ElectraStim AXIS

For the best part of two years now I’ve recoiled in quiet shame every time I’ve thought of how long overdue this review was. Now that I’ve eased myself back into blogging I’m happy to say (and a little bit relieved) that I’ve finally been able to put in the commitment to do this one justice. Without further ado, I present to you the AXIS!

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Electrastim Jack Socket and XL

March is upon us, the days are getting longer, and Spring feels as though it could be right around the corner, well except for one little hitch… The entire UK is currently under a blanket of freak snow, so let’s grab a cup of hot chocolate and dive right into a new review.
I’m going to kick off the month with something a little bit different, in the form of the ElectraStim Jack Socket. This is something that I’ve been interested in reviewing for a while, but somehow never got around to trying one until this past month, so let’s go and seen how it checks out!

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E-Stim Electro Penis Plugs

A few years ago I gingerly dipped a toe into the waters of urethral play with my first ever sounding rod, and as it happened I actually kinda liked it, then in 2014 I had the opportunity to up the ante several notches and review an electro-sound. My feelings on the subject were slightly mixed; I generally enjoyed the experience, but I felt as though it was somewhat wasted on a full length sound as the best experiences came from inserting it only shallowly. I actually said at the time that what I really would have liked was an electro penis plug, and it looks as though someone has taken heed of my suggestion because that’s what I’m going to be reviewing today. 

The Electro Penis Plug is pretty much what it says on the tin; it’s a unipolar metal electrode designed specifically to be worn in the penis. Unlike the Micro Sound from E-Stim, which I experimented with last year, it’s short, stubby, thick, and perfectly engineered for this singular purpose.
The Plug comes in a choice of three sizes, and E-Stim very generously sent me them all to play around with. There’s a 7.5mm ‘small,’ an 8.5mm ‘medium,’ and a 9.5mm ‘large.’ The size refers to the diameter across the widest part of the plug, and as you can see from the photos they all have a similar arrowhead-like shape. Each plug starts with a perfectly rounded tip which then gently tapers up to the stated thickness, before tapering back down again slightly and finally continuing with a short section of straight shaft. Each plug has an identical insertable length of 1 3/4″, and is finished off with a hefty base section which increases the total length to 2 1/4″. 
In terms of picking the right sized plug my advice generally would be to go bigger. If you’ve experimented with sounding before then you’ll know that the thickness of a urethral toy typically matters most the deeper you go with it. The spongy head of the penis can be far more accommodating than the shaft, and when you couple this with the tapered shape of the short plug, it allows you to go a size up from what you would consider your maximum, and the larger plug gives a nice fuller feeling right inside the head. Obviously if you’ve never tried sounding before, or your urethral opening is constricted, then sticking to the smaller size would be a better option.
The Plugs are made in one solid piece from highly polished aluminium, and like with all E-Stim products that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, the quality is excellent. When it comes to urethral play you have to be extra careful, because there are membranes inside the penis that you don’t want to irritate, and these plugs are absolutely top notch. No scratches, rough spots, or anything of the sort, just perfectly smooth sleek metal, so it’s a product you can feel confident with.
