E-Stim Torpedo

It’s time for my second E-Stim review, right on the back of their ETO Award win this month, and today I’m looking at the Torpedo metal butt plug. I was quite excited when E-Stim agreed to send this one over to me as I’ve been keen to try out a metal attachment for a while, ever since I made my first foray into the world of electro-play last year with a lovely silicone toy from another brand. Metal is actually a sex toy material I’m rather fond of in general – you need only read my review of the nJoy Pure Plug 2.0 to be convinced of that – so to my mind coupling it with my appreciation for electro-play can only be a recipe for good things.

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The Torpedo is one of 12 different solid-metal premium electrodes that E-Stim offers, all in a variety of different shapes and sizes to appeal to every taste. It comes available in a choice of ‘small’ or ‘large’ and as you might have guessed I opted for the bigger model.
The Torpedo is not a beginner’s toy by any stretch of the imagination. It measures 6 1/4″ in circumference with 4″ of insertable length, so you’re going to need a significant degree of experience with anal play before evening thinking of tackling it.
Much like its name the design of the Torpedo has the feel of a piece of military ordnance, looking rather like a scaled down version of the “Little Man” bomb from the 1940s, rather than anything intended to be shot out of a submarine. It’s constructed from 4 key parts – the main bulb, the neck, the base, and a central connecting bolt – with all but the neck being made from solid aluminium, giving it a hefty weight of 555g. The standard finish for the plug is brushed metal which gives it a rather appealing industrial feel to it I find. It’s not overly fancy and looks how I imagine an electrode should, though a polished version is also available on request if you’re interested in something a little more pretty.
Functionally the Torpedo is designed as a bi-polar electrode, with the two points of charge coming from the bulb of the plug and the base, while the black plastic neck acts as an insulator between them to ensure the current flows through the body. This allows the Torpedo to be used alone, unlike with the MicroSound which required another accessory to be in place to complete the circuit.
When it comes to using the Torpedo it’s advisable to opt for a warm-up toy first, in part due to the sheer girth of it, but also because the rounded tip is quite blunt and has very little taper to it. This isn’t a strict requirement though as it is possible to insert the plug by itself if you have the patience and experience for it, because this is the sort of thing I take the time to test out. Once you’re ready to accommodate the thickness of the plug it slips inside very comfortably, with the brushed metal surface feeling almost soft against skin. Inside the body the Torpedo feels wonderfully filling as it pushes up against the prostate, and you get a subtle cool feeling too as the conductive metal begins to suck the heat from the surrounding tissue. This is one of the things I love to play around with when it comes to metal toys, changing the temperature of them before insertion just to add a little extra sensation. The other thing that you’ll notice straight away is the weight bearing down on your sphincter. The plug feels completely secure and there’s no risk of it slipping out, but there’s a pleasant awareness off all this mass there, enough to warrant a few muscle contractions almost as though you’re doing a muscle-toning workout with your anus. What’s nice is that just as a starting point of being a buttplug it’s a really great toy, and it feels lovely to just walk around wearing it and feeling its presence. Even the base nestles happily between the buttocks despite looking rather large.
The fun really starts once you connect the Torpedo to the EBox Series 1 power unit. On the lowest setting you immediately get this slight tickling sensation all around the plug inside you, which gave me cause to squirm a little and give out a girlish giggle. As you increase it it changes to that more vibration-like sensation, but it also gives off that fascinating feeling of energy flowing through you and the surrounding area lighting up. More power brought with it a spontaneous erection and the sense that the electricity was flowing through the prostate and further afield. Although its almost impossible to properly put into words these sensations, it was noticeably a different sensation from what I had with the silicone toy I’d used in the past. That delivered a much more intense prostate sensation specifically, but with the Torpedo it was like all my erogenous zones were being super charged as I turned the dial all the way up to the max. This fact was evident when I finally gave in to the urge to masturbate and was rewarded by an especially strong orgasm, boosted by the flow of power. There are a lot of different modes you can try out with the Torpedo, which I covered last week when I was discussing the EBox in my MicroSound review, but I found that I was most compelled to stick with the continuous one. Something that did interest me about the Torpedo, is that despite its design, almost all the sensation seems to be felt inside the body, with very little around the base, and the sphincter doesn’t spasm in response to the electricity either, though manually contracting it and pulling the plug into a slightly different position can alter the exact sensation.
One thing that’s worth pointing out about the Torpedo is when it comes to cleaning it, it can actually be disassembled. It’s as simple as unscrewing it and separating it into its four parts, and this is really handy because lube can get into the gap between the metal and plastic, and when it comes to anal toys it’s nice to know that every cranny its getting washed properly.
I have to say I’m a huge fan of the Torpedo, and one of these metal toys was definitely worth waiting for. I love the thing just as a plug; it’s well made, a great shape, a great size, a great weight, but when you hook it up to E-Stim’s powerpack that’s when it gets really special. It delivers good strong electrical current and the sensations are incredible. It’s fun just to play with by itself, or to couple with the use of a Fleshjack or other sex toy where you want to supercharge the experience. I honestly couldn’t fault this toy and would recommend that anyone give it a try, or at least try one from the range in a suitable size for them.
Thanks to Mick from E-Stim for sending this to me to review, and you can buy the Torpedo straight from their website.

