Electrastim Jack Socket and XL

March is upon us, the days are getting longer, and Spring feels as though it could be right around the corner, well except for one little hitch… The entire UK is currently under a blanket of freak snow, so let’s grab a cup of hot chocolate and dive right into a new review.
I’m going to kick off the month with something a little bit different, in the form of the ElectraStim Jack Socket. This is something that I’ve been interested in reviewing for a while, but somehow never got around to trying one until this past month, so let’s go and seen how it checks out!

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California Exotics Long John

Valentine’s Day is behind us, I’m filled with more pancakes than an IHOP, and this blog turned another year old this week!
Today I’m starting the first in a series of reviews for the nice folks over at TooTimid.com, who’ve kindly provided me with some products to put through their paces for you guys, so let’s get to it!

One of the criticisms that I’m aware can be levelled at my blog is that I don’t review a whole load of affordable toys, and while a perk of having been at this for six years now is that companies trust me to offer a thorough breakdown of their more expensive items, this omission isn’t intentional. The fact is that often it can be hard to find a quality toy that doesn’t break the bank, especially if you care about the safety of the materials you put inside your body, and you should do. While it’s certainly great to have the luxury of expensive tastes, not everyone is in a position to stretch to spending $100/£100 on a dildo, so today I’m hoping to go a little way to remedy this.
The Long John from Cal Exotics is a 100% silicone dildo which costs only $35.95, so when I spotted it on the TooTimid website I knew that it would be the perfect thing to review for them. It comes in a simple choice of a flesh colour or pink, which is quite a reasonable selection for a budget toy.

The first thing that struck me about the Long John was the similarity between the shape of its shaft and that of The Boss dildo from Fun Factory. They both incorporate a subtle sweeping S-shape down their length, the difference being with the Long John that it has a more overtly phallic appearance with its prominent head, veiny shaft, and all culminating with a pair of balls at the base.

The other difference with the Long John is its size: it measures a total of 7 1/4″ in length, with 6″ insertable, and an average circumference of 5 1/4″. It falls into what I’d consider to be a realistic size for a dildo, not ridiculously huge, but also not specifically small for beginners. It’s that sort of Average Joe size that should appeal to anyone looking to replicate that experience with the man off the street rather than a porn star.

The construction of the dildo is good, but also a point of interest for me because of one particular peculiarity. While the whole shaft is solid, the balls themselves appear to be filled with air, something which is reinforced by the appearance of a plug-like piece in the base. You can squash them and compress them, and they really don’t give you the impression of them being solid. This doesn’t really affect much about the dildo other than being a curiosity, except for the fact that the base is convex rather than being flat, which seems to be attributable to the air inside. The effect of this is that the dildo doesn’t stand up very easily and tends to teeter around even if you’ve managed to balance it correctly. It doesn’t really bother me that they’ve tried to keep costs down by saving material in this hollow section, but it might have made more sense just to leave an open bullet hole in the base, rather than a cavity in the balls, as at least this way there’d be the option to use a suction cup with it, etc.

In terms of the finish on the dildo it has an entirely matte surface and feels nice to the touch. There’s visual evidence of a mould line running the entire length, but it’s not raised and can’t be felt, so it’s not an issue.

When it comes down to use I’m happy to say that the dildo works and hits all the right spots, and why wouldn’t it considering how much I enjoyed The Boss before it? It’s actually rather a relief as it would have been annoying to have finally found a good quality affordable dildo, only to then have to write it off because the shape was a dud. One of the first things about it is that it’s actually a great manual thrusting dildo. It’s lightweight and ergonomic so you can comfortably lie back, hold it in your hand, and go to town as long as you please. I find that in this position it works best to hold the dildo so that the ridge on the head is aligned with your prostate, and then relatively shallow thrusting will help to target it well and deliver lovely sensations. The silicone is quite firm, but it has enough flex in it that you can bend and angle the shaft to really target it right where you want the most pressure from that ridge. The other way to use it, and generally my preferred method, is to place the dildo on a flat surface and ride it. The only downside here is that because the dildo is lightweight, and the base isn’t flat, it can jump around a bit, so it helps to hold it down. In this position I find that the dildo works best flipped around 180 degrees, so then it’s that big rounded section of the ventral side of the shaft that does all the work. As you lower yourself down onto the dildo you really feel its entire shape, and your body follows every twist and curve, far more so than you’d imagine. Once you’ve worked up a steady rhythm you can really feel the bulge in the shaft massaging your prostate to great effect. It works best with a deeper insertion, and thanks to the shape and modest length it’s possible to get right down to the base with no discomfort, allowing a worry-free ride no matter how vigorous you get in the process. Despite all the textured vein detailing on the shaft, you don’t really feel any of it during use, and just get a smooth gliding action in and out. It is best to use a little extra lube with the dildo though, as if you’re being minimal with it you can feel a little drag.

