Giveaway: Traz Rhino Penis Extender

Recently the company Traz got in touch with me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their new silicone penis extender, the Rhino. Because it’s more of a couples’ toy I decided that it would be best to hold off on reviewing this for now, but they came back and offered me the chance to run a giveaway with them, and I of course agreed as I do love to share free stuff with my readers.
To find out more about the Rhino, and to enter the competition, simply head below!

There are a number of penis extenders on the market today, but what they tend to have in common is the materials they’re made from, namely TPE/TPR, not something I’d be eager recommend. These materials are fine to wear around your penis, but in terms of inserting them into someone else’s body they’re porous and really not the best choice. What makes the Rhino different is that it’s made of silicone – one of my favourite materials – and so it’s non-porous, non-toxic, and completely body-safe. For this reason it meets with my principles of only giving away safe products that I’d be happy to use myself. I’m pleased to see another company going down this route because the only other silicone penis-extender that I’m aware of is made by Vixen, and variety is always a good thing.
The Rhino comes in three parts: there’s a hollow outer sleeve which is rolled down over the penis to create extra length and girth, a solid plug which is inserted into the end of the sleeve to stabilise the extra length, and a locking pin which holds the two pieces together. It disassembles for easy cleaning, and to allow you the option of wearing it just for added girth, or to increase your length as well. The Rhino can also be placed over a dildo or vibrator as well as for use on the penis.

One of the unique features of the Rhino is the ribbed interior of it. This ribbing both helps the Rhino to grip onto the penis during use, but it’s also designed to stimulate the penis during thrusting so that both partners can feel pleasurable sensations. It does this by using what they call “Motion Transfer Technology,” which takes advantage of the fact that the penis will move around somewhat in its own skin, even while the skin is being gripped by the Rhino, allowing stimulation of the head to occur. The Rhino also forms a vacuum inside which delivers a sensation of suction during thrusting to further enhance the man’s pleasure.

The exterior of the Rhino is completely smooth, but does incorporate a slight ridge designed to stimulate the G-spot or prostate of a partner.

There are three different Rhinos available: the original Genesis which offers a size of up to 8″ x 2″, the slimline Sleek which is 8″ x 1 ½”, and the Stampede which is also 8″ x 2″, but with a little extra girth around the tip. The Rhinos are all available in a choice of Vanilla, Cinnamon, or Chocolate colour, to help match with your skin tone.

So onto the competition. Traz are letting me give away three Rhinos! That means one of each size is available to be won, and you can enter from anywhere in the world. Simply follow the instructions on the widget below to rack up as many entries as you’d like, and in two weeks I’ll randomly pick three winners and Traz will ship the prizes out directly to you. It couldn’t be simpler, good luck!

Rhinos are on sale right now at SheVibe.

WIN: New Fun Factory Vibrators!

Last week Fun Factory launched three all new vibrators, aimed at customers with discerning tastes but limited budgets. The Joupie, Jazzie, and Jam, are three entry-level battery-powered vibrators, made from Fun Factory’s usual high-quality silicone, but available at only a fraction of the price of their high-end rechargeable models. 
Fun Factory contacted me and asked if I would like to review these toys, or perhaps give them away to one of my lovely readers, and I decided that it was about time I ran another competition on my blog, so now you can be in with a chance to WIN one of these.
Get all the details after the jump!

First thing’s first, before you try to win one, you probably want to know a little bit about them first, and I happen to have a load of details to hand.
Fun Factory are styling this new line as the “People’s Vibrator”, a bit like the Volkswagen of sex toys, or “Volks-vibratoren” I suppose. They’re trying to prove that its possible to have a product which incorporates high quality materials, functionality, and appealing design, all without a hefty price tag.
This new trio of products are slender mini-vibrators, manufactured in Fun Factory’s plant in Bremen Germany, and which cost less than €25 individually, all whilst managing to maintain a powerful motor, a silicone outer shell, and being waterproof.
Fun Factory suggests that they’re the perfect size to travel with, to use with a partner without being obtrusive, and just for people who prefer a smaller vibrator in general.
The Joupie is the most slender of the three at 1″ in diameter, and the longest at 7.2″ (18cm). It has a gently curved tip designed for G-spot or prostate stimulation, and features one vibration setting operated by the “Easy Twist” cap. It takes two AA batteries.
The Jazzie is a slightly thicker and shorter vibrator than the Joupie, measuring 1.2″ and 7″ respectively. It has a ribboning detail around the shaft to give it some texture, and also features one vibration setting operated by the “Easy Twist” cap. It takes two AA batteries.
The Jam is the smallest of all three vibrators, and also the most affordable, costing less than €20.  It measures 1.1″ in diameter, and 5″ in length. It can be used externally or inserted, and features some texture in the shaft for added stimulation. It too has only one vibration setting operated by the “Easy Twist” cap. It takes a single AA battery.

