy I had to have it because of its sheer girth, with the Maverick it was all about that stunning colour, and now with the Johnny it was that beautiful realistic look that attracted me to it more than anything. As much as I love an abstract dildo, packed with exciting shapes and colours, sometimes you really just crave the beauty of an actual penis, and the Johnny fulfils that brief excellently.

Of all the toys I own the Johnny probably most reminds me of the Tantus Adam, and that’s purely down to its shape. That lazy backwards curve makes it look as though it’s just drunk a rum cocktail out of a coconut, and is about to end its vacation by dancing under a limbo pole. It is a real thing of beauty, more detailed and realistic than any toy I own, bar the Fleshjack dildos that were cast directly from real men. You can see the subtle creases in the balls, the protruding veins meandering up the shaft, and a little ruffle of skin below the head, like an Elizabethan collar of retracted foreskin. No attention has been spared in its crafting, and as a connoisseur of fine phalluses I very much appreciate it.

In terms of size it maintains its sense of realism, avoiding any truly outlandish proportions. In total it’s 7 1/2″ long, with 6 3/4″ insertable, while the girth measures in at 5 3/8″ in circumference around the middle of the shaft, increasing slightly to 5 3/4″ around the widest part of the head. It’s slightly above average, but it’s a good believable size for anyone looking to keep things in proportion.

My favourite feature of the dildo by far has to be how squishy it is, and that’s down to the VixSkin construction. Vixen Creations are the original manufacturers of the dual-density dildos – the pioneers – and as much as I adore my O2 Tantus toys, Vixen admittedly do it a little better. Well, “better” is subjective, so instead let’s simply say that they do it differently. Unlike Tantus dildos which tend to have a large inner core, and only a thin layer of soft silicone, Vixen are extra generous with the softer material. The result is that most of the shaft is just as soft and squeezable as the head, which does compromise the realism effect somewhat, but it’s just so damn nice to grab in your fist that you find yourself not caring about the accuracy. It’s like having a squishy dick-shaped play thing to throw around to your heart’s content, and that pretty entertaining in and of itself.

In terms of actually using the dildo it’s an absolute treat, and it starts off with a very comfortable insertion. Naturally you’re going to expect a bit of a stretch given the size of the Johnny, but the squishiness of the material completely cushions the impact, and it actually feels quite gentle against the muscles as they slowly dilate. In my experience there’s no need for a warm-up toy prior, and if you take your time you won’t risk straining anything. With it inside the body it does actually feel quite real, and you get a pleasant sense of fullness from it, with no unwanted jabbing or poking. It even begs you to squeeze it as hard as you can with your muscles, just to test how soft it really feels. One of my favourite features is that if you give it a little time to absorb some of your body heat, then it warms up to a natural temperature to further that sense of realism.

The curve on the Johnny gives you a couple of options on how to use it, either with the curve pointing forwards towards the prostate, or backwards in the direction of the spine. With many dildos you find that they only really function well in one orientation, but what’s especially nice about the Johnny is that it performs equally well both ways, though slightly differently.

My instinct is typically to start with a curved dildo in the backwards position, and here I found that the Johnny slipped fully into my body with no trouble at all. As it gets deeper you can feel that pressure as it hits the top of the rectum, but instead of stopping it just keeps going further. At first that surprised me, and pleasantly so, as normally depth can be something I struggle with, but that combination of the curved shape, the flexible shaft, and the squishy tip, all seemed to help it slink seamlessly around inside me. You get a unique sense of fullness when something goes that far, but the whole thing felt perfectly comfortable. In this position the dildo seems to benefit from long hard thrusts, and one of the pleasurable sensations it produces each time is actually when it goes the full depth. Initially I was worried that there would be discomfort if I was too rough with deep thrusting, but none ever materialised. In terms of prostate stimulation, at first I didn’t experience much in this position, and thought that I may have to write it off, but it actually all depends on technique. If you’re riding the dildo and you simply go up and down, then it doesn’t do a lot for the prostate, but if you come at it from an angle and thrust up and back, and down and forward, then it really pulls the shaft into the prostate and drags it firmly across the surface. Like this it produces some great sensations that could easily rival any other good dildo, and so you get a broad combination of different stimulation. In this configuration I felt as though I could have quite happily sat there riding the Johnny for hours.