Tantus Perfect Plug & Perfect Plug Plus

Recently Tantus launched two brand new butt plugs, the Perfect Plug and the Perfect Plug Plus, and I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of samples of each by the lovely Peyton last month. Although I haven’t finished reviewing everything from my Tantus goody box earlier in the year, I thought I’d skip ahead and slip these two in before the Christmas break, and save the Bound for the New Year.
The “Perfect Plug” is certainly quite an audacious name, and a lot to live up to, so let’s move on to the review and see if the title is well deserved.

The Perfect Plug and its larger sibling the Perfect Plug Plus are a pair of complimentary butt plugs aimed at the beginner end of the anal market. The smaller of the two is very much designed with people who’ve never experimented with anal play before in mind, and is slender and gently tapered, whereas the larger Plus acts as a step up from that, offering a girthier toy and with the added option of vibrations. Because of their close relationship I am taking the unusual step of reviewing them both at once, but I’m going to look at them each in order in case you wish to skip ahead. 
One thing I can say about the plugs collectively is that they’re both made from Tantus’s premium platinum silicone, available in a choice of black or purple, with a velvety matte finish and a medium firmness. They’re also made to a very high standard, with no visible defects or raised mould lines.
First up the Perfect Plug!
I have a bit of a funny relationship with beginner plugs, because in fact I have no relationship with beginner plugs. It’s a whole category of sex toys that I skipped over right when I would have been in the prime position to test them out, and consequently I’ve viewed them mostly as somewhere between redundant and pointless. If you’ll remember the first anal toy I ever tried out was 1 1/2″ thick, which may elicit a few “whoas” from the anal virgins of now – and anyone remembering their own first time – but I had very specific criteria when it came to buying that toy. I wanted to finally know what it would be like to be on the receiving end of an average sized penis, but (as laughable as it sounds now) the idea of buying more than one toy to help me reach that point just seemed excessive, so I threw myself in at the deep end and bought something which seemed to tick all my boxes. As luck would have it things couldn’t have worked out better, and riding high from that triumph it rather coloured my opinion of all those smaller toys on the market from then forth. There is a point to this this lengthy piece of personal history however, and that’s because I dare say the Perfect Plug has changed my mind. It’s far more than the futile nothingness that I’d always been so swift to dismiss similar toys as.
In terms of size the Perfect Plug truly is diminutive, so after past experiences of fitting in something the size of the A-Bomb you’d be forgiven for asking “am I even going to feel this?”, but that’s also what makes it so ideal for your anal novice. In total the whole thing measures 4 1/4″ from base to tip, and of that 3 3/4″ can be inserted, so it’s a comfortable amount. The widest point of the plug has a circumference of 2 3/4″, which is pretty small, that’s the equivalent of about 7/8″ in diameter just to give you a better idea. In both length and thickness it’s a little bit bigger than a finger, which is what I always tend to think of as the default “toy” for a beginner to experiment with anally.
The shape of the Perfect Plug is really quite lovely; it has this long conical section at the tip which tapers ever so gently, followed by a smaller rounded section, and then it decreases to a pencil-thin neck which is an inch long and connects to an anchor-like base.
When it comes to use insertion of the plug is a breeze. The soft velvety finish of the silicone holds lube incredibly well, and the streamlined shape means you can press the tip against the sphincter and have the whole plug inserted in one swift action before you’ve had time to blink. It’s such an easy and incredibly comfortable experience, and all you really feel are a couple of bumps due to the shape as it goes in. Given my level of experience with larger toys it probably doesn’t mean as much coming from me as from someone who truly was a beginner in all things anal, but in my judgement I really can’t see anyone having difficulty with this plug. Once the plug is inside it’s a lovely fit; the base sits comfortably up against the body and secures it safely in place, the neck gives the sphincter plenty of space to rest and hold the plug in place, and you really do feel the plug there. If you want a plug just to help you to get used to the idea of having an object inserted anally then the Perfect Plug works like a charm. It provides a constant presence that you’re aware of, but without being overwhelming. You can casually walk around all day with the plug in, sit down on furniture, and even though it’s small you’ll know it’s there. Because the neck of the plug is quite thin you don’t really get any stretching of the sphincter whilst wearing it, so it remains in a more naturally relaxed position. The plug is also exceptionally easy to remove.
