JETT by Hot Octopuss

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Has someone taken the motors out of their DualShock controller and cleverly repurposed them?

No, it’s the newest creation from the guys behind the Pulse, and I have it reviewed below!

This week Hot Octopuss have released a new mid-range entry to their family of guybrators, and it’s actually really rather good.

The new Jett retails for £49 – around the price of a modern AAA videogame, and half the cost of their flagship Pulse toy.
Where the Pulse represents the peak of modern sex toy technology, with its patented oscillating Pulse Plate, magnetic charging connectors, and sleek design encased in a waterproof silicone shell, the Jett is intriguingly old school.
If you’ve ever encountered one of those vibrating “love eggs” of yore, with the little sliver pods attached to a powerpack by a thin cable, then you’ll start to understand where Hot Octopuss drew their inspiration from. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by this, however, because the Jett is leaps and bounds beyond the rudimentary tech which went into those designs.
The genius of the Jett lies in its motors, because there are two of them, and not only are they the sort of high-quality motors that you’d expect from Hot Octopuss, but each is distinct. One motor – dubbed the “Bass” – has a deep rumbly flavour to it, producing the type of penetrating vibrations that you’ll frequently hear me rave about, and the other – the “Treble” – is a little further down the scale towards the buzzy end. Each motor is strong and powerful in its own right, but it’s how they work in tandem which is where the magic happens.

The Jett is designed to be operated as a handsfree device that’s worn directly on the penis, and so it comes with a little holster to house the two motors. It’s a simple silicone piece containing three holes, one for each motor and then a third larger one for your penis. It’s cleverly shaped to fit around the rim of the head, and thus align the motors up against the sensitive frenulum on the underside. It’s a great concept, but in practice this holster has to be the weak point of an otherwise-solid design. The issue with the execution comes down to silicone not naturally being a very stretchy material, and at only 1 1/8″ diameter the one-size-fits-all penis hole is rather on the small side, so it immediately raises some questions about how easy it’ll be to put on and take off.

The “brain” of the Jett is a small power box about the size of a mini remote control. It’s quite ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand, and takes 4 AA batteries (not included) which add a little bit of weight to it. On the top are 5 operational buttons, one for on/off, and then a + and – for each motor, allowing them to be adjusted independently. Interestingly the Jett can be partially disassembled as the motors unplug from the end of the power unit, leaving open the possibility of future accessories that could be used with the box. 

The Jett is nice and straightforward to operate; you simply hold down the power button for a couple of seconds to turn on both motors simultaneously, or you can hold down one of the + buttons to activate that motor individually. With the Jett on you can then use the + and – buttons to cycle through 6 different power levels, and pressing the power button again will switch from constant vibrations to a choice of 4 additional patterns. The sheer power and intensity that comes out of each motor is truly impressive, and thanks to the way the holster transmits the vibrations the whole Jett feels as though it’s vibrating equally even with only one motor running. What’s fascinating to me is how the motors play off each other when both are on, because it’s as though it gets an unexpected boost. There are plenty of toys out there which feature multiple motors, and it’s almost always the case that you can pick out each unique vibration while they’re running simultaneously, but that just isn’t the case with the Jett. When both the Bass and Treble motors are running together they seem to lose their individual characters, merging and harmonising to create a new singular force in its own right. It was quite an unexpected discovery for me, and definitely counts as a prime example of when something can be more than just the sum of its parts. The accompanying press release actually identifies this phenomenon as the Jett oscillating in response to a synchronisation of the motors, and I’ll admit I probably would have been a little sceptical of that claim if I hadn’t borne witness to it first hand. Their tip to maintain the best oscillation is to keep the Treble motor set one power level higher than the Bass, but the beauty of it being a fully customisable toy is that you can really play around with the settings and experiment to your heart’s content, until you find that one combination that has your name on it.

One of the nice features of the Jett is that compared to the Pulse it’s a lot less noisy. It’s still a powerful toy, so if you crank it all the way up to the max then it can kick out a fair bit of sound, but at the lower levels it’s quite discreet, and nothing it produces is like the roar of the Pulse thundering into action. 

In terms of use the first thing you’ll want to do after assembling the Jett is to put it onto your penis. After much experimenting I found that the best way was to start with my penis in a semi-flaccid state, with the foreskin covering the head, and then to put the tip just inside the opening of the holster. From here I was able to push the Jett onto my penis and use the sliding action of the foreskin to guide the Jett into place as it retracted. Overall this method worked quite well, though the Jett didn’t end up aligned perfectly with my frenulum.

Trying to put the Jett on whilst already erect was a complete non-starter for me. I tested it out with a few dildos smaller than my actual size before putting it anywhere near my penis, and I found it very fiddly. In this state you essentially have to put fingers from both hands through the hole and then pull with some considerable force to make the opening wide enough to put over the head. After this you’re then left with the slight question of how to carefully get your fingers back out and leave the Jett in place, so it’s not a method I’d recommend.

