Spartacus Teaser Tip Nipple Clamps

Up until now I haven’t really ventured into the more kinky S&M side of adult toys on my blog, but as it’s a new year I figured why not try something different. I saw a pair of these nipple clamps on sale recently and decided to give them a shot; get the low down after the jump!

The Spartacus Teaser Tip are quite a simple set of nipple clamps, and a rather cheap and cheerful introduction to the world of nipple torture. The product is comprised of two clamps connected to each other by a 11 3/4″ black leather tether. The clamps are made from standard spring-loaded metal crocodile clips, and aren’t adjustable. The clips have the word “Spartacus” etched onto the side, and black rubber tips placed securely over the jaws. The rubber tips can be easily removed revealing that the jaws of the clips still have rows of teeth, which came as something of a surprise to me. The teeth are quite sharp and go so far as to slightly poke their way through the rather thin rubber in places, which isn’t ideal. Another rubber tip is placed over the hinge end of the clip, to increase comfort when opening and closing the jaws.
The clamps are quite simple to use; the packaging places them at the lowest point on a scale of 1-3 for intensity, though the spring inside them feels notably stiff and they do require firm pressure to open the jaws. The jaws open up to a maximum width of 7mm, which is enough to fit comfortably over the end of a male nipple. At first the clamps don’t feel too bad when they’ve been put in place; there’s the sensation of a firm pressure accompanied by a light sting, but then the stinging sensation starts to build, and occasionally there’s an associated throbbing. They feel painful, but it’s a tolerable amount of pain; I can write this paragraph whilst wearing them and not be overly distracted, but the sensation is still there occupying part of my mind and I can’t ignore it. As someone who’s never used nipple clamps before I’d say that it’s quite a good level; it’s enough that I can handle it and try to become accustomed to it, all while still feeling in pain, but it’s not so much as to overwhelm me and make me want to take them off in seconds. Any more pain than this and I probably wouldn’t want to wear them for long at all, but actually the thing which most makes me want to remove them is a slight paranoia over watching my nipples turn white as they become crushed between the jaws. If you can keep them on for a while you’ll notice that the pain almost gets a second wind. At some point you’ll feel as though the pain is subsiding because you’re getting used to it, but suddenly it just ramps back up again and that discomfort rushes to the forefront of your mind. Surprisingly one of the most unpleasant parts is actually removing the clamps, because the skin of the nipple sticks to the rubber tips, and as you release the pressure the skin gets tugged as it peels away. You’ll want to take them off slowly to minimise the last minute torture. The clamps can be applied to other places if you desire, such as the scrotum, the foreskin, and the frenulum, but be aware that the thinner the skin the more painful the pinch, and the rubber tips will stick to the skin in these places too. The leather tether running between the clamps has a few uses of its own, aside from merely being aesthetic. The first is that it can be used like a leash, so a partner could potentially grab it and drag you around by your nipples. The other is that you can suspend weights from it, provided you have something that would be appropriate.
The clamps come packaged in a pretty nice cardboard box which is fit for recycling. It has a good amount of information printed on the front and back of it, stating various things about the product including their pain level. Despite the quality of the packaging it’s really not worth keeping, given the relatively large size of the box compared to the small size of the clamps.
Overall I’d say that if like me you’re looking for your first foray into the world of nipple clamps, and you don’t want to spend a lot, then these are a great choice. They allow you to get a really good idea of whether or not you’re going to like this type of play, without breaking the bank. The only thing I don’t like about them are the teeth on the clips, and the rubber that the covers are made of, but this can be easily remedied with a couple of modifications. If you’re a bit more into your nipple play and you really know what you like, then I’d probably suggest spending a little extra on something more advanced.
You can buy the Spartacus Teaser Tip nipple clamps from Lovehoney and EdenFantasys.