Tenga Spinner No.2 Hexa

Today I’m going to be reviewing one of the all new Tenga Spinner range.

I first spotted this product at the ETO Show back in March, so I was really excited when Tenga got in touch and asked if I’d like to review one.

Let’s head below and check it out!

Tenga has long been one of my favourite brands of toys for men, with their innovative designs and affordable price tags, but amazingly when I checked I realised that I hadn’t reviewed anything from them since all the way back in 2015. This makes it extra exciting for me to see what they’ve come up with after all that time.

The idea behind the Spinners is somewhat similar to that of the 3D range. They’re self-contained re-usable soft toys with no hard outer shell, and just like the 3D range they come in a selection of textures. There are three different Spinners in total, each with a different colour to easily tell them apart, and while I’d eventually like to review them all so as to compare them, today I’m going to be looking at the bright tangerine No.2, the Hexa.

The design of the Spinners is something quite unique. They’re made from a translucent TPE with a textured interior and one open end – so far nothing exceptional – but embedded inside the TPE is a coil of hard coloured plastic which spirals around the perimeter like a helter-skelter. This is the feature which really drew my attention to it and made me want to try one out.

The interior of the Hexa is covered is a mosaic of hexagonal tiles, each studded with 6 soft pyramidal spikes, and inside the dome at the very top is another assortment of soft angular protrusions designed to produce further stimulation.

When you first go to use the toy initially there may be some concern over whether your penis will fit. The size of it seems quite compact, and the plastic coil seems quite firm, but as you insert yourself the most amazing thing happens. As the TPE starts to stretch to accommodate your girth the coil of the plastic spiral starts to spread apart, and in the process the whole upper portion of the toy will twist around. I almost want to type “spoiler alert” before saying that because it was so cool to witness as someone who wasn’t expecting it at all, and it finally explains the reason behind the “Spinner” name.

For this reason you want to make sure not to grip the toy too firmly during initial insertion, just to allow for the material to start twisting around, and it’ll continue to do so until you’re all the way inside.

During use the Spinner feels fantastic, and it gives you a trio of sensations all at once. I specifically chose the Hexa because I love the feeling of masturbators with little nodules inside, and the soft spikes on the tiles beautifully tickle and stimulate all around the frenulum and rim of the head. The other sensation you get is from the plastic coil itself, there’s a firm ribbed tightness about it, and you can accentuate this by how much you choose to squeeze the toy. The crowning joy of the Spinner though has to be the feature after which it was named, because it doesn’t just spin around as you insert yourself for the first time, it does it on every in and out stroke. You don’t just get a linear sensation of those nodules flicking up and down over the head of your penis, but they travel around it in a spiral pattern. If you’ve ever watched a guy jerk off and suddenly twist his fist when he reached the head, like he was trying to pop off a champagne cork, then this is the sort of motion that the Spinner gives you with no extra effort. I just think it’s so neat, and the combination of all three actions just feels amazing.

One slightly odd thing about the Spinner is the air issue. Because it’s closed-ended air does tend to get trapped in one end during insertion, causing it to balloon up and stretch the textured tip away from your penis. The way to counter this is to squeeze it to force the air bubble to travel along the shaft and out of the open end, but then when you pull yourself out the tip collapses under external air pressure. It’s not a big deal, but I do tend to think that the toy might be improved by having a small hole in the other end.

One thing that is great about the closed tip though is that it makes clean-up a breeze. Once you’ve cum the Spinner catches all the mess, and then you can just take yourself off to the bathroom to rinse it out.

An interesting feature of the Spinner is the case that it comes in, because it features a slotted base piece. The idea is that it serves as a drying stand, allowing all the water to drain back out after you’ve rinsed it clean. It works to an extent but like all closed-end masturbators the inside tends to remain slightly damp for a while, so I tend to leave mine with the open end up to aid evaporation whilst it’s airing out.

I have to say I really love the Spinner. The design is so novel, and the way it behaves feels absolutely amazing. I can’t recommend it enough, and I can’t wait to try the other textures in the future. Many thanks to Tenga for generously sending me one to review!