ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius

Last week I reviewed my first ever ElectraStim product, the Flick Duo, but really that was just a precursor to today’s review. This Monday ElectraStim have launched their brand new Silicone Noir range of attachments, and to mark this event they sent me the Sirius prostate massager to review for them.

If you don’t know much about ElectraStim devices then it’s worth reading last week’s review to get some background information first, as it’s pretty comprehensive and I’m probably going to end up referencing it a lot, rather than going back over the same details here. If you’re already up to speed then catch the review after the jump!

The Sirius is – as the name of the collection suggests – unsurprisingly made of silicone, which leads to another “really, I didn’t know that could conduct electricity?” moment, and also a chance to gush about my favourite sex toy material mere sentences into this review. I’m quite excited about the idea of silicone electrosex toys, because it offers a far less rigid alternative to the traditional metal probes, but you still get all the benefits of a material that’s odourless, non-porous, completely body-safe, and that can be sterilised and shared with a partner. It could be quite an important leap forward for this sort of play, because not everyone enjoys a cold steel butt plug as much as I do, so the choice of silicone offers something a little more accessible, and less likely to scare people away.


The silicone that’s been chosen for the line has a reasonably firm composition on the whole, with just the right amount of give in the surface to prevent it from feeling too solid when squeezed, and no more, yet it still remains very responsive to being bent and flexed about, with only minimal effort required to do so. The surface of the material has a matte finish which feels pleasantly soft and velvety to the touch, though with a slight degree of drag which becomes apparent when you run a finger over it, but nothing that’s significant as it’s intended to be a wearable toy rather than a thrusting one. As you might expect this sort of finish is a magnet for dust once it’s out of the packaging, so do be prepared to give it a quick rinse before use if it’s been sitting uncovered in a drawer.

The construction quality of the Sirius is top notch and has quite clearly been done to a high standard, with a completely uniform finish and no anomalies or defects to be found anywhere. The only thing that could be nitpicked is that there is a slightly raised seam running along the full length of the toy, left over from the moulding process, but its not pronounced enough that anyone would feel it during use. One thing that’s quite interesting is that if you look very carefully at the toy you can just make out which sections of it have an electro-conductive surface, because the shades of black vary subtly in these regions, so it gives you a visual component to tie into what you’ll be feeling during use.

The Sirius has rather an orthodox shape for a prostate massager, with a bulging shaft that ebbs in and out before tapering down to a slender neck, somewhat similar to the designs you’ll see coming from Nexus or Aneros. In total the insertable portion measures 4 1/2″ long, which is slightly more than I generally find ideal for my body with this sort of toy, but of course that’s a matter that will differ from individual to individual. I’ve provided a couple of photos below to show how it compares to a couple of other popular prostate massagers that I own, just to give a little perspective:


As you can see tip of the Sirius extends beyond that of the Ego E4, which has what I would consider the near-ideal size for myself.

When placed next to the Rocks Off Bad Boy, however, it’s almost dwarfed by the size of the red behemoth.

One of the unique features of the Sirius, and perhaps what might be considered its genius, is that the shape can actually be adjusted, allowing you to mould it precisely to your body. Rather than being merely flexible in a temporary sort of way and always returning to its original shape, the core of the Sirius will hold the silicone body in whatever position you bend it to. This allows you to experiment with finding precisely the right shape to work with your anatomy, whether it be a right-angled L-shape, or the hooked horseshoe of a C-shape. This is especially advantageous if, like me, you find the insertable portion a little long, as you can still adjust it until it becomes comfortable. I’ve taken a couple to photos to demonstrate the extremes to which it can be bent, but it does have its limitations, namely in the tip. The endmost bulge is unfortunately not adjustable like the lower portion of the shaft, and permanently protrudes forwards, so you need to take this into account when adjusting the shape as a whole.

Due to the rather slender nature of the Sirius, inserting it is a pretty straightforward affair, and therefore equally well-suited to those nearer to the beginner end of the spectrum of anal play. We may consider electrosex a more advanced type of play, that people graduate to only after a series of prior experiences, but it really needn’t be. The Sirius is wholly unintimidating, both in size and in supple material, and should be ideal for almost any man to try out. It’s important to use only a water-based lube with the Silicone Noir range of toys, both because some silicone lubes can react poorly with silicone toys, and because non-water-based lubes won’t act as a conductor for the electricity and will reduce the effect of the toy. Once it’s lubed up it slides comfortably into the body, with the tapered tip gently parting the sphincter, and the silicone cushioning any pressure against the muscle. You feel a few bumps as you pass over each bulge, and then it’s smooth down towards the neck. You want to position it so that the external portion of the Sirius sits flush against the perineum, while the internal portion is fully inserted and feels comfortable. It may take a few attempts to get it just right, but it’s worth removing it a few times and adjusting how you have it bent until it feels perfect and nothing is poking you where you’d rather it didn’t.

