WIN: New Fun Factory Vibrators!

Last week Fun Factory launched three all new vibrators, aimed at customers with discerning tastes but limited budgets. The Joupie, Jazzie, and Jam, are three entry-level battery-powered vibrators, made from Fun Factory’s usual high-quality silicone, but available at only a fraction of the price of their high-end rechargeable models. 
Fun Factory contacted me and asked if I would like to review these toys, or perhaps give them away to one of my lovely readers, and I decided that it was about time I ran another competition on my blog, so now you can be in with a chance to WIN one of these.
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First thing’s first, before you try to win one, you probably want to know a little bit about them first, and I happen to have a load of details to hand.
Fun Factory are styling this new line as the “People’s Vibrator”, a bit like the Volkswagen of sex toys, or “Volks-vibratoren” I suppose. They’re trying to prove that its possible to have a product which incorporates high quality materials, functionality, and appealing design, all without a hefty price tag.
This new trio of products are slender mini-vibrators, manufactured in Fun Factory’s plant in Bremen Germany, and which cost less than €25 individually, all whilst managing to maintain a powerful motor, a silicone outer shell, and being waterproof.
Fun Factory suggests that they’re the perfect size to travel with, to use with a partner without being obtrusive, and just for people who prefer a smaller vibrator in general.
The Joupie is the most slender of the three at 1″ in diameter, and the longest at 7.2″ (18cm). It has a gently curved tip designed for G-spot or prostate stimulation, and features one vibration setting operated by the “Easy Twist” cap. It takes two AA batteries.
The Jazzie is a slightly thicker and shorter vibrator than the Joupie, measuring 1.2″ and 7″ respectively. It has a ribboning detail around the shaft to give it some texture, and also features one vibration setting operated by the “Easy Twist” cap. It takes two AA batteries.
The Jam is the smallest of all three vibrators, and also the most affordable, costing less than €20.  It measures 1.1″ in diameter, and 5″ in length. It can be used externally or inserted, and features some texture in the shaft for added stimulation. It too has only one vibration setting operated by the “Easy Twist” cap. It takes a single AA battery.

I’ve had the opportunity to play around with them for a bit, and they’re really quite lovely toys, with a lightweight and stylish feel to them. The silicone shell is really soft and squishy, and there’s a good thick layer of it, rather than it just being a simple coating, so it feels gentle when pushed against the skin or inserted. The single vibration setting is quite impressive in strength for a toy of this type, though it is best categorised as nearer to a buzz than a rumble on the intensity spectrum, and it’s whisper quiet too offering maximum discretion. All in all they feel like well-built quality toys, just as you’d expect from Fun Factory. My personal favourite would probably be the Joupie, as it has the most versatile uses for a man, but they’re all great toys for either gender.

So now that you know a little more about these vibrators, here’s your chance to win one! There are three prizes up for grabs – one Joupie, one Jazzie, one Jam – and a separate winner will be drawn for each. The competition is open to residents of Europe only, and Fun Factory will be sending the prizes directly to the winners once their names are drawn. To enter simply use the Gleam widget below, and good luck!