To make use of the Electro Plugs you’ll need some sort of E-Stim power unit, and as they’re unipolar toys you’ll also need another attachment to complete the circuit. You can just use the standard adhesive pads stuck somewhere on your body, but I find that the conductive loops worn around the base of the penis work the best. Somewhat unusually the Plugs take a different sized cable jack to the Micro Sound, opting instead for the larger one seen on the Torpedo, so you do need to make sure that you have one of the cables that features both types jacks on it, so you can use the larger with the plug, and the smaller to connect your pad / loop. 
Once you’ve hooked everything up properly I recommend first inserting the Penis Plug without the power switched on, as otherwise you’re liable to feel a slight shock as the metal first makes contact with the skin. With the aid of a little sterile lube the Plug glides smoothly into the urethra, and there’s a wonderful feeling of the cold hard metal gently stimulating the head of the penis from the inside. The shape of the Plug stretches out the soft tissues of the glans as it goes in, leaving this pleasantly full sensation around it. As it’s only a short plug it can go in comfortably all the way, with the tip extending slightly beyond the head and sitting behind the frenulum, and it seems to almost anchor itself inside, not immediately wanting to pop out again as many urethral toys do. 
With the electricity turned on the Plug immediately begins transmitting that wonderful tingling, vibrating, throbbing sensation that I’ve described before right into the head of the penis. It really is as though the whole glans suddenly just lights up, and what you do with it then really just depends on what you like, and what sort of power unit you have. You can leave it on continuous and keep cranking up the power to make it more and more intense, you can switch to a pulse setting and play around with the speed, or you can select a pattern of your choosing and enjoy feeling the rhythmic pulses it delivers. It’s especially great if you can couple that amazing sensation that the Plug delivers in the head with one targeted right at the base of the penis or perineum, thanks to the pad / loop.
As much fun as it is just to insert the Plug, crank up the power, and sit back and enjoy it, what really makes me love this product is what else you can do while using it. Because the plug stays in place so well you can masturbate at the same time, and there’s something quite special about syncing up the rhythm of your strokes with the speed of the pulses. It’s a double dose of stimulation to your penis, from both inside and out. Even better you’re still left with a free hand, so you can play with the controls on the power unit, stimulate other erogenous zones of your body, and you don’t have to worry about keeping hold of the Plug. My favourite thing to do did actually evolve holding onto the plug though, because I discovered how great it was for thrusting with. The Plug slides beautifully in and out of the penis, and the arrowhead shape of it is fantastic for stimulating the urethra. Normally I’m not a great fan of thrusting with sounds, because their smooth shape does little for me, but these plugs take it up to a new level, and you can really feel that wide section moving back and forth. Once you combine this thrusting with masturbation it’s like a triple whammy of pleasure for your penis; physical stimulation both inside and out, and with the added electrical element. It really is intense and adds all these extra layers beyond what you thought you were capable of feeling. The only minor downside about thrusting with the plug is that it doesn’t have an insulated section to hold on to so you will notice some tingling in your fingers when you grab the base.
I have to say that this is easily my favourite electro-sounding product. It’s the electro-sounding tool that I’ve been waiting for, and I’m so glad that someone has made it. If you have any interest in electro-play or urethral-play then hands down this is the product that I’d recommend to you.
Thanks to E-Stim for sending me these to review. They’re available from their website as of today.