The Perfect Plug is a great toy just for dipping your toe into the water of the anal play pond. If you’ve never had anything up there before, and you want to spend a little time getting to know whether or not you think you’d like it, then it’s a worthwhile toy to check out. It’s admittedly far more convenient and fun than just playing around with a finger. Potential downside: if you like it enough to move on to bigger things you probably won’t use it again after that. Beginner plugs really are for beginners; once you graduate to something more substantial you’ll prefer the added sensation you get from that.
Now onto the Plus. So you’ve conquered the Perfect Plug and decided that anal play is something you’re interested in. You like the shape and feel of it, but you want something a little bigger, and perhaps with an extra feature or two thrown in. Where do you go? To the Perfect Plug Plus of course! Forgive me for sounding more like marketing speech than a review there, but the Plus is designed to be that next step to take, and having tried it out I’m inclined to agree that it works quite well for that purpose. 
The Plus is a little bit more chubby than the Perfect Plug, it’s like it went away and then came back again after it hit puberty, packing a bit more to show for itself. Length-wise it’s 4 3/4″ from base to tip, with 4 1/8″ that can actually be used, so not a huge increase from before, but around the widest point the circumference increases to 4 1/8″, and that’s what’s most noticeable. Interestingly the narrowest section of the Plus – which would be the neck – is 2 7/8″ around, making it almost the same size as the widest point on the smaller plug, creating a nice hint of symmetry between the two.
The shape of the Plus is largely similar to the previous plug, only this time the end is slightly more bulbous than conical, which has the effect of making the taper less gradual. The neck of the plug is slightly elongated out to 1 3/8″, and the bases are near identical. The one big difference with the Plus is that it now houses a bullet vibrator within its lower half. This protrudes about 3/4″ from the base, and extends into the plug up till the bulge in the middle of the shaft.
When it comes to using the plug the tapered shape again makes it nice and easy to insert, though this time because of the size more patience may be called for as the sphincter will need time to dilate to accommodate the Plus. Once the conical section is inside you feel the bump of the bulge behind it, and then as the sphincter settles onto the narrower neck thereafter there is a slight sensation of the remainder of the plug being drawn into the body. The plug comes to rest comfortably in place and offers a fuller sensation than its smaller counterpart, as well as slight stretching from the thicker neck holding the sphincter open wider. All this increases your awareness of the plug being there, and also the pleasurable sensation you get from feeling it there. The presence of the bullet vibe has a couple of minor downsides, and also a slightly greater one. Firstly it makes the neck largely inflexible by putting a solid plastic core inside silicone which would usually bend freely, and carrying on from that it makes the neck feel quite firm when squeezed, even by the sphincter, eliminating the natural give that silicone tends to have. These aren’t huge concerns for me, but they do take points off compared to other plugs without this factor. The other issue is that because of the way the bullet protrudes from the base of the plug, you can’t actually sit down while wearing the plug, and that can be awkward. Ideally you would just remove the bullet and use the plug without it, but because the walls of the bullet compartment are so thin they would just be squashed flat inside you.
The bullet itself isn’t too bad. It’s a little bit buzzy, but enough to give you a dab of extra sensation. If you want something stronger then you can replace it with a We-Vibe Tango which fits readily into the space.
The Perfect Plug Plus is on the whole a nice step up from the regular Perfect Plug, and has some good things to offer people who are still in that early experimental stage of anal play, namely the added size and the sensory input of vibrations. Personally I would have preferred a solid plug without the bullet hole, but the Tantus Neo plug already offers a good alternative for something like that, so I can appreciate their choice to go this route.
I think I would be happy to offer my recommendation to both of these plugs for any novices out there looking to get into anal play. From a personal standpoint my sex life became so much more varied and interesting when I began incorporating anal play, so I’m glad to see companies like Tantus out there making toys to help people gradually and safely explore new things.
You can get the Perfect Plugs directly from Tantus.
They’re also available from the fine folks at SheVibe

Fun Factory B-Balls (old version)

One of the things I love more than anything is reviewing products which are completely new and unique, something which becomes increasingly rare when you own as many toys as I do now, and that’s why I’m pretty excited to be taking a look at the Fun Factory B-Balls today. This is actually a product that I’ve been trying to get hold of for a little while, ever since I first came across it a few months ago, and it’s really not like me to actually seek out a specific toy but I found my interest significantly piqued by it. I was very fortunate last month when Christian from Fun Factory offered to send one over to me whilst we were arranging the vibrator giveaway, enabling me to share all the details about it now.
Update: Fun Factory have updated the design of this plug as of 2017. Please see my new review for more up-to-date information.

