LELO Billy

After my disappointment with previous prostate massagers I wasn’t ready to give up yet, and this ergonomic creation from Swedish luxury sex toy designer Lelo happened to catch my eye.
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The Billy is Lelo’s first toy insertable toy aimed at men, and for many years has been by far the best vibrating prostate massager I own, but that aside it doesn’t come entirely without its own set of negatives.
The product comes presented in some rather nice packaging; the glossy outer box features a very minimalist design with the words “Lelo Homme” printed discreetly on one side, and on the reverse is a simple photograph of the item itself set against a white background. The feeling it manages to exude is a cross between something from an haute couture fashion label, and an expensive piece of stylish electronics such as a smart phone. Inside is another matte black box, with the word “Lelo” embossed on a lid which lifts off. Within this second box the contents are arranged somewhat less desirably than with other Lelo products, such as the Insignia range. They sit loosely in the box, rather than having their own moulded depressions to rest securely inside, but this is perhaps a minor niggle, as overall the box provides a good place to store your massager when not using it, even if you choose to discard the outer box for any reason.
One of the first things I noticed about the toy was how small it actually was, much more than you would imagine from the photos. It’s actually the smallest toy in my collection, with 4” of insertable length and a 3.5” circumference, or 1.1” diameter. Because of the size it’s an ease to insert, and thus suited perfectly to a beginner in this field. For someone more experienced with larger toys there’s the distinct possibility that this product won’t leave you feeling as full as you would typically desire, and so I’d recommend that on any occasion in which you intended to use the Billy, not using anything larger first, so as to avoid the direct contrast.
The product is very solidly constructed; the handle is moulded in two pieces from a hard white plastic, with the buttons placed centrally on one side. The insertable portion has a gentle upward curve to it, and is coated in a soft silicone, but is completely inflexible. Despite this rigidity it actually feels very comfortable once inside the body. The silicone coating is available in two colours, an ultramarine blue, or an earthy raspberry colour, which like its name “Bordeaux” is reminiscent of an aged wine. Between the handle and the lower portion is a circular guard piece moulded from the silicone, which prevents the item from being accidentally inserted too far.
When using the Billy the functions are operated by the buttons on the handle, which can be a little fiddly. Due to the shortness of the handle and its position during use, it is a struggle to actually see any of the buttons, and their close proximity to each other combined with their similar shapes also makes it difficult to tell what you’re pushing by touch alone. The buttons are laid out in a cross shape, with left and right controlling the strength of vibration, and up and down changing the rhythm. You’re unlikely to alter your settings by accident as it takes more than a quick touch of the button to change anything, and instead you must hold the button down for a fraction of a second and release before it will take effect. Holding down two of the buttons simultaneously for a couple of seconds will lock the controls, preventing accidental activation of the toy when not in use.
The massager has variable vibration strength settings, allowing you to ease yourself into things, but I only ever found myself wanting to use the highest one. The top setting produces really quite strong vibrations, but there were times when I found myself craving more than was available. There are also a number of different programmes to choose between. The first one is a constant vibration, which tends to be the only option in many other prostate massagers on the market, and which does nothing for me. The other options deliver patterns of pulsations, varying the length of each pulse, and the pause in between as well. This is where the Lelo Billy really comes into its own and delivers some fantastic sensations. There are four to choose from, two slower and two faster. One of my favourite settings is the slowest one, as the vibrations it creates manage to mimic the sensation of a long deep thrusting motion, which is guaranteed to drive you wild. The fastest setting is one of my least favourites as it seems to lose some of its power in a compromise to achieve the speed. The other two are great in their own right, and it’s fun to switch between them during use to add some variety. One of the downsides is that you can’t cycle through the different settings; they’re arranged in a linear fashion, so once you reach the last one you have to go back down through the others in order to return to the first. Depending on the setting, the vibrations aren’t the quietest I’ve encountered, but it’s still at a level where it’s highly unlikely that anyone could hear it in an adjoining room.
Due to the protrusion of the handle there aren’t too many positions you can use the Billy in, you’re pretty much restricted to lying on your back or side, as sitting on it would not be possible. Conceivably you could use it during intercourse, but you would need to hold it in place with your muscles, as the size and shape of it leave it somewhat prone to slipping out if the soothing vibrations give you the urge to relax back there.
The Billy seems to work well as a hands free device, where the aim is to stimulate the prostate alone, but I’ve yet to achieve the elusive anally induced orgasm. Despite feeling as though I was close on occasion, there didn’t seem to be quite enough power to drive me over the edge, but I’m certain that with time it could be achieved. The effectiveness in this circumstance seems to increase if you’re already aroused by some form of visual stimulus, rather than starting with the device from a completely unaroused state. Having the massager in place also goes a way to improving a regular orgasm, by adding a whole wave of new sensations.
The product is completely rechargeable and requires no batteries. A handy white light around the buttons flashes during charging, and a 2 hour charge is said to deliver 4 hours of use, though I’m certain I’ve surpassed this mark. Unfortunately the charger it comes with is of a traditional design, unlike something such as an electric toothbrush, and therefore the toy is not waterproof. This means the need for caution when washing it. The instructions also recommend not using any alcohol based products on the toy, which rules out the majority of sex toy cleaners, except the one sold by Lelo themselves.
As an added accessory the Billy comes with a small travel pouch to store it in, made seemingly from a polyester material, or similar man-made fabric.
Overall I’m very pleased with the Lelo Billy, and would be inclined to recommend it, but scoring becomes a little difficult when considering the value-for-money. It’s clearly marketed as a luxury item, and the price reflects this, but when you’re spending that much, you could quite reasonably expect it to be waterproof, to be a somewhat larger than it is, and to have a little more power behind the highest vibration level. For those reasons I was tempted to knock a star off, but in the end I declined, and elected to rate it on performance alone. It isn’t perfect, but nothing is without its flaws, and in the end it’s up to the individual to decide its worth.