Although there’s no reference to this in any of the included literature, I did have a nice chat with one of the designers who confirmed to me that the reasoning for the smaller opening in the holster is so that product can be used from flaccid, so it looks like this is the way to go.

Once on, the Jett definitely feels snug around the shaft – especially if you have an above average girth – and you can feel the silicone stretch as you firm up to a fully erect state. It’s not an uncomfortable sense of tightness, and it doesn’t have the strangling effect that a small part of me was initially concerned about, but the head did noticeably become more engorged than it would ordinarily – something which isn’t an altogether uncommon side effect from wearing a cock ring, etc.

So the big question is how does the Jett actually feel? And thanks to the multiple ways it can be configured that’s an interesting answer. The first way you can look at it is by considering each motor separately. The Bass is what I consider to be the workhorse of the Jett. It delivers those deep rumbly vibrations which penetrate into the soft tissue of the shaft and feel oh-so-good. These are the vibrations I really look for in a toy, and lying back and feeling the Bass rumbling away by itself is very satisfying, and more than enough to make me climax – even at the lower power levels. The Treble is the more buzzy of the pair; it creates those surface vibrations which you mostly feel skin-deep across the penis, and which tend to be found in vibrators which you like but don’t love. It’s pleasurable to use, and good enough that at the higher power levels I too could cum from this alone, but as a standalone it wouldn’t be my first choice.

The key of course to the Jett is when the motors are combined, and to borrow a Spinal Tap cliche this is when things get turned up to 11. It’s almost hard to describe, but the whole toy seems to come alive in a unique way. You can feel that original rumble going from the Bass motor, but on top of that there’s this certain je ne sais quoi which takes it to another level. Just using the controls to flick between having both motors on, and only one, shows this amazing contrast. You can see why they picked musical names for the motors, because you have that deep rumbling rhythm playing in the background, with another perfectly matched melody playing over the top in complete harmony. The only thing I can really compare it to is the Pulse, because it’s not a sort of vibration you feel elsewhere. Immediately it feels fantastic, and it hits you right where you want it up against the frenulum, but the vibrations radiate out and through the entire penis. Even at the lower settings it feels great, and you don’t have to immediately crank the power right up to the highest level as so often I do, but it’s fun to play around with the controls and see how the sensation changes as you adjust the balance between the motors. At the lower levels it can actually be quite soothing, and a convenient edging tool, allowing you to sit around enjoying the sensation without quite pushing yourself all the way before you’re ready. At the higher levels it’s powerful enough to trigger an ejaculation without you even needing to clench your PC muscle until the last possible moment, and what an intense orgasm that brings with it.

I’d be remiss not to talk about the patterns, because I love a toy with features. There’s a really good assortment of vibration patterns programmed into the Jett, featuring all the usual ones you’d expect with different rates of pulses. For me this really adds to the experience and lets you change it up even further, switching between constant mode and a pattern or two. It allows you to draw out the experience for a prolonged time without your body becoming familiar with the sensation, so you can edge for as long as you’d like.

With regard to accessibility, this isn’t a subject I write about much as an able-bodied person, but Hot Octopuss has a great record of making a range of toys that’s easy to use for everyone. The fact that the Jett is designed to be usable from flaccid is great news for anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction, but my one area of concern is how anyone with dexterity problems might struggle with putting it on and taking it off again, given the fiddly nature of the design.

In terms of price I’m a little bit torn on the Jett, because on the one hand you’d be hard pushed to find anything that feels better for this amount of money, and then on the other I still feel like it’s about 20% more than I’d be happy to pay for it. My judgement here may be clouded though, because when I first saw it it was incorrectly listed as £39, which I immediately thought was the perfect price point for it, and it’s hard to shake those initial feelings. When you increase that to £50 you’re talking about a more significant sum of money for a lot of people, but it’s worth noting that this is RRP. Sex toy sites frequently have sales throughout the year, so there has to be some wiggle room in that price to accommodate this, and if you can wait and grab one for £39 then it’s 100% worth it at that value.

I have to say I really do like the Jett. It’s unique, it’s powerful, it feels absolutely great, the only flaw  for me is that pesky holster. At the best of times it’s too fiddly, and it makes the toy impractical for guys with bigger girth, or those who don’t have the benefit of a foreskin to help slide it on. The good news though is that through my conversations with them I’ve had confirmation that they are in the process of looking at enlarging the size of the opening, and making the material a little bit more soft and stretchy.

I think that the development of this toy is a really positive step for Hot Octopuss, and they’ve proven that you can come up with something that performs fantastically without breaking the bank, and hopefully in the process have put a really great product within the reach of a larger number of people. On the basis of the motors alone I’d be more than happy to recommend the Jett, and once they tweak the holster it’ll be a great product all round.

Many thanks to Hot Octopuss for sending me a Jett, and you can grab one directly from their store.