The actual shape of the dildo makes really well suited to people of all experience levels, as that small tapered tip makes it nice and easy to insert for those more at the beginner end, while those comfortable with bigger things can still appreciate the great sensations that come when it hits just the right spot. It’s obviously not going to be the most filling dildo in the world, but it’s a nice alternative when you still want sensation but without the stretch.

The Long John is of course made from silicone, and the reason you want a silicone dildo is because it’s a completely inert material that’s safe to put inside your body. It’s also non-porous, so it won’t harbour bacteria deep within it, and you can sterilise it via boiling or mild bleaching, and safely share it with a partner.

I have to say that I really am impressed with this dildo. It’s amazing what you can pick up for $35, something that’s well made, has a good functional shape, and that’s made with safe materials. I can only hope that more manufacturers will follow suit and start offering a wider range of affordable silicone toys. If you want to pick up something that’ll show you a great time without blowing the budget, then I can happily recommend this one.

Many thanks to TooTimid for sending me The Long John, and it’s available from them right now!

b-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite

Last week I arrived back to a lovely little surprise from Lovehoney, a swanky new b-Vibe Rimming plug which they’d kindly sent me as part of their on-site review programme. I told myself I’d try to keep it pithy, as not everyone wants to read an essay before buying a sex toy, but then I found that I had so many things to say about it that I failed rather spectacularly on that front.
If you’d like to read what I thought of it then head below!

When I first heard that someone had made a rimming plug I’ll admit I was a little sceptical about the idea, but also rather excited as I’m a sucker for something new and off the beaten path.
Of all the things I’ve tried of late this plug is easily one of the most unique, thanks to the inclusion of rotating beads in the neck, which actively stimulate the anus. We all think of this region as an erogenous zone – hence the existence of analingus as an increasingly popular sex act – and yet most anal toys tend to ignore it entirely, in favour of focussing predominantly on internal stimulation. It’s impressive how effective the action of the beads actually is, and as soon as you turn it on you can immediately feel the little bumps moving around, as different points of pressure traverse the sphincter. It’s a fascinating sensation, half tickling, half massaging, and all very stimulating. You can even gently clench the muscle to apply extra pressure and increase the feeling, and happily the plug is powerful enough to withstand this without the motor stopping.

The plug can be operated in two different ways, and with differing results. Using the button on the base you can cycle through nine different pre-set patterns. Some of these use only the rotary motor, while some incorporate the plug’s internal vibrating motor as well, and a couple have it vibrating alone. The other way to use it is via the included remote. The remote allows you to independently set the pattern for each motor, so you can couple one rotation speed you like with your favourite vibration mode. The remote also allows you to adjust the strength of the vibrations to your preference, though they’re always at their highest when you operate it via the button, so you can only really adjust the intensity down.

The remote is actually a good piece of kit. It feels a little light and flimsy, but it has good signal strength, so you can still control the plug under a couple of layers of clothing, or with it a reasonable distance away. The only downside with the remote is that there are so many combinations of settings that it can be easy to get a little lost, which did make me miss the visual display you get from wireless toys that can be operated via a phone app, as with some of We-Vibe’s newer products.

The vibrations from the plug aren’t the strongest in the world, but it would be wrong to try to compare them to something like a prostate massager. They act to complement the rotary action and they do so well, creating a really pleasant all round sensation. On some occasions I did find that all the sensations seemed to blend together, making the rimming feature of the plug feel less apparent, so it can be nice to use it with the vibrations disabled.