The Lelo Billy is available directly from Lelo, and from the following retailers around the world:

UK and Europe:  SexToys.co.ukLovehoney, Simply Pleasure, and Bondara

North America: Shevibe

Pierre Fitch Dildo

Back in September 2011 the lovely people at SexToys.co.uk sent me this beautiful dildo from Fleshjack to test for them, and in the subsequent weeks following my review every single one sold out (something which I’d like to believe I played a part in).

This was actually my first phallic/realistic dildo, and it soon became one of my favourites. Up until that point I was only vaguely aware of who Pierre Fitch was, but this dildo left me as a firm fan. There’s something I find incredibly arousing about knowing that it was moulded from the penis of an actual person, and a porn star at that.

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If you’ve ever imagined what it might be like to be on the receiving end of one of the mammoth manhoods featured in porn films, then Fleshjack have created what has to be the next best thing, with a range of dildos moulded directly from the penises of some of the biggest names in gay adult films, including Brent Everett, Brent Corrigan, and of course the popular 29-year-old French-Canadian porn star, Pierre Fitch, to name but a few. If like me you’re curious about how they did it, then there’s even a video on the Fleshjack website of the entire casting process, and I can guarantee you that it’s worth a watch.

Those familiar with other Fleshjack products will know that they all come packaged inside a rather nice cylindrical tin, and this dildo is no different. Once you pop it out, and free it from the heat-sealed plastic bag which encompasses it, you’re liable to be struck by the sheer size of it; photos and measurements aside, it’s only really possible appreciate the presence it has first-hand. The dildo’s dimensions measure 7 3/4” in length – not taking into account the curvature – and 6 1/4” of which are insertable, with a pair of balls the size of hens’ eggs accounting for the remainder. The girth varies from a modest circumference of 5 1/4” just below the head, to a full 6” around the widest insertable point at the base of the shaft. All taken together it feels like a big, thick, hefty item to hold in your hand.

