Tantus Perfect Plug & Perfect Plug Plus

Recently Tantus launched two brand new butt plugs, the Perfect Plug and the Perfect Plug Plus, and I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of samples of each by the lovely Peyton last month. Although I haven’t finished reviewing everything from my Tantus goody box earlier in the year, I thought I’d skip ahead and slip these two in before the Christmas break, and save the Bound for the New Year.
The “Perfect Plug” is certainly quite an audacious name, and a lot to live up to, so let’s move on to the review and see if the title is well deserved.

The Perfect Plug and its larger sibling the Perfect Plug Plus are a pair of complimentary butt plugs aimed at the beginner end of the anal market. The smaller of the two is very much designed with people who’ve never experimented with anal play before in mind, and is slender and gently tapered, whereas the larger Plus acts as a step up from that, offering a girthier toy and with the added option of vibrations. Because of their close relationship I am taking the unusual step of reviewing them both at once, but I’m going to look at them each in order in case you wish to skip ahead. 
One thing I can say about the plugs collectively is that they’re both made from Tantus’s premium platinum silicone, available in a choice of black or purple, with a velvety matte finish and a medium firmness. They’re also made to a very high standard, with no visible defects or raised mould lines.
First up the Perfect Plug!
I have a bit of a funny relationship with beginner plugs, because in fact I have no relationship with beginner plugs. It’s a whole category of sex toys that I skipped over right when I would have been in the prime position to test them out, and consequently I’ve viewed them mostly as somewhere between redundant and pointless. If you’ll remember the first anal toy I ever tried out was 1 1/2″ thick, which may elicit a few “whoas” from the anal virgins of now – and anyone remembering their own first time – but I had very specific criteria when it came to buying that toy. I wanted to finally know what it would be like to be on the receiving end of an average sized penis, but (as laughable as it sounds now) the idea of buying more than one toy to help me reach that point just seemed excessive, so I threw myself in at the deep end and bought something which seemed to tick all my boxes. As luck would have it things couldn’t have worked out better, and riding high from that triumph it rather coloured my opinion of all those smaller toys on the market from then forth. There is a point to this this lengthy piece of personal history however, and that’s because I dare say the Perfect Plug has changed my mind. It’s far more than the futile nothingness that I’d always been so swift to dismiss similar toys as.
In terms of size the Perfect Plug truly is diminutive, so after past experiences of fitting in something the size of the A-Bomb you’d be forgiven for asking “am I even going to feel this?”, but that’s also what makes it so ideal for your anal novice. In total the whole thing measures 4 1/4″ from base to tip, and of that 3 3/4″ can be inserted, so it’s a comfortable amount. The widest point of the plug has a circumference of 2 3/4″, which is pretty small, that’s the equivalent of about 7/8″ in diameter just to give you a better idea. In both length and thickness it’s a little bit bigger than a finger, which is what I always tend to think of as the default “toy” for a beginner to experiment with anally.
The shape of the Perfect Plug is really quite lovely; it has this long conical section at the tip which tapers ever so gently, followed by a smaller rounded section, and then it decreases to a pencil-thin neck which is an inch long and connects to an anchor-like base.
When it comes to use insertion of the plug is a breeze. The soft velvety finish of the silicone holds lube incredibly well, and the streamlined shape means you can press the tip against the sphincter and have the whole plug inserted in one swift action before you’ve had time to blink. It’s such an easy and incredibly comfortable experience, and all you really feel are a couple of bumps due to the shape as it goes in. Given my level of experience with larger toys it probably doesn’t mean as much coming from me as from someone who truly was a beginner in all things anal, but in my judgement I really can’t see anyone having difficulty with this plug. Once the plug is inside it’s a lovely fit; the base sits comfortably up against the body and secures it safely in place, the neck gives the sphincter plenty of space to rest and hold the plug in place, and you really do feel the plug there. If you want a plug just to help you to get used to the idea of having an object inserted anally then the Perfect Plug works like a charm. It provides a constant presence that you’re aware of, but without being overwhelming. You can casually walk around all day with the plug in, sit down on furniture, and even though it’s small you’ll know it’s there. Because the neck of the plug is quite thin you don’t really get any stretching of the sphincter whilst wearing it, so it remains in a more naturally relaxed position. The plug is also exceptionally easy to remove.
