Back in October I was contacted by a distribution company who work for Penomet, and they asked me if I’d be interested in doing a review for their penis pump. Considering I hadn’t reviewed anything like this since the Hydromax in 2013 I decided to accept their offer, and a month later a parcel showed up at my door. After a good window of time for some thorough testing, the review is finally here. Catch it below.

The Penomet is a water-driven penis pump, almost identical in concept to the Bathmate range of products I’ve looked at previously. As with any penis pump it works on the principle of lowering the pressure inside a chamber surrounding the penis, in order to draw more blood into the shaft and cause it to expand beyond its typical size. The key difference between these pumps and others which have been on the market for decades, is that they involve pumping water out of the chamber rather than air.
Penis pumps have a number of different uses: to achieve a firmer and more engorged penis prior to intercourse, helping with cases of erectile dysfunction, and penis enlargement through regular use. This review will be concentrating on the first aspect. 
The Penomet is around 11 1/2″ long in total, with an internal diameter of 2 1/2″. It’s made from two parts: the upper half is a sturdy plastic cylinder (available in a choice of colours) which has the integrated valve at the top, and has gradients etched into the side in both inches and centimetres, going up to a maximum of 20cm / 8 1/2″. The bottom half of pump consists of the rubber gaiter, which features a concertina design to allow it to be compressed. One of the unique things about the Penomet, compared to the Bathmate, is that the gaiter at the base is detachable and can be switched out with others in order to vary the pressure inside the tube. The Premium pack comes with five colour-coded gaiters in total, and this is the model that I was supposed to review, but unfortunately I ended up receiving the standard package instead, so while I like the concept of the interchangeable gaiters I can’t actually comment as to how effective it is. 
As it’s a water pump it’s designed with the intention of being used in the bath or shower. Like the majority of men I lean towards the speed and convenience of a quick shower, though it is a little easier to mess around with something like this during a relaxing stint in the bath. In the bath it’s as simple as submerging the Penomet in water, placing it over your flaccid penis, and then beginning to pump. In the shower you need to first fill the cylinder with water from the shower head or tap, but the weight of the water will immediately open the valve at the end allowing the water to steadily trickle back out, so you need to keep it shut by placing a finger over the end. Unfortunately there’s no locking mechanism to keep the valve shut, as found on the Bathmate. Once the cylinder is filled up you need to try to dangle your flaccid penis into the tube without sloshing out too much water, and then push it firmly into place against the pubis, and release your finger from the valve as you give a good initial pump to establish suction. All in all it is a little more tricky, at least until you get the knack of it.
One of the first things I discovered about the Penomet is that it hates pubic hair. It really hates pubic hair. I am a modern man so I’m not wandering about with a 1970s jungle in my Andrew Christians, but I like a neatly trimmed bush rather than the smooth look, and here is where the Penomet disagrees. As it turns out, where there is hair, there is no suction. Air bleeds into the chamber from every side, bubbling up like you were checking your bike tyres for punctures after riding through a cactus patch. I gave it a good few shots before I got annoyed, and then I gave up, and then I put it away for a few weeks. I knew I was going to have to shave everything off in order to test it properly, but I really didn’t want to, and frankly I don’t really feel like one should have to. I made the point of digging out my Hydromax for a quick comparison, not wanting to unfairly impugn the capabilities of the Penomet lest my bush be at fault, and as it happened the Bathmate sealed in place happily, bush and all.
With the hair gone and memories of being 12-years-old flooding back to me, I can confirm that the Penomet did finally manage to obtain suction, but it never felt all that secure to me at any point whilst I was using it. I found myself moving gingerly around the shower, because if I moved a leg too much, or angled the cylinder slightly to one side, small pockets of air would still seep in. Compare this to my experience of the Bathmate, where at one point I was walking around my house with it clamped so firmly to my crotch that I wasn’t even bothering to hold onto it. I would have been afraid to let go of the Penomet for even a second. The only thing I can point to with this is the “comfort pad” that comes which the Bathmate, which is made of a much softer material than the rubber gaiter, and presumably aids in forming a tight seal.
In terms of performance I found the Penomet to be somewhat average. It fulfilled its job as a penis pump, but with varying degrees of success. I could feel the pressure, and see my penis swelling up in the chamber, but using the included measurements as a guide, when I was pumped to the maximum I saw less of an increase compared to my standard size than I did when using the Hydromax. This is only a reflection on the gaiter which comes in the standard pack though, and if you’re worried about over-pumping then it might be preferable for you. The valve on the Penomet was something I had an issue with, as on 90% of the time when I used the pump air would bleed in through the top and I’d have to try to hold it to stop this from happening. I found this to be less than ideal, though to be fair I did also experience issues with a leaky valve on the first Hydromax I had. Finally, just on a general point of comfort, I did find that the rubber gaiter would dig into my pelvis during use, making me miss the aforementioned “comfort pad” on the Bathmate, and glad that the maximum recommended use time was 15 minutes.
Once you’re finished with the Penomet it’s very simple to flick the button at the top of the valve to release the pressure and then survey your results. After using it in a series of sessions of a couple of minutes at a time, with brief breaks in between, there was a noticeable change in my penis. It seemed more engorged, felt thicker in my hand, and had definitely responded to the actions of the pump, so in that regard the Penomet was a success.
The million dollar question though, would I recommend the Penoment? My only reaction is “ehhhhhhhh…” When it comes right down to it the thing does work, so credit where it’s due, but then you can’t have pubic hair, and the valve is leaky and needs special attention, and it digs into you when you’re wearing it, and the seal against your body can break if you move the wrong way. The list of things just builds up and it becomes a hassle. It’s not a terrible product, it’s just very average – too average for its price tag. It is moderately cheaper than the Bathmate model I reviewed, so ultimately its got to be your call if you’re willing to pay a little more, or if you can tolerate the shortcomings for a saving. 
The Penomet is available directly from Penomet.