Once you flip the Johnny around it becomes a different animal altogether. This time it’s far less willing to go deep with ease, and while it is possible with a little coaxing, you’re really going to want to focus on rapid shallow thrusts instead. The reason for this is that now the Johnny becomes an absolute firecracker for the prostate. Whilst inside you the shaft of the dildo is flexible enough that it can easily bend against the direction of its natural curve, but in the process the elasticity of the material pulls it firmly back into the prostate for maximum effect. As you start thrusting you can feel that pressure strongly against the prostate, and even pick out the coronal ridge of the head as it passes over. You barely need any depth from the dildo at all to achieve this, and thus the more vigorous you are the greater the stimulation. It truly feels exquisite like this, and I almost didn’t want to stop. Whereas I was perfectly satisfied with the prostate pleasure from the other orientation, this took it to weak-at-the-knees level.

The one downside to the design of the Johnny is the balls, and this is for a couple of reasons. Firstly time is not kind to them. While they start off as a nice flat base, after a few months they’ll start to curl up significantly, and from my understanding this is due to the softer silicone contracting as it ages. While this doesn’t really affect the performance of the dildo, it doesn’t look especially attractive and can be disappointing to discover. The other reason is that the balls aren’t exactly compact, measuring 4 1/2″ x 2 3/4″. For a feature that serves absolutely no practical purpose, the balls take up a lot of room. They mean that the Johnny doesn’t even fit into one of Vixen’s signature storage tubes, and instead require a larger plastic box. If you already have a jam-packed toy drawer like me then this can make storage an issue, so I do kinda wish they offered a ball-less version.

So what really is there left to say about the Johnny? I love this toy in everything from the way that it looks to the way that it performs, and boy does it perform. There’s not often you can find a dildo that seemingly does everything, but the Jonny will fill you up, go deep, and give your prostate the workout of a lifetime. It’s a great all rounder of a toy, and I won’t even hold the balls against it. It’s one that comes highly recommended from me. 

The VixSkin Johnny is available from SheVibe, Lovehoney U.S, and Lovehoney UK.

