E-Stim Micro ElectroSound

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the folks at E-Stim who asked if I’d be interested in reviewing any of their products, and being that I’ve enjoyed Electrosex toys before I was quick to say yes. I requested this impressive metal beast of a butt plug that they call the Torpedo, and when they sent it over they were kind enough to include some other goodies too, in the form of their “Intro2Electro for Him” kit, and a Micro Urethral Sound.

As eager as I am to get straight into the Torpedo it made more sense to start here with the other bits and pieces first, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until next week for that. Right now you can click below to catch round two of me inserting electrically-charged steel into my penis.

I’m no stranger when it comes to sounding, and indeed electro-sounding too. I reviewed a similar product for another company at the end of last year, and one of the things I took away from the experience was that the length of the sound wasn’t necessarily beneficial when it came to adding electricity into the mix. My favourite way to use it was in a very shallow manner, so that the sound went no deeper than the head of my penis and the full force of the electricity was concentrated right at that point, and for this reason E-Stim thought I might like to try their shorter Micro Sound.
The Micro Sound measures 3″ in total length, with 2 1/8″ of it that can be inserted into the body, and an insulated plastic section at the end that’s held during use. In terms of thickness it’s only 6mm wide, which makes it my smallest sound, but the dimensions of it mean that it’s an ideal starter sound for anyone looking to explore this type of play. 
It terms of the design and construction it’s a pretty standard sound despite its diminutive size. It’s made from one solid piece of stainless steel of uniform thickness, with a perfectly rounded tip and a highly polished surface. The build quality of it is excellent, which as I always say is important when it comes to sounds due to the delicate nature of where they’re being inserted, and this one is completely free from any sort of defects or anomalies.
As is the case with toys of this type the Micro Sound is what’s known as “unipolar.” This means that only one wire from the power unit connects to it, and the other wire must be attached to something else that’s coming into contact with your body in order to complete the circuit, and this conveniently brings me back to the Intro2Electro for Him kit that I mentioned at the start.
In order to use any sort of Electrosex toy you will of course need some requisite equipment to begin with, but if you don’t have any then E-Stim’s Intro2Electro kits are a great place to start. The “for Him” variant of the kit includes the EBox Series 1 power unit, two conductive rubber loops, 4 adhesive pads, the necessary cables to connect everything together, and it’s all packed into one handy plastic storage case. The kit matches up perfectly with the Micro Sound because a conductive loop worn around the base of the penis is the ideal component to pair up with the Sound to complete the circuit (though I do find that one of the adhesive pads works just as well).
When it comes to using the Sound I always recommend inserting it before you turn on the power unit, just so as to avoid any sensation of getting a mild electric shock as the electricity jumps from the metal to the skin as the two surfaces draw near. It’s a very comfortable toy to insert, probably largely down to its narrow size which passes more readily into the urethra, but you still want to be certain not to rush it, and to use plenty of sterile lubricant. One of the immediate things I discovered about the Micro Sound is that it stays put when it’s inserted, unlike longer and thicker sounds which have a tendency to start working their way out again as soon as you let go of them. It even stayed in place quite happily when I had no more than half of it inserted, and this was quite a pleasing discovery for me as I like having a hand free to do other things with.

Once I had the Sound positioned to my liking I turned on the power unit and got that familiar tingling sensation I’m so fond of all through the head of my penis. What’s interesting about the EBox Series 1 unit is that it features more of an analogue design compared to the previous power unit that I’m familiar with. Everything is controlled by knobs and dials rather than buttons, and this actually makes it quite fun to play around with. There are three basic modes to choose from “Pulse” “Continuous” and “Manual”. The best place to start is probably with “Continuous” and with this selected you can then manipulate the strength of the electrical supply using the “Output Level” knob. Slowly cranking up this dial takes it from a mild tingling sensation in the penis to something that feels almost like a vibration. It’s very easy to use the knob to increase the output gradually to give yourself a chance to get used to it and enjoy the more intense sensations as you work up to them. It’s also easy to slip and go a little higher than you wanted to and then have to quickly turn it back down again. The next mode to try is “Pulse” and with this selected you’ll feel a steady series of pulses of electricity at whatever power level you’re currently set to. Using the “Pulse Rate” dial you can adjust the frequency of the pulses, depending on if you want something slow and soothing or something really quite rapid. This is probably my favourite mode as it seems to deliver more sensation when there’s a break in the supply, rather than a constant flow. You can play around with the dial and have a few rapid pulses followed by a few slower ones. There’s also another dial labelled “Pulse Feel” which goes from Soft to Hard, and you can also play around with this whilst in Pulse mode. It allows you to adjust how forceful each Pulse feels within your given power setting, whether you want the pulse to feel like a sharp jolt each time, or something more gentle. The final mode “Manual” works in conjunction with a button labelled “Fire”, and the power supply only flows when this button is depressed, allowing you to customise your own rhythm of pulses. It all gives you a nice flexible array of options to choose from during your play session.

Having that wonderful throbbing tingling electrical sensation coming from right inside your penis is such a unique kind of pleasure – one you can’t get from any other sex toy – and for me the Micro Sound is a good step towards the sort of product I’m looking for as it’s far more practical than a longer device. The only slight drawbacks for me were that in order to position it just how I wanted it I still only used around half of the insertable length, making it a little longer than what would be ideal, and also after reviewing another sound last week which had a 10mm diameter at the point which sat just inside the head, 6mm felt a little lacking. My perfect ElectroSound would have to be a short, thick, stubby kind of penis plug, and since this review E-Stim have actually gone ahead and made just that, so I’d encourage you to check out my review of the Electro Penis Plugs. In terms of what it is though, I’d still recommend the Micro Sound for being a quality piece of engineering.

My thanks to E-Stim for sending me the Micro Sound. It’s available directly from them, and look out for my review of the Torpedo next!