Tantus Twist

Whenever Tantus comes out with something new I always want to try it, so when I saw their latest trio of butt plugs, the Neo, the Juice, and the Twist it was inevitable that I’d get one, and unsurprisingly I went for the one with the most texture.

As far as butt plugs go the Twist is quite a lovely product to look at, with its spiral section of the body reminding me of a piece of carving in the leg of an antique chair, or the finial atop a balustrade. It comes available in choice of two colours, a soft pastel shade of lilac or a more reserved black, depending on what most suits your preference. It’s perhaps not the most inspired colour selection, but I’m willing to give Tantus a little slack given that they did previously bring us the Raptor in a magnificent orange.
The Twist is quite a diminutive plug on the whole, much smaller than anything I’d usually opt for, but I decided it was worth the trade off to experience the texture. The plug comes in at a mere 4 3/8″ in length, with around 3 7/8″ of that being insertable, so really not large at all. The widest point around the middle of the plug has a circumference of 4 1/2″, which again is pretty teeny. You may be inclined to assume that because it’s a small plug it’s a beginner plug, but I’d have to advise against this much texture for people with little to no anal experience.
Like all Tantus products the Twist is made from 100% platinum silicone, one of my favourite materials for sex toys. It’s odourless, non-porous, completely body-safe, and pretty much unbeatable. For a Tantus product the Twist has about a typical level of firmness, which balances a comfortable amount of give in the surface and flex in the base, whilst allowing the texture to still feel pronounced. Because of the design the Twist is one of the very few Tantus products to have a mould line running along its length (the other being the Dipper), but this is barely raised and largely blends into the wonderfully soft and velvety surface of the plug. On the whole the construction of the Twist is excellent, and I would expect nothing less from Tantus.
Inserting the Twist is where the fun begins, as the nature of the design means that it’s texture right from the outset. It’s not the easiest plug to lube up as the lube tends to sit in the grooves between the ridges and not want to spread across the surface, so it’s important to apply a little more to your body. One good tip is to put some lube onto a finger, then place the finger into a groove on the plug at the tip, and rotate the plug until your finger has spread the lube all the way down to the bottom. With the Twist lubed and ready you can begin to slowly insert the plug into the body. Almost immediately you’ll being to feel resistance because of the texture; the big ridges naturally cause friction and tug at the skin around the anus, though not in an uncomfortable way, so it’s important to be able to know how to completely relax your sphincter on command. If you haven’t mastered this skill through previous anal experience then you may find the Twist a little frustrating. With a little additional force being applied the Twist should slip nicely into the body, and give you your first taste of the muscle passing over the texture. It’s worth experimenting with different insertion techniques, such as rotating the plug almost as though you were screwing it into your body, just to find out what works best for you.
With the plug inside the body it settles there comfortably. The bulb is quite small and so doesn’t feel especially filling, or really overly noticeable at all. The Twist has a decent sized neck on it, measuring 3/4″ long, which gives the sphincter just enough space to come to rest on. The neck has a circumference of only 2 5/8″, so the sphincter closes up quite a lot behind the bulb, and doesn’t remain stretched open to any significant degree while you’re wearing it. One of my absolute favourite features of the plug is the base, because it’s so slimline, discreet, and comfortable to wear. The base has an anchor-like shape to it, with the new Tantus logo embossed on one side. It’s only 2 3/4″ wide and it curves upwards towards the edges. Below the neck it’s 7/8″ thick, but it narrows to a point at each edge, making it one of the smallest bases I’ve ever encountered, and all while keeping the toy completely anal-safe. What I love most about the base is how well it conforms to the shape of the body, and how it feels because of it. It nestles perfectly between the buttocks and feels completely unobtrusive. When you’re stood up you can’t even see any hint of the base, and it allows free movement when walking around, as though nothing was there. You’re even able to sit down while wearing the plug, including on some completely hard surfaces. The design is definitely one of my favourites that I’ve encountered for a base on a butt plug, and I do hope that Tantus incorporate it into their future designs.
As the Twist is a textured plug it’s the type of plug that you really want to do something with, as the texture is only really apparent during insertion and removal, and not during the course of normal wear. Thrusting with the plug can be quite enjoyable as you experience the sensation of the sphincter popping up and down over the ridges, but it can also be quite awkward to achieve. The small size of the plug means that you can only really manage quite short strokes in and out, and otherwise no sooner have you started pulling on the plug then you’ve accidentally yanked the whole thing out of the body. Unfortunately this does limit the versatility of the plug somewhat. Other ways to experience the plug are to just rotate the Twist while the sphincter is sitting over the bulb, but I found that wasn’t overly pleasurable, or to partially expel the plug using the muscles of the body, then push it back in, which amusingly seems to cause the plug to rotate in the process. There aren’t a great number of options on how to use it, but the texture definitely makes the plug more interesting to use than something smooth, and the ridges feel pleasantly stimulating when you figure out a technique that suits you best.
On the whole I’m pretty satisfied with the Twist, but one thing I would like to see is the availability of it in different sizes, as were there a bigger one then I know I’d prefer it. If you’re someone who likes modestly-sized anal toys, and who enjoys texture, then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Twist to you. If you prefer something larger, or to get a bit more vigorous with the thrusting, then chances are that you’ll begin to grow bored of the Twist within a short space of time. It’s very much a toy suited to some more than others, but as it’s Tantus you know you’re getting impeccable craftsmanship either way.
If you want to try the Twist then it can be bought directly from Tantus.