In terms of noise the plug isn’t all that discreet. The vibrating function is almost whisper quiet inside the body, but the mechanical action of the rimming feature does make quite a noticeable whirring sound, limiting where you can use it. Behind a closed door and you’re perfectly safe with it, but out in public and you might get a few strange looks. 

This plug is classed as being the “petite” version, but I think it’s probably the perfect size, and I say that as someone who does generally enjoy toys on the larger end of the scale. What I like about this plug especially is the insertable length, because at 4 inches it’s really comfortable for every day wear. The main body is long enough that the bulb of the plug can nestle up against the entire prostate, but it doesn’t go so deep that it runs the risk of poking you anywhere uncomfortably, especially if you try to use it in a seated position.

The one area I wouldn’t mind it being a little bigger is in terms of girth, because I do appreciate that sensation of greater fullness, and the addition of a thicker neck could increase the intensity felt from the rimming action. As it stands though I’m happy with the size and it’s sufficient to still feel really good.

The plug itself is really easy to take care of. It’s made from velvety-soft seamless silicone which you can sterilise after use, and the magnetic charging port is a breeze to use.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this toy and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something new. Many thanks to Lovehoney for sending it to me for review, and you can go grab one right now from Lovehoney.co.uk or Lovehoney.com

Babes ‘n’ Horny – The Mack Dildo

It’s like 1996 all over again. I can hear it already, ♪ Return of the Mack. ♪

Hey everybody! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Sorry for my absence so far in 2018 but I’m currently far away avoiding the continuing Winter weather, and shan’t be back until next month.

Thanks to the miracle of post queuing I had the foresight to line up a few reviews to fill the gap, so let’s get on with this one! 

The Mack is my first dildo from Babes ‘n’ Horny, a London-based company that’s been supplying the UK with hand-poured artisan sex toys since all the way back in 1993. With 25 years experience honing their craft I was pretty excited to get my hands on one and put it through its paces.
Never being one to start small, the Mack is a whopper of a dildo. There’s simply no getting around that. It’s a serious chunk of silicone, all 721 grams of it to be precise. At 10” in total length, and with a base diameter of 4 ½” you can start to get an idea of just how big it actually is.
Sitting on the table across from me it towers over everything, with a staggering lean that makes Pisa look positively vertical. It’s this unusual shape that makes the Mack unique. It’s like the tusk of a baby elephant, starting small at its rounded tip, and getting ever wider as it curves down towards the base. 
At the narrow end it measures 4 ½” in circumference, while at the widest useable section it’s an incredible 9”, effectively doubling in size. 
The shape does make the dildo especially good at one thing, and that’s in use as a training tool. The slow gentle taper, combined with the curve in the shaft, helps it to both work its way deeper into the body than you might ordinarily be able to manage, and gradually dilate the sphincter muscle to accommodate wider toys. It’s very useful as a practice toy if you’re interested in testing your limits. 
In terms of a dildo to thrust with I’d say the Mack definitely has a learning curve, and it’s something you have to figure out along the way. The first mistake that I made was trying to insert as much of it as I could right at the very beginning, and then once I tried to thrust with it I found that I couldn’t really feel anything. The problem with this approach is that once you’re down near the thick base of the dildo you’ve completely loosened up and relaxed your sphincter, so by the time you start pulling it out again the thinner sections of the shaft fail to make any contact with the areas where you want there to be sensation. 
The trick I found was to only insert as much of the dildo as you need for one good stroke, and then it performs more in line with what you might expect. As with any curved dildo there are two main orientations in which you can use it, curved towards the spine, or curved towards the prostate. With it positioned for the latter I found that the prominent ridge on the head was especially effective at simulating the prostate. It seemed to favour short shallow thrusts, and you could really feel the shape of the head intensely rubbing back and forth to a very pleasurable effect. 
With the Mack positioned the other way around it really benefited from being used a little deeper. This time it was that impressive girth of the shaft that was really pressing up against the whole prostate every time the bottom of a thrust was reached. It’s a slightly different sensation to the pinpoint intensity of the ridge, but it feels equally as good and it’s always nice to have the option of each. 
One downside to the unwieldy size of the Mack is that it’s somewhat awkward for solo use. You’re more or less relegated to placing it on a surface and riding it, because the weight and shape of the base doesn’t make it comfortable to hold. Even when riding it I found that the base would rarely sit flat against the surface it was resting on, because in that position the curve felt too extreme for comfortable use, so it ended up tilted forwards onto one of its edges.
What I do imagine the Mack is great for though is pegging, because that base is going to fit extremely securely into an O-ring harness, and the whole thing will hang down more naturally from the body at just the right angle. You are going to want a secure harness though, as the weight of the Mack requires serious support. 
The Mack is a really nicely made toy, so I can definitely attest to the quality of Babes ‘n’ Horny products. As with anything that’s completely handmade there are a few little peculiarities, such as the odd bump or divot that doesn’t seem as though it’s supposed to be there, but it’s really very minor. 
The dildos are available in practically every colour that you can imagine. I got mine in this stunning shade of red, which I’d hoped to show off more, but the high gloss finish is so shiny that I could barely get the camera on my phone to focus on it!
The Mack isn’t cheap, but if you want to make an investment in a dildo you can grab one from their website.

