E-Stim Electro Penis Plugs

A few years ago I gingerly dipped a toe into the waters of urethral play with my first ever sounding rod, and as it happened I actually kinda liked it, then in 2014 I had the opportunity to up the ante several notches and review an electro-sound. My feelings on the subject were slightly mixed; I generally enjoyed the experience, but I felt as though it was somewhat wasted on a full length sound as the best experiences came from inserting it only shallowly. I actually said at the time that what I really would have liked was an electro penis plug, and it looks as though someone has taken heed of my suggestion because that’s what I’m going to be reviewing today. 

The Electro Penis Plug is pretty much what it says on the tin; it’s a unipolar metal electrode designed specifically to be worn in the penis. Unlike the Micro Sound from E-Stim, which I experimented with last year, it’s short, stubby, thick, and perfectly engineered for this singular purpose.
The Plug comes in a choice of three sizes, and E-Stim very generously sent me them all to play around with. There’s a 7.5mm ‘small,’ an 8.5mm ‘medium,’ and a 9.5mm ‘large.’ The size refers to the diameter across the widest part of the plug, and as you can see from the photos they all have a similar arrowhead-like shape. Each plug starts with a perfectly rounded tip which then gently tapers up to the stated thickness, before tapering back down again slightly and finally continuing with a short section of straight shaft. Each plug has an identical insertable length of 1 3/4″, and is finished off with a hefty base section which increases the total length to 2 1/4″. 
In terms of picking the right sized plug my advice generally would be to go bigger. If you’ve experimented with sounding before then you’ll know that the thickness of a urethral toy typically matters most the deeper you go with it. The spongy head of the penis can be far more accommodating than the shaft, and when you couple this with the tapered shape of the short plug, it allows you to go a size up from what you would consider your maximum, and the larger plug gives a nice fuller feeling right inside the head. Obviously if you’ve never tried sounding before, or your urethral opening is constricted, then sticking to the smaller size would be a better option.
The Plugs are made in one solid piece from highly polished aluminium, and like with all E-Stim products that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, the quality is excellent. When it comes to urethral play you have to be extra careful, because there are membranes inside the penis that you don’t want to irritate, and these plugs are absolutely top notch. No scratches, rough spots, or anything of the sort, just perfectly smooth sleek metal, so it’s a product you can feel confident with.
To make use of the Electro Plugs you’ll need some sort of E-Stim power unit, and as they’re unipolar toys you’ll also need another attachment to complete the circuit. You can just use the standard adhesive pads stuck somewhere on your body, but I find that the conductive loops worn around the base of the penis work the best. Somewhat unusually the Plugs take a different sized cable jack to the Micro Sound, opting instead for the larger one seen on the Torpedo, so you do need to make sure that you have one of the cables that features both types jacks on it, so you can use the larger with the plug, and the smaller to connect your pad / loop. 
Once you’ve hooked everything up properly I recommend first inserting the Penis Plug without the power switched on, as otherwise you’re liable to feel a slight shock as the metal first makes contact with the skin. With the aid of a little sterile lube the Plug glides smoothly into the urethra, and there’s a wonderful feeling of the cold hard metal gently stimulating the head of the penis from the inside. The shape of the Plug stretches out the soft tissues of the glans as it goes in, leaving this pleasantly full sensation around it. As it’s only a short plug it can go in comfortably all the way, with the tip extending slightly beyond the head and sitting behind the frenulum, and it seems to almost anchor itself inside, not immediately wanting to pop out again as many urethral toys do. 
With the electricity turned on the Plug immediately begins transmitting that wonderful tingling, vibrating, throbbing sensation that I’ve described before right into the head of the penis. It really is as though the whole glans suddenly just lights up, and what you do with it then really just depends on what you like, and what sort of power unit you have. You can leave it on continuous and keep cranking up the power to make it more and more intense, you can switch to a pulse setting and play around with the speed, or you can select a pattern of your choosing and enjoy feeling the rhythmic pulses it delivers. It’s especially great if you can couple that amazing sensation that the Plug delivers in the head with one targeted right at the base of the penis or perineum, thanks to the pad / loop.
As much fun as it is just to insert the Plug, crank up the power, and sit back and enjoy it, what really makes me love this product is what else you can do while using it. Because the plug stays in place so well you can masturbate at the same time, and there’s something quite special about syncing up the rhythm of your strokes with the speed of the pulses. It’s a double dose of stimulation to your penis, from both inside and out. Even better you’re still left with a free hand, so you can play with the controls on the power unit, stimulate other erogenous zones of your body, and you don’t have to worry about keeping hold of the Plug. My favourite thing to do did actually evolve holding onto the plug though, because I discovered how great it was for thrusting with. The Plug slides beautifully in and out of the penis, and the arrowhead shape of it is fantastic for stimulating the urethra. Normally I’m not a great fan of thrusting with sounds, because their smooth shape does little for me, but these plugs take it up to a new level, and you can really feel that wide section moving back and forth. Once you combine this thrusting with masturbation it’s like a triple whammy of pleasure for your penis; physical stimulation both inside and out, and with the added electrical element. It really is intense and adds all these extra layers beyond what you thought you were capable of feeling. The only minor downside about thrusting with the plug is that it doesn’t have an insulated section to hold on to so you will notice some tingling in your fingers when you grab the base.
I have to say that this is easily my favourite electro-sounding product. It’s the electro-sounding tool that I’ve been waiting for, and I’m so glad that someone has made it. If you have any interest in electro-play or urethral-play then hands down this is the product that I’d recommend to you.
Thanks to E-Stim for sending me these to review. They’re available from their website as of today.