I’ve had the opportunity to play around with them for a bit, and they’re really quite lovely toys, with a lightweight and stylish feel to them. The silicone shell is really soft and squishy, and there’s a good thick layer of it, rather than it just being a simple coating, so it feels gentle when pushed against the skin or inserted. The single vibration setting is quite impressive in strength for a toy of this type, though it is best categorised as nearer to a buzz than a rumble on the intensity spectrum, and it’s whisper quiet too offering maximum discretion. All in all they feel like well-built quality toys, just as you’d expect from Fun Factory. My personal favourite would probably be the Joupie, as it has the most versatile uses for a man, but they’re all great toys for either gender.

So now that you know a little more about these vibrators, here’s your chance to win one! There are three prizes up for grabs – one Joupie, one Jazzie, one Jam – and a separate winner will be drawn for each. The competition is open to residents of Europe only, and Fun Factory will be sending the prizes directly to the winners once their names are drawn. To enter simply use the Gleam widget below, and good luck!

One Year!

It’s a little hard to believe but it’s been a year already since I embarked on this project and first decided to start a blog. Since then things things have come a long way; my list of reviews has greatly expanded, I’ve branched out into toys I never thought I’d try, and I hope I’ve proven to be a useful resource for people out there looking for some reliable information. When you’re sat there surrounded by a mountain of sex toys it’s easy to forget what it was like when you first clicked onto a retailer’s website and were overwhelmed with choice, but ill-equipped with knowledge. Every sex toy reviewer has made some bad purchase decisions in their past, and I think that that is a lot of the reason why we write, to help others to avoid those pitfalls. One of the most enduring things I’ve gained since starting this blog is all the friendships I’ve made with other people involved in this field, and I’m very grateful for that; I’ve even learnt to appreciate Twitter as a resource.

I’m going to have a quick recap of the past year, and then there’s going to be what you’ve all been waiting for – a big anniversary giveaway! I’m doubling the prize from my half-year giveaway, so that’s a whopping $100 gift voucher that one lucky person will be walking away with.

It certainly has been a busy year year for me; when I started my blog in February 2012 I owned a mere 16 toys, and so that was as many reviews as I had to post. Today my collection stands at 90 individual pieces with 80 of those currently reviewed, marking over a five-fold increase. It’s funny to look back and see just how much this little hobby has exploded in such a short space of time.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with a great selection of manufacturers and retailers this year, who have provided me with products completely free of charge, and they have my sincerest thanks. They include:, Lovehoney, Simply Pleasure, Bondara, UberKinky, Esmale, SexShop365, Desire & Pleasure, EdenFantasys, Rocks Off, Clone-A-Willy, Give Lube, Spunk Lube, X-Lube & Billy Boy. Without their support and generosity my blog would be looking a lot more barren right now, instead of brimming with regular content.

When my blog began I received a mere 639 hits in that first fortnight. At the time I was more than pleased to achieve that, but since then I’ve had a further 85,000 visits to my blog. Month after month the total of monthly visitors keeps on increasing, and I have only my readers to thank for that who keep coming back every time I post something new. I’ve even managed to be the top result on Google when you search for the name of certain sex toys, and this is something which a year ago I could never have imagined would be possible. My top three most read reviews this year have been for the Brent Corrigan dildo, the Flight, and the Pierre Fitch dildo – all Fleshjack products, so it’s clear which company you guys like most.

I really have enjoyed every minute of my time doing this, from the late nights staying up and finishing a review, to the mornings when the postman greeted me at the door with a package of new goodies to try out, and especially the feedback I get from people who won some of my past giveaways.  I’ve even had quite a good year myself for winning things; I was Review of the Month on back in March, I won a Nexus Glide from DIY Orgasms, £50 from llellsee, a Rainbow Nubby Wand from Silverdrop, and recently a Kevin Warhol dildo from Kinky Angels.

Seeing as this is a recap of the last year I might as well look at some of the highs and lows of the past 12 months, in terms of new toy releases that I’ve acquired. I was going to do this at the start of the New Year but never quite got around to it so it seems appropriate to slot it in here.

Favourite manufacturer of the year: This has to go to Tantus. Some of my most loved toys to come out this past year have been made by Tantus. The Max O2 was nothing short of a triumph in large dual density toys, the Pack ‘n’ Play line illustrated the versatility of silicone with its gloriously squishy nature, the Space Toys were visually stunning, the Raptor (review coming soon) combined a great look with superb function, and who could forget the wonderful little Twist, Neo, and Juicer?

