Doc Johnson The Super 7″

I first started lusting after the Super 7″ at some point in late 2011. Around that time I was looking for a dildo that was really girthy and I spotted it over at in all its big blue glory. I ended up not buying it right away, then it went permanently out of stock, and as I began acquiring other sizeable dildos I steadily forgot about it, that is until now. I’ve finally got a hold of ‘Big Blue’ as I’ve dubbed it, and now its time to put it to the test.

The Super 7″ is absolutely a colossus of a dildo; sometime between first wanting it and actually receiving it I’d managed to forget quite how large it was. When I got the Original back last year somehow I’d got it into my mind that the Super 7″ was going to be around that size, just with balls, what with their otherwise similar designs. The Super 7″, in fact, towers over the Original and completely dwarfs it by comparison, it’s something that I really must take a photo of just to illustrate the point. While super the dildo indeed is, 7″ it is not, rather it measures in at an impressive total height of 8 1/2″, though not all of this is insertable. 
The Super 7″ is a realistic dildo by design, and it does come in the option of a flesh tone as well as the lovely blue that I opted for. It starts off with a nice big helmet-shaped head which almost resembles Darth Vader from a couple of angles. The head has a strongly pronounced coronal-ridge which flares out and stands proud of the shaft. This part of the head measures 6 1/4″ in circumference and is the thickest part of the whole dildo. On the opposite side to the corona the head of the dildo is joined to the shaft by a thick frenulum which is represented by several creases. The frenulum sits atop a raised vertical column of material on this side of the dildo, which forms what’s known in Latin as the corpus spongiosum, and runs the full length of the shaft. The area surrounding the column is almost entirely smooth, but on the opposite side of the dildo the shaft is covered by a dense network of firm raised veins which branch across it in all directions and give the Super 7″ a rich texture. The shaft is mostly straight, not being curved at all, with only a slight backward lean away from the vertical. The middle of the shaft is 5 3/4″ in circumference, so less than the head but still significantly thick. At the bottom of the shaft sits a pair of balls which comprise the base, and which also limit the total insertable length to around 7 3/8″. The base is very broad at 5″ x 3″ and gives the dildo a lot of stability, as well as making it compatible with an O-ring harness if this is desired.
The Super 7″ is made from Doc Johnson’s own blend of 100% platinum silicone, which is one of my most liked materials. It’s their standard-firmness silicone, which is the one I prefer, and not overly hard like that used in the Big Man and the Super Big Guy. This means that it has a nice amount of give in the surface when you squeeze it, and that it can flex about with relative ease despite its overall thickness. The finish of the material is smooth and shiny, which is standard practice for all Doc Johnson dildos aside from the unfortunate James Deen, and this works well for it. Silicone is one of my favourite sex toy materials because of the attributes it possesses; it’s completely body-safe, odourless, durable, non-porous, and it can be sterilised after use. The construction of the Super 7″ is up to Doc Johnson’s usually high standards, with no glaring defects to be found, though I did spot a tiny nick in the surface of the material near to the base, but it’s not something worth complaining about.
When it comes to using the Super 7″ you’re probably going to want a warm-up toy first just because of its size. The tapered head means that it’s perfectly possible to insert the dildo on its own if you have enough experience, but doing it this way will take longer for your sphincter to adapt to the texture. You’re going to want a good amount of lube before you start, and a thick anal lube at that. The size of the dildo and its richly-veined texture means that it’s really a lube-hog, so have a good sized bottle on hand and don’t act sparingly. Providing your anus is fully relaxed the head of the Super 7″ should start to slide nicely into the body without difficulty, and the give of the silicone will act like a comfortable cushion against the muscle. Once you reach the corona and pass over it you’ll feel a definite ‘pop’ which indicates your progress, and this can be a good time to take a pause. Even at this early stage the dildo starts to feel filling, and pleasantly so, as well as giving a nice stretch to the sphincter. If this is the sensation you were hoping for from the Super 7″ then you’ll definitely be pleased. Once the head is inside it can feel quite nice to just slowly move it back and forth to pop it in and out again and enjoy that feeling.
As you insert the dildo further the filling sensation continues the deeper it goes into the body, and you begin to get a first taste of the texture. The texture is very similar to the Original, though it feels slightly more intense, probably in large because of the thickness of the dildo, though the veins do appear to be marginally more pronounced. There is a choice of which way around to use the dildo, depending on your preference, either with the texture facing towards the prostate or away from it. Once you start thrusting with the dildo it glides fairly smoothly in and out of the body, provided that you manage to stay relaxed enough in the process, otherwise the texture causes resistance and slows down the motion. The texture creates a lovely sensation against the sphincter no matter which way you have the dildo facing, but when the veins are up against the prostate they really add a pleasant amount of stimulation, and in this position the protruding ridge of the head also acts to really hit the prostate in the right way. You can thrust by hand if you prefer, and the balls do make an excellent handle due to their shape, but the broad base also gives the dildo a lot of stability when you stand it upright, and this makes it perfect for you to squat over it and ride it, which happens to be my favourite position. The dildo moves around really nicely inside the body during thrusting, flexing into position, but the thickness does act as something of a hindrance to getting the dildo in deep. You can really feel the head of the Super 7″ butting up against the top of the rectum when you do a long stroke, but luckily the silicone takes some of the impact so it’s not too uncomfortable. The only issue here is that you may feel as though some of the dildo is going to waste if you can’t get it all in, and Doc Johnson do do a smaller version, but the trade off is that it’s smaller in girth too. One of the things I really enjoy about silicone is that it absorbs body heat, and steadily feels more natural as its temperature rises in line with your own, the longer you use it for. I did find that there was a limit to the amount of time that I could use the dildo for, because while the texture did feel great I noticed that after while my sphincter began to feel tired and I worried that soreness may ensue if I continued. By that point I felt as though I’d got all the pleasure that I needed from using it, but it’s probably not one that you could ride all night if the desire struck you.
Packaging for the Super 7″ is just one of the standard clear plastic clamshells that Doc Johnson have been using as of late. It’s rather bulky and not at all ideal for long-term storage. Personally I preferred the old cardboard boxes with the plastic inserts, as they were more versatile on how they could be used.
Overall I’d say that I’m pretty happy with the Super 7″, and I could easily recommend it. If you love really big dildos, interesting colours, and texture that rubs the prostate in just the right way, then the Super 7″ could be for you. If small would suit you better then definitely check out my review of the Original.