Vixen Creations Leoweenie

Trick or Treat! It’s my special Halloween review, featuring the limited edition Leoweenie from Vixen Creations. It’s so limited edition in fact that you can’t buy it any longer as it was released for Halloween 2012, but I rather missed the boat on that one. I picked it up a couple of months late because I simply couldn’t resist something that looked so amazing, and believe it or not it’s been sat in its packaging completely unused until now as I was just waiting for the right opportunity, and here it is! Better late than never I say.

The Leoweenie is actually my first Vixen toy which isn’t made from their dual-density VixSkin material, so for me it’s pretty interesting to get my hands on their standard silicone formulation and see what it’s like. The Leoweenie is also my smallest Vixen toy to date, so there’s a lot of firsts going on today, but what can you really expect when my Vixen collection started with the drink-can-thick Randy?
The design of the Leoweenie is in fact just the standard Vixen Leo dildo shape, which should suddenly explain the reason for the name to everyone out there who was wondering where it came from. It’s a 7 1/2″ long dildo, with approximately 6 3/4″ insertable, though it’s hard to be accurate on this point due to the curvature of the shaft. The widest point of the dildo has a circumference of 5 1/8″ and the narrowest is only 4 5/8″, so its not made with girth lovers in mind. The Leoweenie does have a phallic shape about it, though with one of the most unusually designed heads that I’ve ever seen for a penis. The glans is quite short, squashed, and narrow across two axes, but then along the third it’s suddenly extremely elongated with the corona protruding a good 1/4″ out from the shaft. Often I pick phallic dildos based on how aesthetically pleasing I find their shape, and in my books the Leo is not winning any beauty contests, but luckily the Leoweenie has other things going for it. Below the oddly-shapen glans there is some visible detailing which simulates the presence of a retracted foreskin quite accurately, and there ends the detail for the most part. The shaft has a gentle upwards curve to it, featuring one subtle vein running the entire length, and it joins onto a sturdy 3″ wide base which houses a hidden suction cup underneath. What makes the Leoweenie really special, and why I love it, is not the shape of it, but rather what they did with the material. The dildo is this fantastic pumpkin-orange colour which just sings out Halloween to you, and then on top of that there are black bats everywhere. The bats are a really interesting feature because at first you assume they’re just painted on, but then you look closer and realise that they’re actually embedded into the centre of the material, and they’re all different shapes and sizes. What’s really impressive though is what happens when you bend the dildo, because the bats stretch and compress along with the surrounding material, as though they were all one. I wish that I knew precisely how it was that they achieved this, but I can only assume that the bats are made from the same material as the rest of the dildo, and that they were inserted in a semi-cured state, allowing everything to bond and fuse into one solid piece. Regardless of how it was done you can’t argue that the Leoweenie isn’t simply fantastic to look at, and a worthy trophy piece in any dildo collection.
The Leoweenie is made from 100% platinum silicone, which is another reason to love it as silicone is one of my favourite materials. It’s odourless, non-porous, and completely body-safe; what more could you want in a dildo? The particular silicone formula that then use is really interesting though because it feels rather unlike any that I’ve felt before, and I’m wondering if it’s because the orange is slightly translucent, or if all Vixen silicone is like this. It feels to me a bit like gummy sweets / candy, as strange as that might sound. It’s not as firm as standard Tantus dildo, and not quite as soft as a Pack ‘n’ Play, but it occupies this middling ground that I’ve never seen elsewhere, and which I really like as I find myself sitting here bending and squeezing it in between paragraphs. It’s pretty easy to flex about in your hands which bodes well for insertion, and it also has a good amount of give in the surface when you grasp it tightly in your fist, so I’m predicting a high comfort-factor.
The build quality of the Leoweenie is also impeccable, just like my other dildos from Vixen Creations, and I can’t fault it in any way. There isn’t a single mould line to be found on the toy, and the surface is completely smooth and shiny, free from any holes, defects, or other visible imperfections. Truly a high standard of manufacturing.
Using the Leoweenie is a very simple affair, though I have to admit that after all this time I was tempted to keep it in its packaging like a collectible, but I knew you guys would expect more. Because of its size I’d say that it’s very suited to a beginner, and the vast majority of people should have no problem inserting the modest head without the need for a warm up toy. The tip of the Leoweenie slips into the body very comfortably, and the orientation of its ovoid cross section is particularly complementary to anal use as it corresponds to the natural shape of the expanding muscle. Despite the prominent ridge on one side of the head you don’t really get a sense of a “pop” as it goes inside, but there is an awareness of there being a textured feature there in contrast to the smoothness of the rest of the shaft. As it is a rather slim dildo it’s not especially filling, so if you’re used to bigger then you’re likely to be left wanting, but its overall presence can be pleasantly felt within the body and should satisfy many. In terms of thrusting the dildo functions well and the silicone has enough flex in it for the shaft to bend and snake around inside the body to maximise comfort, so you needn’t worry about uncomfortably prodding yourself inside. The modest girth also has the advantage of allowing you to get a little deeper than with thicker dildos, and the smooth surface glides very freely with little noticeable drag. Where it is let down though is in terms of prostate use as the size and shape really didn’t deliver anything for me in that regard. I had been hoping despite its lack of girth that either the curve in the shaft or the ridge on the head would have been enough to deliver some prostate sensations, but unfortunately nothing really materialised. One of the more welcome observations during use is how the silicone gradually warms to body temperature and delivers a more natural feeling, thus enhancing the experience the longer you play with it.
Depending on how you’re using it the base of the toy is very practical in a number of ways: it’s broad enough to give the toy a good amount of stability if you’re planning on standing it upright and riding it, it fits comfortably into the hand if you want to grip onto it and thrust manually, it’s compatible with a standard O-ring harness and study enough not to fall out, and of course it has a suction cup to hold it onto walls and floors. The suction cup is of a most basic design, but it actually works extremely well and securely holds the dildo firmly in place onto whichever shiny surface you’d like to stick it. I actually find it easier to use the suction cup with the silicone Vixen toys than with the VixSkin ones, because it’s far easier to apply more pressure to the dildo, without that outer layer of pliable material stretching around.
The Leoweenie comes packaged in the standard Vixen clear cylindrical tube, and fits quite snugly within it. Getting inside the tube and removing the dildo can seem tricky at first, but is actually quite simple if you know the trick. Before you remove the cap you want to squeeze the tube slightly just below it to allow some air under it, then it will pop off with ease. Doing this also helps when replacing the cap after you’re done. The tube doubles as a handy storage container in the long term, so it’s worth hanging onto.
Overall I have to say that I have a big soft spot for the Leoweenie, and this is down entirely to its fantastic appearance. There’s no denying how amazing it looks, and I’m so pleased to have it sitting proudly in my collection. If I were putting that aside though and reviewing the regular Leo model then I’d say that the pros for the toy are its high quality materials and standard of manufacturing, as well as the convenient inclusion of a suction cup in the base. The downside was that I didn’t find it great for prostate stimulation. Size wise it’s definitely more of a beginner toy, and not suited to those who like to feel a bit of a stretch or a full sensation, so that limits its appeal. If you want a more modest sized anal dildo, and prostate stimulation isn’t a primary concern, then I’d happily recommend the Leo as great quality product.
The Leoweenie is no longer available, but you can get an original Leo from SheVibe, and find a great selection of other Vixen toys over at Lovehoney UK and Lovehoney U.S!