Fleshjack Fivesome

It’s almost become something of a ritual now, that every time I add a new member to my chorus of Fleshjack dildos I take new photos.
Check it out below to see some more group photos, as well as some comparison shots of the Pierre Fitch, Brent Corrigan, and Brent Everett together.

Brent CorriganBrent EverettPierre Fitch
Brent CorriganBrent EverettPierre Fitch
Kevin WarholBrent EverettPierre FitchBrent CorriganJason Visconti

Brent Everett Dildo

I’ll admit that it’s rare for me to get excited about a sex toy these days, but this one is an exception. Ever since I first discovered that Fleshjack were making a Brent Everett dildo I’ve wanted one. I lusted after it long before I was sent the Pierre Fitch dildo in September 2011, and that desire never went away, even as I collected Brent Corrigan, Jason Visconti, and Kevin Warhol. I have fond memories of Brent Everett, he was probably the first porn star I ever developed an interest in, back when I was 16 and a confused gay teenager. Not only was he cute to look at but his penis was nothing short of magnificent, and something which couldn’t fail to become an instant object of desire.

Check out the review below!

After my brief foray recently into the realm of the smaller dildos that Fleshjack make, the Brent Everett marks a clear return to those big penises which we’ve all come to expect from porn. It stands up there proudly amongst the Pierre Fitch and Brent Corrigan, matching them in size, and of course I feel this is going to lead to another photo opportunity, so soon after my last. The dildo measures in at a shave under 8″ from base to tip, and of that around 6 3/4″ are actually insertable. Once you discount the balls which comprise the base, this puts the insertable length on par with the Brent Corrigan dildo, which is the largest Fleshjack toy I own so far, and in fact you get an extra 1/8″ of usable length here. The average girth is 5 5/8″, which again is the same as on the Brent Corrigan model, but down at the base of the shaft the widest insertable section measures a whopping 6 1/2″ around, so that’s something to look forward to if you can get it all the way in.

The dildo is manufactured from 100% platinum silicone in a pale flesh-tone. Like all my Fleshjack dildos now, bar the older Pierre Fitch model, it’s made from the current softer silicone formulation. If you were to compare it to another material from another manufacturer then its properties most closely resemble the SuperSoft silicone used in the Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play line. It’s a really lovely material to squeeze as it has a lot of give in the surface, and it’s easy to bend back and forth, and even twist or stretch slightly, in spite of the dildo’s thickness. Like with every other Fleshjack dildo the quality of construction is superb and nothing short of faultless; I’ve examined it from head to balls and I can’t find even the slightest flaw to complain about, nor is there a single mould-line in sight.

The one thing which really makes Fleshjack dildos stand out from the crowd is the stunning level of detail which they incorporate. You can’t look at it and hold it in your hands without thinking how incredibly lifelike it is. I have my fair share of “realistic” dildos, but put them side by side and there’s no comparison; one is just an object which looks like a penis, while the Fleshjack actually is a penis. Every single detail captured in the silicone helps to bring it to life, from the deep dorsal vein, the surface capillaries, the grain of the shaft skin, the subtle texture of the glans, and the goosebump-like hair follicles dotted across the scrotum. I’ve used the word “exquisite” before and I’ll use it again, because that’s what these dildos are. They’re more than just sex toys, they’re sculptures of phallic-art. The use of a live model gives these dildos an edge which other products lack, and I have to tip my hat to Fleshjack for being the only company who can really pull this off so successfully. One of the reasons I love to collect these dildos is to compare them, and it’s precisely because of the level of detail that makes this worthwhile. You take Brent Everett, Pierre Fitch, and Brent Corrigan, three men with three large circumcised penises, and each one no less unique than a fingerprint. Beyond the glans shapes and shaft curvatures, it’s those subtle details which make it all so fascinating, and provide an unexpected insight into anatomy.

