So Divine ‘Glorious’ Real Skin Feel Pink Dildo

Back in late 2017 I did a couple of reviews for the brand So Divine, and now this year they’ve asked me to take a look at their new dildo, the Glorious.

It’s a dual-density silicone piece at a surprisingly affordable price, so I felt that I owed it to everyone to check it out.

The Glorious is a mid-sized dildo that marks So Divine’s first entry into this category of toy, and just from the look of it it certainly makes a bold impression.

In the past So Divine have mostly focused on making vibrating toys for women, and the occasional butt plug, so I was very much curious to see how the dildo would shape up.
The Glorious measures in at 7″ in length (excluding the suction cup), with 5 1/2″ of that being insertable, and with an average girth of 5 1/4″ around the head and shaft. It’s generously proportioned, but comfortably fits into that more realistic range of sex toys which seek to duplicate your average man on the street, rather than the impossibly hung gentlemen of porn. In other words it’s the “boyfriend dick” of dildos, and frankly we all need a little of that sometimes, but if you’re a permanent size-queen then it may not be the toy for you.
The dildo is made from 100% silicone, but it’s the most fascinating silicone I’ve ever encountered. It has a velvety-soft finish to it which is almost dragless, and whereas some silicone can feel almost sticky, or cling to your finger as you run it along the surface, the silicone here feels almost powdery, like a Fleshjack that you’ve just dusted with corn starch, and it’s really quite lovely. Silicone is of course one of my favourite materials because most importantly it’s completely body-safe and non-toxic, but also because it’s easy to clean and the non-porous nature of the material means it can be sterilised and shared with multiple partners.

The Glorious is of course a dual-density dildo, so it uses two different types of silicone; there’s a firmer silicone at the core of the dildo which gives it its structure, and there’s an outer layer of softer silicone which gives the dildo a plush more-realistic feeling. The inner core is a little stiff, perhaps more stiff that your typical erection, but it still bends quite nicely around. The outer layer is delightfully squishy and feels really lovely to squeeze in your hand. Because of the way the dildo is built the core is only present in the shaft, and not the head or the balls, so these areas are completely soft and feel great to grab hold of.

In terms of design the dildo is physically both beautiful and kind of hideous at the same time. It’s beautiful because it has this wonderful realistic shape, with a sweeping head, a subtly-detailed shaft complete with veins and frenulum folds, and a really great pair of balls; everything you would want in an attractive penis. It’s hideous because some crazy person thought that a hot pink core surrounded by cloudy translucent silicone would make for a good look… (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t)
Now I’m going to give them some credit here, because as a bit of a nerd the idea of seeing the inner workings of a dual-density dildo is pretty cool, but the actual execution is terrible. Firstly, it’s a realistic penis-shaped toy, and you can hardly see the beautiful penis details when the dildo is almost transparent. Secondly, that pink is the most garish and in-your-face gendered colour choice I’ve ever seen. If this was a non-phallic dildo, and they’d made the core out of some luminous green then I would be absolutely in love with the design, just as I would if they’d used that same penis shape in a more traditional flesh tone, but the ill-conceived combination is what ultimately makes it a miss for me visually.
Putting that aside, how a dildo looks is only a small part of the story, because unless you’re recording yourself using it then you’re probably more concerned with how it actually feels.
One of the features that I love about the Glorious is the suction cup, because it instantly gives you new options. I generally prefer to use a dildo by riding it, and sometimes that means having to hold it in place during the process. The suction cup here is really strong and instantly anchors it to any surface, be it a floor or even a wall. I tried using it up against the wall of my shower to great effect, though it did slide about a little bit as water began to drip around it, but it never once came loose.

In terms of how the dildo feels I was actually really impressed. Due to its slightly smaller size and tapered head it’s nice and easy to insert, and the squishy tip feels so comfortable pushed up against your sphincter just before it slips through. This is one of those things which makes it really beginner friendly, because it’s not going to hurt if you start pushing it in without proper knowledge about how to fully relax your muscles. That unique finish to the silicone glides past the skin almost frictionlessly, and all that you’re really aware of is that subtle ridged pattern of the veins and skin creases. Once it’s in it’s possible to take it right down to the balls with no trouble at all, and granted it’s not the longest dildo in the world, but that cushioning at the tip helps too. You can sit all the way down on the dildo with your full weight and there’s no pain or uncomfortable poking sensation anywhere. That slight bit of cushioning all around the shaft is great too, because you can squeeze the dildo as hard as you like with your muscles and it just absorbs the pressure, eliminating the possibility of feeling anything harsh or unpleasant.

When it comes to thrusting the Glorious works like a charm. You have a couple of orientations in which to use it, but lining up that big coronal ridge on the head with your prostate is the way to go. You can ride the dildo straight up and down, or use it at an angle, and either way that head hits the prostate fantastically and you can feel the ridge working its magic. The suction cup is a great feature because you can really go at it completely handsfree, and the thing stays in place, and because it’s comfortable to take the dildo in fully you can ride it pretty hard and fast, slamming yourself down on it if you want to, with no worry about going past your limit of what’s comfortable. For the size of the dildo there is a pleasant sense of fullness that comes with it, though obviously it doesn’t provide a lot of stretch in the sphincter, but because the muscle is more relaxed it makes the thrusting a more comfortable experience. The amount of sensation it delivers overall is much greater than expected, and it’s a really satisfying experience. Everything just feels amazing, from the seamless way that it glides in and out, filling you up, to the way that it hits your prostate with every stroke. It’s pleasurable and you don’t even have to work for it because the design does it all for you. Even that subtle sensation from the veiny texture adds a little bit of extra interest to every motion. It’s one of those dildos that I felt I could have happily used until my legs gave out, and the other big bonus of course is that because you have both hands available it’s perfect if you’re someone who likes to jerk off whilst using a dildo.


The price of the dildo is just £29.99 which is an absolute steal for any silicone dildo, let alone one that’s dual-density. It’s clearly not a handmade piece, and has been been imported from the Far East to keep costs down, but it’s still really top-notch quality so I can’t fault it.

I have to say the Glorious is actually a great little dildo. It may have some questionable aesthetic choices, but a dual density silicone dildo that feels great, has a suction cup, and is under £30 is something you really can’t go wrong with. I’d happily recommend it to anyone looking for something body-safe and affordable
Many thanks to So Divine for sending me the Glorious dildo to review, and you can find it on their website.