The old review continues below

I’ve always considered myself to be quite lucky as a male sex toy reviewer, because the sky really is the limit when it comes to what I can use. There are products I can insert myself into, such as Fleshjacks and the Cobra Libre, and then there are toys I can put inside me, from dildos to butt plugs, and even special vibrators. That metal G-spot tool people rave about? Its great for prostate massage. That high powered clitoral vibe everyone loves? It works wonders on my frenulum. I’ve even managed to re-purpose a bright pink rabbit as an anal vibrator and perineum massager. Every now and again, however, there comes along a toy which really is only for the opposite sex, and then I sit there wistfully pondering exactly what it might feel like for them to use it. In this instance we’re talking about kegel balls: those hollow spheres containing a free-moving ball bearing, which women insert in order to tone their pelvic floor muscles. Also referred to in those 50 Shades circles by the cringe-worthy moniker “jiggle balls.” Up until now you’d have to be slightly foolish to try such a product as a man, because with only a rudimentary retrieval system they’re the sort of small objects that can easily disappear inside a rectum, but finally Fun Factory has come up with the answer.
The B-Balls are in essence Fun Factory’s “Smartballs Duo” kegel balls, but repackaged as a butt plug with a flared anal-safe base. In many ways it’s almost a surprise that no one thought to do it sooner – perhaps no one thought there would be a demand – but I’m certainly happy that it now exists, and that I can try it out.
In general terms of being a butt plug the B-Balls isn’t actually all that large, neatly placing it in that size range which caters to the widest number of people. In terms of length you have 4 1/2″ insertable, and the circumference of the various sections is as follows: 1st bulb – 4 1/4″. 2nd bulb – 4 3/4″. Neck – 2 1/4″. It’s clearly not the most girthy plug in the world, so I’d be happy suggesting that almost anyone bar a complete novice would be fine using it, but it’s also not a plug which relies entirely on size to create stimulation, so don’t rule it out yet if you’re someone who likes a stretch.

The B-Balls is constructed with Fun Factory’s usual selection of high quality body-safe materials – namely silicone and ABS plastic – and to their high production standards as well, so you can feel reassured that you’re getting a top notch piece of German engineering. The actual manner in which the design is put together is rather interesting from a technical standpoint. There are two hollow spheres made from a hard pink plastic, each containing a single ball-bearing, and these in turn are held together by a silicone outer shell which is firmly bonded to the exterior surface of the plastic, and which makes up the remainder of the shape of the plug. What’s unusual is that sections of the pink plastic have purposely been left visible, and aren’t covered by the silicone, giving a rather attractive design feature, but it’s hard to know if this was decided upon purely for aesthetics, or as necessity during the moulding process. The downside to this design element is the presence of a slight groove that runs between the plastic and the silicone, creating a place for dirt to readily gather and making it somewhat harder to clean, which isn’t ideal for a toy that’s going to be used anally. It’s just as well that the materials are all non-porous and can be sterilised by boiling, or soaking in a 10% bleach solution, allowing you to freshen the whole thing up after use.

The silicone that’s been used in the manufacturing is surprisingly firm for a Fun Factory toy, and has little-to-no give in the surface when you squeeze it. It also accounts for only a thin layer covering the plastic spheres, so it doesn’t really offer any cushioning as you might often expect. I found this especially apparent when comparing it to the new vibrators in my giveaway, as they have a slightly thicker and much softer silicone layer, giving a completely different feel. My speculation is that the firmer silicone was a requirement to make it bond so securely to the plastic, as anything softer – and therefore more elastic – could have compromised this. Despite the firmness of the silicone the thin neck between the two bulbs remains nice and flexible and can easily be bent about, and the faint mould line which runs around the toy can barely be felt on the matte surface.

The base of the B-Balls plug is very similar in design to that of some of Fun Factory’s other plugs, such as the Bootie and Boosty, and they happen to have my favourite shape of base in terms of comfort and discretion. The really noticeable difference with the B-Balls though is in terms of width, because the base is significantly narrower than the others at only 2″ from end to end. Personally I’m not so much of a fan of reducing its size in this manner, and I’ll explain precisely why a little later on.

When it comes to wearing and using the plug the B-Balls is actually a lot of fun, and it all starts with a hassle-free insertion thanks to a size and shape which it lets slip into the body with minimal effort. Once the plug’s inside it settles into a comfortable position, with the joint between the two bulbs bending to correspond with the curvature of the rectum, while the sphincter comes to rest around the slender neck. For me the total length of the plug is just right, and it sits in place without poking at the top of the rectum, which sometimes can be an issue with anything longer. The small base nestles itself away between the buttocks quite discreetly, allowing it to remain unseen beneath clothing, and its low profile allows you to happily sit on it on any surface hard or soft.

