Tantus Suction Cup

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas period, and that your stockings were filled with exciting sex toys to add a little warmth to these cold Winter nights. January is upon us and in an effort to break out of my seasonal hiatus a little sooner than in past years I’ve decided to ease myself into 2015 with a simple little review.
Tantus has just brought out a new iteration of their suction cup and I’m going to talk about it. A suction cup is something that I’ve wanted for quite a while now, because I have around seven Tantus toys that it’s compatible with, so get the low-down below!

What does one really say about a suction cup? That’s the question I first asked myself when I started considering doing this review tonight. A suction cup is quite a self-explanatory thing; we find them everywhere, filling any number of applications, but despite this the Tantus Suction Cup is actually a pretty nifty piece of kit as I’ll explain.
The suction cup is designed to work with any of Tantus’s range of vibrators, and when we talk about vibrators in relation to Tantus what we really mean is one of their dildos which has a bullet-hole in the base. If like me you tend not to bother with the bullets then often this cavity will remain empty, or serve simply as a handy finger hole to use whilst thrusting, but the clever thing about the suction cup is that it plugs right into this space and makes use of it.
To use the suction cup you start by firmly pressing the stem of it into the base of your chosen dildo, and the two ridges on it will grip onto the textured inside of the bullet hole giving a nice snug fit. You then decide exactly where you intend to use the dildo and you push the whole thing up against the surface, forcing the air out of the concave portion of the cup and securing it in place.
The Suction Cup can be used with any reasonably smooth/flat surface, be it wall or floor, and forms a good strong bond. It’s great with tiles, mirrors, laminate floors, giving you plenty of options on how to best take advantage of it. It can happily support the weight of some of Tantus’s larger and heavier dildos, such as the Duke, without the dildo coming away from the cup, or the cup coming away from the wall. It also works well in wet conditions, such as within a shower.
The addition of the suction cup allows for some great hands-free play with you favourite toy, whether you want to thrust up against it on a wall, or simply ride it on the floor without having to hold the base down constantly, and this leaves you able to do other things, such as interact with a partner or use a Fleshjack.
The advantage of the detachable suction cup really is versatility. You don’t have to buy a whole new toy, you just adapt something you already own and love, and when you don’t need the cup for a specific type of play you simply remove it again.
Like all Tantus products the Suction Cup is made from Tantus’s ultra premium platinum silicone, and this is an inert material that’s perfectly safe to leave in contact with other objects of the same type, so there’s never any need to remove it after use if you don’t desire. 
For the curious, size-wise the suction cup measures 3″ wide it its natural state, and 3 1/2″ when flattened out and deployed against a surface, so it’s reasonably compact. 
For me personally the Tantus Suction Cup has to be one of the most useful accessories I’ve added to my sex toy collection, helping me to enjoy toys in new locations and positions, and for this reason I’d gladly recommend it.
It’s available from Tantus right now.


Now available from CloneZone in the UK!