So Divine Wild Thing Booty Plug

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail on behalf of So Divine, a new sex toy brand that’s recently launched in the UK, and they asked if they could send over some products for me to review.

The first one I’m going to be looking at today is this bejewelled butt plug, so head below to see what I thought!

I’m someone who has a lot of butt plugs, butt plugs in every size, shape, and material you could imagine. Butt plugs that vibrate, butt plugs that conduct electricity, butt plugs that jiggle as you walk. You get the picture. The one thing I don’t have, however, is a butt plug adorned by a diamond. Well, that is until now.

So Divine has just released their take on the crystal butt plug, by launching a trio of new “Booty Plugs” made from 100% body-safe silicone. Each plug features the same fundamental design, but they come in three different sizes, catering to people of different experience levels. There’s the ‘Sweet Sensation‘ – the smallest, the medium-sized ‘Bootylicious‘, and the ‘Wild Thing‘ – the largest of the lot. 
As you might have guessed I am of course looking at the largest option, but despite being the biggest in the range, the Wild Thing is actually quite a modestly-sized plug. It measures in with an insertable length of 3 1/2″, and a circumference of 5 1/8″ around the widest point, so it’s quite similar in proportion to the Butnik from last week, or the Ryder.
The basic design of the Wild Thing is, well, butt plug shaped. There’s not too much you can say about that, though the bulb itself does have a little more of a teardrop quality about it than your standard conical plug. The impact of this, aside from visually, is that it reaches its widest point more rapidly than otherwise, so that’s always something to bear in mind. Beyond the bulb the plug has a slender yet generous neck, and of course is finished off by a nice wide base which houses the signature jewel, waiting to be seen by all it as it sits nestled between the buttocks
One of the things which makes the So Divine Booty Plugs unique is that the jewel in the base is removable and interchangeable. The plugs each come with three differently coloured acrylic gems, one in clear, one in amethyst, and one citrine, which can be swapped out according to preference. The gems each have a silvery backing attached to make them appear more reflective (and because otherwise the refractive index of plastic would let you see straight through to the plug beneath), and they do look quite attractive in place, though not especially sparkly. My favourite has to be to amethyst-coloured gem, as the soft lavender tone complements the deep purple hue of the plug nicely. 
Something that’s slightly unusual about the Wild Thing is just how firm it is, and I was immediately struck by this. It’s made from a very dense, solid, silicone, with almost no give in the surface, the type that typically you’d see used on the coating on a toy, rather than comprising it entirely. The closest comparison I can think of is with the Lelo Bob, and actually for this particular application it’s perfectly suitable. The silicone itself has a lovely velvety-soft finish to it, and is free from any mould lines, so I’m very impressed by the overall quality of construction. 
In terms of using the plug I really have no complaints about the Wild Thing. It slips into the body easily thanks to its smooth finish and tapered shape, and once inside it feels really comfortable. There’s a slight sensation of fullness from the bulb, while the muscles relax around the slender neck, and the base feels really unobtrusive between the cheeks. It’s comfortable enough that you can wear it around for an extended period of time, and I even managed to fall asleep with it in, so if you fancy leaving the jewel on display there for someone, then there’s nothing to prevent that. When you are done with it I’m happy to say that it comes out again just as easily as it went it, which is always important for anything you might be wearing for a long time. 
I have to say that the Wild Thing is definitely a fun little novelty. It’s probably not something I would have gone out and bought myself, but I quite like the idea of the interchangeable gems, and being able to bejewel my own butt. It’s also a really comfortable and well made plug, which are the most important things, so I’d be happy to recommend it.
Thanks to So Divine for sending over the Wild Thing Booty Plug. They’re currently available from Lovehoney.

Butnik by Hole Punch Toys

A little while ago an e-mail showed up in my inbox from Colin at Hole Punch Toys, saying that he’d like to send me something, and naturally I was intrigued. Hole Punch is a company that I’ve followed for a while on Twitter, because they make the sort of quirky products that I adore, from buttplugs shaped like carrots and radishes, to dildos in the form of an ice lolly, a wine bottle, and even a revolver – and let’s not forget this beauty that is the Fluke – but I’ve never actually owned anything from them, so I keenly accepted this enigmatic offer and then waited in suspense.
A week later and what should arrive in the post but this nifty little toy that they call the Butnik, and frankly it was love at first sight.