Bathmate Hydromax X30

So today I’m going to be doing something a little different and looking at a penis pump. I have tried one penis pump in the past, and you may be thinking that if you’ve tried one then you’ve tried them all, but the company behind Bathmate came up with a completely unique design, and you’ll soon see why.

It’s not often that a toy really piques my curiosity, but I was browsing Tumblr the other day when I stumbled across a video of an attractive Australian man (since known to a wider audience as porn’s Chris Bass) lying in the bathtub with an interesting contraption attached to his penis, and I had to know more about it.
The Bathmate, as I learnt, is a penis pump which works by using water pressure rather than the traditional air, and its patented design, developed in the UK, is completely unique on the market today. I did a little more research, as any sex toy reviewer would, and I came across a rather dishy looking man who’d kept a 6 week video diary of his experiences with the Bathmate, and who alleged to have seen a permanent increase in size by the end, and I knew that I had to put this to the test.
Unusually I actually went ahead and reached out to the manufacturers of Bathmate and very politely enquired if they might consider letting me have a product to review, and I’m very pleased to say that the nice gentleman I spoke with was more than happy to oblige, so here we go.
I hope you enjoy this, and catch the details after the jump!

There are currently six different pumps available in the Bathmate range, each with a variety of features and at different price points to suit everyone. Today I’m going to be looking at the Bathmate Hydromax X30.

The Bathmate Hydromax X30 is one of Bathmate’s new generation of pumps, purporting to offer 35% more suction force than their original Hercules model. In its entirety the device is 11 1/4″ in length, with a 2 1/2″ internal diameter at the base, and it comes with an optional comfort pad which increases the length by 3/8″, and reduces the diameter by 1/4″. The design features a long polycarbonate tube at the top which is available in three colours, red, blue, or clear, and I happened to be sent the blue. Below the tube is a black concertina section (known as the ‘bellows’) made from a skin-safe rubber compound, and into this is where the comfort ring plugs. The top of the tube features the valve system which regulates the passage of fluid out of the pump, and this can be locked shut by toggling the centre piece left or right. The side of the tube has a sticker on it which features a measurement gauge, but this scale is only accurate both when the bellows are fully compressed and the comfort pad is not in use, so at other times it can be useful just to compare progress between sessions. The scale stops at 7″, but there is another 1 1/2″ of space inside the tube, so it is recommended that people who already measure 7″ go for this particular model rather than the larger X40. Overall the Bathmate seems to be made to a very high standard and I can’t find any faults with it. According to the manufacturer the whole thing has been tested to “withstand compression pressures of 400 kilograms and impact forces of 20 kilograms dropped from a height of three metres” which sounds quite impressive to me.