Tantus Slick

Today I’m going to be looking at the all new Slick from Tantus. I say ‘new’ but they kindly sent it to me back in May when it officially launched, and I’ve been a little slow in getting around to review it. 
I first saw a sneak preview of the Slick on Twitter a year ago this month, and instantly fell in love with the shape, and now that I finally have one in my hands I can happily say that functionally it does not disappoint either.
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The Slick is Tantus’s first completely non-phallic dual-density toy, made in the same way as their O2 line of dildos. I’m a huge fan of these wonderfully soft and squishy creations, and it’s a nice change to see a technology originally devised to make realistic dildos feel more penis-like, being applied to other sorts of designs.
The Slick comes in a choice of two sizes, Small or Large. The Small is a nice little beginner’s toy which slips easily into the body thanks to its tapered shape, but beyond that it’s not terribly exciting for anyone with prior dildo experience, so I shan’t spend too much time on it. The Large, however, is where the real magic happens, so that’s going to be the focus of my review 
The shape of the Slick is wonderfully unorthodox. A former Tantus employee stated that it reminded her of a seadragon, and it does have something aquatic about it, though I find equally it has a botanical vibe, almost like a cartoon representation of a jungle vine. The head of the dildo is like the unopened bud of a flower. It’s gently tapered at the tip, steadily growing wider the farther down you move, and then rounding off before it meets the shaft. The shaft too is tapered, having its smallest diameter where it meets the head, and then slowly growing ever wider as it moves towards the base. On the whole it’s quite a simple, elegant, design, topped off by a gentle curve to the entire piece. At the very bottom it has Tantus’s teardrop shaped base, making it both anal-safe and harness compatible. 
The Slick comes available in a choice of just two colours, black or purple haze, which is a far cry from all the different shades I saw in the prototype photo. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed by this, as the pearl-white and blue Slicks caught my attention more than anything, but Tantus know better than anyone which colours are going to sell, so I can’t hold it against them.
As the Slick is a dual-density toy it’s manufactured from two different firmnesses of Tantus’s own premium formula of 100% platinum silicone. The central core of the toy is made from a stiffer silicone, while the exterior is covered in a generous layer of soft squishy silicone. It gives this great combination of a dildo which holds its shape well, while still being easily flexible, and it feels great when you squeeze it in your hand.
The quality of the Slick is up to Tantus’s usual high standard. You won’t find any seams or air bubbles anywhere on the toy, and it’s finished off with a perfectly smooth shiny gloss surface, free from all texture. 
When it comes to using the toy the Slick is a pure joy, and it’s become one of my new favourites almost overnight. It’s one of those toys where you definitely get the most out of it by riding it, rather than trying to use it manually. When you first go to insert it it’s a lot like using a buttplug, it has that gentle taper which helps to slowly spread you open, and then you get over the widest part of the head and it pops inside as you slide down onto the shaft. The combination of the shape and the soft dual-density silicone makes it a really comfortable experience, with no need for a warm-up toy beforehand. The other thing I like about the Slick is that it goes deep, and with very little fuss. The whole thing is only around 7 3/4″ long, but it’s all useable. The average rectum is only 5″-6″ deep, which can be an issue when it comes to longer dildos, but the shape of the Slick – the tapered head and gentle curve – combined with the soft O2 tip, help it to snake around inside the body and pass deeper into the colon. You’ll find yourself squatting over it, starting to insert it, and the next thing you know you’ll be sat on the floor wondering how it all just disappeared inside you like that. Deep insertions have always been my Achilles heel, so it’s refreshing to finally find a toy which actually helps with this, not to mention that there’s a whole new sort of sensation to be found when something goes that deep. 
Going beyond all this, what I really love about the Slick is thrusting with it. The smooth gloss surface to the shaft allows it to glide seamlessly in and out of the body, with no drag or irritation to the sphincter, allowing you to focus entirely on the sensations coming from the shape. As you go down on the shaft you can feel it gently growing wider, adding a little stretch to the sphincter, and then as you go back in reverse this all turns around, right up until the point where you reach the head and it hits you with a double whammy. The bulbous tip ploughs beautifully into the prostate for maximum effect, but also you can feel the rounded underside of it tugging at the sphincter, giving it a pleasurable stretch again just as it’s relaxed from feeling the shaft narrow. Every time you complete a thrust you find yourself withdrawing it a little more, adding that extra bit of stretch, and then eventually the whole thing will slip out, giving that satisfying pop like when you remove a buttplug. When this does happen though you realise how easy the Slick is to reinsert, and so allowing it to happen becomes part of the routine, and you bob up and down on the dildo, allowing it to pop in and out of you with each thrust, filling you up, hitting the prostate, and pleasurably stretching the muscle. It’s this combination of sensations which makes the Slick such an utter joy to use, and because it slides so freely and without friction, you can carry on using it for ages without any soreness. You don’t even have to worry about being too rough with it, because that soft dual-density tip, and the fact that it’s naturally inclined to go deep, means you can slam down with your thrusts without fear of being jabbed uncomfortably in the top of the rectum. It’s such a satisfying experience, and it works on the prostate almost effortlessly, though you can change the angle and rotation of the toy to pull it into the gland even more if you wish, thus maximising the pleasure from it. 
I have to say that I think the Slick would probably be perfect for couples who want to try pegging, in part because of how fantastic it feels, but also because the non-phallic shape of it helps to take down the psychological barrier which might exist. 
Without a doubt I would definitely recommend the Slick to anyone, and if you think that the Large might be a little too much for you, then it’s really worth working up to. The sensations are a pure joy, and the Small just doesn’t manage to replicate them. If you’re looking for a really comfortable and effective prostate toy, then the Slick Large is the way to go. 
Thanks to Tantus for sending me the Slicks to review, and they’re available now from their website.
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Tantus Duchess

