VixSkin Outlaw

Fresh off the heels of my Johnny review I thought I’d tackle the fourth and final dual-density Vixen dildo in my collection, the mammoth that is the Outlaw.
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When it came to buying another VixSkin dildo back in 2013 there was really only one direction for me to head in, and The Outlaw may well be the biggest dildo in Vixen’s repertoire. To put it frankly, it’s a beast, and how else would you describe something that’s as long as your forearm and thicker than your wrist?
The Outlaw is what I like to think of the ultimate fantasy dildo. If you’ve ever dreamed of sex with an abnormally large penis, the type that’s rare even within the world of porn, then the Outlaw is the big squishy colossus that’s going to make it happen.
It’s quite uncommon amongst sex toys to find a dildo that’s both massive, realistic, and made from a high-quality material, so the Outlaw is a truly unique catch. To give you an idea of the sheer size, it measures 9 1/2″ from base to tip, with 9″ insertable, and a circumference of 6 1/4″ which remains consistent down its length. Not something you could exactly hide in a pair of skinny jeans.
The design is much more muted than with the Johnny, with a completely straight shaft and a head that barely flares out, but it maintains the same high level of detailing. You can see the grain of the skin all across the shaft, along with plenty of shallow surface veins, and near the head there’s a wrinkle of foreskin that wraps around and forms a frenulum on the underside. On the whole it’s still pretty realistic, as much as it can be for something of its size, but slightly less so than the Johnny. 
The Outlaw is made from Vixen’s dual-density “VixSkin” silicone, which employs the same principle as the Tantus O2 toys to create a realistic feel. At the core there’s a medium-firm silicone which gives the toy its structure, and this in turn is coated in a layer of plush squishy soft silicone, which mimics the spongy nature of the glans. I absolutely adore the feeling of these toys, and it’s hard not to sit there just squeezing them every time you take them out.
When it comes to using the Outlaw you’re really going to want a warm up toy, because there’s not a whole lot of taper on that head. I used it right on the back of finishing up with the Johnny, and I found that that was sufficient. As long as you’ve done a little bit of the work first, then inserting the Outlaw is actually pretty easy and comfortable, and the soft material helps to gently stretch you to accommodate it. Once you’ve got past that you can begin to experience just how filling the Outlaw is, especially as you take it deeper. The initial fullness is very pleasant and enjoyable, but depth can be a challenge as it begins to stretch you in places that aren’t used to that girth. If you’ve mostly been using conical butt plugs to become accustomed to taking larger toys, then the deeper areas will only have experienced the narrow end of the taper, so something long and thick will comes as a shock. This does actually make the Outlaw a good training tool for taking bigger things deeper, because the softness of the material ensures minimal discomfort as you steadily attempt to work it deeper inside.
In terms of performance the Outlaw is a blunt instrument, and everything it does comes down to its size. The whole dildo fills you up so well that it can’t avoid hitting your prostate every time, and so there’s no nuance to the design, or need for any little trick. It really doesn’t even matter which way around you insert it, because that bulbous tip is going to do its job regardless of where the ridge on the head is facing. One thing I really like about the Outlaw is the extra height it gives you whilst riding it. Unless you’re planning on taking it to the base every time, it enables you to thrust without having to squat all the way down to whatever surface you’re resting it on. Most of the time shallow thrusts are all you need for good prostate stimulation, and it can feel quite intense. The wonderful fullness combined with the repeated firm contact with the gland creates a wonderful and highly-satisfying sensation. You really do get that fantasy scenario of this big schlong stretching you out and bludgeoning all your erogenous zones, as it drives you towards ecstasy. It’s a totally different experience to with the Johnny, and allows you to blissfully indulge in a true size-queen moment.
Much like with the Johnny the balls do let the Outlaw down a little. The dildo won’t even stand upright by itself once they’ve begun to curl up, so you will need to hold it and guide it into your body, rather than just lowering yourself down onto it. It’s not a huge deal, but sometimes you do want to set a dildo aside while in the middle of using it, without lying the lube-covered sections against a surface.
So let’s cut to the verdict on this one. If you want a huge, realistic, body-safe donkey dick to fulfil all your fantasies, then this is the one I’m going to recommend. Vixen make some incredible products, and I definitely love the Outlaw. I’m not quite the size queen I used to be, but for special occasions it’s great to bring out the big gun
The Outlaw is available from SheVibe, Lovehoney U.S, and Lovehoney UK