At first it feels, for the most part, just like wearing any other plug. There’s this awareness of something being inside you, and it delivers that familiar pleasant sensation, but without feeling overly filling or stretching. The exciting things start to happen when you move though, and the ball bearings inside begin to roll around in response. It’s one of those experiences that’s almost fitting to be described as unique, but the closest thing I could compare it to is a feeling of a juddering vibration. Every slightest movement of the balls is instantly brought to your attention as they skip along the inner surface of the spheres, jump from side to side, and swing through a series of loops. You have this constant sense of the weight shifting about inside you as they move, and because there are two balls moving in different ways at the same time the weight doesn’t shift in balance, with forces throwing around in different directions simultaneously like a mini earthquake within your nether regions. This is what generates that feeling of vibration, and in fact if you examine how any vibrator works they all involve a motor spinning an unbalanced weight around – exactly the same principle. What’s notably good about it all is that it’s a deep sort of vibration you feel when it occurs, like an intermittent rumble.

What makes the sensation of the B-Balls so novel is the responsiveness of it; it reacts entirely to you and your movements. It’s very different to a vibrating plug that just purrs away constantly allowing you to become accustomed to it. The sensation can take you by surprise, delivering a little jolt when you weren’t expecting it, and it also acts as a constant reminder that you do in fact have a plug inserted. Mentally this can be quite fun if you decide to go out and about with this little secret, and find yourself constantly teased by these sensations while no one else is any the wiser. I can almost imagine someone sitting on a bus and giving out a little giggle each time it hits a speed bump and the plug tickles them inside with a small flutter. The other thing that’s tempting to do with it is to experiment with seeing just how much feeling you can actually get out of it, and how varied it can feel all depending on your activities. Go jogging, do jumping jacks, try skipping rope or hula-hooping; any sort of exercise be it at home or in the gym. Wear it when you go dancing in club; try twerking with the person you’ve been flirting with all night and see if it improves your rhythm. It can all be quite amusing to go through and it feels good at the same time, and definitely different. It’s the perfect way to spice up even the most mundane activity, such as wearing it while you vacuum the carpets, or walk the dog.

One thing I did find was that depending on how vigorous your movement is, you can actually hear a bit of a rattle coming from the plug. I did go to the effort of recording it on my phone if anyone’s interested. I wouldn’t worry about this though, as for anyone else to hear it then you’d need to be in a silent room with them standing quite close, while you made jerking movements with your hips, and I can’t imagine a lot of scenarios like that, but it may take you by surprise at first if you weren’t expecting it.

Considering the plug with regard to more long-term wear, this is when I started to find some issues with the design, and unfortunately they all centre around the base I highlighted earlier.* The first point would have to be about the neck of the plug, because it’s ever so slightly too short. I find that my sphincter rests partly on the underside of the lower bulb, rather than being entirely on the neck, meaning that whenever you clench the muscle it pulls the plug deeper into the body, forcing the base section tightly up against the perineum. The second point is that base isn’t quite wide enough for optimal comfort. Right at the point where the perineum meets up with the anus there’s a slight soft spot just outside the ring of muscle that forms the external sphincter, and the pointed tip of the base happens to sit right over it. With time, and especially after sitting on the plug, the base can really start to dig in here and begin to feel uncomfortable, sometimes so much as getting caught in the skin and requiring immediate adjustment to relieve the discomfort. The third and final point would be in relation to the firmness of the silicone, because this really does exacerbate the other issues with the base. If it was softer and had more flexibility to it, then it really would feel more comfortable for long-term wear. As it stands I find myself having to limit myself to a couple of hours of plug use, with the occasional adjustment, rather than being able to leave it in for a whole day, simply because I find a slight soreness building. Likewise I could foresee problems for anyone who intended to try sleeping with it in.

When it comes down directly to matters of sex and masturbation then I’d be inclined to rule this plug out specifically for those purposes. There are some plugs which you wear simply for the enjoyment of feeling a plug inside you, and for me the B-Balls falls very firmly into that category – this is where it excels. I don’t really see the ability of the plug to enhance an orgasm in the same way as one which is designed to press against the prostate. The B-Balls works best as a sort of foreplay plug, teasing you and keeping you semi-aroused as you move around throughout the day, but once you’re lying down on your back, moving little more of your body than your right arm, then you’re not going to get the benefit of the plug’s sensations, so I don’t think it’s a fit for that situation. A lot of the time with sex toys it’s about tailoring the right equipment with the right circumstance, so it’s worth bearing that in mind with this toy, and rarely do you find a single product that absolutely does it all.