With any initial shock over the size put aside, the next thing liable to catch your attention will be the sheer level of detail on the dildo; it’s truly exquisite, and something which could only come as a result of being cast directly from the warm throbbing erection of a real live model. All across the surface of the product every minute crease and wrinkle of the skin can be seen, every hair follicle on the scrotum is accounted for, and every vein which twists and branches across the shaft has been captured in full. There’s even a slight indentation at the point of the urinary meatus, and a ridge marking the remnants of the frenulum where the glans joins the shaft. The dildo is more than just an ordinary toy which you simply insert and forget about; it’s something that’s manufactured with care for those who would consider themselves to be true connoisseurs of the penis, and who will appreciate each and every facet.

Ergonomically the dildo has a rather interesting design to it, owing entirely to Pierre’s unique anatomy. Starting at the top you’ll notice that Pierre doesn’t have an especially flared glans, and this produces a nicely streamlined shape for insertion – it also means that you’re not going to feel any bump when you come to remove it, such as you might with a dildo which strongly accentuates the coronal ridge. Below the head the shaft of Pierre’s penis – and as such the dildo too – has a rather noticeable downward curve which starts approximately midway along the length. Much like with any real penis this gives you the option of picking the position and orientation that will suit you best when using it, and which will maximise your pleasure. Inserting the dildo from a doggy-style perspective means that the curve angles the head forwards towards the prostate, ensuring it makes contact with every thrust, while reversing it allows it to better follow the natural shape of the rectum and go in deeper more readily. There’s really no right or wrong way to do it, other than that which pleases you most, so it’s worth experimenting with; there’s even the option of rotating the dildo 180 or 360 degrees whilst inside if you wish. Another benefit of the curve is if you’re looking for something to practice your deep-throating technique on, as the gentle bend will help the dildo to slide down almost effortlessly as you overcome the gag-reflex. The veins along the shaft are worth commenting on briefly, because their prominence is not quite enough to produce any significant feeling during use if you were hoping for that, but overall there is a clear awareness that the surface of the dildo isn’t completely smooth. The base of the dildo is finished off by a rather large pair of balls which serve a practical purpose as well as being decorative. One thing I like about the balls is their asymmetry, in contrast to those of some of the other Fleshjack Boys, as it helps to give the dildo a little extra personality and I find it quite attractive. The weight of the balls acts to move the centre of gravity down towards the base of the dildo, and in combination with their wide footprint it creates a good amount of stability when standing the toy upright. If you plan to use the dildo this position, in a “riding” fashion, then you probably still will need to hold it in place somewhat, however there’s plenty of room on the smooth underside for a double-sided suction cup to be attached if you wish.

The dildo is manufactured from a premium medical-grade platinum silicone, which has the firmness you need for it to effortlessly hold its shape, but also the flexibility that you want for it to bend around inside your body. The build quality of the product cannot be faulted at all, and it’s completely free from mould lines or any visible surface defects.

Primarily it’s marketed as an anal dildo for the gay market, but in truth it’s a unisex product, and I’ve already converted several female reviewers I know onto the delights of the Fleshjack Boys dildos. Whether you’re a Pierre Fitch fan or not, if you’re looking for a quality realistic dildo then there’s no reason why this wouldn’t be suitable.
If I were forced to look for any negative then the only thing I’d pick up on is the drag. Because of the realistic texture of the skin it doesn’t glide quite as well as a product with a completely smooth shiny surface, so you may need to use a little extra lube. When cleaning it it’s also important to make sure that there’s no debris left in any of the areas of fine detail, but as it is silicone it’s completely safe to boil or bleach the dildo if you wish, and you can even put it in the dishwasher. Both of these minor issues can be avoided entirely, however, simply by protecting the dildo with a condom prior to usage.
All-in-all I love the Pierre Fitch dildo, and it’s one of the star pieces of my sex toy collection. I recommend  without hesitation that everyone goes out and buys one for themselves, and I’ll guarantee that you won’t regret it!