ElectraStim Intruder butt plug

Last month I had the opportunity to review my first ever solid metal electrosex butt plug, courtesy of my new friends at E-Stim, and now this month my old friends over at ElectraStim have provided me with one of their metal plugs so I can do a little comparison. As it happens both plugs are rather conveniently almost identical in size, which should make for nice straight forward assessment of their other attributes, and in all other respects the two designs couldn’t be more different.
As always, catch the rest below.

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E-Stim Torpedo

It’s time for my second E-Stim review, right on the back of their ETO Award win this month, and today I’m looking at the Torpedo metal butt plug. I was quite excited when E-Stim agreed to send this one over to me as I’ve been keen to try out a metal attachment for a while, ever since I made my first foray into the world of electro-play last year with a lovely silicone toy from another brand. Metal is actually a sex toy material I’m rather fond of in general – you need only read my review of the nJoy Pure Plug 2.0 to be convinced of that – so to my mind coupling it with my appreciation for electro-play can only be a recipe for good things.

Head below to catch the full review.

The Torpedo is one of 12 different solid-metal premium electrodes that E-Stim offers, all in a variety of different shapes and sizes to appeal to every taste. It comes available in a choice of ‘small’ or ‘large’ and as you might have guessed I opted for the bigger model.
The Torpedo is not a beginner’s toy by any stretch of the imagination. It measures 6 1/4″ in circumference with 4″ of insertable length, so you’re going to need a significant degree of experience with anal play before evening thinking of tackling it.
Much like its name the design of the Torpedo has the feel of a piece of military ordnance, looking rather like a scaled down version of the “Little Man” bomb from the 1940s, rather than anything intended to be shot out of a submarine. It’s constructed from 4 key parts – the main bulb, the neck, the base, and a central connecting bolt – with all but the neck being made from solid aluminium, giving it a hefty weight of 555g. The standard finish for the plug is brushed metal which gives it a rather appealing industrial feel to it I find. It’s not overly fancy and looks how I imagine an electrode should, though a polished version is also available on request if you’re interested in something a little more pretty.
Functionally the Torpedo is designed as a bi-polar electrode, with the two points of charge coming from the bulb of the plug and the base, while the black plastic neck acts as an insulator between them to ensure the current flows through the body. This allows the Torpedo to be used alone, unlike with the MicroSound which required another accessory to be in place to complete the circuit.
When it comes to using the Torpedo it’s advisable to opt for a warm-up toy first, in part due to the sheer girth of it, but also because the rounded tip is quite blunt and has very little taper to it. This isn’t a strict requirement though as it is possible to insert the plug by itself if you have the patience and experience for it, because this is the sort of thing I take the time to test out. Once you’re ready to accommodate the thickness of the plug it slips inside very comfortably, with the brushed metal surface feeling almost soft against skin. Inside the body the Torpedo feels wonderfully filling as it pushes up against the prostate, and you get a subtle cool feeling too as the conductive metal begins to suck the heat from the surrounding tissue. This is one of the things I love to play around with when it comes to metal toys, changing the temperature of them before insertion just to add a little extra sensation. The other thing that you’ll notice straight away is the weight bearing down on your sphincter. The plug feels completely secure and there’s no risk of it slipping out, but there’s a pleasant awareness off all this mass there, enough to warrant a few muscle contractions almost as though you’re doing a muscle-toning workout with your anus. What’s nice is that just as a starting point of being a buttplug it’s a really great toy, and it feels lovely to just walk around wearing it and feeling its presence. Even the base nestles happily between the buttocks despite looking rather large.
The fun really starts once you connect the Torpedo to the EBox Series 1 power unit. On the lowest setting you immediately get this slight tickling sensation all around the plug inside you, which gave me cause to squirm a little and give out a girlish giggle. As you increase it it changes to that more vibration-like sensation, but it also gives off that fascinating feeling of energy flowing through you and the surrounding area lighting up. More power brought with it a spontaneous erection and the sense that the electricity was flowing through the prostate and further afield. Although its almost impossible to properly put into words these sensations, it was noticeably a different sensation from what I had with the silicone toy I’d used in the past. That delivered a much more intense prostate sensation specifically, but with the Torpedo it was like all my erogenous zones were being super charged as I turned the dial all the way up to the max. This fact was evident when I finally gave in to the urge to masturbate and was rewarded by an especially strong orgasm, boosted by the flow of power. There are a lot of different modes you can try out with the Torpedo, which I covered last week when I was discussing the EBox in my MicroSound review, but I found that I was most compelled to stick with the continuous one. Something that did interest me about the Torpedo, is that despite its design, almost all the sensation seems to be felt inside the body, with very little around the base, and the sphincter doesn’t spasm in response to the electricity either, though manually contracting it and pulling the plug into a slightly different position can alter the exact sensation.
One thing that’s worth pointing out about the Torpedo is when it comes to cleaning it, it can actually be disassembled. It’s as simple as unscrewing it and separating it into its four parts, and this is really handy because lube can get into the gap between the metal and plastic, and when it comes to anal toys it’s nice to know that every cranny its getting washed properly.
I have to say I’m a huge fan of the Torpedo, and one of these metal toys was definitely worth waiting for. I love the thing just as a plug; it’s well made, a great shape, a great size, a great weight, but when you hook it up to E-Stim’s powerpack that’s when it gets really special. It delivers good strong electrical current and the sensations are incredible. It’s fun just to play with by itself, or to couple with the use of a Fleshjack or other sex toy where you want to supercharge the experience. I honestly couldn’t fault this toy and would recommend that anyone give it a try, or at least try one from the range in a suitable size for them.
Thanks to Mick from E-Stim for sending this to me to review, and you can buy the Torpedo straight from their website.

E-Stim Micro ElectroSound

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the folks at E-Stim who asked if I’d be interested in reviewing any of their products, and being that I’ve enjoyed Electrosex toys before I was quick to say yes. I requested this impressive metal beast of a butt plug that they call the Torpedo, and when they sent it over they were kind enough to include some other goodies too, in the form of their “Intro2Electro for Him” kit, and a Micro Urethral Sound.

As eager as I am to get straight into the Torpedo it made more sense to start here with the other bits and pieces first, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until next week for that. Right now you can click below to catch round two of me inserting electrically-charged steel into my penis.