Best looking toys of the year: As my readers will know visuals are very important to me. I’m fed up of toys with boring appearances so I feel the need to commend those companies which go above and beyond. This has to be a three-way tie between the tri-colour Tantus Asteroid, the neon green VixSkin Maverick, and Vixen Creations’ wonderful Halloween-themed Leoweenie. They all look absolutely amazing and are as much a feast for the eyes as they are a joy for the body.

Most disappointing toys of the year: I really don’t like to bash products, especially if the manufacturer hasn’t done anything egregious, but I do believe in being uncompromisingly honest, and companies will never learn how to improve without constructive criticism. The most disappointing non-powered toy to come out this year was the James Deen dildo by Doc Johnson. It had two major problems; they used a poor mould, and they used too firm of a silicone. I love my realistic silicone porn star dildos, but only Fleshjack seem to be able to get it right. My most disappointing powered toy has to be the Ego E4 prostate massager by Jopen. It’s a toy which had so much potential, and a great shape, but they put the vibrating motor in the wrong end and didn’t give it enough power or any vibrating patterns.

Most pleasant customer service experience this year: I had to return an item to Lovehoney because it was faulty and they were an absolute delight to deal with. I’ve never returned a product like this before and they made the entire process simple, professional, and expedient. It gives you such confidence to shop with a company when you can see how seriously they take their commitment to customer service.

I could probably go on listing categories for a while but this post is getting rather long and I think I’ve covered all the main bases. So, without further ado, let’s get to what you’ve all been waiting for, the competition! That is if you haven’t just scrolled down straight to this point, naughty you.

In celebration of this milestone I am having my biggest competition yet, in order to thank you all for coming on this journey with me, and it couldn’t be simpler to enter below!

Good luck everybody! Here’s to another year and plenty more reviews coming this way soon.

Christmas Giveaway with EdenFantasys

Ever since my giveaway in August to celebrate 6 months of my blog, I’ve been just itching to give something away again, and thanks to the folks at EdenFantasys I’m having a mini Christmas competition!

EdenFantasys have kindly donated a $25 gift card for me to give to one of my lucky readers this December. It’s only going to be a short competition run over a fortnight, so if you win you’ll be able to spend it and have your goods arrive before Christmas day. The competition is open worldwide, and this time the gift card will be e-mailed straight to the winner for the sake of convenience.

Here’s how you can enter:

EdenFantasys has a great deal of merchandise available for sale, so if you’re looking for some ideas on what to buy your loved ones this festive season then look no further.
There’s a nice array of men’s underwear available, both comfortable and practical pieces, as well as something a little more risqué.
Invariably at Christmas someone ends up exhausted by all the shopping, cooking, and just generally making sure that everyone else has a good time, so why not treat them to some relaxing bath products, soothing scented candles, or even a little massage oil so you can really express your appreciation in a hands-on way.
If you’re looking for a perfect stocking-filler then why not consider the Cookie Sutra? It’s a cute little book with a variety of sex positions illustrated by your favourite festive treats. There are also a wide range of educational guides to better sex, if you’d like you greet your partner with a different sort of present altogether.
Remember, Christmas is a time for fun and games, and Eden has plenty of those too, perfect for when you want to snuggle up on those cold Winter nights.

Lastly, but by no means least, how could you have a Christmas post without making mention of the Candy Cane Dildo? It’s unusual and sure to delight anyone.

Good luck to everyone who enters, and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Sexy Christmas gifts from EdenFantasys - the sex toys shop you can trust!

Competition Winner!

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in my competition this month to celebrate 6 months of my blog. The time has flown past and I hope everyone has enjoyed reading my reviews as much as I’ve enjoyed writing to them. Here’s to another 6 months with more new things in store, and undoubtedly an even bigger competition when I hit the big 1 year milestone.

So, without further ado, take a look and see if you’ve won after the jump!

A big congratulations to our winner of the $50 EdenFantasys giftcard:

> Macho99

An e-mail is on its way to you, and once you confirm your address the giftcard will be despatched.
Remember, to spend the card simply go here.

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Competition Time!

This August marks six months since I began my blog, so I’ve decided to run a competition in recognition of this mini-milestone. I will be giving away a $50 EdenFantasys gift card to one lucky winner at the end of the month, which they can use to spend on whatever they like, and thanks to Rafflecopter entering couldn’t be simpler.

View the terms & conditions and enter the competition after the jump!

  • The competition is open everyone, anywhere in the world!
  • I will purchase the gift card when the competition closes, and have it posted directly to the winner from EdenFantasys, so entrants must be comfortable providing shipping information.
  • When you spend the gift card, please do so via my affiliate link.
  • Enter as many times as you like via the methods detailed in Rafflecopter.
  • Have fun, and good luck!

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