For additional images and information you can visit the official Fleshjack product page, and be sure to check out my review of the other Fleshjack Boys dildos too, as well as some photos I took of the dildos side-by-side.

The Pierre Fitch dildo is sadly no longer available at SexToys.co.uk, but it can still be purchased in the UK from Lovehoney, Simply Pleasure, SexShop365, and BuzzPinky.

Alternatively the Pierre Fitch dildo can be bought directly from Fleshjack by clicking the image below, and they ship from locations in the US, Canada, Australia, and Spain:

Testimonial: SexToys.co.uk

SexToys.co.uk was the first adult website I ever purchased anything from, largely stemming from the fact it was the number one result when I typed “sex toys” into Google, but to this day it has remained my most used online retailer for all things coital, and for good reason.
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SexToys.co.uk has a great catalogue of products aimed at men, which covers all the major brands. I find that with something as personal as a sex toy, choice is paramount, as finding a toy that works for you is definitely not a one size fits all approach. Whether you’re looking for masturbators or anal toys, there is a wide range on offer, helping you to select the perfect FleshJack texture, or a butt plug with a size and shape that hits the right spot every time. They even stock all the every day essentials like condoms and lube.
One of my favourite things about SexToys.co.uk is that they make the bold claim to have the lowest prices on the internet. I mean, who doesn’t like low prices? What I like even more is that they’re prepared to back this up with their price match feature, something I have personally taken advantage of on several occasions, and walked away with a nice saving. How it works is if you find an item cheaper anywhere else, and tell them about it, then they’ll promise to beat it. What more could you ask for?
The delivery is great at SexToys.co.uk because it’s fast, and it’s free! What’s more, the more you spend, the faster the mode of shipping they use, and at no extra charge. The orders are despatched quickly, so typically I’ve received things the very next day, even on the standard delivery method. The items all come packaged very discreetly, as you would expect from any self-respecting sex toy merchant, ensuring no embarrassment around nosey postmen or neighbours.
The SexToys.co.uk website is attractive and easy to navigate, meaning you won’t have trouble locating the item you’re looking for. They also have a great inbuilt community, where you can discuss your purchases with other people, and get advice on toys from the people who own and use them.
There are plenty of offers and discounts to be had. For new customers they offer £10 off your first order of £50 or more. Participating in the community earns points which translates to a percentage discount off every order, up to a maximum of 10%. With every order you receive a special discount code, which gives you 20% off your next order, if placed within the next 14-days.
Finally, just in case anything goes wrong, they have friendly and helpful customer service agents on hand. Once when the price match wasn’t working on an item I wanted, I e-mailed them and they fixed it within minutes.
These are the reasons I continue to shop with SexToys.co.uk, and can gladly recommend it to anyone.

