Tantus Capsule Plug

Hello my lovelies! I apologise for the short hiatus here, but unfortunately sometimes life does manage to get in the way of blogging. It’s a beautiful day outside, and I thought I’d sit down and get my Carrie Bradshaw on, and try to hammer out a few reviews. 

First up is this gorgeous Capsule Plug from Tantus!

The Capsule is the second piece in Tantus’s new line of Steampunk-inspired toys, designed in collaboration with SheVibe. The first, of course, being the incredible Steam Hunk dildo, which I encourage you to check out the review for if you haven’t already. 
As with the Steam Hunk the Capsule comes in a choice of two colours: a standard black, and an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous shimmering copper. (Seriously, why would anyone not pick the copper!?)

This time around though we’re also offered a choice in sizes, with a standard model, and a “petite” capsule, for the less-explored final frontiers. As usual I will primarily be focusing on the larger plug, but just to give a quick idea of the size difference, the standard plug is 5″ tall, 3 7/8″ insertable, and 5 1/4″ circumference, while the Petite is 4″ tall, 3″ insertable, and 4 1/8″ circumference. 
Unusually for Tantus the plug is made from their SuperSoft silicone – something typically reserved for their realistic dildos – rather than their standard formula, but this is actually very smart because the plug has a lot of texture going on, and in my experience heavy texture + firm silicone is a recipe for discomfort. 
The design of the Capsule is supposed to like part of an antique spacecraft, almost akin to something from the Jules Verne novel “From the Earth to the Moon,” and everything from the tapered shape to the exquisite detailing all over the surface reflects this perfectly. I can’t help but find myself unconsciously humming along to Dinah Washington’s “Destination Moon” when I’m looking at it. 
The basic shape of the Capsule is more or less that of traditional buttplug; there’s a very nicely tapered body which comes to a point at one end, a slender neck just below it, and then a quite generous base at the bottom to ensure safety during use. The body of the plug is fashioned as the habitable part of the Capsule, and features a porthole on either side, with the rest of it made to look as though it’s built from panels of sheet metal, riveted and banded together in early-industrial style. The neck and base together form the rocket engine, looking like a Victorian twist on the throat and nozzle of the massive engines we see quivering beneath the modern-day Space Shuttle shortly prior to launch. This aspect of the design does help to explain the bulk of the base, because anything other than a circular shape wouldn’t have been in-keeping with the overall appearance. It’s a really delightful toy to look at, and you can tell that someone put a lot of effort into sculpting the original piece, just by the sheer level of detail.
In terms of use the Capsule inserts nice and easily thanks to its very tapered tip, but you’ll probably want to use a bit of extra lube to coat all of that texture, as it both adds to the surface area and creates a little extra friction / resistance. You can definitely feel the level of texture as the skin slides over it, and thanks to the softness of the silicone it’s not an uncomfortable sensation, but just feels like an added something of interest to be aware of. Inside the body you do get a little bit of fullness, but nothing too overwhelming as it is only a modestly-sized plug, so it’s great for someone just looking for something casual to play with on an every day basis. The bulky base nestles very comfortably between the buttocks, but realistically if you compare it to a more slimline base it’s going to feel a touch obtrusive, but what’s also nice about that SuperSoft silicone is that both the neck and base feel squishy, so you can squeeze all your muscles around it and it comfortably reacts, rather than feeling like some solid lump there. You can even quite easily sit down while wearing the plug, without any discomfort. 
In terms of long-term wearing, this is the one place where I feel that the Capsule doesn’t do so well. The more time you have the plug in, the more the water-based lubricant on it will dry up, any eventually even that subtle texture around the neck and base will start to tug and rub on the skin, making you aware of it. It’s a slight drawback, but it all depends how long you want to use a plug for. In terms of short-term wearing you’ll definitely notice a slight difference in sensation around the sphincter, compared to a completely smooth plug, but not any discomfort, so it’s well suited to that. 
When it comes to removing the plug, again it slides out just as easily as it went in. You’ll feel the texture, but because that lube that was on the plug doesn’t dry up internally, it’ll ease it on its way.
I will quickly mention about cleaning the plug. Because there’s such a high level of detail in the design, there are a lot of nooks and crannies for dirt to get trapped, so you’ll want to rinse it almost immediately, and pay extra attention when cleaning. Luckily there are lots of sterilisation options for silicone toys, so it’s not too much trouble to get it feeling fresh and new again. 
I have to thank Tantus for sending me the Capsule. It’s a great little plug, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who loves quirky designs in their sex toys!
It’s available directly from their website