Metal Worx Luv Plug

This week it’s time for my second review for the folks over at ThatPosition, who generously sent me the Metal Worx Luv Plug along with the Lelo Bob which I reviewed at the start of the month. The two products are similar in that they’re both small, manual, prostate massagers, so it should be interesting to compare and contrast.
I’m quite a fan of the Metal Worx toys, and am steadily building up quite the collection, with this being number 4 now, so I have high expectations for it.

I always find myself starting a review for a Metal Worx toy by talking about the packaging, which ordinarily would be something left to a footnote, but it is a little bit special. The Luv Plug comes in a heavy duty case, the style of which you might expect to see a professional photographer storing expensive lenses inside. The corners are all constructed from a lightweight metal, while the side panels are made from a textured black plastic which resembles carbon fibre. The lid is hinged on the back and has a firm clasp on the front. Inside the case is foam padding, with a groove cut out into which the plug snugly fits. Not only does the case help give the Luv Plug the appearance of being precious and expensive, but it’s also a great place to securely store it when not in use. The only downside is that the case is a little bulky if you’re short on space, measuring 7 1/2″ x 3 1/8″ x 3 1/8″.
Despite its name, the Luv Plug, the toy should really be considered more of a prostate massager than a butt plug, though clearly there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be used as both. The design is immediately recognisable if you’re familiar with the njoy Pfun, as the two do bear some unquestionable similarities. The shaft of the toy has two main bulged sections which curve upwards, reminding me of the sight of someone doing abdominal crunches. At the end of the shaft is a small handle which takes the form of a slightly-squashed ellipsoid loop, allowing a finger or two to be slipped through it during use, similar to with my njoy Pure Plug 2.0. Uniquely for this Metal Worx product the back of the handle is adorned with a slight embellishment, in the form of a plastic faux-diamond which is embedded into it. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t really add anything to the overall appearance, and I might go so far as using the word “tacky” in reference to how it looks, but its presence there certainly isn’t going to make or break the toy. The Luv Plug is made from polished steel to a generally high standard, and the surface is completely smooth. Unfortunately if you look closely there are a couple of minor blemishes and imperfections on the piece, but they’re not significant enough to be felt, are so are only bothersome in relation to how much of a perfectionist one is. The toy has a total length of 4 1/2″, with 3 1/2″ of that being insertable, and a 3 3/4″ circumference, making it a relatively small toy. The one area where the Luv Plug does feel big though is in terms of weight; given the high density of metal it’s one of the heavier toys in my collection.
When it comes to using the Luv Plug its much less of a beginner’s toy than the Lelo Bob  and this is down to a couple of factors: firstly the head of the plug is that much larger than on the Bob and it has a rapid taper, and secondly metal is a hard and unforgiving material, so you’re really going to feel its presence without any cushioning for the sphincter. For those reasons I’d say it’s a step or two up from the Bob  though a very patient novice could probably still manage it if they were determined enough. Provided you’re sufficiently prepared and relaxed the smooth surface of the Luv Plug allows it to glide comfortably inside the body, and the advantage of metal here is that you can pick any type of lube you like; I always opt for silicone with a metal toy because of how slick and long-lasting it is. As the toy goes in you feel a couple of bumps, or “pops”, as the sphincter passes over each bulge, and this can be a pleasant sensation, then it finally comes to rest with the handle sitting securely against the outside of the body and preventing accidental over-insertion.
As with the Bob the intended way to use the Luv Plug is to grip the handle by slipping a finger or two through the loop, and by slowly making short rhythmic thrusts back and forth. The obvious difference here is with the complete rigidity of the material, compared to that flexibility that the Bob has just above the handle. Before I’d tried either toy I was convinced that I was going to prefer the metal, because of the ability to really angle the toy into the prostate and apply a firm pressure, but it turns out not to be the case at all. No matter how I use the Luv Plug, somehow it always seems to miss my prostate, and I actually find it disappointingly unstimulating. Whether I thrust normally with it, or if I really go prodding around in search of the prostate, nothing seems to deliver a satisfying result. Something about the length or shape of it just has it skirting around the very target that it’s designed to hit, whereas the Bob  with its flex, has this natural ability to move itself into the right position. I have to say it was quite an odd experience for me, and it goes to show that even after all this time of reviewing toys you can’t always accurately predict how something’s going to work for you until you’ve tried it. Setting aside its failures on the prostate front, one thing I did like about the design of the Luv Plug was how those distinct bulges felt when you pop them in and out of the sphincter, so that should appeal to anyone who enjoys textured anal play. The other thing you can do with the Luv Plug is just to wear it like a butt plug, but it’s not best suited to that; the handle makes it awkward to sit on, the weight and shape makes it prone to slippage, and there’s no significant stimulation to be gained from doing this either.
One of the best features of the Luv Plug is how well metal conducts heat, which naturally makes it perfect for temperature play. In this regard it is many times better than glass, which is another popular material for this. Just picking the toy up at room temperature will give the impression that it’s already cold, which is fantastic if you’re into low temperatures as it reduces the need to wait while it chills in the fridge. If cold isn’t your thing then simply holding the plug in your hands for a few seconds will be enough to bring it up to a more comfortable temperature. Personally I love the feeling of a cold toy as it slides into the body, and find the sensations nothing short of amazing. The only downside is that the cold feeling doesn’t last long, as the metal quickly sucks the heat out of the body and becomes quite hot to the touch. To deal with this it’s handy to have a bucket of ice water nearby, as a quick dunk in there will have the toy back down to frigid temperatures in no time. Similarly if you like your temperature play at the other end of the spectrum, a dip in a basin of hot water will also do the trick.
The Luv Plug is very easy to clean as metal is a highly durable and non-porous material which is able to be sterilised. You can wash it with antibacterial soap and hot water, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, or boil it in water for a couple of minutes. Just be sure to dry it thoroughly when you’re done, as the packaging only specifies that it’s steel, and not stainless steel, so there is the potential for rusting if you’re not careful. One other thing is that metal does show up fingerprints, so depending on how fussy you are you may find yourself polishing your Luv Plug before putting it away.
I’m going to be brief in my conclusion today and simply say that you should buy the Lelo Bob instead. It was interesting for me to have two seemingly-similar, yet vastly different toys to compare, and there was a clear cut winner. The Lelo Bob feels better in every regard, and is also more affordable, so there is no doubt in my mind which I would recommend. The Luv Plug is well made, has a nice case, and is good for temperature play, but it misses its primary mandate and therefore defeats the whole purpose of itself. 
The Metal Worx Luv Plug is available from ThatPosition