Blush Novelties ‘Ai’ and ‘Cici’

Last month I was contacted by Blush Novelties who asked if I would review a couple of their products, so I had good root through their website and found this rather lovely-looking pair of silicone dildos, the Ai and the Cici.
I’ve had plenty of time to thoroughly test them out now, so it’s time for the review; check it out below!

It’s not often that I review two toys at once, but thought I’d make an exception for this pair as they have quite a lot in common. Rather than review one now and another in a week’s time, and end up sounding rather repetitious, instead you get two for one as I go in depth on the Ai and Cici. These are the two toys that really caught my eye when browsing through Blush’s quite extensive catalogue, the size of which did surprise me a little as I don’t think I’ve ever seen the brand being sold in the UK, but I’m always eager to try something new.
The dildos are made from 100% silicone and have a lovely velvety finish to the surface, meaning they feel delightfully soft when you run your hands over them. The silicone itself is a little on the firm side, with not a whole lot of give to it when squeezed, but because nether dildo is especially thick they still bend and flex about with relative ease. As they’re silicone the dildos are completely odourless, non-toxic, and body-safe, and they can also be sterilised by boiling or dipping in a mild bleach solution, and then shared with a partner, so it really is the best material to have for an insertable toy.

The construction quality of the dildos is very high, with not a fault to be seen on either. There is a visible mould-line running around the entire length of each, but it isn’t raised or rough, and blends almost undetectably into the velvety surface of the toys.

Rather like a comedy double-act the Ai is the taller and thinner of the pair, while the Cici is shorter and moderately thicker. The Ai has a functional length of 6 1/4″, plus another 3/8″ for the base, and a maximum circumference of 3 1/2″. The Cici is harder to measure accurately due to the curvature of the shaft, but it has around 5 1/4″ of usable length, and a maximum circumference of 4 1/4″. Both dildos are on the smaller end of the scale and well suited to beginners.

Probably the first thing that struck me about the dildos was how similar the designs are to two of Tantus’s products, the Charmer and the Acute respectively, and I’ve made a couple of side by side images to demonstrate this. The Ai has a very gentle curve to the shaft, and the tip of it is quite narrow and tapered, almost coming to a point. On the interior side of the curve it has this big stepped texture with 4 prominent ridges, which rather reminds me of a linear ratchet mechanism. The Cici on the other hand has a much more strongly curved shaft, and the tip is rather bulbous giving a slightly more phallic design. The shaft is largely smooth, though there are some very subtle ridges that can be felt by running a finger along it. Both dildos have nice broad bases which are sturdy and compatible with an O-ring harness. The only difference between the two is that the base of the Ai allows it to be stood upright unaided, whereas the Cici topples over under its own weight due to the extreme curve.

The dildos are available in a choice of three colours, turquoise, purple, or pink, with the turquoise being by far my favourite as it’s a little unusual, though having said that I recently received two toys that I’ll be reviewing in the coming weeks which feature a very similar shade. The purple is also quite a nice hue, having a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk wrapper feel about it.

Using the Ai:

Left: Charmer | Right: Ai

The Ai is very easy to insert thanks to its narrow tapered tip, and with a little dab of water-based lube it’ll gently slip through the sphincter. Despite the apparent prominence of the ridges any sensation of bumps during insertion is very subtle, and in fact even when you begin to draw the dildo out again slowly you only really feel them to a significant degree when you clench the sphincter firmly around the toy. With the dildo inserted as far as you can manage you want to be certain not to push any further as I found that the firmness and pointedness of the tip made for a slightly uncomfortable jabbing sensation when it hit the top of the rectum. In my case I reached the peak of the fourth ridge before I could go no further, about an inch shy of reaching the base. In terms of thrusting I found the Ai to be a little lacklustre. It slides in and out of the body well enough, completely comfortably thanks to the velvety finish of the shaft, but what I really look for is stimulation and that appeared to be absent. As well as those ridges barely being able to be felt by the sphincter, even at high thrusting speeds, they managed to have negligible effect on my prostate. I was hoping for something along the lines of the Tantus Echo, but with barely anything being registered I found myself feeling bored with toy rather quickly. The most successful position I found was to squat over the dildo and come down on it at an angle, and with speed, but even then I just couldn’t get enough stimulation to make it worth my time.