Fun Factory B-Balls Duo

Let me tell you a quick little story about the sort of company that Fun Factory is. 
A couple of years ago they released the first incarnation of their B-Balls butt plug, and I was generously sent one to review. It was a fantastic plug, but the one little niggle I had was with the base, so I devoted a whole portion of my review to discussing this and suggesting ways that it could be improved, and I even ended by Photoshopping a quick mock-up of my perfect design
Flash forward to six months ago and someone left a comment on my review saying that Fun Factory had changed the design, so I went off to investigate and sure enough the new B-Balls Duo addresses every single point that I made. I was astounded. I honestly can’t stress just how impressed I am that Fun Factory listened to all this feedback and then acted on it. It’s a wonderful reflection on how consumer-oriented they really are.
Now I have my hands on the new B-Balls Duo, and it’s time to update the review, so head below for more!

I’ve always considered myself to be quite lucky as a male sex toy reviewer, because the sky really is the limit when it comes to what I can use. There are products I can insert myself into, such as Fleshjacks and the Cobra Libre, and then there are toys I can put inside me, from dildos to butt plugs, and even special vibrators. That metal G-spot tool people rave about? Its great for prostate massage. That high powered clitoral vibe everyone loves? It works wonders on my frenulum. I’ve even managed to re-purpose a bright pink rabbit as an anal vibrator and perineum massager.

Every now and again, however, there comes along a toy which really is only for the opposite sex, and then I sit there wistfully pondering exactly what it might feel like for them to use it. For the longest time one of those products was kegel balls: those hollow spheres containing a free-moving ball bearing, which women insert in order to tone their pelvic floor muscles. Also referred to in those 50 Shades circles by the cringe-worthy moniker “jiggle balls.” Up until a couple of years ago you’d have to have been slightly foolish to try such a product as a man, because with only a rudimentary retrieval system they’re the sort of small objects that can easily disappear inside a rectum, but then Fun Factory finally came up with the answer, in the form of their B-Balls plugs.

The B-Balls Duo is in essence Fun Factory’s “Smartballs Duo” kegel balls, but repackaged as a butt plug with a flared anal-safe base. In many ways it’s almost a surprise that no one thought to do it sooner – perhaps no one thought there would be a demand – but I’m certainly happy that it now exists, and that I can try it out.
In general terms of being a butt plug the B-Balls Duo isn’t actually all that large, neatly placing it in that size range which caters to the widest number of people. In terms of length you have 4 1/2″ insertable, and the circumference of the various sections is as follows: 1st bulb – 4 1/4″. 2nd bulb – 4 3/4″. Neck – 2 1/4″. It’s clearly not the most girthy plug in the world, so I’d be happy suggesting that almost anyone bar a complete novice would be fine using it, but it’s also not a plug which relies entirely on size to create stimulation, so don’t rule it out yet if you’re someone who likes a stretch.