The Butnik is a whimsically Soviet-themed toy, named with a tongue-in-cheek reference to Sputnik, the first man-made satellite launched into Earth’s orbit by the USSR sixty years ago this month. It’s also a toy of two halves
Much like the mysterious matryoshka doll printed on the side of the shipping box, the Butnik has its own secret: it’s actually two toys in one, and this is where you start of see some of the signature Hole Punch genius going on.
Just like a rocket jetting up into the atmosphere, the Butnik can separate into two pieces which function independently. The primary portion is a gorgeous little buttplug made from a medium firm platinum silicone, and the second part is a supersoft stretchy silicone ring, and the best part is that you can order them in any colour combination you fancy!
The plug measures 4 1/2″ in total length, with 3 3/4″ insertable, and has a circumference of 5″ around the widest point, making it slightly smaller than the Tantus Ryder. If I’d seen images of it before having one in person then I probably would have assumed it was a little larger than it actually is, but it’s a nice compact plug suitable for anyone in the beginner to intermediate range of butt play experience. The design features a lovely long tapered body, which gradually expands from its pointed tip up to the widest point, and this makes insertion a breeze. The surface of the plug is smooth and shiny, so it glides into the body with little-to-no friction, and though there is a slight seam running down the side, it can’t be felt at all. When it comes to actually wearing the plug it’s really comfortable, thanks in part to the generous neck and the compact nature of the base. I actually really love the base because of how well it nestles between the buttocks and doesn’t disturb you, and also because the shape reminds me a little of a cork or bottle stopper, so there’s a comedy element there. The plug offers a pleasant sensation of moderate fullness, in scale with its size, so it’s enjoyable to walk around and experience that. It’s also very easy to remove the plug once you’re done, despite it seeming a little blunt on the reverse. A gentle tug on the base when you’re fully relaxed and it comes out with no discomfort. It’s the perfect sort of plug that you might want to wear during sex, as well as just for solo play, because it’s completely unobtrusive, as well as easy to insert, so you get all the added sensation without worrying about breaking the moment.
The ring has an overall diameter of 1 3/8″, and an internal diameter of just over 1/2″, which does make it a little on the small side compared to other rings. The supersoft silicone feels lovely and squishy, and has a pretty good amount of stretch to it when you’re playing about with it in your hands, but unfortunately for me I couldn’t quite expand it enough to the point that I could put it on. The practicality of the ring will definitely depend on your individual girth, as it’s not quite a ‘one size fits all’ device. That’s not to say that there aren’t other uses for the ring though, as you can always get creative and slip it over a dildo. 
The whole Butnik is really well made and free from any sort of defects or imperfections, so I’m very impressed with the quality of Hole Punch Toys’ work. I have to say, I am really fond of this little plug. Something about the whole concept of it, along with how good it is to actually use. I have a feeling that it might become one of my go-to plugs when I’m in the mood for something modestly sized. 
I have to thank Colin at Hole Punch for sending me the Butnik; I’m having a lot of fun playing around with this little gem, and I’d happily recommend it to anyone out there looking for a good little plug. 
The Butnik is available from SheVibe, and be sure to check out the Hole Punch website for this and loads of other cool toys! Now I’ll leave you with this funny video:

Arts Clair Passion Glass Butt Plug

This week I’m doing a review for Bondage Bunnies. It’s a new website that mainly focusses on bondage gear for women, but they also stock a small assortment other bits and pieces that are worth checking out. They got in touch with me last month and asked if I would review something for them, so I picked out this lovely-looking glass butt plug.

The Arts Clair Passion plug is a rather straightforward butt plug from the German company You2Toys. What makes it interesting compared to the other glass toys I’ve tried in the past is that it’s entirely clear, with no form of embellishment at all, and actually I quite like this. Increasingly you find that glass toys are becoming more and more ornate, and some are actually quite beautiful, but every now and again it’s nice to make a return to simplicity.