Using the Cici:

Left: Acute | Right: Cici

The Cici is another relatively easy toy to insert, and though not as slender or tapered as the Ai, a warm-up toy will be unnecessary for most people with a moderate degree of prior experience, provided they don’t rush. As the bulbous head passes into the body a slight bump can be felt in the muscle, but it’s not as prominent as that ‘pop’ that comes with other toys. There are two alternative ways to insert the dildo: either with the curve going upwards towards the prostate, or downwards towards the spine. With it in the upwards position it can be a little more difficult to get the whole thing inserted as it will tend to stop and need a little wiggling or angling to help it find its path. With it the other way around it finds its way much more easily and will slip in all the way to the base in a matter of seconds. The curve of the shaft does rather limit how you can use the dildo, as you can’t really squat over it and ride it, as if you move into this position with the dildo already inserted you’ll find that the base doesn’t sit flat against the floor, being instead at an angle, making it rather awkward to attempt. As such it’s a case of needing to thrust manually with the dildo from a reclined position of your choosing. Again as with the Ai I found the thrusting to be underwhelming. The thicker shaft made it feel more filling, but no matter which way I had it orientated it did nothing for my prostate. With it curved upwards the bulbous head prodded around against the vicinity of the prostate, but not in a stimulating or pleasurable fashion, and with it curved downwards thrusting was much more fluid, but the back of the shaft seemed to ignore the prostate even more, failing to replicate that experience I had with the curve of the Tantus Adam.

So where indeed does this leave us with these two toys? Well they’re very attractive, they’re well made, they use safe materials, and all around they’re good quality products. The downside – and it’s a big one – is that I just don’t find them stimulating. They leave me unexcited, uninspired, and frankly rather bored, and unfortunately that’s a failing for a sex toy. They just don’t work for me and my body, and that’s not to say that they won’t work for any other guys, but I’m struggling to think of any categories of people that I’d suggest them to as a good option. I’m appreciative to Blush for sending the toys over, but unfortunately they won’t be making it onto my list of things I’d recommend to someone with a prostate.

The Ai and the Cici are both available from SheVibe.


In the second of two reviews for Blush Novelties this week I’m going to be looking at the Prostimulator – a vibrating prostate massager for men.
Get the run down after the jump!

