A-Bomb SuperSoft

I first reviewed the A-bomb back in 2012, and at the time it was the thickest toy I’d ever used. It still holds that distinction, but with great girth also comes great infrequency in how often I find myself using it. Simply it’s a bit of a labour to insert something so large, even if the end result is quite rewarding.

When I heard that Tantus were re-launching the A-Bomb in their SuperSoft silicone I knew that I had to have it. Maybe a little extra squish would help ease it more gently into place, and make it a more regular player in my buttplug rotation.

The SuperSoft A-bomb remains one of the larger butt plugs that Tantus makes, but what’s interesting is that it’s ever so slightly smaller than the original A-Bomb. If you’ve read my reviews of some other SuperSoft toys, such as the Adam and the Echo, you’ll know that this is a bit of a running theme. It’s not something that’s intentional, as all the toys come from the same original moulds, it’s simply a curiosity of softer shores of silicone, that the material shrinks slightly as it cures.

The original A-Bomb came in at a whopping 8″ circumference, whereas the SuperSoft is 7 3/4″, so there’s still no question that this is a plug for the more advanced user, but that quarter inch less is going to make a difference. With regard to length the plug is the same 5 1/2″ long, but with only 4 1/2″ insertable now, rather than 4 3/4″, due to the addition of a thicker base. This means you really only need to worry about challenging yourself in one direction.

In all other respects the SuperSoft A-Bomb is identical in design to the original. It maintains that distinctly-ovoid shape, placing the widest point right in the middle – nearly halfway between the tip and the base – in contrast to your traditional conical plug. This quirk of the design means that even with it’s slightly smaller size it’s not a training plug, and you’re likely to need a good amount of experience, or a tapered plug of similar size, before attempting this.

The A-bomb is a very solid and heavy toy due to the amount of material that it’s made from. Like all Tantus toys it’s made from 100% platinum silicone, which is completely odourless and body safe, and it’s been manufactured in a single piece to avoid mould-lines. The plug feels ever so slightly more firm than some other Tantus SuperSoft products, simply down to the sheer volume of material, but there’s a nice amount of give in the squishy surface, and it feels a lot more forgiving than the original A-Bomb. The shape and thickness of the toy naturally makes it inflexible in all areas other than the neck, and the base is nice and sturdy due to being made from a firmer type of silicone. The finish on the A-bomb is less velvety than the original and more smooth, but with a slightly matte surface still that helps to hold on to lube.

Using the A-bomb is one of those instances where a warm-up toy is a necessity. I like to start off using the Super Big End which is 1/4″ smaller than the SuperSoft A-bomb at its widest point, but which has that traditional conical shape that’s needed to slowly and gently open the muscle. Once you’ve laid the groundwork with your warm-up toy it allows you to get a good portion of the tip of the A-bomb through your now-relaxed muscle, so you can start working on getting the rest inside. This will require a good thick anal lubricant, and a suitable position to work in. I find that squatting over the plug and lowering the weight of your body down onto it is the best way to gradually ease it inside you.

Compared to the original A-Bomb the SuperSoft offers a much more comfortable experience during insertion. There are times when your skin is stretched so taut that even a standard softness of silicone can feel harsh against it as you try to stretch it even further and push a plug through. With the SuperSoft silicone it offers that extra little bit of cushion that’s so needed, and takes the edge off a difficult experience. It also helps that it’s that little bit smaller, so it’s less of a jump from the conical plug I was limbering myself up with just prior.

Once the sphincter slips past the widest point it’s smooth sailing and you’ll easily lower yourself right down to the base. The shape of the plug creates the most intensely full sensation when it’s inside you, as it places the widest point much deeper than you might ordinarily expect. Although the plug lacks what you might consider as a separately-defined neck section, this has no impact on how the plug functions inside the body and it stays put extremely well, with no risk of accidental slippage. The circumference of the plug just above the base measures 5 1/4″ around, so while this is a significant reduction from the 7 3/4″ above – enough to allow the muscle to relax – it does still keep the sphincter stretched to a pleasant degree. Thankfully the plug is also easy to remove, as considering its size it’s not something you’d want to get stuck in place. The shape on the way out is almost the same as on the way in, so you experience the same gentle dilation of the muscle, instead of a big leap from a narrow neck to a wide bulb. This also enables you to slowly squeeze it out of the body, rather than having to pull it out with the base, almost as though you were laying an egg. This can be a beneficial process during the first few times that you use the plug, while the body still isn’t used to the size, as you can carefully stretch the muscle both when you insert it and when you expel it, and repeat as often as you like.

One of my favourite features of the plug has to be its base, because of how small and discreet it is. It’s wide enough to allow the plug to stand up on its end, and to ensure than the toy is completely safe for anal use, but at the same time it belies the true size of what you’re wearing. While the plug is inside the body all you can see is a small  3 1/4″ long by 1 3/8″ wide strip of red silicone nestled between the buttocks, and it feels incredibly comfortable. As it’s narrow and both ends are rounded off it’s very unobtrusive, allowing you to freely walk around almost as though nothing were there, and without anything uncomfortably poking into the cheeks. This is perfect if you intend to wear the plug for extended periods.  

The A-bomb is very easy to clean after use. Like any toy it can simply be washed with anti-bacterial soap and hot water, but as it’s silicone and non-porous it’s also able to be sterilised. This can be done by popping it into the dishwasher, wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution, or by boiling it in a pan of water for a couple of minutes. When caring for your silicone plug it’s also important to only use water-based lubricants.  

The A-bomb comes in Tantus’s standard tasteful packaging, consisting of a clear plastic box with some useful information printed on the side, and an unobstructed view of the toy within. You could use it to store the toy in, but as it’s a little bulky a nice pouch would be better suited.  

Overall I really love the A-bomb SuperSoft and it’s a welcome upgrade to one of Tantus’s most imposing toys. The soft silicone makes it a much more gentle toy to insert, but no less filling to use, and the slightly smaller size makes it a little easier to get used to, and also doubles as a stepping-stone if you own an original and are determined to go all the way up to 8″. It’s still not at all a toy for the faint of heart, but if you appreciate the eye-wateringly larger toys then you really can’t get a better quality butt plug in this size.  

You can buy the A-Bomb directly from Tantus.