In the lore of Tantus first there came the Raptor, a beautiful chunky dildo with a bulbous head and amusing set of balls. Then there was the Duke, a reinvention of the Raptor, stripped of its balls but still retaining every other feature which made it great. Now we have the Duchess – Tantus’s newest creation – the Duke in every way except it’s been given a fresh lease of life in glorious dual-density silicone. Being both a huge fan of the Duke and all things dual-density it was clear that this was one I needed to try.
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The Duchess is going to be a bit of a funny dildo for me to review, just on account of how very very similar is it to the Duke. A lot of my time was spent going back and forth between the two products, trying to measure every subtle difference in feeling and behaviour, because naturally when it comes to a review like this what everyone wants to know is how they compare. Much of what I say about the Duchess is going to be simply parroting what I said about the Duke, as it’s unavoidable when they’re so alike, but I’m going to aim to steer the focus firmly towards the areas where the two diverge.

The design of the Duchess perfectly mimics everything we know about the Duke, from its shape, its size, to even the bullet hole tucked away in the base. It’s not bigger, it’s not smaller, it’s not elongated, it has no added curvature; it’s formed from exactly the same mould and stays true to its predecessor in every way.

From base to tip it measures around 7 1/4″ long, and of that you can insert 6 5/8″, making it a good-sized dildo. Around the widest point of the head the circumference measures an impressive 6 1/4″, so it’s nice and thick, and then the shaft narrows down to a more modest 5 1/8″ around the middle. The base of the dildo is 2 3/4″ wide and 5/8″ thick, giving it a nice stable footing and making it compatible with a standard O-ring harness if desired.
Like all Tantus products the Duchess is made from 100% platinum silicone, but where it differs from the Duke is that it’s made from two different firmnesses of silicone in order to create the dual-density effect. The internal core of the dildo is made from Tantus’s regular type of silicone, while the outer layer is made from a much softer variety. This outer layer varies from being only a few millimetres thick over the shaft, to accounting for almost the entirety of the head, making the dildo delightfully squishy there. Like with the Duke the Duchess features a dual finish to the silicone, with a smooth glossy head and a matte velvety shaft. It’s one of those fairly minor details which I happen to really like as it indicates that someone’s put some extra thought into the design.

The Duchess comes in a choice of three different colours, none of which is quite as exciting as the vibrant orange of the Raptor, or the elegant Peacock of the Duke, but it’s the same two-tone colour palette as the Cush. You choose your base colour of either pink, purple, or blue, and that makes up the core of the dildo, while the outer layer of soft silicone is comprised of a translucent white, making it look as though you’re peering through a dildo encased in cloudy ice.

The production quality of the Duchess is impeccable; something which I’ve learnt to expect from Tantus. There are no mould lines anywhere, no any defects in the surface, and the two different types of silicone are bonded perfectly together. In this instance I couldn’t find a single fault even if I wanted to.

When it comes to using the Duchess it’s one of those toys where you’ll probably want to consider using a warm-up toy first, just because the head is very large and rounded, and has quite a rapid taper. This was almost a pre-requisite with the Duke for just those reasons, but with the Duchess it’s much easier to get away with skipping one, provided of course that you have sufficient experience to know what you’re doing. The reason for this is simply the change in silicone firmness. The head of the Duchess is so soft and squishy that you can push it firmly up against the sphincter and every bit of pressure is cushioned away, ensuring maximum comfort during insertion. It probably goes without saying that at this size it still isn’t a beginner’s toy, but it’s much more friendly to the less advanced user.