I’m no stranger when it comes to sounding, and indeed electro-sounding too. I reviewed a similar product for another company at the end of last year, and one of the things I took away from the experience was that the length of the sound wasn’t necessarily beneficial when it came to adding electricity into the mix. My favourite way to use it was in a very shallow manner, so that the sound went no deeper than the head of my penis and the full force of the electricity was concentrated right at that point, and for this reason E-Stim thought I might like to try their shorter Micro Sound.
The Micro Sound measures 3″ in total length, with 2 1/8″ of it that can be inserted into the body, and an insulated plastic section at the end that’s held during use. In terms of thickness it’s only 6mm wide, which makes it my smallest sound, but the dimensions of it mean that it’s an ideal starter sound for anyone looking to explore this type of play. 
It terms of the design and construction it’s a pretty standard sound despite its diminutive size. It’s made from one solid piece of stainless steel of uniform thickness, with a perfectly rounded tip and a highly polished surface. The build quality of it is excellent, which as I always say is important when it comes to sounds due to the delicate nature of where they’re being inserted, and this one is completely free from any sort of defects or anomalies.
As is the case with toys of this type the Micro Sound is what’s known as “unipolar.” This means that only one wire from the power unit connects to it, and the other wire must be attached to something else that’s coming into contact with your body in order to complete the circuit, and this conveniently brings me back to the Intro2Electro for Him kit that I mentioned at the start.
In order to use any sort of Electrosex toy you will of course need some requisite equipment to begin with, but if you don’t have any then E-Stim’s Intro2Electro kits are a great place to start. The “for Him” variant of the kit includes the EBox Series 1 power unit, two conductive rubber loops, 4 adhesive pads, the necessary cables to connect everything together, and it’s all packed into one handy plastic storage case. The kit matches up perfectly with the Micro Sound because a conductive loop worn around the base of the penis is the ideal component to pair up with the Sound to complete the circuit (though I do find that one of the adhesive pads works just as well).
When it comes to using the Sound I always recommend inserting it before you turn on the power unit, just so as to avoid any sensation of getting a mild electric shock as the electricity jumps from the metal to the skin as the two surfaces draw near. It’s a very comfortable toy to insert, probably largely down to its narrow size which passes more readily into the urethra, but you still want to be certain not to rush it, and to use plenty of sterile lubricant. One of the immediate things I discovered about the Micro Sound is that it stays put when it’s inserted, unlike longer and thicker sounds which have a tendency to start working their way out again as soon as you let go of them. It even stayed in place quite happily when I had no more than half of it inserted, and this was quite a pleasing discovery for me as I like having a hand free to do other things with.

Once I had the Sound positioned to my liking I turned on the power unit and got that familiar tingling sensation I’m so fond of all through the head of my penis. What’s interesting about the EBox Series 1 unit is that it features more of an analogue design compared to the previous power unit that I’m familiar with. Everything is controlled by knobs and dials rather than buttons, and this actually makes it quite fun to play around with. There are three basic modes to choose from “Pulse” “Continuous” and “Manual”. The best place to start is probably with “Continuous” and with this selected you can then manipulate the strength of the electrical supply using the “Output Level” knob. Slowly cranking up this dial takes it from a mild tingling sensation in the penis to something that feels almost like a vibration. It’s very easy to use the knob to increase the output gradually to give yourself a chance to get used to it and enjoy the more intense sensations as you work up to them. It’s also easy to slip and go a little higher than you wanted to and then have to quickly turn it back down again. The next mode to try is “Pulse” and with this selected you’ll feel a steady series of pulses of electricity at whatever power level you’re currently set to. Using the “Pulse Rate” dial you can adjust the frequency of the pulses, depending on if you want something slow and soothing or something really quite rapid. This is probably my favourite mode as it seems to deliver more sensation when there’s a break in the supply, rather than a constant flow. You can play around with the dial and have a few rapid pulses followed by a few slower ones. There’s also another dial labelled “Pulse Feel” which goes from Soft to Hard, and you can also play around with this whilst in Pulse mode. It allows you to adjust how forceful each Pulse feels within your given power setting, whether you want the pulse to feel like a sharp jolt each time, or something more gentle. The final mode “Manual” works in conjunction with a button labelled “Fire”, and the power supply only flows when this button is depressed, allowing you to customise your own rhythm of pulses. It all gives you a nice flexible array of options to choose from during your play session.

Having that wonderful throbbing tingling electrical sensation coming from right inside your penis is such a unique kind of pleasure – one you can’t get from any other sex toy – and for me the Micro Sound is a good step towards the sort of product I’m looking for as it’s far more practical than a longer device. The only slight drawbacks for me were that in order to position it just how I wanted it I still only used around half of the insertable length, making it a little longer than what would be ideal, and also after reviewing another sound last week which had a 10mm diameter at the point which sat just inside the head, 6mm felt a little lacking. My perfect ElectroSound would have to be a short, thick, stubby kind of penis plug, and since this review E-Stim have actually gone ahead and made just that, so I’d encourage you to check out my review of the Electro Penis Plugs. In terms of what it is though, I’d still recommend the Micro Sound for being a quality piece of engineering.

My thanks to E-Stim for sending me the Micro Sound. It’s available directly from them, and look out for my review of the Torpedo next!