Starting up at the top of the dildo Brent Everett has got a really nice-sized glans, and probably the biggest one so far, marginally squeezing out Brent Corrigan. The head is quite big from all angles, being long, wide, and thick, giving it a good well-rounded shape. It has quite a taper to it as it comes down from the tip, and it flares out nicely on all sides, leaving the corona standing proud of the shaft by as much as 5mm in some places. The surface of the head is mostly smooth, though it lacks the near-glossiness of the Kevin Warhol, with the only real detail being the urinary meatus (the opening into the urethra). The meatus is incredibly subtle on this dildo, even more so than on the Pierre Fitch, and it doesn’t extend into the toy by any depth. There’s enough detail there that it almost looks like a small pair of pursed lips, but I wouldn’t describe it as a significant feature. Immediately below the head the shaft is quite thick where it meets it, with no real sense of narrowing. Along the underside is an 1 1/4″ length of frenulum-remnant which joins up with the head, much like on the Pierre Fitch, though it stands more proud. The shaft of Brent’s penis is mostly straight and of a uniform thickness along its length, though it does have a slight upward curve which begins somewhere around the middle. The surface of the shaft is one of the more textured that I’ve encountered, because of the amount of raised veins featured along the underside. At the base of the shaft is a pair of balls which are actually quite modest by the standards of this dildo collection, and they join onto the shaft with a rather unfortunate crease in the skin which spoils the mound-like appearance as seen in some of the others. In the same way as the huge balls on the Brent Corrigan dildo make it look deceptively small in photos, the small balls of the Brent Everett make the rest of it appear especially large in turn.

One funny thing about the dildo is that it’s not as much like Brent as I thought it would be. That probably sounds strange, after all it’s moulded directly from him, so how can it not be like him? Well what it comes down to is the shape of the head. I’ve watched a lot of Brent Everett porn in my life; I know exactly what that meaty mushroom-esque glans looks like, and frankly the dildo is just somewhat different. The head appears less full than I would have expected; it’s slightly elongated and more pointed at the tip, and it even appears to lean forwards slightly. I went so far as to compare it against a few dozen high-res images I dug up on the Internet, just for the sake of thoroughness, and I can safely say that I’m not just imagining it. The question then becomes, how can this be? Well the simple fact is that penises are mercurial, each one has no single shape for hard and soft, and depending on the level of blood flow they can take on a slightly different form. It could just be the case that Brent wasn’t at his usual level of hardness when the mould was taken, and the head deflated slightly, or it could be the opposite, if Brent was wearing a tight cock ring during the moulding then more blood could have been forced into the head and changed its shape. Either possibility is quite feasible. What does this mean about the dildo though? Well for most people, probably not a great deal, it’s still distinctively Brent after all, and a beautiful piece in general. For me there is a slight sense of disappointment, simply from a perspective of familiarity. That penis that I saw in the photos and videos so many times was the one which I lusted after so strongly, that was the one which had a head proportioned in a way which looked perfect in my eyes. This one is different. It’s no less of a turn-on, and no less of a sense of “wow, I actually have Brent Everett‘s penis, this is exciting,” it’s just not Brent Everett’s penis the way that I’m used to it. I still love it and would buy it again, but there is a little adjustment to make in terms of my initial expectations. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t prefer it to look more like the photos, but this really is the closest I’m ever going to get to the real thing, and everything else about it is so spectacular that I can still be content with the way it is.

The nice tapered head allows the dildo to slip quite easily into the body, in spite of its size, and the soft silicone feels gentle and comfortable against the sphincter. As you pass over the coronal ridge you feel a slight bump initially as the head pops inside, and then as the shaft follows you become aware of how wonderfully filling the girth feels. Due to the high level of realism in the dildo all the minute detail of the skin and veins that’s captured in the surface creates a small amount of texture, which in turn causes a degree of drag. It’s a level of drag which is more noticeable on this dildo than the others, but you’re only really aware of it at the start as the more your sphincter relaxes during use the more the slight texture fades into the background. Use of a thick, high-quality, anal lube also helps minimise this feeling further if you’d rather avoid it.

You have a couple of options of how you can choose to use the dildo; the balls at the base make a convenient handle to grab onto and manually thrust with, but their size and broad footprint also give the dildo a low centre of gravity, so you can stand it upright somewhere and ride it without it toppling over. Because the dildo has a nice thick shaft, without too much curve, it has enough structural integrity to allow you to squat over it and insert it without having to guide the tip in by hand. This is quite useful in case you get too energetic during play and slip off the end, as you can just drop back down again and have it inside you without fussing around. At the same time the material still manages to maintain enough flex to allow the dildo to bend around all inside the body and give a really comfortable ride by adapting to the internal shape of the anatomy.