The B-Balls Duo is constructed with Fun Factory’s usual selection of high quality body-safe materials – namely silicone and ABS plastic – and to their high production standards as well, so you can feel reassured that you’re getting a top notch piece of German engineering. The actual manner in which the design is put together is rather interesting from a technical standpoint. There are two hollow spheres made from a hard grey plastic, each containing a single ball-bearing, and these in turn are held together by a silicone outer shell which is firmly bonded to the exterior surface of the plastic, and which makes up the remainder of the shape of the plug. What’s unusual is that sections of the grey plastic have purposely been left visible, and aren’t covered by the silicone, giving a rather attractive design feature, but it’s hard to know if this was decided upon purely for aesthetics, or as necessity during the moulding process. The downside to this design element is the presence of a slight groove that runs between the plastic and the silicone, creating a place for dirt to readily gather and making it somewhat harder to clean, which isn’t ideal for a toy that’s going to be used anally. It’s just as well that the materials are all non-porous and can be sterilised by boiling, or soaking in a 10% bleach solution, allowing you to freshen the whole thing up after use.

The silicone that’s been used in the manufacturing is surprisingly firm for a Fun Factory toy, and has little-to-no give in the surface when you squeeze it. It also accounts for only a thin layer covering the plastic spheres, so it doesn’t really offer any cushioning as you might often expect. I found this especially apparent when comparing it to the vibrators in my giveaway a few years ago, as they have a slightly thicker and much softer silicone layer, giving a completely different feel. My speculation is that the firmer silicone was a requirement to make it bond so securely to the plastic, as anything softer – and therefore more elastic – could have compromised this. Despite the firmness of the silicone the thin neck between the two bulbs remains nice and flexible and can easily be bent about, and the faint mould line which runs around the toy can barely be felt on the matte surface.

The base of the B-Balls Duo is identical in design to that of some of Fun Factory’s other plugs, such as the Bootie and Boosty, and that happens to be my favourite shape of base in terms of comfort and discretion. On the Original B-Balls the base was considerably narrower, as can be seen in the photo above, so this is a big improvement.

When it comes to wearing and using the plug the B-Balls Duo is actually a lot of fun, and it all starts with a hassle-free insertion thanks to a size and shape which it lets slip into the body with minimal effort. Once the plug’s inside it settles into a comfortable position, with the joint between the two bulbs bending to correspond with the curvature of the rectum, while the sphincter comes to rest around the slender neck. For me the total length of the plug is just right, and it sits in place without poking at the top of the rectum, which sometimes can be an issue with anything longer. The small base nestles itself away between the buttocks quite discreetly, allowing it to remain unseen beneath clothing, and its low profile allows you to happily sit on it on any surface hard or soft.

At first it feels, for the most part, just like wearing any other plug. There’s this awareness of something being inside you, and it delivers that familiar pleasant sensation, but without feeling overly filling or stretching. The exciting things start to happen when you move though, and the ball bearings inside begin to roll around in response. It’s one of those experiences that’s almost fitting to be described as unique, but the closest thing I could compare it to is a feeling of a juddering vibration. Every slightest movement of the balls is instantly brought to your attention as they skip along the inner surface of the spheres, jump from side to side, and swing through a series of loops. You have this constant sense of the weight shifting about inside you as they move, and because there are two balls moving in different ways at the same time the weight doesn’t shift in balance, with forces throwing around in different directions simultaneously like a mini earthquake within your nether regions. This is what generates that feeling of vibration, and in fact if you examine how any vibrator works they all involve a motor spinning an unbalanced weight around – exactly the same principle. What’s notably good about it all is that it’s a deep sort of vibration you feel when it occurs, like an intermittent rumble.

