Tantus Raptor

If you’ve been following my blog over the past year and a half then you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of Tantus products, so when I saw that they’d come out with this amazing orange dildo which they were calling the “Raptor” I immediately knew I’d have to get my hands on it. It’s their second dildo to bear the name of a dinosaur, after the rather large and foreboding T-Rex, so we can gather that there’s a little bit of theme going on here. Thankfully the Raptor is the smaller cousin, and you can find out what I made of it after the jump!

Despite the timing of this review I actually purchased the Raptor around 6 months ago, and in that period it’s quickly become one of my favourite dildos, but I will admit that initially I was a little sceptical about its unusual design. 
The Raptor is unquestionably a beautiful dildo to behold, but also quite unorthodox in several respects. It stands at an impressive 8″ tall in total, but in practice only around 5″ of that are actually insertable due to the presence of a pair of balls stuck to one side of the shaft, like a plump, juicy tangerine. The shaft itself is only between 5″ – 5 1/2″ in circumference, so nothing too alarming in size, but perched atop it is a big bulbous head which measures 6 1/4″ around its widest point, something that would prove a challenge for many. What’s interesting to me though is that this combination of design features works, for reasons which I’ll explain later, and that’s pretty much what I love about Tantus; they dared to try something a little different and it paid off.
Like all Tantus products the Raptor is made from 100% platinum silicone; my all time favourite sex toy material. It’s completely non-porous, odourless, and body safe, so you can feel confident putting it inside your body, and you can also sterilise it and share it with a partner. The silicone is Tantus’s regular formulation, so it’s a little on firm side, but with just enough give in the surface if you squeeze it gently. As is becoming increasingly common in Tantus’s phallic dildos as of late, the Raptor features a dual finish to the silicone, with a smooth glossy head and a matte velvety shaft. It’s one of those fairly minor details which I happen to really like as it indicates that someone’s put some extra thought into the design.
The production quality of the Raptor is impeccable; something which I’ve learnt to expect from Tantus. There are no mould lines anywhere, nor any defects in the surface, so I really couldn’t complain about a thing even on my most nitpicky day.
When it comes to using the Raptor it’s one of those toys where you’ll probably need something to warm up with first, rather than diving right in, unless you’re feeling especially limber that day. The head is very large and rounded, with quite a rapid taper, so the best way to tackle it is to prepare yourself first with something more gradual. It is possible to to insert it without the aid of another toy if you’ve had prior experience with something of this size, but it’s going to be a slower process and require more patience, as trying to force it will only aggravate the sphincter. It probably goes without saying but the Raptor is not a beginner’s toy and is best tackled by people who comfortably know their way around a dildo or two.
With preparations taken care of, and plenty of water-based lubricant applied, the Raptor is actually a very comfortable dildo to insert. The smooth glossy head glides seamlessly through the sphincter as you feel it rapidly expand, and the give in the surface is enough to cushion any pressure in the process. Once you reach the widest point you feel a slight bump or “pop” as you pass over the ridge of the corona, then slowly as you insert the shaft further you feel it begin to narrow, and the sphincter goes from being stretched to its maximum to being able to relax a little, which is quite a welcome sensation. With the dildo inside you there’s this wonderful combination of feelings; the large rounded head feels satisfyingly filling at every depth, but the thinner shaft doesn’t place too much tension on the sphincter or leave it feeling overly stretched, so you get the best aspects of both a larger and smaller dildo rolled into one.
My favourite way to enjoy the Raptor has to be by squatting over it and using it in a riding fashion, and this is where a couple of its features come into play. The 2 5/8″ diameter base gives the dildo a nice amount of stability wherever you chose to stand it up, even with its slight backwards lean. Because it’s a tall 8″ dildo it has a nice amount of height, so you don’t have to squat too low to use it, but what I really like is actually the balls, and how they restrict how much you can insert. My initial thought was that the balls were just going to waste 3″ of shaft length by making it unusable, but they actually act almost as a protective measure, allowing you to be much rougher with the dildo when thrusting, if you so choose. Nothing is worse when thrusting with a dildo than accidentally going too deep and slamming into the top of your rectum with a firm object, so consequently you typically find yourself acting cautiously with those longer dildos so you don’t slam yourself down too hard onto them and sustain an injury. With the Raptor you only have 5″ to insert, which is more or less the depth of the rectum, so by the time you’ve gone down all the way you’ll find the balls pushing up against your perineum, rather than the head of the dildo impaling your colon, so you can really ride up and down on it hard and fast completely worry free. Obviously for some people this may be a downside, if you’ve invested time learning to insert things deeper, so it’s worth being aware of.
What I really love about the Raptor is how good it is for prostate stimulation. That big head is nothing short of incredible; the size, the shape, the firmness of it, somehow it all comes together so that with every thrust it rubs back and forth across the prostate to the maximum effect, delivering waves of pleasure. It really is a fantastic dildo for thrusting overall; the slightly thinner shaft increases the comfort factor and reduces friction, while allowing for a little more manoeuvrability, and the matte surface provides a nice amount of sensation with each stroke. Everything seems to complement itself to make the Raptor‘s performance exemplary in terms of prostate stimulation, from the design, to the ability to thrust more vigorously, and I’m continually wowed when I use it.
Like many Tantus toys the Raptor is harness compatible and suitable for strap-on play. There’s a 5/8″ gap between the base of the dildo and the balls, allowing space for an O-ring. When held horizontally the dildo even has a slight upward angle which is especially suited to this purpose, and it doesn’t droop under its own weight either. The base is nice and thick so it should be held securely in any harness, without the risk of it falling out.
Overall I have to say that I’m incredibly impressed by the Raptor and it’s another victory by Tantus. It goes to show that just when you think you’ve seen everything in dildos someone can try something a little different and really blow you away. Without hesitation I would recommend the Raptor to anyone who likes their dildos a little on the thicker side, and who loves intense prostate stimulation.  
You can buy the Raptor directly from Tantus as well as SexToys.co.uk.