I’ve never been entirely sure what the primary purpose of a penis pump is meant to be. Is it a device to help people with erectile dysfunction? Is it a tool for those seeking penis enlargement? Or is it simply a bit of a novelty device to fool around with in the bedroom à la Austin Powers? The people at Bathmate answer this question by describing it as a device designed for penile health, that will promote harder and longer lasting erections, as well as causing penile enlargement. That certainly sounds good to me; I may be an age where I’m considered to be at my sexual peak, but there’s no harm in working towards maintaining the quality of erections well into the future, and I don’t think that any man would turn his nose up at gaining some extra size in the process.

The principle behind how the Bathmate works is similar to how a traditional penis pump works; by evacuating fluid from the chamber the pressure within it is reduced, and thus the penis expands to fill the space as more blood is encouraged to flow into it. The only difference is that in the case of the Bathmate the fluid being used is water rather than air, and water being a liquid has some different properties to gaseous air. Air molecules are spaced quite far apart, and thus can easily be compressed such as if you were inflating a balloon, and also pulled apart. Water molecules are packed much more closely together, and have a much stronger attraction to each other, so short of cooling water until it becomes ice, or heating it until it becomes steam, you can’t have much impact on these molecules by exerting pressure alone. So what effect does this have on a penis pump? Well when you pump the air out of a traditional pump, not only does some air get removed, but the remaining air within stretches and thins out because of the lower pressure. With the Bathmate the water simply cannot do this, so for every drop of water that’s removed from the chamber the same amount of blood must flow into the penis to compensate for it, causing it to enlarge in the process. It also means that you get a solid cushion of water all around the penis during use, which exerts a constant force onto it, rather than having simply a chamber containing reduced pressure air.

So how do you actually use the Bathmate  Well as the name suggests it’s intended to be used in the bath, or even in the shower – and if you’re planning to go this route then the separately sold shower strap will definitely come in handy – but really you can use it anywhere that you don’t mind a little water sloshing around. I’m going to start by talking about the bath as I think it’s probably the most effective way. You want to run a nice hot bath and just sit in it for 5 minutes or so to begin with, and allow the heat to gently relax all the muscles and tissues in the body. Once you’re ready you fill the Bathmate with water from the tub, and then place the tube over your flaccid penis and push it down firmly into your abdomen until a little water squirts out of the end, and this should create the suction to hold it in place. I found it best to start off in a seated position with the entire Bathmate submerged, rather than reclining and having it sticking out of the water. As with any pump it works better the less pubic hair you have; I started with mine quite neatly trimmed, but ended up shaving it all off before the end because I suspected that it may have been causing issues.

The next step is to begin pumping, and again the Bathmate is different to other pumps because it doesn’t have the traditional hand pump which many devices do. You operate it by pushing the Bathmate downwards again towards the pubic mound, and this will compress the concertina section at the base and force water out through the one-way valve at the top. The bellows are quite stiff and I found it best to use two hands to compress them, but they need to be this way as it’s the force of them trying to return to their original uncompressed state which creates the suction inside the tube. At first the pumping can be a little tricky to get the hang of because the valve can be quite temperamental, and if you release the pump too slowly then you risk air being sucked into the tube through the valve and no pressure being created. The key is to pull the Bathmate downwards and then quickly release, and this will maintain suction inside the tube whilst lowering the pressure. To start with it’s best to pump gently, forcing out only a little water at a time, and as you release the Bathmate you’ll see the penis begin to expand within it. Keep doing this until you can really feel the pressure, but stop before it starts to become uncomfortable. You’ll feel the force of the Bathmate in two regions, firstly inside the tube where the penis is swelling up, and secondly around the pubic mound where the pump is pressed down quite firmly under its own force. You may need to adjust the testicles at times if you begin to feel the scrotum starting to be drawn up into the chamber, or if it feels as though one of the tubes supplying the testicles is caught under the base of the pump, but for the most part the pressure of the pump in this region feels fine, in part thanks to the cushioning of the comfort pad.

