Lelo Loki Prostate Massager

September is upon us and as we bid a sad farewell to the Summer let’s kick off the month with an exciting new product review!
A week ago Lelo made a big splash when they announced the launch of some all new toys for men, in the form of three specially-designed prostate massagers, and I had the very good fortune to be contacted prior to the launch and offered the chance to review them.
First up is the Loki, which I like to think of as the successor to the Billy. The Billy was my first serious sex toy that I got my hands on back in the infancy of my reviewing days, and it was all thanks to a £100 prize that I won in SexToys.co.uk‘s Review of the Month competition. Before then I never would have considered spending £80 on a sex toy but the Billy quickly became a firm favourite, blowing me away with its intense vibrations, and proving it was worth every penny. With the passage of time, though, there did come a point when I started to crave a little more; a little more power, a little more girth, and now it would seem Lelo have heeded that call.
Catch the review below!

For a lot of years now Lelo have focused primarily on the female and couples market, with only one powered toy in their range of luxury Swedish-designed products that was aimed wholly and exclusively at men. The release of the Loki marks their long-awaited and very welcome return to this arena, and with two other products in tow they’ve clearly returned in full force.
The Loki is, in many ways, similar to the Billy in that it’s a handheld prostate massager, rather than one designed to be worn, but don’t worry if you’re a fan of the latter as Lelo have covered all the bases with their other two products. At first glance what stands out about the Loki is its size, because it’s significantly bigger than the Billy. At total you’re looking at 8″ inches from end to end, versus only 6 3/4″ with the Billy, but interestingly all of this extra length is taken up by handle on the toy, leaving the exact same 4″ of insertable shaft. This is quite an important feature because, as I’m always telling people, the prostate is actually quite shallow and easy to reach, and 4″ is more than enough to get there, but the larger handle is far more practical to operate during use. The other place where the Loki is notably larger is in its girth, which comes in at 4 5/8″ around the widest point, again compared to only 3 1/2″ on the Billy.
Those of you with keen eyes and a comprehensive amount of Lelo product knowledge may have noticed that the Loki looks an awful lot like the Lelo Mona, and indeed this was the first thing that struck me. After hearing many of my female reviewer friends rave about the Mona 2 I was quite excited by this fact, and that I’d finally be able to try an anal-safe version of it, so I casually put the question to my contact from Lelo expecting to get a simple confirmation, but instead the response was rather more evasive. The official line is that “[Lelo] products have some recognizable similar features, but each of them is a distinctive different product, designed for it’s own purposes” which is fair enough, but to my mind it’s still just a modified Mona, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. 
The construction of the Loki is again similar to that of the Billy, and indeed to many of Lelo’s other vibrators. Internally it’s made from a firm white ABS plastic which is visible around the handle, while the insertable portion is covered by a thin layer of soft velvety silicone. There are two colour options available for the silicone, Federal Blue or Obsidian Black. I happen to have the black one as you’ll see from the side by side photos I took of the Loki with the Billy, but I included an example of the blue at the top as I think it looks a bit nicer. The amount of silicone on the Loki does feel marginally thicker than on the Billy, and you can feel a little give when you squeeze it, so it does provide a touch of cushioning. One area where there is substantially more silicone is in the guard piece between the handle and shaft, which is much larger than on the Billy and provides a good solid limitation on how far the Loki can be inserted. 
When it does come to inserting the Loki it’s a nice smooth affair. The size clearly makes it less beginner-friendly than the Billy, but the gentle taper helps to ease that bulbous shaft into the body, and the smooth plush silicone feels lovely against the skin. Inside the body the Loki feels pleasantly filling; it’s not the biggest toy in the world but you can really feel its presence, especially with the way that it angles itself into the prostate and applies a gentle pressure. Whereas the Billy often felt that it didn’t fill you enough the Loki is ideal and feels perfectly satisfying, because frankly for this purpose you wouldn’t want something that went too far in the opposite direction and really stretched you out either. 
With the toy in position it stays quite happily in place meaning there’s no need to keep holding onto it if you don’t wish. The handle protrudes from the body enough that it’s easy to grab onto to operate, and with a little flexibility you can see the buttons too. Most of the time you’re going to be operating the buttons blind, and thankfully some changes to the control pad since the Billy make it easier to decipher what you’re going to be pushing. There are 4 buttons in total laid out like the points of a compass. West and East are + & – which control the vibration intensity, while North and South cycle up and down through the six different patterns.
The vibrations are impressively strong, even on the lower settings, and you can really feel them penetrating into the prostate. It’s definitely a welcome step up from the Billy. In terms on what the vibrations themselves are like on a buzzy to rumbly scale, they’re more midway between the two, leaning more towards the rumbly side. Personally I would have preferred a little more of a deeper rumbly vibration than what you get, but it’s still a really pleasing sensation that it delivers, especially when coupled with the intensity of the power settings. 
The six patterns that you get to pick from are as follows: constant vibration, steady pulses, rapid pulses, repeated increase in intensity from low to high, gentle increase from low to high and back down again, and lastly random mode which produces pulses with no set interval. It’s not often I say this but I actually like all the patterns and none of them are a dud for me. They’re a little bit different to the patterns on the Billy, and at first I was worried that I was going to miss a couple of my favourites, but there are options which are similar enough that they get the job done just as well, and better too when you add in the increased vibration strength.
One thing that’s always nice about the handheld prostate massagers is that you can manipulate them during use. Most of the time you’ll probably just lie there letting it do its thing, but if you grab the handle you can do short thrusts with it to add extra stimulation to the prostate, or you can angle it more into the prostate to add a firmer pressure. You can also have a partner grab the handle and use it on you, and all of these really add to the experience. 
There’s enough flexibility with the various patterns and settings that you can configure it to something that feels soothing enough to enjoy while you watch TV, play a videogame, or even write a review (ahem), but when you get everything set just right and turned all the way up it can feel incredibly pleasurable and add an intense edge to a masturbation session that you didn’t even know you were missing.
Like the Billy the Loki is rechargeable, has a lockable keypad for use when travelling, and comes with a cloth storage pouch. It is a tad more noisy than the Billy, but with a closed door it’s doubtful anyone would hear it. It comes with a USB charging cable rather than a wall plug, and one welcome upgrade is that the Loki is 100% waterproof, giving you the option of safely using it in the bath or shower.

So as we reach the point of the review where I feel that it’s time to wrap up, I only have one thing to say; buy one. Lelo have really impressed me here with this one, it’s as though someone looked at my list of everything I’d tweak with Billy and then went away and made it happen. It thoroughly deserves my recommendation: it’s delightfully filling, it’s easy to operate, and its strong vibrations will remind you why it’s great to own a prostate. If you’re a Billy owner already then it’s well worth the upgrade.
Thanks to Lelo for sending me one to review and it’s available to buy directly from them right now, and from the following places around the world:
North America: Lovehoney USA, Shevibe