The Sirius has two separate regions through which electric charge is transmitted, the first is in the insertable section, and the second is in the perineum arm, so it’s important that you have a dual channel unit such as the Flick Duo if you want to take advantage of this. If you only have a single channel unit then you’ll only be able to use one of these at a time, and then you’ll be missing half the fun. The base of the toy contains four small holes into which you plug the wires that come with your ElectraStim unit. Each pair of holes corresponds to one channel, so you plug the red and black connectors of one wire into the front pair for the perineum section, and you do the same with another wire in the rear pair for the insertable section. The slight disadvantage to the placement of the connectors is, that with all the plugs and wires hanging from the bottom of the toy, it means that you’re unable to sit down whilst wearing it or employ any sort of a rocking motion. You’re pretty much restricted to lying or your back or side, or using it in a standing / kneeling position.

When you turn on the ElectraStim unit there’s quite a variety of different sensations going on all at once, which bear being covered individually. The first is really just the basic sensation you get from presence of the Sirius itself, which hugs your groin by applying a gentle pressure to both the prostate and the perineum. This is a pleasant feeling which will be immediately enjoyable to anyone who enjoys other sorts of anal toys, and wearing butt plugs during sex. The next sensation is that which comes from the perineum arm of the toy; it’s very similar to what I described last week about attaching one of the adhesive pads to the region. It’s best to apply a little of the conductive gel here to enhance the sensation, but you get that same general feeling of a tingling massaging action. What’s really nice about it though is that the electricity doesn’t stay confined to just the perineum, it travels all the way up from the bulb of the penis through the length of the shaft, creating a tingling sensation that encircles the entire surface of it, leaving your penis with the feeling that it’s charged up like an electric fence with all this power running through it. The final sensation, and what I would consider to be the “main event” is that which comes from within the body, from the inserted section. This is the first time that I’ve tried electro play internally so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it’s actually quite unique and different to having things attached to the surface of the skin. It starts off with that familiar tingle, but then it grows into a feeling of warmth in the surrounding tissue. As you increase the power of the unit you start to feel these throbbing contractions, almost like a beating heart where your prostate is, and it’s akin to a kneading sensation deep in the tissue. It’s something I’ve never experienced before, and every time I’ve ever talked about wanting another prostate massager to really penetrate into the organ and deliver a richer sensation, this is finally what delivers. It’s hard to describe, but while the effects of even the strongest vibrators naturally lessen the deeper the pulses pass into the body, there is no such diminishment here, and every part of the prostate seems to move and feel at once. It truly is quite spectacular. The other aspect of it is that as these contractions are taking place the physical response from the body acts to pull the Sirius in, and it manually massages the prostate with its form at the same time.

Really though, the key to the Sirius is the combination of all the sensations at once. It’s targeting so many erogenous zones simultaneously: the prostate, the perineum, and even the penis feels some effects. There was a moment when I just stood there, everything feeling so charged up, that I really wanted to know what it would be like to use it during sex, because if masturbation is anything to go by then it’s definitely an enhancement. As the Sirius works with the dual channels it gives you a great deal of control over the sensations, so you can calibrate it to feel precisely as much as you want in a given location. Typically I found that I was going for much more power in the internal section, because you can do so without getting the prickling sensation that comes along the perineum if you go too high there. In this way you can get the perfect balance for your needs. The fact that the Flick Duo has a selection of patterns, which I mentioned in detail in my review of it, is also a big factor in the performance of the Sirius, because it’s these sudden bursts of power which elicit the best response from the body, rather than a constant flow. The patterns which alternate between the left and right channels are especially enjoyable, as the perineum and prostate are stimulated in turn, thus providing variety rather than an overload of sensation everywhere at once.

One thing to watch out for during use is that the Sirius doesn’t slip out of place. The device is designed quite cleverly so that the conductive material isn’t located around the neck of the toy, but if you relax too much from your enjoyment of the sensations and it starts to work its way free from the body, then a jolt of electricity going straight from the conductive section and into the sphincter with have the muscle contracting quite wildly, which while amusing can take you by surprise.

So the Sirius on the whole, what’s the conclusion? If you want a truly deep and unique prostate massage experience then this has to be the toy for you. It’s such a great blend of things you want to see in a sex toy: it’s made well, it uses one of the best materials on the market, it’s adjustable to individual body types, and it works to quite spectacular results. If you have an ElectraStim kit already then you’ll want this attachment, it’s well worth it.


The Sirius Noir is available as of today from CloneZone and Lovehoney