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Pearl Palm Pleasure

I was given the Pearl Palm Pleasure as a freebie to try out, and so far it’s the only toy I’ve sampled from the Loving Joy brand. Given the quality of it I’m somewhat reluctant to ever try any of their other wares. I wouldn’t normally want to spoil a review, but this is one toy to avoid.
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My initial impression upon removing it from the packaging was that it was quite diminutive. It stands at 4 inches tall and is 5 inches in circumference, which interestingly as a fact makes it smaller than the statistical-average penis size in both regards.  
Appearance wise it’s fairly nondescript in design. The opening seems to depict a scaled-down vulva – which may or may not appeal to you – and the exterior features some shallow ringed depressions, presumably for grip. There are a lot of unintentional creases along the surface of the plastic, which appear to be a result of the moulding technique employed, and do detract somewhat from the overall look. The material is translucent in both colours, which means you can see five small pearl-like beads embedded in the plastic, from which the toy takes its name.
The product is described on its packaging as being made from a “jelly rubber”, which I couldn’t help but notice gave off rather a strong chemical odour, something I found reminiscent of an inflatable mattress, or pool toy, etc.
When it came to using it I found there was some difficulty; the opening is only 7mm wide, and even with liberal applications of lube it took quite a lot of pressure to force myself inside. I was actually a little surprised by how much the rubber finally stretched, and once it was on it felt O.K. There was quite a strong feeling of tightness whilst inside it, and consequently it had something of a reluctance to stay in place. I found I needed to hold it there with quite a firm hand, as the one time I did let go the whole thing shot off rather amusingly. When it came to establishing a rhythm with the toy, it failed to glide up and down the shaft very well due to how tight it was, and instead I ended up using short strokes to massage the head with it, which felt quite pleasant. The inside of the toy is very finely ribbed, which you can feel if you pop a finger in there, but I didn’t find them noticeable whilst using it on the penis, which I suspect is because they flatten out due to the expansion of the toy during use. I also didn’t notice the feeling of the “pearls” during usage, unless I really squeezed on them. They seemed to become displaced in the plastic, and formed protuberances in the surface of the product. After prolonged use of the toy I began to feel some discomfort; with the heighted sensitivity present during the approach to climax I found the tightness of the toy to be somewhat over stimulating. 
With regard to the durability of the product, it didn’t last longer than a couple of uses. After the first time I noticed two splits in the rubber right at the opening, and another split inside had allowed one of the “pearls” to drop out of its place and fall into the centre of the toy. These got worse with subsequent use.
Considering the low cost the Pearl Palm wasn’t a terrible disappointment. Looking at a comparable product in this price range would be one of the cheaper Tengas, which actually advertise themselves as being designed for single use, and are constructed quite differently. I ended up throwing mine in the bin, and couldn’t in good conscience recommend that anyone else buy one, even at this price. Spending that little more on a Fleshjack is well worth it in the long run.
If you’re really curious, then you can buy one from SexToys.co.uk.

Tantus Tulip

The Tantus Tulip is one my favourite butt plugs in my collection. It was sent to me as my first item to review for the lovely people at Sextoys.co.uk
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The packaging for Tantus products is very tasteful and minimalist; the toy comes inside a clear plastic box with some information printed on the outside, allowing you to clearly see the item within. My first impression upon removing it from the box and inspecting it was that it had this wonderful metallic violet colour, which they call “purple haze.”
The Tulip is made from Tantus’s own “Ultra Premium Silicone” formula, which feels quite similar to the “Premium Silicone” used in the Doc Johnson toys I own. The plug is 100% platinum silicone all the way through, and moulded in one solid piece with no seams, leaving a completely smooth shiny surface. The flexibility of the material eliminates any discomfort which you might expect from trying to insert it, but it’s also firm enough to push through any resistance in the muscle with ease, and without losing its shape. Like other products made from this material, it does have a slight sweet artificial-fruity smell to it, which isn’t unpleasant at all.
The toy is 1 5/8″ in diameter at the widest point on the bulb, and the unique tulip-shape seems to neither aid nor hinder insertion, but it does feel incredibly comfortable when inside. Other butt plugs I’ve tried tend to become progressively more uncomfortable over time, but I could wear this one happily for hours. The Tulip has a good length neck on it, measuring around 1 1/4″ from the bulb to the base. The base itself features an hourglass-shape, which comfortably nestles between the buttocks, making it even more suitable if you’re planning to spend some time walking around while wearing it. The taper on the reverse is somewhat blunt, so you wouldn’t want to attempt to remove it too sharply, but with some gentle coaxing it’s not a problem to take out.
The price of the Tulip is under $20, which is great value for money for such a high quality material, and well-made product.
I’d recommend it without hesitation to anyone looking for either their first butt plug, or just another one to add to their collection.
You can buy the Tulip directly from Tantus for a limited time.