What makes the sensation of the B-Balls Duo so novel is the responsiveness of it; it reacts entirely to you and your movements. It’s very different to a vibrating plug that just purrs away constantly allowing you to become accustomed to it. The sensation can take you by surprise, delivering a little jolt when you weren’t expecting it, and it also acts as a constant reminder that you do in fact have a plug inserted. Mentally this can be quite fun if you decide to go out and about with this little secret, and find yourself constantly teased by these sensations while no one else is any the wiser. I can almost imagine someone sitting on a bus and giving out a little giggle each time it hits a speed bump and the plug tickles them inside with a small flutter. The other thing that’s tempting to do with it is to experiment with seeing just how much feeling you can actually get out of it, and how varied it can feel all depending on your activities. Go jogging, do jumping jacks, try skipping rope or hula-hooping; any sort of exercise be it at home or in the gym. Wear it when you go dancing in club; try twerking with the person you’ve been flirting with all night and see if it improves your rhythm. It can all be quite amusing to go through and it feels good at the same time, and definitely different. It’s the perfect way to spice up even the most mundane activity, such as wearing it while you vacuum the carpets, or walk the dog.

One thing I did find was that depending on how vigorous your movement is, you can actually hear a bit of a rattle coming from the plug. I did go to the effort of recording it on my phone if anyone’s interested. I wouldn’t worry about this though, as for anyone else to hear it then you’d need to be in a silent room with them standing quite close, while you made jerking movements with your hips, and I can’t imagine a lot of scenarios like that, but it may take you by surprise at first if you weren’t expecting it.

Considering the plug with regard to more long-term wear, the improvements that Fun Factory has made to the base have made a massive difference. The base now nestles comfortably between the buttocks, and the feeling of it even being there at all gradually fades away into the background. Whereas previously it pinched and got sore over time, now there’s no problem with wearing the plug for the duration of an entire day.

When it comes down directly to matters of sex and masturbation then I’d be inclined to rule this plug out specifically for those purposes. There are some plugs which you wear simply for the enjoyment of feeling a plug inside you, and for me the B-Balls Duo falls very firmly into that category – this is where it excels. I don’t really see the ability of the plug to enhance an orgasm in the same way as one which is designed to press against the prostate. The B-Balls Duo works best as a sort of foreplay plug, teasing you and keeping you semi-aroused as you move around throughout the day, but once you’re lying down on your back, moving little more of your body than your right arm, then you’re not going to get the benefit of the plug’s sensations, so I don’t think it’s a fit for that situation. A lot of the time with sex toys it’s about tailoring the right equipment with the right circumstance, so it’s worth bearing that in mind with this toy, and rarely do you find a single product that absolutely does it all.

So now it’s time for a verdict on the new and improved B-Balls Duo. I have to say I really love this product, and I can see myself using it far more than I ever did the previous iteration. It still has that completely unique design feature that I strongly urge everyone to go out and experience for themselves, but it’s fixed the one big flaw that eventually proved a limiting factor in how often I used the B-Balls before. I’m still incredibly impressed with how Fun Factory responded by correcting the base, and now I can fully recommend this plug with no caveats. It really is a lot of fun.

Thanks to Fun Factory for sending me the new version of this plug. It’s available from the lovely people at Lovehoney UK, Lovehoney U.S, Nice ‘n’ Naughty, or SheVibe.

Tantus Steam Hunk

Black Friday’s a-comin’ and I figured I’d better get a move on and post this review, because if there’s one toy you won’t want to miss out on when the sales roll around, it’s this one!
Head below to find out what all the fuss is about!