My improved version

So I think it’s about time for a verdict here. I have to say, flaws and all, I actually rather like this product on the whole, and I can see myself using it quite a lot. For me the unique aspect is a big selling point, because it really is something different, and you really must experience it first hand. Clearly the plug isn’t perfect though; I want a longer neck, I want a wider base, and I want a softer more-flexible silicone like I’m used to in other Fun Factory products (see my Photoshopped-vision on the right). Make these improvements and I would recommend it unreservedly, but realistically with such a new product this is a design that’s going to be sticking around for a while, so I can only offer a recommendation with caveats. Do I think you should buy one? Absolutely, but just be aware of the few niggles that might dampen your experience at the time.

Thanks to Fun Factory for sending me this plug. *Please note there is now an updated plug which incorporates the new base that I suggested. My review of it can be found here.

Fun Factory Boosty

A few months ago I reviewed the rather small yet surprisingly enjoyable Fun Factory Bootie butt plug, and as much as I enjoyed it I couldn’t help but crave a little more size, so today I’m reviewing its big Brother the Boosty.

The Boosty has a very similar overall design to the Bootie, and aside from being somewhat larger the main difference is that the body has a bulged segmented shape compared to the completely smooth surface of its diminutive sibling. It’s clear that while the Bootie is intended more as a starter toy, the Boosty is something designed to appeal to the more comfortable anal user, with its increased size and textured shape.

In terms of dimensions the Boosty has an insertable length of 3 3/4″ and a maximum circumference of 4 5/8″, so it has a reasonable amount of substance to it while still not being gigantic. If you’ve used the Bootie before then it’s definitely a nice step up and shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge, but the extra size is still significant enough to make a noticeable difference to the experience.
Like all Fun Factory products the Boosty is manufactured in Germany from 100% food-grade silicone, giving you a toy which is not only completely body-safe, but non-porous and odourless too. Like with the Bootie the silicone does feel a little on the firmer size compared to other brands, so don’t expect too much give in the surface when you try to squeeze it. There is, however, just the right amount of flex in the neck and base, so it’s clearly a case of tailoring the right material for the job. The construction quality of the plug is very high overall, and it has a velvety-soft matte finish on the surface. The only slight complaint I can pick up on is that there is a mould line running the full length of the toy, as well a small divot in the base indicating where the raw silicone was injected into the mould. I say it’s a “slight” complaint because the mould line is only slightly raised and not all that noticeable, though it does appear to be a little more pronounced than on the Bootie.
The plug is available in a selection of two colours: there’s a lovely turquoise shade as shown in the image above, which I picked for myself due to its relative uniqueness, and also a rather less interesting black. I’m quite pleased with the colour options here as the turquoise is a little more exciting than the predictable purple option that the Bootie comes offered in.
The Boosty has quite an interesting shape, the body itself rather reminds me of a caterpillar or some sort of grub, with the way that it has three bulged sections of different sizes, and curves upwards slightly; it could almost have dropped out of a Pixar film, but maybe I’m just swayed by the colour I’m looking at it in. One of my favourite aspects of the design is the base, which is identical to that of the Bootie, and again quite similar to that of the Tantus Twist, though I still think I prefer it slightly to the latter. The base isn’t that much wider than the shaft of the toy itself, but it is long and surfboard-shaped, which makes the plug completely anal-safe, all while being quite discreet. Atop the base is the neck of the plug; this is about an inch and a quarter long, and with a 2 1/4″ circumference, and you’ll find the words “Fun Factory” embossed lightly on one side. Beyond the neck the plug widens into the first bulged section, then curves over to one side as it forms the next two, and this makes up the main body of the toy. The central bulge is probably the widest point, while the one at the tip measures only 3 5/8″ around, making an inch difference in the circumference between the two.