With a liberal application of water-based lubricant all over, the Duchness is actually a very comfortable dildo to insert. The smooth glossy head glides seamlessly through the sphincter as you feel the muscle steadily expand, and at the same time the soft surface of the silicone changes shape in response to the pressure that the muscle is exerting back on it. The bulbous head actually shrinks slightly in response to it being compressed, allowing it to enter the body without having to stretch out the muscle quite so much, and this gives it a clear advantage. Once you reach the widest point you feel a slight bump or “pop” as you pass over the ridge of the corona, then slowly as you insert the shaft further you feel it begin to narrow, and the sphincter goes from being stretched to its maximum to being able to relax a little, which is quite a welcome sensation. With the dildo inside you there’s this wonderful combination of feelings; the large rounded head feels satisfyingly filling at every depth, but the thinner shaft doesn’t place too much tension on the sphincter or leave it feeling overly stretched, so you get the best aspects of both a larger and smaller dildo rolled into one.

My favourite way to enjoy the Duchess is unsurprisingly the same as with the Duke, and that’s by squatting over it and riding it. Here the broad base gives the dildo a nice amount of stability, allowing you to use it without holding it in place, with no fear of it suddenly toppling over. If you own the Tantus Suction Cup then this can be plugged right into the bullet hole of the toy and works fantastically to anchor it to any surface. Overall it really is a brilliant dildo for thrusting with; the slightly thinner shaft increases the comfort factor and reduces friction, while allowing for a little more manoeuvrability, and the matte surface provides a nice amount of sensation with each stroke. Due to the squishy tip on the Duchess you can afford to go a little more wild with your thrusting, because it cushions that battering ram effect that you get sometimes when you accidentally go too hard and too deep with a dildo. That’s not to say you can throw caution completely to the wind, but it does outperform the Duke in terms of comfort during use.

One thing I especially loved about the Duke was how good it is for prostate stimulation, and the Duchess lives up to this as well. That big head is nothing short of incredible; the size and shape of it all comes together so that with every thrust it rubs back and forth across the prostate to the maximum effect, delivering waves of pleasure. After extensive testing I’ve concluded that the Duchess feels slightly less intense on the prostate than the Duke does, but it’s an almost imperceptible difference. Unless you’re repeatedly going back and forth between the two toys like I was, it’s not something you’d ever be aware of. The only reason that can explain this is that the coronal ridge on the firmer Duke maintains its angular shape better as it drags along the prostate, and transfers more sensation because of it. Again though, it’s a truly minor difference.

Like many Tantus toys the Duchess does come with a vibrating bullet which can be inserted into a hole in the base. If you know me then you’ll be aware that I’m not especially crazy about this feature and tend to prefer to use a dildo just as a dildo, but it is quite nice to have the option there, and you can always use the bullet separately if you don’t want it inside the toy. The bullet itself is almost identical to the RO-80mm from Rocks Off, so that review is the best place to go to get a full idea about the intensity of it. It’s pretty simple to fit into the bullet hole in the Duchess, and thanks to some internal ribbing within the hole which acts to prevent a vacuum from being formed, it’s also removed relatively easy. My general problem with toys with bullet holes is that the hole is in the base, and you want the vibrations down at the tip, but they simply don’t travel that well through inches of thick silicone, so I just don’t find it worthwhile, but that’s very much a personal thing.

At this point I feel as though I’m really expected to pick a favoured toy and suggest that everyone should really buy one over the other, but that’s something that’s hard to do. Truth be known I like both toys equally, but for different reasons. If you own more than one toy then you’ll understand that sometimes you want different things when you go reaching in the drawer to pull something out. Sometimes you crave a firmer toy, and sometimes one that’s softer, so a lot of the choice between the Duke and Duchess will be decided by personal preference. What I will say, though, is that in my considered opinion I think the Duchess makes for the better anal toy, if only for the comfort factor. The extra squish in it makes it easier to get that bulbous tip into the body, and you can afford to be a little more reckless when thrusting it like a jack-hammer. It performs just as well on the prostate, so you’re not sacrificing anything for the comfort. The only thing left to consider really is if the 32% extra cost is worth it for you. Either way, I’d fully recommend it to anyone who enjoys intense prostate stimulation and a full feeling from their toys.

Thanks to Tantus for sending me the Duchess, and it’s available directly from them.

It’s also available from the fine folks at SheVibe