Tantus Uncut #1

No sooner have I finished off one batch of Tantus reviews at the end of last month, and I’m back with more to (hopefully) delight you with once again. Those superb silicone artisans from Sparks Nevada have been busy over the Summer coming up with exciting new dildo designs, and I’m fortunate enough to have three of them to put through their paces.
First up is the Uncut #1, which I’d describe as being a “one of a kind” if it weren’t for the fact that there’s also an Uncut #2, but jokes aside it’s certainly one of the more unique dildos I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. What sets it apart is that it has the unusual feature of a foreskin which actually covers the head of the dildo, altering the traditional phallic silhouette that we think of when it comes to sex toys, so it should be fun to see how it performs. 
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The first thing that really struck me about the Uncut #1 is just how big it is, or rather how long it is. It may not look it from the photos, but I can wrap both of my hands around the shaft without even touching the head. From base to tip we’re talking a whopping 9″, with easily 8″ that are insertable, and it’s the sort of physical representation that makes you reconsider every claim a guy has made about his size on a dating site. It’s not a complete monster though, because where it excels in length it’s far more modest in girth, coming in at only 4 3/4″ around the middle of the shaft, and then increasing to 5 3/4″ at the somewhat bulbous tip. It’s not entirely the most proportionate dildo, but neither are a lot of penises, so it only adds to the sense of realism.
The Uncut #1 is one of Tantus’s famous dual-density dildos, made from two different firmnesses of silicone. There’s a more rigid internal core running through the base and shaft, covered by a squishy outer layer which also comprises the entirety of the head. These are easily one of my favourite types of dildos, second only to Tantus’s “SuperSoft” dildos – such as the Pack ‘n’ Play – which are made entirely from the softer silicone, but in this case I don’t even need to make a choice. Due to the relatively narrow thickness of the shaft the Uncut #1 flexes about with such ease that it mimicks the characteristics that I love of the SuperSoft toys.


The design of the dildo is very realistic; all over the shaft you’ll find lots of little veins sticking out, wrinkles in the skin, the things you’d expect from a real penis. Around the tip there’s a subtle bump where the foreskin covers the coronal ridge, and then the glans itself can be seen poking out slightly from within the foreskin, featuring a nicely sculpted urethral opening. It’s all very richly detailed, and enhanced by a matte finish to the silicone. The shaft itself has quite a prominent curve to it, though less so than the Adam, but it’s enough to make it hard to stand the dildo up on its base without the centre of gravity pulling it over. If you’re considering using the dildo with a harness – which is possible thanks to the sturdy O-ring compatible base – then you’ll find that the dildo tends to lose its curve altogether as it droops under its own weight, which just illustrates quite how flexible it is. 

The Uncut #1 is an absolute delight to use, and on only its first outing I was ready to declare that it had earned a place amongst my favourites. It’s not actually the most straightforward toy to insert however, and this is just down to the design. Because it has quite a bulbous tip it requires a little more force to push it through the sphincter and into the body, but due to the long narrow shaft and the way it curves, applying force is most likely to cause it to bend right in the middle, rather than driving it into the body, and this is especially the case if you’re squatting over it and trying to use your bodyweight to help insert it. The solution is just to hold it around the middle and guide it in initially, and after that it’s smooth sailing. This is one case where I might suggest that a warm-up toy could be helpful, as it’s going to take less force if you’re pre-relaxed, but I didn’t find one to be necessary, especially with all the cushioning qualities of the soft silicone. Because it’s such a long dildo you might find yourself pushed to insert it all the way, it was certainly beyond my ability, so that’s something to bear in mind if you were planning to completely sit down on it, but what I love about the extra length is that it gives you some extra height if you’re squatting over the toy, so you needn’t go so low to reach your preferred depth. As with any dildo with a curve you have the choice of which way you orientate the curve during use; typically I prefer the curve pointing backwards towards the spine, but actually due to the flexibility of the shaft you can enjoy the Uncut #1 equally in either direction.
When it comes to thrusting with the Uncut #1 I love how it feels. The shape of it places this bulbous tip inside you, providing that satisfying fullness as it moves around, while the narrow shaft glides through the sphincter without significantly stretching it. I can imagine that it’s this sensation that compels people to try fisting. Once you get up a good rhythm going you can feel the size of the tip moving back and forth, and the silicone being flexed around and elastically pulled back into shape, and the end result is pure heaven for the prostate. On every stroke that big head springs right into the prostate applying a delightful nudge of pressure, and then by pulling back a little further the head will begin to stretch out the sphincter too, adding on another sensation and intensifying the pleasure. It really is quite wonderful, especially if you’re riding it, and then you feel as though you could quite happily be bouncing around on top of it for days. That constant in and out, hitting the prostate every time before it goes deeper, it’s exactly the way a good dildo is supposed to work, and it makes an incredible difference compared to something bland and shapeless. By the very nature of the textured shaft you’d think that it would cause some drag, but because it’s slim it passes very smoothly in and out of the body, masked by the lube, allowing you to focus wholly on the internal sensations. 
So what’s the verdict on the Uncut #1? Well it’s a funny dildo; it’s long, it’s fairly thin, it’s covered by an unretracted foreskin, and it works like an absolute charm. It really is another fantastic high-quality product by Tantus, and my prostate will be singing its praises for a long time to come. At first glance I dare say it doesn’t seem all that remarkable, but it’s the subtle combination of all these different attributes that make it a pure joy to use, and it gets my full recommendation. 
Thanks to Tantus for sending me this fantastic product, and it’s available to purchase directly from them.
It’s also available from the fine folks at SheVibe


Now available from CloneZone in the UK!