Doc Johnson American Bombshell – Rockeye

Doc Johnson recently released their new “American Bombshell” range of toys – a selection of vaguely military-themed dildos and butt plugs. The range features a number of completely new designs, as well as some old classics which have been re-branded and given a fresh colour scheme. One such toy is the Rockeye, which started life as the jet black “Intimidator” in Doc Johnson’s TitanMen product line.

Weighing in at just over 1kg of solid PVC, the Rockeye is a hefty toy which certainly lives up to the descriptor “bombshell.”
At an imposing 11” tall – 10” of which are insertable – this toy is aimed at those who truly enjoy a challenge in their anal play, yet this aside it’s also surprisingly versatile. The topmost bulb of the toy has a diameter of just under 1.9”, and while not best suited for anal beginners, it should be manageable by anyone with moderate experience. Beyond this point the toy narrows by 0.33” before gradually widening again until it reaches the maximum insertable thickness of 3.6” near the base. It’s not until you get down to 5” from the tip that the diameter returns to  1.9”, meaning that anyone who can insert the end can easily enjoy at least half of the toy right away, before they need to begin to worry about its size.
Due to the wide 4” base, and the kilo of weight, the Rockeye has a low centre of gravity which makes it perfect to be used when placed on a floor or chair, and by squatting over it without the need to hold it in place with a hand, or by obtaining a suction cup. I found this to be my favourite position to use it in, as the bulbous tip really hits the prostate every time you lower yourself down onto it, causing the sort of sensations that have you wanting to do it again, and again, and again.
The toy is made from Doc Johnson’s phthalate-free PVC, with their antibacterial Sil-A-Gel additive, and it comes in a beautiful shimmery grey colour which they call “gunmetal.” It’s quite a firm material on the whole, and while it does have a fair amount of flex in the top third for you to be able to bend it around, it doesn’t give very much when you squeeze it, meaning it’s not the most comfortable material upon initial insertion. The exterior surface is nice and smooth, so it glides easily in and out during use, and it’s completely free from mould lines. There is some shallow ribbing down the shaft, but this seems mostly cosmetic as you don’t feel it at all inside you; there’s no noticeable sensation of a bump going down. Unfortunately the PVC / Sil-A-Gel does have something of a plasticy odour about it, what my friends would describe has “new shower curtain.” I wouldn’t describe it as overly unpleasant – and I’ve encountered worse – but it’s not ideal either and is more tolerable than anything. It’s probably something you want to use in a large and well-ventilated room if you’re sensitive to odours, as the quantity of material creates a volume of aroma which could quickly overpower delicate olfactory senses. The material also seems to be quite hungry for lube; I found myself having to use more of a standard water-based lube than I would on other toys, just to get an even coverage over a comparable area. For this reason I’d recommend pairing this toy with a thicker cream style lubricant.
Due to the very gentle gradient of the toy it does make the perfect tool for training yourself to accept wider things, but in order to get the benefit of that you need to be able to first handle the length. At 10” insertable it’s around twice the length of the average rectum, which is really quite a lot, so you need to be prepared to take it deeper into the sigmoid colon. Due to the quite bulbous nature of the tip I’m not sure that this toy is the right one to use in an attempt to take that extra length for the first time, and personally I didn’t succeed on this front.
On the subject of the packaging there isn’t a great deal to say, it’s just a simple clear plastic shell which does its job of holding the item in place, but there’s really no hiding what’s inside. I found it quite convenient to store the toy in when not in use.
Overall I’m quite pleased with this toy; it’s a lot of fun to use, whether you’re ready to take the whole thing, or if like me you’re quite happy to just make use of the top half for now. The only downside for me would be the material, because it is a little firm, and I prefer toys on the odourless side.
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