As it happens I’ve actually been interested in the idea of a completely clear glass plug for a while, ever since a conversation I had with an exhibitionist acquaintance I used to talk to online. He was always experimenting with creative self portraits, and he told me of the time he inserted a clear glass plug and pointed his butt up towards an open window as the warm midday sun streamed through, catching the rays of light in the plug like a glass prism. It was an oddly romanticised recollection of sex toy use, and apparently enough to plant a seed in my mind.
The plug is a fairly modest-sized toy, though it’s not easy to gauge from images and probably looks a little more substantial than it actually is. It’s a total of 4″ long with 3 1/2″ that can actually be inserted, and around the thickest point it measures 5 5/8″ in circumference. Girth wise it’s probably a little bit up from being an absolute first time plug, but it’s not one you’re going to need a lot of experience to be able to manage. 
Shape wise it’s a fairly standard plug with a gently tapered bulb at one end, followed by a nice straight neck and base at the other. The only slight difference is that the underside of the bulb, where it joins onto the neck, is completely blunt, meaning there’s no taper on the plug in reverse. The neck itself is a generous 1 3/8″ in length, giving the muscles plenty of space to rest on while the plug’s being worn, and it’s 3 1/4″ in circumference, meaning they’ll be able to relax a bit after passing over the bulb.
The plug is manufactured in China from what I’m assuming to be toughened borosilicate glass, though the packaging only mentions it being “glass” which leaves some uncertainty. Glass is a material that I enjoy both because it has a little extra weight to it, but also because it’s fun for temperature play. You can toss it into the fridge or a bucket of ice water before use and enjoy some pleasant chills.
In terms of use the plug is nice and easy to insert thanks to its taper, and it goes in comfortably all the way despite some initial concerns I had about the angle at the bottom of the bulb being a little pointy. Inside the body the plug stays in place well and it feels pleasant. You don’t get that great feeling of fullness due to its smaller size, but it gives a nice subtle variant of that familiar enjoyable sensation that comes from using a plug. Because of its size and shape it’s a really nice plug for long term use; it doesn’t overwhelm you with a feeling of being full or stretched, and the base nestles comfortably between the cheeks and allows you to sit down on it. What’s also nice in this regard is that because it’s glass you can use a silicone lube with it, which won’t dry out during prolonged use. Once you’re done with the plug it’s also quite comfortable to remove. This is another area I had concerns about due to the aforementioned bluntness, but thankfully such concerns proved unfounded.
One thing I really do like about the plug is strictly visual, and it comes back to it being clear. Because the glass is completely see-through it provides an intriguing view into the body. It shows you exactly what your body looks like when you’re wearing a plug, and creates almost a virtual gape, whereby you can peer through the base and see the sphincter clenched around the neck in a perfect circle. It’s quite a unique experience.
A nice feature of the plug is that it comes packaged with its own velvet storage pouch, so you have somewhere safe to keep it in between use. On the subject of packaging I was going to say that it’s fairly discreet, but the box does quite unnecessarily have a topless woman printed on one of the sides.
On the whole I do quite like this plug. It’s a nice, simple, quality little toy, that feels good to use, and that’s also quite interesting to look at. Due to its size its something that should be suitable for a wide range of people, and I’d feel happy recommending it.
The Arts Clair Passion Glass Butt Plug is available from Bondage Bunnies.

24/7 Anal Stretching Ring

Last month I got a surprise package in the post from my German friends over at, containing none other than one of their very own anal-stretching rings. As it happens this is a product that I’ve been aware of for quite a while, so I was especially pleased to discover that I now had one of my own to try out.

