Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretchers

Hello, hello, hello! Spring is here at long last, and what better time could it be to finally emerge from my blog hibernation?

The smell of freshly cut grass hangs in the air, Rupaul is once again telling queens to “sashay away” on our screens, and I’ve got my balls wearing some sort of tennis bracelet with Wimbledon still three months away.

How fitting, I thought, to kick this off with a review of something from one of my favourite companies, the all new Super Soft Ball Stretchers from Tantus!

If you’d told me when I first started blogging that there’d be a time when I was reviewing Ball Stretchers, then I probably would have scoffed at you, because on the surface Ball Stretchers don’t seem like the most exciting item, but actually that couldn’t be further from the truth.
For anyone who has ever worn a cock ring, you’ll know that there’s something strangely comforting about that subtle squeeze of it gently hugging your shaft, or pressing against your perineum, and that’s the same principle that comes into play with ball stretchers, and what makes them a great addition to any toy drawer.
The Tantus Ball Stretchers are wonderful in their simplicity, made from velvety soft and stretchy silicone, you get a set of two which can either be worn separately, or together if you’re up for the challenge of an even greater stretch. 
Both Stretchers have a generous internal diameter of 1 1/2″, making them nice and easy to put on. With your scrotum fully relaxed, all you need to do is pull some of the loose skin down through the Ball stretcher, and then feed each testicle through after it. If need be you can stretch the soft silicone to make the opening wider, and help a larger testicle pass through.
The smaller Stretcher is 3/4″ deep and is great for a novice user. It doesn’t provide any noticeable stretching effect until the scrotum beings to tighten and the balls are naturally drawn closer into the body, but it does give a good first impression of what that snug feeling around the balls will feel like. 
The larger Stretcher is 1 1/4″ deep and is definitely my favourite of the two. Even with the scrotum fully relaxed you can feel it pulling the balls away from the body, giving a more intense sensation. As it pulls the balls down, it naturally pushes itself back up against the underside of the shaft and the perineum, and this in itself creates a pleasurable sense of pressure there. 
One of the features I really like about the Ball Stretchers is down to the nature of how they work. As you pull the scrotum away from the body, it naturally draws in skin from the shaft of the penis, so if you have a foreskin it automatically pulls it back and holds it there, significantly reducing its mobility. This can be fun because if drastically alters the way sex feels without that rolling gliding action of the skin, and the place where that’s most noticeable is with a highly textured masturbator. If you’re used to just feeling that texture against the head with the in stroke, and then very little of it as you withdraw, then the action of the Ball Stretchers helps you to feel every little tickling nub and ridge of your favourite Fleshjack, in both directions. 
One of the potential downsides to the Ball Stretchers is if you have smaller testicles, because they do come in all sizes. As the internal diameter is so generous, you run the risk of one ball slipping back inside and breaking the stretching effect. A solution to this though can be to use another smaller ring as a locking device, and the smaller diameter of Tantus’s Super Soft C-Rings makes them a good option for this. 
What I love about ball stretchers is that they offer a subtle enhancement to the already great sensations of sex, like someone constantly playing with your balls, and tugging gently on them, even when the person you’re with may be focussed somewhere else on your body, or not even there at all. Where they start to come alive is the closer you get to orgasm, as the body starts to pull the balls closer into the body in preparation for ejaculation, only it can’t because they’re being held back, and somehow that just makes the sensations and the orgasm feel even better. Couple the Ball Stretchers with a cock ring and you’re on track for a very happy penis. 
Thanks to Tantus for sending me the Super Soft Ball Stretchers; they’re another fine product that I’d happily recommend. 
You can buy them directly from Tantus, and they’re also available from the fine folks at SheVibe.