Tantus Silk Large

It’s the last day of April and I’m rounding off the month with a review of another Tantus product, the Silk dildo.

The Silk is probably the smallest “large” toy that I’ve encountered during my time writing reviews, but in order to properly make sense of this you need to understand that the name wasn’t ever intended to be a general indicator of size. The Silk is, in fact, available in three different variations, the “Small,” “Medium,” and “Large” named according to their comparative dimensions relative to each other. In total the Silk Large measures in at a respectable 7″ long, with around 6 1/4″ of this being actually insertable. Throughout the length of the dildo the girth does vary somewhat, with the thickest point being located near the tip and measuring 4 3/4″ around, then steadily slimming down to 4 1/8″ just above the base. Just to give a general idea, it’s actually slightly slimmer than Tantus’s popular Ryder butt plug.

Like all Tantus products the Silk is made from Tantus’s special blend of 100% platinum silicone, and it’s one of my favourite materials due to the fact that it’s completely odourless, non-porous, and completely body-safe. The Silk is made to an exceptionally high standard and is free from any mould lines or other surface defects. The finish to the silicone is completely smooth, giving it a shiny and glossy surface, and the dildo itself is nice and flexible and has a good amount of give when squeezed.

The design of the Silk is actually fairly simplistic, especially when compared to some of the other designs which Tantus is known for. It has a long straight shaft with a rounded tip, and it leans over very slightly to one side. In black it rather reminds me of an old-fashioned policeman’s truncheon, though at the same time some aspect of the shape has me picturing Pinocchio’s nose, in the way that it does vaguely resemble a generic wooden peg. At the bottom of the shaft the Silk has a nice 2 3/4″ wide base, and this provides the dildo with plenty of stability when standing it upright somewhere. The base is deep enough to prevent it from being flimsy, so this allows it to be used in a standard O-ring harness if this is desired. In the same vein, because the shaft isn’t overly thick it should be able to comfortably accommodate the placement of a vibrating cock ring over it, affording you another way to enhance your experience.

The modest size of the dildo and its smooth surface suggest that it’s designed with a less experienced user in mind, though the tip does rule it out as an appropriate beginner toy for any complete novices to anal play. The issue with the tip is simply that it’s quite rounded and blunt, whereas anyone who isn’t familiar with inserting toys is going to need something with a decent taper on it in order to facilitate a comfortable entry. It’s worth comparing it with my very first dildo, the Tool by Doc Johnson, as they’re both of a similar size, but with quite different tips, which explains why I’d be more inclined to recommend that to people just starting out.

The Silk is a lovely dildo to use all round, and should suit a reasonably broad range of people beyond just those I’ve mentioned above. It’s a nice and comfortable piece to insert, and for those with a reasonable degree of experience it can be done without the need for a warm up toy. The rounded tip gently pushes its way through an adequately relaxed sphincter, and then the smooth shaft slides seamlessly in after. If you’re not as relaxed as you might like to be then luckily that touch of give in the dildo’s surface cushions any involuntary clenching from the sphincter, so you needn’t worry. Once it is inside it’s not the world’s most filling dildo, so do bear that in mind if you’re still under the misapprehension that Large means “large”, but it rests nicely inside the body and the shaft flexes about enough to conform with your body shape. One of the great things about silicone is that it does heat up whilst inside the body, so as you leave it there it’ll steadily rise to body temperature and create a more natural feel. The Silk is a great dildo for thrusting with, not least because of its completely smooth surface which allows it to glide in and out of the body almost frictionlessly. Again this is good for those beginners who are going to lack sufficient control over their sphincter to relax it on command, so no matter how tightly the dildo’s being gripped by the muscle it’ll still slip through with ease, and without irritating the skin. In contrast, those used to a lot of anal play may not find the experience too exciting, but still it can be nice to switch things up now and again. There are options on how you can use the dildo as the base both makes a nice solid handle to grasp onto for thrusting with, as well as offering good stability when standing it upright, if you choose to squat over it and use it in that manner.  During thrusting the real advantage of the rounded tip is that you can’t poke yourself too uncomfortably if you accidentally thrust too hard, as there are no pointed areas, so at most you feel a firm pressure if you go too deep. Possibly the only downside to the whole design is that I didn’t really find that it offered much in the way of prostate stimulation. In my experience a toy either needs to have more girth, more texture, or more curvature to best accomplish this, and unfortunately the Silk just came up a little short on all of these.

The Silk comes in Tantus‘s usual simplistic and tasteful packaging. It’s quite a plain plastic box which allows you to see the item inside, but which doesn’t cloak it from prying eyes. The box isn’t too large so it could conceivably be used for long term storage, but it’s also suitable for recycling if you want to be environmentally conscious.

The dildo is nice and easy to clean, which is a big bonus considering how prone to attracting dust the silicone is. You can simply wash it with hot water and antibacterial soap, wipe it over with some toy cleaner, or even pop it in the dishwasher. Because it is silicone you also have the option of completely sterilising it, which is important if you plan on sharing it with a partner, and this can be accomplished by either boiling it in water for a couple of minutes, or wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution.

Overall I’d have to say that I’d happily recommend the Tantus Silk to anyone looking for a good quality dildo, as you really can’t fault the material or construction. It’s just a matter of picking the right sized dildo for your needs, and this is one which should really go down well with those just starting to experiment with toys.

You can buy the Tantus Silk from Lovehoney UK, Lovehoney U.S, and SheVibe