The Anal Stretching Ring from Meo is at its heart a rather stylish-looking butt plug, but what sets it apart and makes it that little bit special is that it has a hollow channel running all the way down the centre of it. In this regard it’s actually very similar to the Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug that I reviewed back in 2013, with the main difference being that this is made from a high grade aluminium alloy rather than TPR. Because of the similarities it’s quite useful to drawn comparisons between the two for the purposes of this review. 
The 24/7 Anal Stretching Ring comes available in a total of six different sizes, aimed at every level of experience. I was sent the “small” which actually has a 6 1/4″ circumference, so you can fully imagine just how much bigger things get by the time you’re up to XXL. It really is only small in the relative sense, and not a beginner toy by any means. Size wise it is actually almost identical to the Tunnel Plug, which is both convenient for me and this review, and for anyone considering making a direct trade up from a TPR toy to a metal one. In terms of its other dimensions it has a total insertable length of  2 3/4″, split between a generous 1 1/4″ long neck and a 1 1/2″ long bulb, and it has a 4 1/2″ circumference around the neck itself.
The general shape of the plug is a bit like a funny little doorknob. The actual bulb is almost entirely spherical, save for the flattened tip which is absent due to the hollow passage running through it. The shape is certainly something to bear in mind as the lack of taper will have an impact on how easy it is to insert. Aesthetically it’s a very attractive toy, and it mirrors the roundness of the bulb with a completely circular flared base. 
The plug is machined from one solid piece of high-grade aluminium, and it’s manufactured to a very high standard. The curves are all perfect, the edges are safe and rounded, and the surfaces all feel beautifully smooth. It really is a great quality piece, and because it’s metal it has that reassuring weightiness to it. The finish to the plug is some sort of black coating applied to the metal which gives it a very sleek appearance, and elevates it from that dull grey which is typical of aluminium. 
When it comes to using the plug I’m going to suggest that most people are going to want to go for a warm-up toy first, and this is strictly down to its shape. The thing about round toys in general is that they have no taper, so there’s nothing to gently dilate the sphincter as you insert it, and the result is quite a rapid expansion of the muscle instead. This almost goes double for a round toy which is completely blunt in the section where what would be its tip is missing. As always I did endeavour to see if it was possible to insert without a warm-up, and indeed it is. With a toy of this size, and my level of experience, I was able to get it in on the first occasion without too much fuss, but I really wouldn’t be that confident if I was going one size up, so my advice still stands. What was interesting to me though is that I found the Stretching Ring far easier to insert under these conditions than the Tunnel Plug. One might be tempted to think that the soft flexible toy would be the easier and more comfortable one to use, but actually the rigidity of the Stretching Ring does far more to aid insertion by holding its shape as it pushes through the muscle. 
Once you’ve got over that initial hurdle of starting the insertion it goes in very comfortably, just as with any other plug, and soon as you pass the mid point of the bulb the remainder seems almost to be sucked into the body. The big advantage of a metal plug here is that you can use a silicone lube with it, and nothing rivals the slickness of a thick silicone anal lube on a smooth metal toy. Inside the body the plug does feel extremely comfortable to wear, and immediately you can feel that extra weight that comes with a metal toy, yet it still feels very secure. The stubby design places the bulk of the toy just beyond the anus, and not deeper inside the rectum, so you feel the full extent of it nestled right up against the prostate, and the girth does give a reasonable sensation of fullness, though the size queen in me craved a little more. The neck of the plug is long enough that it leaves plenty of room for the sphincter to rest against, so it’s not sitting on the underside of the bulb and generating that sensation that it may slip loose at any second. The girth of the neck is also such that it allows the muscle to relax again a little after stretching over the bulb, but it still holds it open enough to give a nice sensation and aid with removal again afterwards.
If you’re considering wearing the plug long term then the base of it is pretty unobtrusive. It fits comfortably between the cheeks without digging into the flesh, it can’t be seen under clothing, and all importantly you can sit down on it. 
The key feature of the Stretching Ring is the hollow down the middle, and yet I still haven’t entirely figured out the purpose of yet, but that might just be because I haven’t been exposed to much of the kink world yet. I’m sure it has plenty of uses for people in the know, so I’ll just leave it at that. The flip-side to this though is that it can be a liability. If you’re wearing something that holds you open like this then you want to make certain you’re completely empty and clean at the time, lest you ruin your favourite pair of underwear. Luckily Meo do have a solution for even this, in the form of a little rubber stopper for the hole which is sold separately.  
Overall I have to say that I really do like this plug. It’s a great stubby little shape, its really well made, and you get those wonderful sensations of weight and temperature variation which come only with metal. Compared to the Tunnel Plug this has to be the one I prefer by far; while the other felt more like a bit of a novelty the Stretching ring is a serious piece of equipment, and not only that but it’s easier to use. I can’t claim to fully understand the purpose of the passage, but psychologically it is interesting to think about the notion of not so much being plugged up, but rather being constantly stretched wide open.
I’d be very happy to recommend the 24/7 Anal Stretching Ring, and many thanks to for sending it over. You can grab it from them right now.

ElectraStim Intruder butt plug

Last month I had the opportunity to review my first ever solid metal electrosex butt plug, courtesy of my new friends at E-Stim, and now this month my old friends over at ElectraStim have provided me with one of their metal plugs so I can do a little comparison. As it happens both plugs are rather conveniently almost identical in size, which should make for nice straight forward assessment of their other attributes, and in all other respects the two designs couldn’t be more different.
As always, catch the rest below.

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