I was quite pleased with the size of the Boosty when I got it, and although it’s still dwarfed by many of the other toys that I own, in terms of a smaller plug it’s much more in line with what I’d expect, and more suitable for me than the novice-oriented Bootie. Like its brother the Boosty is actually a lovely plug to use, and it starts off by being pretty easy to insert. The slightly matte surface clings on to water-based lubes well, and the rounded tip slips into the body with very little resistance. The rounded tip is a little on the blunt side, but it’s not terribly thick, so most people should get away without needing a warm up toy. If you are moving up from the Bootie then using that first should be sufficient warm up before progressing. As soon as you push the first bulge through the muscle you feel a little bump as you hit the groove, then resistance increases slightly as you continue to push over the widest middle bulge, and this is followed by a small “pop” as that too slides into place. The final bulge is easy to manage after you’ve conquered the middle, and as soon as this is inserted the neck and base of the plug immediately slide into place. The neck is long enough to give the muscles plenty of space to sit and grip onto the toy, while the slimline base slots itself between the buttocks and feels incredibly comfortable. The base couldn’t be less obtrusive if it tried; the rounded edges don’t poke you or dig in at all, and you can sit down on it and walk around with it all while barely being aware of its presence. I’d guess that you could even sleep with it in and not be disturbed.
The plug sits securely in the body for two reasons, one because the neck is narrower than the widest point, and two because of the way the bulged tip of the plug hooks over and almost anchors itself in place. I felt no slippage whatsoever, and this is coming from someone who’s fully inserted the Tantus A-Bomb in the past, so I think that says something. This gives you the freedom to wear it during sex, or go out with it in, all without worry of it suddenly escaping. When you consider the size of it, the Boosty isn’t the most filling plug in the world, but it does offer a nice satisfying amount of sensation, akin to the presence that you feel from the Tantus Ryder, and it’s definitely a good upgrade from the Bootie. What I like most about the Boosty actually comes down to the shape of it; the curved tip just pokes you nicely in the centre of the prostate, in a way which is enough to feel pleasant for users new and experienced alike. It’s a very similar sensation to that of the Bootie, just turned up a couple of notches, and luckily the slight changes to the design didn’t compromise the performance. I’d still argue that this sort of shape seems to work better than some of the rigid specialist prostate toys I’ve used, as often they seem to overestimate the depth of the gland and instead poke you in the bladder. The plug really delivers on a number of fronts for me, because you get that same great prostate feeling that you do from the Bootie, coupled with a much more satisfying size to feel inside you, and on top of that there’s some fun texture to enjoy during insertion. It’s the sort of plug that I could readily wear all day and enjoy.
Once you’re done with the plug it comes out nice and easily again; the broad base makes a convenient handle to grab onto and help remove it, and you get to experience those bumps again as it travels in reverse. After that it’s simply a matter of popping it in the sink with some antibacterial soap and hot water to clean it, though as it’s silicone it can also be sterilised with boiling water or a mild bleach solution. Do be mindful to pay extra attention to the grooves in the body through, in case any dried lube or other matter becomes stuck in them.
The packaging for the plug is nice and small and discreet, which is what I like because it’s not bulky or wasteful. I’m not sure I’d really keep it for storage purposes, but it is an option. Fun Factory handily include a multilingual instruction pamphlet and a sachet of their water-based lube, so you can get going straight out of the box.
I have to say that I really would recommend the Boosty plug, especially to people who are already lovers of the Bootie. Fun Factory took something which is great for beginners and upgraded it into something which is suitable for those with a bit more experience, who enjoy a little more size. It’s a well constructed piece made from a great material, it stays in place, it’s easy to insert, it feels comfortable for long term wear, and it has a great shape that will stimulate the prostate. It has all the key elements you want in a good plug, so you can’t really go wrong.
The Fun Factory Boosty is available from Lovehoney and NiteTimeToys.

