Chrystalino Classy

This week I’m going to be looking at my third and final piece from the Chrystalino range of glass toys, the Classy butt plug, kindly sent to me by Shots.

So far in this Chrystalino journey we’ve covered two toys which couldn’t be more different, the Expert and the Whipster, but now we’ve come full circle and are back to butt plugs. I’ll admit that when I got the offer to review three different pieces I thought long and hard about making them all as varied as possible, but ultimately it’s my belief that when it comes to glass toys butt plugs are the best use of the material, so why not take the opportunity to see how two plugs in the same range compare?

Just as with the Expert the Classy comes in this gorgeous eye-catching colour customarily known in the UK as “Bristol Blue Glass,” and elsewhere as a “Cobalt Blue.” It’s a defining feature of this range of toys which makes them really stand out and adds to their visual appeal.

The plugs are all manufactured from a type of toughened glass called borosilicate (also known by the trade name Pyrex),
creating a strong, durable, and shatter-proof toy that’s safe for all kinds of play.

The shape of the Classy couldn’t be more different to the Expert, both in terms of the bulb itself and the base. It almost reminds me of a stylised chess piece, and one of the nice features is that you can actually stand it upright.

At the end it starts off with an almost nipple-like protrusion, followed beneath by a perfectly rounded section, reminiscent of a small pumpkin fruit growing behind a recently-pollinated flower on the vine. Beyond this the plug shrinks back down to a slender neck and finishes off with a traditional rounded base that’s found on most glass toys.

In terms of size it’s not all that different to the Expert. The insertable length is about 3 1/2″, and the circumference around the mid point is 5″, so we’re talking a little shorter and a little thicker, but nothing substantial. Just based on the shape and the girth I’d say that the Classy is less beginner friendly than the Expert though, so that’s worth bearing in mind.

When it comes to inserting the Classy one of the nice things is that funny nipply piece at the tip, because it immediately centres you on the plug, especially if you decide that you’re just going to put it down somewhere on its flat base and sit on it.

With the tip being so small it pretty much slides right into you with no effort at all, and then you’ve already got a footing to tackle the rest of the plug. The next section is where it helps to have some prior experience, because that ball-like bulge in the middle represents a very rapid taper compared to the gentle cone-shape of the Expert. If you’ve been playing around with plugs for a while then it shouldn’t be much of a challenge at all, but if you’re still a novice then you might want to try something different first. One of the reasons for this is that you definitely feel the firmness of the glass pushing up against your muscles much more with this shape, and if you don’t know what you’re doing then you’re more likely to experience discomfort in the process, compared to something like the Expert which gently glides into place.

Once inside the Classy is a comfortable plug to wear, but as with the Expert there’s really not a massive sense of fullness or of being stretched. There’s enough size that it makes its presence known, so it’s still fun to play around with even if you typically enjoy bigger toys, but for those just starting to embark on a journey into anal play it should be just the right level of sensation. Interestingly despite the relatively-minor difference in size between the Classy and the Expert you can definitely notice a difference between them. With the Expert you’re aware of that tip being a little deeper, but with the Classy there’s more lower fullness with that thicker ball section sitting just on the other side of the sphincter, and next to the prostate.

A big difference between the Expert and the Classy is the base. One of the things I like about the round base on the Classy is that it’s like a glass porthole into the body. It’s an interesting aesthetic choice to notice while you’re wearing the plug, or to show off to someone, and for the most part it is comfortable. Really though it’s best suited for shorter term wear, as after a while you’ll start to find the edges of the base rubbing against your buttocks, and it protrudes enough that it makes it more awkward to sit down with. Personally I think it’s better suited as a plug to be primarily used in the bedroom, as the base design prioritises appearance over functionality.

One of the fun things to try out with glass toys is temperature play as they respond really well to this. Pop the plug in a bucket of ice, or bowl of warm water, a few minutes before you’re ready to play and you have some new sensations to look forward to.

The packaging for the Chrystalino range is quite luxurious. Each piece comes in a sturdy cardboard presentation box which slides apart in two pieces, and inside a thick foam insert holds the plug securely in place. It’s great if you’re thinking of buying one of these toys as a gift as it really lives up to the high quality look of the product, and with all that thick foam inside you know the toy will stay safe during transit. The only downside is that they don’t come with a storage pouch. If you don’t have many toys, or you have a lot of space, then you could store the product inside the box, but for most people in would be more practical to have a little bag to put it inside before you toss in into a drawer.

I have to say I really do like the Chrystalino Classy. It’s another beautifully-designed and well-made piece, and it offers up just enough of a different sensation to the Expert that it’s worth having both.

If I had to pick a favourite then I’d probably lean towards the Expert, but I’d definitely be happy to recommend this piece to anyone, and my thanks to Shots for sending it to me. 

You can pick one up from SheVibe for under £20!