The impressive length of the dildo means that most people probably won’t be able to insert the entire thing without practice, but once it’s in as far as you can manage the soft tip presses gently against the top of the rectum, showing your limit without discomfort. Even if you only manage 5 1/2″ to start with, visually it still looks like quite an achievement as the protrusion of the buttocks hides the last inch or so. It doesn’t really matter that much which way you insert the dildo, as the subtle curve doesn’t affect the performance greatly, but it can be fun just to play around and see if you discover a slight preference for one way more than the other. Either way it’s a pretty nice toy for getting some prostate stimulation; the bulbous head on the end and the thick shaft really rub back and forth across the prostate as you thrust. I absolutely love this dildo for thrusting, and it’s pretty much down to its size. The girth of it just feels fantastic; you get that nice little bit of stretch in the sphincter, as well as a full feeling which extends deep inside you. You can really begin to get a good idea of why the guys in the porn videos moan so much when they’re on the receiving end of it. The sensation of this thick shaft gliding deep inside you with long smooth strokes is second to none. Once you get that first taste of it you quickly develop an appetite, and it’s ever so easy to lose track of time as you keep enjoying more and more. It may not be a dildo for a beginner, but it’s definitely one worth working up to, as it is an experience all in itself. Bigger may not always be better, as the Kevin Warhol proved so well, but if you like them big then this is oh so good, and something not to be missed.

The dildo comes packaged inside a cardboard box, but something a little more than just an ordinary box. The box is black for the most part, and adorned with various brand logos and images of Brent holding his dildo, but the front of the box is actually a door which can be opened. The flap is held down with velcro, but once opened you can see the contents of the box inside clearly through a plastic window. The dildo is held securely inside the box by a plastic tray which is moulded to the shape of it. On the whole the packaging is nice and it’s perfectly suited to storing the dildo in long term.

Overall I’d have to say that I’m just as impressed with this dildo as I have been with every other product I’ve tried from Fleshjack in the past. When it comes to making highly-detailed realistic dildos Fleshjack really are the master at this. It’s hard for me to say right now which is my favourite of the ones I own, and it may even come down to a tie between the two Brents. All I can say for sure is that this is a fantastic dildo, and that I can highly recommend to those who are Brent Everett fans or otherwise. It definitely is a larger dildo, so be aware of that before you buy it, but if you can handle the size you certainly won’t regret getting one for yourself.

The Brent Everett dildo is available from Lovehoney, and from Esmale where you can get an extra 10% off when you use the code ‘INCEND10’ and the checkout.

Alternatively you can purchase it directly from Fleshjack, by clicking on the image of Brent below, and they ship from locations in the US, Canada, Australia, and Spain:

Brent Everett’s Dildos

One of gay porn’s most in-demand actors, Brent Everett, has in my opinion one of the most beautiful penises in the industry, so when Fleshjack elected to immortalise it in glorious silicone I immediately began lusting after it, and knew that eventually it would be mine.

Not content with one dildo, however, there is now a challenger, in the form of a SensaFirm™ model by Topco Sales’ Rascal™ Toys line.
The question is, which one is better, and why? I chose to buy the Fleshjack model, but until I can get hold of the SensaFirm™ too we can only speculate as to how they compare, so let’s just quickly pair up the stats after the jump.

Brent Everett Fleshjack Dildo:

  • Material: Platinum silicone
  • Length: 7 7/8″ (21cm)
  • Insertable: 6 3/4″ (17cm)
  • Diameter: 1.75″ (4.5cm)
  • Circumference: 5 5/8″ (14cm)
  • Harness compatible: Yes
  • Base: Smooth
  • Colour: Flesh tone
  • Read my review here
  • Material: SensaFirm™
  • Length: 9.25″ (23.5cm)
  • Insertable: 7.25″ (18.5cm) 
  • Diameter: 2″ (5cm)
  • Circumference: 6.28″ (16cm)
  • Harness compatible: Yes
  • Base: Suction cup
  • Colour: Hand painted

Clearly there are some variations not only in appearance and material, but in size too, and functionality. It would be really interesting to see how they fare against each other. Already owning several Fleshjack Boys dildos, and being a big silicone fan, I may be a little biased towards the Fleshjack model at this juncture, and indeed that’s the one I bought in the end. If you have any personal experience with the SensaFirm™, or indeed both of these dildos, then please share your opinions in the comments section below!