The Perfect Plug is a great toy just for dipping your toe into the water of the anal play pond. If you’ve never had anything up there before, and you want to spend a little time getting to know whether or not you think you’d like it, then it’s a worthwhile toy to check out. It’s admittedly far more convenient and fun than just playing around with a finger. Potential downside: if you like it enough to move on to bigger things you probably won’t use it again after that. Beginner plugs really are for beginners; once you graduate to something more substantial you’ll prefer the added sensation you get from that.
Now onto the Plus. So you’ve conquered the Perfect Plug and decided that anal play is something you’re interested in. You like the shape and feel of it, but you want something a little bigger, and perhaps with an extra feature or two thrown in. Where do you go? To the Perfect Plug Plus of course! Forgive me for sounding more like marketing speech than a review there, but the Plus is designed to be that next step to take, and having tried it out I’m inclined to agree that it works quite well for that purpose. 
The Plus is a little bit more chubby than the Perfect Plug, it’s like it went away and then came back again after it hit puberty, packing a bit more to show for itself. Length-wise it’s 4 3/4″ from base to tip, with 4 1/8″ that can actually be used, so not a huge increase from before, but around the widest point the circumference increases to 4 1/8″, and that’s what’s most noticeable. Interestingly the narrowest section of the Plus – which would be the neck – is 2 7/8″ around, making it almost the same size as the widest point on the smaller plug, creating a nice hint of symmetry between the two.
The shape of the Plus is largely similar to the previous plug, only this time the end is slightly more bulbous than conical, which has the effect of making the taper less gradual. The neck of the plug is slightly elongated out to 1 3/8″, and the bases are near identical. The one big difference with the Plus is that it now houses a bullet vibrator within its lower half. This protrudes about 3/4″ from the base, and extends into the plug up till the bulge in the middle of the shaft.
When it comes to using the plug the tapered shape again makes it nice and easy to insert, though this time because of the size more patience may be called for as the sphincter will need time to dilate to accommodate the Plus. Once the conical section is inside you feel the bump of the bulge behind it, and then as the sphincter settles onto the narrower neck thereafter there is a slight sensation of the remainder of the plug being drawn into the body. The plug comes to rest comfortably in place and offers a fuller sensation than its smaller counterpart, as well as slight stretching from the thicker neck holding the sphincter open wider. All this increases your awareness of the plug being there, and also the pleasurable sensation you get from feeling it there. The presence of the bullet vibe has a couple of minor downsides, and also a slightly greater one. Firstly it makes the neck largely inflexible by putting a solid plastic core inside silicone which would usually bend freely, and carrying on from that it makes the neck feel quite firm when squeezed, even by the sphincter, eliminating the natural give that silicone tends to have. These aren’t huge concerns for me, but they do take points off compared to other plugs without this factor. The other issue is that because of the way the bullet protrudes from the base of the plug, you can’t actually sit down while wearing the plug, and that can be awkward. Ideally you would just remove the bullet and use the plug without it, but because the walls of the bullet compartment are so thin they would just be squashed flat inside you.
The bullet itself isn’t too bad. It’s a little bit buzzy, but enough to give you a dab of extra sensation. If you want something stronger then you can replace it with a We-Vibe Tango which fits readily into the space.
The Perfect Plug Plus is on the whole a nice step up from the regular Perfect Plug, and has some good things to offer people who are still in that early experimental stage of anal play, namely the added size and the sensory input of vibrations. Personally I would have preferred a solid plug without the bullet hole, but the Tantus Neo plug already offers a good alternative for something like that, so I can appreciate their choice to go this route.
I think I would be happy to offer my recommendation to both of these plugs for any novices out there looking to get into anal play. From a personal standpoint my sex life became so much more varied and interesting when I began incorporating anal play, so I’m glad to see companies like Tantus out there making toys to help people gradually and safely explore new things.
You can get the Perfect Plugs directly from Tantus.
They’re also available from the fine folks at SheVibe