The Prostimulator is the first vibrating prostate massager in Blush’s collection of toys aimed at men, and like many products of this kind it’s made in two separate parts, with a silicone outer shell and a removable vibrating bullet housed inside.
The design of the Prostimulator will immediately seem familiar to anyone who’s spent time looking at prostate massagers, as they all largely adhere to the same basic shape, whether it be something from Nexus or Aneros. Just comparing it to the G-Rider I reviewed last month and the resemblance is indisputable, though it does look a little more like that toy’s cousin the Nexus G-Play.
Like with the Purity 2 the exterior portion of the Prostimulator is made from silicone, which is fast becoming one of my pre-requisites for reviewing at item. I’m a big fan of silicone because of its properties of being odourless, non-porous, and completely body-safe. The silicone in the Prostimulator feels identical to that of the Purity 2, so again it’s a little bit on the firmer side, and comes with this nice velvety-feeling satin finish, which is quite appropriate for a toy of this type. The only other thing to comment on about the finish is that the surface of the toy does have a mould line running around the length of it, but it is a very subtle one and feels quite smooth. I can’t imagine anyone being able to notice it once it’s inside the body, so it’s worth mentioning but not worth worrying about.
In comparison to other products of this type the Prostimulator is actually quite small, as you’ll notice if you put it next to something like the G-Rider. This almost seems to be a running theme with Blush products so far, but in this case I’m going to say that it can actually be viewed as a positive. I’m sure that many men are put off the idea of trying prostate stimulation due to fears of having to insert something large into what was previously only an exit, but in this case the toy really isn’t intimidating and shouldn’t discourage anyone. It measure 5″ in total with 3 3/4″ actually insertable, and the average girth is only 3 1/2″, so it’s pretty compact.
The Prostimulator does unfortunately incorporate into its design one of my pet peeves with vibrating butt plugs, prostate massagers, and the like, and that is the protruding end of the vibrator. The end has to stick out because that’s where the button to operate it is, and where the end cap unscrews to access the battery compartment, but the issue is that this means there’s no possible way to sit down when wearing it. Personally I enjoy using anal toys in a seated position, so this does present something of an inconvenience to me. The other slight issue with the design is with regard to the cavity for the bullet. The bullet can of course be removed, but the inside of the cavity is completely smooth which helps to form a vacuum within, making it rather difficult to pull out the bullet. Once the bullet is out it’s actually equally hard to get it back in again, because a pocket of air becomes trapped in the bottom of the cavity, and continually forces the bullet part way back out again. Eventually with some wiggling you can get it back in properly, but thankfully as the whole thing is waterproof my advice would be just never to remove it at all.
The vibrating bullet has seven different modes, two more than on the Nexus. There are three power settings, low, medium, and high, followed by four different patterns, erratic pulses, fast pulses, slower pulses, and fast & erratic pulses. The modes are cycled through by pressing the button on the end, and you have to go through all seven before the toy turns off again. This could prove a problem if you need to turn it off very quickly, but otherwise it’s fine. Like with the Nexus, and indeed most other bullet-powered toys, the vibrations are very buzzy and surface-focussed. Because the bullet only extends around halfway into the silicone portion, the vibrations can be felt most strongly around the middle of the toy, rather than at the very tip.
When it comes to using the Prostimulator it’s a very comfortable object to insert, with the satin finish holding water-based lubes well, and the small size passing into the body without much resistance. It positions itself quite well, with the flared base comfortably sitting between the buttocks whilst preventing over-insertion, and the slightly narrower section above the base acting like a neck to help the toy stay put and avoid slippage. As it is a smaller toy it’s not the most filling thing in the world, so its presence within the body is quite subtle and it doesn’t draw a great deal of attention to its being there. You do feel some pressure against the prostate initially following insertion, but it’s not that firm and becomes much less apparent over time. With it inserted the button to turn on the vibrations is easy enough to locate and operate, allowing you to start trying all the different settings and finding one which suits you best. When it is turned on and vibrating you feel a pleasant enough tingling sensation within the vicinity of it inside the body, but it’s not really that special. I’m not a great fan of buzzy vibes when used anally as I find that really only a strong rumbly vibration can penetrate deeply enough into the prostate to produce the desired effect. If you’re not looking for anything too strong though then this may appeal to you, and there is always the option of replacing the bullet with something more powerful later down the line, like the We-Vibe Salsa.
The Prostimulator can be used in a variety of ways, including during sex and masturbation, or even while just walking around the house, and I’m happy to say that it will stay in place during all of this. The only thing you can’t do with it, as I mentioned before, is be seated, so this does limit your positions somewhat. The vibrating motor is reasonably quiet, enough not to be heard through a closed door, but I wouldn’t leave it turned on if walking around in public, as the faint buzzing could draw some strange glances.
The packaging for the toy is of a simple clear-plastic clamshell design, and is nice and tasteful. It’s not ideal for long term storage so I’d probably suggest recycling it to save space.
Overall I’d say that the Prostimulator is a pretty good toy. It has a couple of design flaws, but it’s made from a quality material and is of a size which will suit first-timers to anal play. The buzzy vibrations do let it down, but that might just be a personal preference. If you’re looking for a big powerful prostate massager then I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you want more of a casual vibrating plug then it’s worth considering.
You can find out more about the Prostimulator and other products over on the Blush website.

