Tantus Cush O2

It’s taken a few months but I can now say that I’ve finally reached the last piece in my box of reviewable goodies that Tantus sent me earlier this year.
I’ve been a big fan of Tantus’s dual-density O2 toys for a while now, starting with the Max, and then the Adam, but so far all the ones I’ve tried have been of the realistic style, so I was really eager to try out one of the more colourful and unusually-shaped offerings. Being the girth fan that I am I opted for the Cush over the Flurry, and you can catch the review below.

The Cush is a dildo that I’ve had my eye on for as long as I’ve been aware of Tantus, always eagerly looking forward to adding to it my collection at some point, and in no small part due to its beautiful design. I could be mistaken, but I seem to recall an anecdote about company founder Metis Black carving the design of this dildo herself, back in the early days of Tantus in 1997, so it’s a dildo that comes with some history!
The design of the Cush is one of the less-realistic in the O2 range, but it’s still distinctly phallic on the whole. It has a very clearly defined glans at the top of the shaft, and then midway down the dildo it has this sweeping ridge which wraps itself all the way around at an angle, rather like one of the rings of Saturn. It almost looks like a penis dressed up in a spacesuit from a 60s sci-fi offering. It’s available in a choice of three colours, none of which is a flesh tone to further play down the realism, and these are pink, purple, and blue. The coloured portion of the dildo is limited to the core, and each is covered in a translucent white layer, giving a sort of icy appearance to the the toy. 
The Cush is made entirely from 100% platinum silicone, like all Tantus products, but because it’s part of the O2 line this means it features dual-density silicone. The unique aspect of dual-density toys is that they feature a firmer silicone core, covered in a exterior layer of a much softer and more plush silicone. This technique creates a much more natural toy which more closely mimics the feel of human anatomy. Because the Cush is dual coloured you can more easily identify the different types of silicone, and for example you can see how the layer of soft silicone is much thicker at the tip of the glans section, compared to the layer covering the shaft where the purple beneath shows through far more visibly. Like many of the O2 toys the Cush has a matte finish to it with a nice velvety feel, and this covers the entire surface of the dildo, including the glans which tends to be shiny in the more realistic toys.
The construction of the Cush is mostly up to Tantus‘s usual high standards, apart from one rather unusual defect. Right at the base of the dildo, where the outer layer of soft white silicone meets the firmer purple core, the two materials haven’t bonded properly and so the outer layer is starting to peel away. I say this is unusual because of all the dual density dildos I own I’ve never encountered this before, but because I know Tantus I can say with confidence that in the unlikely event that you ever got a toy like this then they would happily replace it for you. I chose to keep mine as it is as it doesn’t really affect how it performs, and when a company is generous enough to ship a free product across the Atlantic to you I’d feel bad complaining. You can take it from me though that their customer service is top notch, even if this one product did slip through the quality control net. 
In terms of size the Cush is 7 1/4″ long with 6 3/4″ insertable, and an average girth of 5 1/2″. It looks well proportioned and feels good holding it in your hand. Obviously at this size it isn’t a beginner toy, but should be fine for a more intermediate level. 
When it comes to using the toy it’s incredibly comfortable to insert. The tip of the Cush is actually really quite pointed which gives it a great taper, and coupled with the pillowy-soft layer of silicone it treats your sphincter ever so gently as it passes through. Because it’s a matte silicone there is an ever so slight amount of drag to be felt, but this is almost entirely mitigated by a good thick anal lube. As the dildo slides in you don’t really feel the coronal ridge under the glans; it’s quite rounded off and not especially flared, so it’s more like a little hiccup to dip into, rather than a bump to pass over. The second ridge is around 4 3/4″ away from the tip of the dildo and this is far more prominent and readily felt. It’s not at all rounded and the angle of it is actually quite sharp. Because of the overall size of the dildo I didn’t find myself able to get much past this ridge before my body decided it wanted to stop, and thanks to the soft silicone tip this gentle pressure inside me was cushioned.
In terms of thrusting the girth of the Cush plays a large part in what makes it pleasurable, as it does feel delightfully filling. Unfortunately that secondary ridge around the shaft happens to play a significant role in what makes thrusting with the toy rather displeasurable. The sharpness of the ridge causes a very noticeable sensation each time it passes in and out of the body. Its prominence causes it to catch on the soft tissue covering the sphincter, and while at slow speeds this is less of an issue, as thrusting becomes more rapid it starts to feel as though the ridge is grating against the skin and soreness starts to ensue. It does come as something of a surprise, because knowing of the softness of the outer layer one would think that the impact of the ridge would be reduced to that of a tickle, but rather it’s still firm enough that coupled with the sharpness in shape it can cause discomfort. This issue is such that it does bring to rather an abrupt end the desire to continue thrusting with the dildo, which is rather a shame. I’d be inclined to class this as more of an anatomical problem rather than a problem with the toy. I just don’t think it’s suited as an anal toy, whereas I can imagine it functioning perfectly well for female-bodied individuals, much as was my experience with the Tantus Tsunami. 
I have to say I would have loved for this dildo to work for me, because when something looks that pretty you just expect great things from it. Unfortunately it’s just not suited as an anal toy, at least not as far as I’m concerned, and so I wouldn’t recommend it for that purpose. Tantus have a vast array of other toys which work spectacularly in that regard though, so I’d consider one of those first instead, and you’re certain to find one which works.
Many thanks again to Tantus for sending the Cush to me to review.


It’s also available from the fine folks at SheVibe

Now available from CloneZone in the UK!