Nexus Prostate Attachment for Doxy No. 3

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the all new prostate massager attachment for the Doxy No. 3, courtesy of the fine folks over at Nexus.


A little over a year ago I was casually scrolling through my instagram feed, when what should I spot but this:

It was none other than a collaboration between the UK’s premier maker of massage wands, Doxy, and premier maker of prostate massagers, Nexus. As someone who loves both types of toys I was instantly excited. I could only imagine feeling the sheer strength of a mains-powered vibrating wand pressed right up against my prostate, and I knew that I had to make this happen. 
Back in May I had the pleasure of reviewing the Doxy No.3, and a couple of months ago Nexus finally released their long-awaited attachment, and were kind enough to send me one to review. 
The attachment takes the shape of a typical Nexus prostate massager, bearing a strong resemblance to the Revo specifically. It’s made from one solid, seamless, piece of matte black silicone, and because it’s not hollowed out for a load of internal electronics, it has quite some weight to it. Despite the overall size of the attachment, the insertable portion is only around 3 3/4″ long, with a maximum girth of 4 1/4″, making it an accessible toy for those with all levels of anal experience. 


The attachment connects by first unscrewing the silicone end cap from the head of the Doxy, and then inserting the now-exposed threads of the head into an aluminium cup embedded in the base of the attachment, and gently fastening. Once you’ve figured out what to do it’s a very simple process, but I must admit that beforehand I wasn’t even aware that the silicone cap could be removed that way.
Immediately you do notice a change in the feel of the Doxy, because the No.3 is known for its lightness, and with the attachment on the end the overall weight becomes much more apparent. Luckily though, because of the nature of a prostate massager, you won’t be constantly holding it as you would during regular Doxy use, so that added heft isn’t too bothersome. 
In terms of use the attachment is nice and easy to insert into the body. The matte surface holds on to lube well and it comfortably glides into place. It’s not the most soft or squishy silicone in the world, but in this instance you actually want something firm to hold its shape and best transmit the vibrations. Once it’s fully in place the external portion sits nicely up against the perineum, while the shape of the internal portion puts just the right amount of pressure on the prostate for a pleasant feeling. 
The Doxy is operated in the usual fashion, so I won’t go over it again as it’s covered in my previous review. When it’s turned on you can really feel the strength of the Doxy transmitting through the attachment and into the body. One interesting thing to note is that the Doxy was clearly designed and carefully calibrated to perform optimally in its standard configuration, so adding the extra weight of the prostate attachment to the head does alter its characteristics. The motor struggles to vibrate that heavy tip with the same intensity as it would ordinarily, and you get a greater degree of feedback in the handle as a result. What that means for performance is that you don’t quite get the full power of the Doxy that you might have been expecting, but it still delivers good strong vibrations which outmatch a lot of other products on the market. The other thing to note is that the way the attachment is designed means that the vibrations are generated outside the body, and therefore they’re felt more strongly against the perineum than they are the prostate. This is an obvious contrast to a specialised prostate massager which generates the vibrations internally, and as such they feel much more focused against the prostate. 
The key point for me here would be what exactly you’re shopping for. If you’re looking for the best prostate experience ever, with the strongest vibrations, then I’d honestly recommend buying a specialist prostate massager. If on the other hand you’re not looking to shell out all that money on a high-end standalone prostate massager, and you want something a little more versatile that you can use on yourself and a partner, then the Doxy No.3 + Nexus Attachment combo is honestly a great option. 
The vibrations from the Doxy feel really great against the prostate, and strong too. Coupled with that little bit of pressure that the shape of the attachment provides, you get a really pleasurable experience, whether using it on constant vibration mode, or set to the pulsing pattern. A nice way to take it up another notch is with a little bit of gentle thrusting, just to manually massage the prostate with the tip of the attachment at the same time. With all that going on it’s a fantastic way to take your masturbation sessions up to another level. 
I have to say that on the whole I am pretty impressed with the Nexus Prostate Attachment for the Doxy No. 3. It may not have delivered quite the mind-blowing experience that I’d always imagined from such a pairing, and it could use a few tweaks here and there, mainly in the weight department, but overall it does do a good job. If you’re looking for a multipurpose toy that hits all the bases well, and won’t break the bank, then I’d definitely recommend picking up the Nexus Prostate Attachment for your Doxy.
Many thaks to Nexus for kindly sending me one to review. You can pick one up right now from CloneZone and  Lovehoney!