Metal Worx Luv Plug

This week it’s time for my second review for the folks over at ThatPosition, who generously sent me the Metal Worx Luv Plug along with the Lelo Bob which I reviewed at the start of the month. The two products are similar in that they’re both small, manual, prostate massagers, so it should be interesting to compare and contrast.
I’m quite a fan of the Metal Worx toys, and am steadily building up quite the collection, with this being number 4 now, so I have high expectations for it.

I always find myself starting a review for a Metal Worx toy by talking about the packaging, which ordinarily would be something left to a footnote, but it is a little bit special. The Luv Plug comes in a heavy duty case, the style of which you might expect to see a professional photographer storing expensive lenses inside. The corners are all constructed from a lightweight metal, while the side panels are made from a textured black plastic which resembles carbon fibre. The lid is hinged on the back and has a firm clasp on the front. Inside the case is foam padding, with a groove cut out into which the plug snugly fits. Not only does the case help give the Luv Plug the appearance of being precious and expensive, but it’s also a great place to securely store it when not in use. The only downside is that the case is a little bulky if you’re short on space, measuring 7 1/2″ x 3 1/8″ x 3 1/8″.
Despite its name, the Luv Plug, the toy should really be considered more of a prostate massager than a butt plug, though clearly there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be used as both. The design is immediately recognisable if you’re familiar with the njoy Pfun, as the two do bear some unquestionable similarities. The shaft of the toy has two main bulged sections which curve upwards, reminding me of the sight of someone doing abdominal crunches. At the end of the shaft is a small handle which takes the form of a slightly-squashed ellipsoid loop, allowing a finger or two to be slipped through it during use, similar to with my njoy Pure Plug 2.0. Uniquely for this Metal Worx product the back of the handle is adorned with a slight embellishment, in the form of a plastic faux-diamond which is embedded into it. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t really add anything to the overall appearance, and I might go so far as using the word “tacky” in reference to how it looks, but its presence there certainly isn’t going to make or break the toy. The Luv Plug is made from polished steel to a generally high standard, and the surface is completely smooth. Unfortunately if you look closely there are a couple of minor blemishes and imperfections on the piece, but they’re not significant enough to be felt, are so are only bothersome in relation to how much of a perfectionist one is. The toy has a total length of 4 1/2″, with 3 1/2″ of that being insertable, and a 3 3/4″ circumference, making it a relatively small toy. The one area where the Luv Plug does feel big though is in terms of weight; given the high density of metal it’s one of the heavier toys in my collection.
When it comes to using the Luv Plug its much less of a beginner’s toy than the Lelo Bob  and this is down to a couple of factors: firstly the head of the plug is that much larger than on the Bob and it has a rapid taper, and secondly metal is a hard and unforgiving material, so you’re really going to feel its presence without any cushioning for the sphincter. For those reasons I’d say it’s a step or two up from the Bob  though a very patient novice could probably still manage it if they were determined enough. Provided you’re sufficiently prepared and relaxed the smooth surface of the Luv Plug allows it to glide comfortably inside the body, and the advantage of metal here is that you can pick any type of lube you like; I always opt for silicone with a metal toy because of how slick and long-lasting it is. As the toy goes in you feel a couple of bumps, or “pops”, as the sphincter passes over each bulge, and this can be a pleasant sensation, then it finally comes to rest with the handle sitting securely against the outside of the body and preventing accidental over-insertion.
As with the Bob the intended way to use the Luv Plug is to grip the handle by slipping a finger or two through the loop, and by slowly making short rhythmic thrusts back and forth. The obvious difference here is with the complete rigidity of the material, compared to that flexibility that the Bob has just above the handle. Before I’d tried either toy I was convinced that I was going to prefer the metal, because of the ability to really angle the toy into the prostate and apply a firm pressure, but it turns out not to be the case at all. No matter how I use the Luv Plug, somehow it always seems to miss my prostate, and I actually find it disappointingly unstimulating. Whether I thrust normally with it, or if I really go prodding around in search of the prostate, nothing seems to deliver a satisfying result. Something about the length or shape of it just has it skirting around the very target that it’s designed to hit, whereas the Bob  with its flex, has this natural ability to move itself into the right position. I have to say it was quite an odd experience for me, and it goes to show that even after all this time of reviewing toys you can’t always accurately predict how something’s going to work for you until you’ve tried it. Setting aside its failures on the prostate front, one thing I did like about the design of the Luv Plug was how those distinct bulges felt when you pop them in and out of the sphincter, so that should appeal to anyone who enjoys textured anal play. The other thing you can do with the Luv Plug is just to wear it like a butt plug, but it’s not best suited to that; the handle makes it awkward to sit on, the weight and shape makes it prone to slippage, and there’s no significant stimulation to be gained from doing this either.
One of the best features of the Luv Plug is how well metal conducts heat, which naturally makes it perfect for temperature play. In this regard it is many times better than glass, which is another popular material for this. Just picking the toy up at room temperature will give the impression that it’s already cold, which is fantastic if you’re into low temperatures as it reduces the need to wait while it chills in the fridge. If cold isn’t your thing then simply holding the plug in your hands for a few seconds will be enough to bring it up to a more comfortable temperature. Personally I love the feeling of a cold toy as it slides into the body, and find the sensations nothing short of amazing. The only downside is that the cold feeling doesn’t last long, as the metal quickly sucks the heat out of the body and becomes quite hot to the touch. To deal with this it’s handy to have a bucket of ice water nearby, as a quick dunk in there will have the toy back down to frigid temperatures in no time. Similarly if you like your temperature play at the other end of the spectrum, a dip in a basin of hot water will also do the trick.
The Luv Plug is very easy to clean as metal is a highly durable and non-porous material which is able to be sterilised. You can wash it with antibacterial soap and hot water, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, or boil it in water for a couple of minutes. Just be sure to dry it thoroughly when you’re done, as the packaging only specifies that it’s steel, and not stainless steel, so there is the potential for rusting if you’re not careful. One other thing is that metal does show up fingerprints, so depending on how fussy you are you may find yourself polishing your Luv Plug before putting it away.
I’m going to be brief in my conclusion today and simply say that you should buy the Lelo Bob instead. It was interesting for me to have two seemingly-similar, yet vastly different toys to compare, and there was a clear cut winner. The Lelo Bob feels better in every regard, and is also more affordable, so there is no doubt in my mind which I would recommend. The Luv Plug is well made, has a nice case, and is good for temperature play, but it misses its primary mandate and therefore defeats the whole purpose of itself. 
The Metal Worx Luv Plug is available from ThatPosition