I found that compared to an air pump using the Bathmate was quite a nice sensation; the warmth of the water around the penis felt very comfortable, and the penis can move around much more freely within the tube due to the lubricating effect of the water, rather than it getting caught against the plastic sides as it expands. It can help to rub a little silicone lubricant over the surface of the penis before you begin as well, as this further lessens the chances of the skin tugging against the sides of the tube. Bathmate recommend using the pump for no more than 15-20 minutes in any 24 hour period, and preferably breaking this into several 5 minute repetitions, so it can be useful to have a clock handy. You’ll want to pump it up, hold it for 5 minutes, then release the pressure completely and repeat. This gives the penis a chance to constantly get a supply of fresh oxygenated blood, and it repeats the process of expansion with a break in between.

If you’re using it in the shower then the process is pretty much the same except you’ll be standing up the entire time and will need to hold the Bathmate out in front of you if you don’t have the shower strap. The trick with putting it on is to first move the value into the ‘lock’ position and fill the chamber from the tap, then whilst holding it vertically lower your penis into the pump and form the seal without losing too much water, and then bring it up to a horizontal angle, unlock the valve and start pumping to create suction. I’d say it’s slightly easier to use in the bath when you’re sat down and everything is submerged, rather than standing up in the open air, but most men probably are more the shower type so it’s worth getting the hang of both ways so you can do whatever suits you best.

Once you’ve finished your first 20 minute session with the Bathmate you’re like to see something of a change in your penis. Mine had gone slightly darker and reddish all over, as well as being left constantly in a semi-erect state, though all of this would fade away over the next hour. Towards the end I think I may have slightly over-pumped as I did have some residual swelling in the head, looking almost as though it was retaining fluid, but this was easy to remedy simply by squeezing the penis until the affected areas returned to a normal size. What really pleased me about the Hydromax was the lack of damage to capillaries in the surface of the skin; with air pumps you’ll often see a lot of little red dots all over the skin where the capillaries have burst under the pressure, but the design of the Bathmate system seemed to prevent this from happening. In terms of size there wasn’t really any immediate change, nor would you expect there to be after a single use, so this is why I’d eventually like to assess it in a long term experiment, but subsequent erections after pumping did seem to be especially firm.
One of the advantages of the Bathmate is that it’s very low maintenance. It doesn’t have a lot of parts so there isn’t much that can go wrong with it, and it also simplifies the cleaning process. It’s not really a toy that’s going to get dirty as you’re using it in water right after you’ve been washing yourself, but it doesn’t hurt to rinse it out after use just to remove any soap residue etc.
I intend to put some more time into making this an extended investigation, but my initial experience with the Bathmate is a very positive one. The products are very well made, simple to use, utilise quality materials, and in the short term I can definitely confirm that they work. Compared to an air pump I much prefer the feel of the Bathmate, but the only downside is that you can’t use them in the bedroom. A Bathmate isn’t a foreplay tool in the way that you can jump into bed and fool around with pumping your partner up, but rather it’s something you’re going to use to get yourself nice and firm and ready before sex. Based on my experience so far I would happily recommend the Bathmate as a high-quality British-made device for improving erections.
The Hydromax X30 is available directly from the Bathmate website and ships worldwide.

Alternatively you can check it out on the websites of these fine retailers:

UK & Europe: Lovehoney UK and SimplyPleasure

North America: SheVibe, Lovehoney USA

Advanced Master Gauge Pump

Recently I was sent an assignment on EdenFantasys to review the Advanced Master Gauge Pump by California Exotics, and having never tried a penis pump before I decided to accept. Penis pumps are typically used by those suffering from erectile dysfunction or by those wishing to attempt to enlarge their member, neither of which have ever been an issue for me, but it seemed like a good opportunity to try something new.

The Advanced Master Gauge Pump is a mid-priced penis pump by California Exotics, and it comes in a selection of three colours, red, clear, and grey, and unsurprisingly I elected to go for the red version.

