Chrystalino Expert

This week I’m going to be looking at my first piece from the Chrystalino range of glass toys.

I first spotted them at the Shots booth at the ETO Show last month, and was immediately drawn in by their unusual shapes and beautiful blue and white colours.

As fortune would have it Shots have kindly sent me three pieces to review and I’m going to start with the Expert butt plug.

The Expert is one of 29 differently-shaped plugs and wands which make up the elegant Chrystalino range, and out of them all it has to be my favourite design.

“Inspired by the Venetian glassmakers of Murano” each piece is handmade from toughened borosilicate glass (commonly known by the trade name Pyrex) creating a strong, durable, and shatter-proof toy that’s safe for all kinds of play.

The plug comes in a gorgeous eye-catching colour which is customarily known in the UK as “Bristol Blue Glass,” and elsewhere as a “Cobalt Blue” owing to the traditional use of cobalt oxide to tint glassware this colour. While I have seen one or two other pieces in this colour over the years, it’s still uncommon enough to make it something special which really stands out.

From the top the Expert has a pretty typical butt plug design with a long tapered tip, a broadly-conical shape, and a slender neck, but one of my favourite things about it has to be the base. Many glass toys – and indeed many in this range – feature a circular base, but it’s the slimline nature of the one on the Expert that I find especially appealing. It’s shaped a little like a squashed numeral 3, and it nestles perfectly between the buttocks, with subtle hooked tips which curl around and sit nicely up against the perineum. Beyond the practical merits I also happen to think that it looks really attractive. With its wavy design, coupled with the blue colour of the glass, it gives off an aquatic sense like a funny little fish. I almost want to leave it out in my bathroom as a little decoration.

Inserting the plug is really comfortable thanks to its long tapered body. A little dab of lube on the smooth surface of the glass and it easily glides into place. It measures only 3 3/4″ in insertable length, and has a circumference of just under 4 1/4″ around the widest point, so despite its name you really don’t need to be an expert to use it. Even with glass being such a firm material it doesn’t feel harsh at all, and with its modest girth it’s suitable for anal players of all levels.

During wear the plug feels really lovely. There’s not a massive sense of fullness or of being stretched, but there’s enough size that it makes its presence known, and you’re pleasantly aware of it being there even if you’re accustomed to something larger. It doesn’t feel hard or foreign, or poke you in any way, it just adds a little gentle pressure to the prostate, which is always nice whether you’re planning to wear it during sex or just to pop down to the shops. The base on the Expert is completely unobtrusive, so it doesn’t dig into your buttocks at all or impede your movement as you walk around, and you can’t see it protruding beneath clothing either. You can even sit down on it, provided there’s a bit of cushioning on the chair, or you have enough of your own natural cushioning. It’s great just as an every day plug if you’re someone who really enjoys that sensation of having something inside you, but it also provides some nice added stimulation during sex or masturbation.

One of the fun things to try out with glass toys is temperature play as they respond really well to this. Pop the plug in a bucket of ice, or bowl of warm water, a few minutes before you’re ready to play and you have some new sensations to look forward to.

The packaging for the Chrystalino range is quite luxurious. Each piece comes in a sturdy cardboard presentation box which slides apart in two pieces, and inside a thick foam insert holds the plug securely in place. It’s great if you’re thinking of buying one of these toys as a gift as it really lives up to the high quality look of the product, and with all that thick foam inside you know the toy will stay safe during transit. The only downside is that they don’t come with a storage pouch. If you don’t have many toys, or you have a lot of space, then you could store the product inside the box, but for most people in would be more practical to have a little bag to put it inside before you toss in into a drawer.

I have to say I really do like the Chrystalino Expert. It’s such a beautiful and elegant piece, with its stunning design and gorgeous colour, but it’s also a fantastic piece to use, and really well made.

I’d be happy to recommend this piece to anyone, and my thanks to Shots for sending it to me.

You can pick one up from SheVibe for under £20!