Purity 2

A couple of weeks ago Pamela from Blush Novelties got in touch with me and asked if she could send over a couple of toys for me to review. The first one I’m going to be looking at today is the Purity 2 dildo, but keep your eyes peeled for the Prostimulator in the future.

The Purity 2 is one of a modest range of silicone dildos currently in the Blush product line, and while there may not be many it’s still good to see companies moving in this direction. Strangely enough, despite the name of the toy, there actually appears not to be a Purity 1, which makes the choice of nomenclature slightly confusing to say the least, but I digress.
The dildo is a surprisingly small piece as it transpires, and this becomes apparent when you see it in person for the first time. It’s much smaller than anything I’d typically choose for myself, and is in fact dwarfed by the very first dildo I ever bought way back when. To my mind it definitely fits firmly into the category of a beginner’s dildo, or one for people who don’t like too much size. Just to give you an idea of what I mean, it measures 6″ in total length, with roughly 5 1/2″ actually insertable. Around the widest point the girth is 4 5/8″, but for the most part it’s nearer to only 3 3/4″.
The design of the dildo is quite simplistic as you can probably gather from the images. It has a completely smooth shaft with a matte finish – described on the box as “satin”, but which I would typically refer to as  being “velvety.” Along the length of the shaft the thickness varies slightly as it becomes more bulbous towards the tip, and then the tip itself hooks over in a manner slightly reminiscent of the Tantus Tsunami, though in a less exaggerated fashion. Probably the most interesting aspect of the design is actually the base of the dildo, which is heart-shaped. The base is quite broad and flared, making it harness-compatible, completely anal-safe, and also perfect for standing the toy upright on. The underside of the base is concave, much like on a wine bottle, and it acts quite well as an in-built suction cup, depending on the type of surface you apply it to, and provided you can press it into place with sufficient force. The packaging makes no mention of this as one of the dildo’s features, so it may be be a bonus with I stumbled on.
The dildo is constructed to a good standard, and though it does have seams they’re subtle enough that they can barely be felt when you run a finger over them. The type of silicone used in the Purity 2 is noticeably quite firm; there’s very little give in the surface when you attempt to squeeze it, and while the shaft does flex it’s more because of how thin it is. Like any silicone product it is odourless, non-porous, and completely body-safe, which is why it’s one of my favourite materials.
When it comes to using the dildo it’s a very comfortable object to insert, with the satin finish holding water-based lubes well, and the rounded tip gently working its way into the body. The base acts as a good handle for you to grab onto, and the Purity 2 glides seamlessly back and forth in as you thrust with it. Objectively it’s a good little dildo, but from a personal standpoint I know that it’s just not the dildo for me. I said earlier that it’s a beginner toy, and a beginner I am not. The only problem I have is that I just find it rather boring. For someone with experience the size is too small; it’s simply not at all filling when inserted, and it offers no pleasant stretching sensation. The dildo also lacks any form of texture, so there are no interesting bumps along the shaft to add a sense of real stimulation. The other point I’ll make is that the shape just doesn’t do anything for my prostate. No matter which way I try to angle it it simply won’t seem to hit the right spot. It’s rather counter-intuitive because you’d expect a tip of that shape to be especially good at rubbing against the prostate, but in my experience it didn’t work out that way.
The Purity 2 comes in some simple yet tasteful packaging. It’s a clear plastic box so it’s not entirely discreet in the face of prying eyes, but it does look nice. It’s probably not the sort of packaging which you’d want to keep as there’s nothing special about it, so it’s worth finding a less bulky long-term storage solution.
Overall I’d say that the Purity 2 is an attractive and well made dildo, but it’s definitely a prime example of the importance of pairing up with right toy with the right person. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by the photos, because it is small, and for that reason it limits who it’s suitable for. If you’re looking for something on the diminutive side, just to experiment around with, then it could be worth considering. If what you want is something which is going to deliver a lot of stimulation, then you’re looking in the wrong place. It simply doesn’t have the size or shape to deliver on those fronts, and you’re liable to end up bored.
You can find out more about the Purity 2 and other products over on the Blush website.