The Steam Hunk is the latest collaboration between one of my all-time favourite sex toy manufacturers, Tantus, and the awesome folks over at SheVibe. This is the very same dream team that gave us the Bound back in 2014, and I couldn’t be more happy to see them working together again on new original designs.
It takes a lot to impress me these days, but without exaggeration the Steam Hunk has to be one of the most incredible, unique, and gorgeous toys I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s a bold statement, and you probably have to be a sex toy reviewer to get this excited over a dildo, or perhaps getting this excited over a dildo is what turns one into a sex toy reviewer to begin with, but either way it’s a stunning piece. 
The name of the Steam Hunk gives away the inspiration for its design through its clever play on words, because it’s steam-punk through and through. Like something resembling an old Victorian boiler, the dildo incorporates pipes, tubing, rivets, layers of sheet metal, and mysterious cannisters, all crafted in loving detail. As lovely as it looks in photos, it’s something else to actually hold in your hands and pour over every facet. I want to display it somewhere as much as I want to use it, because it’s a piece of art.
The shape of the dildo is vaguely phallic with its big flared tip, and two tanks tucked close to the base of the shaft like a pair of balls. It’s raw and industrial, like it’s just waiting for you to shovel hot coals into it so it can begin to chug and splutter, and drive a pneumatic piston that thrusts back and forth. It perfectly encapsulates what a clunky steam-driven vibrator might look like, and it does so quite beautifully. 
The Steam Hunk comes available in a choice of two colours, a wrought iron black, or a dazzling copper. Both fit the theme, but to my mind it’s the copper that does it the most justice, and I’m so happy to see Tantus introduce this new option as it’s truly exquisite. The way it gently shimmers in a metallic fashion completely elevates the whole design and makes it extra special.
In terms of size it is quite a hefty dildo, measuring in at 8″ tall and with a chunky 4″ x 2 3/4″ base, but a good portion of it is mostly decorative. There’s around 5 1/4″ that are actually insertable, and around the widest point it has a circumference of 6 1/8″, so if you’re more of a thickness over length person (like me) then it should be perfect. 
When it comes to using the dildo it’s definitely more of an intermediate toy, and even then I’d be inclined to recommend a warm-up first. It is possible to insert it straight off the mark, but it’s quite a rounded tip and a rapid taper, so you’ll want to go slow. Once you hit the widest point of the corona you get that traditional “pop” sensation as the head gets pulled into the body and you make your way further down the shaft. In contrast to the smooth head the shaft itself is pretty textured, thanks to all intricate detailing exhibited along it, but here’s where the material plays a big part. The Steam Hunk is made from Tantus’s SuperSoft silicone, which means that none of the texture feels harsh or rough against the body. This is a big contrast to the Bound which looked incredible, but was so firm that the texture felt like sandpaper on my sphincter. Thumbs up to Tantus for making this change, and for their recent trend of using the SuperSoft silicone more widely in general. 
Probably the best way to use the Steam Hunk is to straddle it and ride it, because the big broad base and low centre of gravity makes it stand securely upright on any surface. It’s a little bit more cumbersome to try to thrust with manually, though still possible if you prefer that. The fact that only around 65% of the dildo is useable means that this portion is essentially elevated up from the ground by the remainder, which makes it even more comfortable for riding as you don’t have to go down quite so low when balanced on your knees or haunches, and I always enjoy that. 
The thing that makes me happiest about the Steam Hunk is that it performs just as well as it looks, and it’s largely down to the shape of the head. The wide slightly-angular design creates a coronal ridge which juts out and carves a path through your prostate like a plough through a field. You don’t even need to figure out a special technique for using it, as a simple up and down thrust will have it easily hitting the sweet spot straight away, though you can up the intensity by changing the angle and pulling the flexible silicone even more firmly into the gland. Once you start riding it you really want to keep going and work up a good rhythm, because it does a fantastic job on the prostate. The other thing I like is the texture from the shaft, because it creates an interesting amount of additional sensation in the sphincter which complements what’s happening internally. You feel all these delightful subtle little bumps and ridges with every motion. It’s probably one of the more comfortable dildos I’ve used too, because of the limiting factor of how much you can insert. A thrust naturally comes to an end when you reach the tanks at the base of the shaft, and at that point there’s no risk of the tip of the dildo crashing into the top of the rectum. You can thrust around as much and as vigorously as you want, knowing that you’re protected from discomfort by the soft cushioning silicone and the fact that it can never go too deep. 
If I were to try to find any flaw with the Steam Hunk it would only be that it isn’t suction cup compatible. It’s not a big deal, but it’s always a nice option to have in a dildo, and considering the size of the base it could have incorporated a hole to plug one into.
I must say that I am a huge fan of the Steam Hunk, and Tantus have really done it again with this design. It’s just so incredibly amazing to look at, and it works like a charm too, so I couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s redefining what sex toys can be, and should be, with an unseen level of creativity that goes far beyond facsimiles of penises, and I can’t wait to see where they go next. I have to whole heartedly recommend this product, because it continues to beguile me even as it sits across from me on a table. I honestly can’t think of a better gift for that person in your life who enjoys dildos.
I have to thank Tantus for generously sending the Steam Hunk to me to review. You can pick one up straight from their website, where this Black Friday everything is 50% off!