The pump is a large, sturdy, piece of apparatus constructed from a combination of ABS and polycarbonate plastic, and stands at a total height of 12 1/2″ inches. The cylinder of the pump is designed to accommodate a penis of up to 9″ in length, and it has an internal diameter of 2 1/2″, which should be more than enough space for the average individual. 
The cylinder is transparent aside from a red tint, and has nice thick walls to give it sufficient strength to withstand the pressure. Around the exterior of the cylinder are several decorative grooves which run vertically and help to add grip whilst it’s being held. On the front is an embossed measurement scale in both inches and centimetres; I compared the scale to a tape measure and it appeared to be slightly inaccurate as both the inches and centimetres were larger than they rightly should have been. 
At the top of the pump is a gauge which allows you to keep track of the pressure inside the cylinder. Strangely the needle inside the dial was not at zero when the pump arrived and there appeared to be no way to correct it. It’s unlikely that you’re going to be looking at the gauge to obtain a numerical value, so it’s still possible to compare the initial position of the needle with where it ends up, without having it starting at zero. The needle in the dial moves anticlockwise which I found slightly unusual, but perhaps it’s intended to indicate that the pressure inside the cylinder will be in negative territory compared to the exterior atmospheric pressure.
The pump is operated by a simple pistol-grip handle which is connected by a 16″ red silicone hose. The pump handle is wonderfully easy to operate and only requires one hand to do so, allowing you to hold the cylinder in place with the other. To operate the pump handle you simply pull the two pieces together as though you were pulling a trigger, or making a fist with a piece of exercise equipment. The part of the handle where you place your fingers has a grooved design for increased comfort and to prevent accidental slippage. The length of the hose is sufficient to give a good freedom of movement with the hand whilst using the pump.
On the base of the cylinder can be attached an optional black silicone “doughnut” which comes included. This piece has a 1 1/4″ hole in the centre of it through which the penis is inserted, but it is stretchy enough to accommodate any size. The purpose of it is to help seal the cylinder and improve suction, especially for people with more pubic hair.
Directly above the dial for the gauge is a quick release button which when pressed allows air to rapidly re-enter the cylinder and restore normal pressure. This is needed for when it is time to remove the penis from the pump, and also as a safety feature in case you become over excited with the pumping and end up in a painful situation.
Using the pump is quite a straight forward affair; as I have some pubic hair I elected to use the silicone “doughnut” to ensure good suction. I found that the best way was to first remove it from the base of the cylinder, then stretch it over my flaccid penis. To make sure that it’s fully sealed it’s useful to apply some water-based lubricant around the edges where the skin meets the silicone, to prevent any air from leaking in here. The next step is to pop the cylinder over the penis and reattach it to the silicone piece, which is accomplished quite easily. Next I began pumping; the pump feels slightly stiff so it is a little like giving your hand and forearm a workout, but it doesn’t require a great deal of pumping to get the desired result. The seal at the base was strong, and while initially I held the cylinder firmly against my pubic bone, after I began pumping I felt the skin around the base of the penis tightening against the silicone, thus preventing any air from leaking in. It’s a rather unusual sensation feeling your penis being sucked up into the tube and becoming erect without being aroused, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I stopped pumping once I had achieved what appeared to be my standard erection size, and I felt quite satisfied with the simplicity of using the equipment, then I decided to go a little further. I kept pumping until it began to feel like a strong throbbing erection, and the sensation was rather enjoyable, especially if I repeatedly let a little air in and then pumped again. You can instantly tell if you’ve over pumped as a subtle ache all across the surface of the penis sets in, so you know then to allow some air back in. You can see the penis very clearly inside the cylinder, and just judging by the measurement scale I appeared to gain an extra 1/4″ at one point when I really pumped hard. One of the advantages of the silicone piece is that you have some movement with the cylinder as it isn’t stuck directly to the pubic mound, and you do have access to the base of the penis. This access is sufficient to allow you to slip an adjustable cock ring around the base of the penis and the testicles, and tighten it to keep in all the blood after you remove the pump.
Overall I’m really pleased with the Advanced Master Gauge Pump. It’s a quality piece of apparatus, and while it’s probably not something I’d include in my everyday sex life it’s definitely fun to play around with, and probably even more so with a partner.
You can buy the Advanced Master Gauge Pump from and EdenFantasys.