Chrystalino Whipster

Today I’m going to be looking at my second piece from the Chrystalino range of glass toys, the Whipster flogger, kindly sent to me by Shots.

I have to admit, when I first sauntered up to the Shots stand at the ETO Show it was the Whipster that first caught my eye. This stunning blue glass handle, contrasted against the bright white leather straps of the flogger. It looked exquisite and it instantly sold the whole Chrystalino range to me. I knew that I had to have it, so when they offered me three pieces to review there was no question that this would be one of them.

The genius of the Whipster is that it’s actually two toys in one. Grip it by the handle and use it as a flogger, or look carefully and you’ll realise that the handle has carefully been designed to double as a glass dildo. That’s twice twice the fun for your money, and I always love a little added bonus.

As a flogger it’s a great piece. My collection of impact toys has previously been limited to paddles, so it’s great to try out something on the softer side of things. Whereas with paddles you get that stinging “thwack” of every contact, with a flogger you can be more gentle and more subtle in how you play around with sensation. You can start slow and soft, teasing and titillating, and still ultimately work up to leaving your partner a nice shade of pink. The ergonomic handle of the Whipster feels comfortable to hold during use, and the leather straps feel great against the skin. They’re not rough or irritating, so the sensation they deliver is all down to the chosen force of the person using it.

As a dildo the Whipster is a great toy for thrusting with. The firm glass shaft features a ball on the tip, followed by two bulges further down, and it’s this combination of material and texture that makes it fantastic on the prostate. The best part is that you don’t even need to insert it particularly deep to get the full benefits. As as you gently start to move the wand back and forth inside you you feel that big firm ball pressing up against your prostate, and it’s intense. Because of the inflexible nature of glass it’s truly unforgiving, and you get the full benefit of the shape with every stroke. The big ball tip hits the prostate to great effect, followed after by the more subtle bump in the shaft, and it’s this rhythm of bumps and lulls that really delivers a great sensation. You even have the option to angle the shaft to really force it hard into the prostate for extra intensity, though I didn’t really find this necessary. The longer you use it the better the sensations get, and I think it performs just as well as any other solid metal or glass wands that I own.

The handle of the Whipster is made from borosilicate glass, so it’s 100% safe and shatter-resistant. It’s the same sort of glass found in household cookware, so it can take a real beating. It’s also a great material for temperature play, so if you are using it as a dildo then consider popping it into an ice bucket first and enjoy some chills.

The packaging for the Chrystalino range is quite luxurious. Each piece comes in a sturdy cardboard presentation box which slides apart in two pieces, and inside a thick foam insert holds the plug securely in place. It’s great if you’re thinking of buying one of these toys as a gift as it really lives up to the high quality look of the product, and with all that thick foam inside you know the toy will stay safe during transit. The only downside is that they don’t come with a storage pouch. If you don’t have many toys, or you have a lot of space, then you could store the product inside the box, but for most people in would be more practical to have a little bag to put it inside before you toss in into a drawer. 

I have to say I really am quite fond of the Whipster, from its elegant design to its clever dual purpose, and I’d happily recommend it to anyone looking for a two-in-one flogger and dildo. Many thanks to Shots for sending it to me.